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Chapter 202: Lifeline!

Chapter 202: Lifeline!

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Cold. Endless cold. Chen Feng could feel his body becoming stiffer as time passed. This was the water from the Ice River, a body of water where the temperature was extremely low yet no ice was formed. It was capable of erasing all genetic abilities. Here, a genetic warrior would be no different than an ordinary person.


Chen Feng’s body became stiff. He knew that if this continued, only death would await him. He had to leave here.


He wanted to move his body.


He couldn’t.

Regardless of how high the quality of one's body was, the instant one entered the Ice River, they would be covered by ice and their whole body would gradually turn into a chunk of ice.

I can’t wait for death like this!

Although his body was stiff, his thoughts were unprecedentedly clear. Within the Ice River, he couldn’t move his body and could only die. However, Chen Feng was aware that one single ability was still working: his Luck Aura!

Previously, his Luck Aura had worked on the Ice River’s water, using it to block several attacks. This was also what gave Chen Feng the confidence to leap into the Ice River. He was betting on all the luck value he had on him. All 249 points of luck values he had on him.

Let’s put it all on the line, then. Ignite! Luck Aura!


Chen Feng’s gaze was as sharp as lighting.



His luck value dropped crazily.

Chen Feng had no idea how much luck value he would require or what methods his Luck Aura would employ to get him out of this. The only thing he could do was hand everything to his Luck Aura…hand everything to luck!

He believed that his Luck Aura would be able to grasp onto that single lifeline for him.


His luck value dropped rapidly.

Instantly, all 249 points of luck value were exhausted.

Suddenly, a silhouette appeared from the depths of the river.

"The lifeline is here?"

Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

However, the moment his spiritual energy scanned the silhouette, his expression changed greatly. That was because the silhouette that had appeared was actually a huge monster, a terrifying mutated beast that resided in the depths of the Ice River.

It’s over!

Chen Feng’s heart thumped.

That was a mutated beast! For it to be able to reside in the Ice River, how terrifying was that fellow?


The mutated beast seemed to have noticed Chen Feng and Wang Yao. Swimming within the water, the mutated beast charged at them.

Chen Feng wanted to flee. However, he couldn’t control his body and could only stare blankly as that huge beast smashed into him and Wang Yao.

"God damn it…" Chen Feng muttered inwardly.

After exhausting so much luck value, this was what appeared?

What a scam!


With a terrifying force, Chen Feng and Wang Yao were flung away.

Ten meters…

A hundred meters…


Their bodies were actually flung out of the Ice River.

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…


The icy water remaining on their bodies lost its effect.

Instantly, Chen Feng and Wang Yao recovered their genetic abilities.


What good could this do?

The mutated beast earlier had indeed not used any genetic abilities. It seemed that, regardless of whether one was a mutated beast or a human, they would be restricted by the Ice River. However, that huge body of the mutated beast had still knocked into his body with a terrifying might.

That was a mutated beast residing within the Ice River. An odd existence that had been residing under the Ice River for an unknown number of years.


Chen Feng looked at his own body.

First, his body was frozen by the Ice River. Next, he had that mutated beast smashing into his body. During that moment of collision earlier, his body had nearly been smashed apart as all major organs in his body were breaking.

Chen Feng sighed. "I originally thought that I could resist this."


Only one method remained.

"Wang Yao… the rest will have to depend on you."

Chen Feng sighed as he hugged Wang Yao’s body that was no longer stiff.

In the sky, the two bodies that were flung out of the water seemed to overlap.


Chen Feng’s consciousness faded.

Their bodies kept going up for a while before they started falling back toward the Ice River. However, at this instant, a tiny dot of light in Chen Feng’s body started radiating.


A terrifying eruption of power.


An endless power of flame bloomed.

This was the power of Peril Rebirth!

This gene armament that Chen Feng had mastered before coming here had finally activated at the moment of his death, rebirthing his body.

At this moment, they were only three meters from the Ice River.


The endless flame flowed from Chen Feng’s body into Wang Yao’s body.

That red skirt of Wang Yao's that had lost its luster earlier started radiating, and the tightly shut eyes of Wang Yao opened, shining with resplendent radiance.


The flame appeared so dazzling.

When their bodies were less than one meter from the Ice River, the descend stopped and they started soaring.


Soaring higher into the air.

Finally, they stopped 1,000 meters above the Ice River.

There, a thick clump of clouds were hovering. Carefully, Wang Yao placed Chen Feng on it. She had absorbed the majority of the power of Peril Rebirth. Chen Feng had merely recovered his physical injuries. Hence, he had yet to recover his consciousness.

"I’m still alive?" Wang Yao muttered. Up until now, she still did not dare to believe that there existed someone who was willing to save her.

After all…

She looked at Chen Feng. Never before had she felt such fascination toward him.

She had survived. After being attacked by five A-class warriors, after dropping into the forbidden area that was the Ice River, when she believed that there was no hope of survival, Chen Feng had created one miracle after another, rescuing her.

She stared at Chen Feng blankly before smiling sweetly.


The cloud drifted away toward the direction of the mainland.

As the Ice River had just reemerged, the sky above it was still empty.

However, not long after they left, the aura of the Ice River expanded without stop and finally covered not only the water but even the sky above it with that bizarre aura.


A mutated beast was flying on top of the Ice River before it suddenly lost all its genetic abilities and fell into the Ice River, turning into a chunk of ice.

The power of the Ice River was recovering to its peak!

Amidst the clouds, Wang Yao was staring blankly at Chen Feng.

The maiden’s heart that had seemed nonexistent in her heart was gradually coming alive.


This is how it feels to like someone?

That enchanting and lively pair of big eyes on her delicate petite face were staring at Chen Feng as a smile appeared on her face. Instinctively, her hand reached toward Chen Feng’s face.

However, that fair, tiny hand of hers simply phased through Chen Feng.

She couldn’t touch him!

What was happening?

She was startled awake to find that at an unknown time her right hand had become transparent.

She waved her hand. The transparent right hand phased through Chen Feng, like an illusory silhouette.


The smile on her face disappeared. The ice-cold reality had once again reawakened that seemingly confused heart of hers.

"Time… I don’t have much left," she muttered.



Her right hand flickered unceasingly before recovering to normal.

She stood up as the previous cold expression returned to her face. Her ice-cold gaze was looking toward a certain direction. That was where the mysterious organization’s headquarters were located.

She lowered her head and looked at Chen Feng’s calm expression. Suddenly, she smiled. She did not quite understand how emotions worked. However, she was aware that when she was looking at Chen Feng, she felt extremely comfortable and happy.

Lowering her head, softly, she planted a kiss on Chen Feng’s face.


Another weird feeling emerged.

"Seems like… those three favors will remained owed for a very long time," Wang Yao muttered. "If… I could relive my life, how good would that be…"


Noiselessly, the cloud concealed itself as it vanished.

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