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Chapter 203: New Discovery

Chapter 203: New Discovery

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Somewhere in the wilderness, Chen Feng woke up to find that gentle wave of light was shining upon his body.



An ice-cold mechanical sound could be heard.

A plump looking robot could be seen scanning Chen Feng with a scanner without stop. Layers of light swept through Chen Feng’s body.

"Test finished. Target’s body is healthy. Di—"

"This place is…"

Chen Feng raised his head to take a look around him. A familiar environment could be seen. This was a camp of the Genetic Union, and also the nearest camp to the Extreme Iceland.

Why am I still here?


The memories of what happened before he'd lost his consciousness surfaced.

Where’s Wang Yao?!

Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

Something was not right!

If the plan had worked…


With Luck Aura, his plan definitely worked. Even if something unexpected were to arise, it would still work in their favor. Hence, both he and Wang Yao should have been saved!

Chen Feng looked at the robot. "Who sent me here?"

"Nobody." The indication light on the robot flickered as it said, "We found you at the vicinity of the camp."


Chen Feng’s pupils constricted abruptly.

Wang Yao… nothing must happen to her!


Abruptly, he charged out of the camp.

Outside, only a huge mountainous area could be seen.

He was currently located at a place that was quite mystical as well. However, different than the Extreme Iceland, this was the Landscape Region, a holy land of tourism!

"Wang Yao…"

As far as his eyes could see, there was only an endless expanse of wilderness.

Xiao Ying… Chen Feng muttered inwardly.

He had to find out what had happened.


Digitized world activated. Chen Feng entered his digitized world.

"You should have been around all this while, right…" Chen Feng muttered. "Replay the scenes that happened earlier…"


Light scattered around.

His spiritual energy started reconstructing what had happened. With Xiao Ying flickering in the air, everything it saw and experienced was once again replayed in the digitized world from a third-person point of view.


Light swirled.

Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

He saw how Wang Yao brought him away from the Ice River.

He saw that soft kiss she planted on his face.

He saw that somewhat-transparent body of hers that was flickering unceasingly.

He saw that firm yet regretful expression on her face.

He saw her gently placing him somewhere near the camp before leaving silently.

At this point, the scene stopped. Only the gradually leaving silhouette of Wang Yao could be seen…

"She’s still alive."

Chen Feng exhaled in relief.

He was afraid that Wang Yao had gotten herself killed trying to save him. If she was still alive, then all was well.

But then, why did she choose to leave?

He could clearly see that the change in Wang Yao’s state of mind began when her body became transparent. What was that? Why had she turned transparent? What was happening to her body?

Chen Feng had a lot of questions.

The excessively powerful Wang Yao at the tender age of 18.

The Wang Yao that maintained the same appearance despite her age of 18.

A previous mutation in her body…

Chen Feng still remembered what she'd said previously.


What was the mutation that had occurred in her body?

Chen Feng was more curious about that than others. This was because he was sure that this was related to the reason Wang Yao had left him.

Chen Feng had a cold gaze. "I will definitely find out about it."

In his heart, a flame was ignited.

He had initially believed that he was powerful enough. This was especially true after his victory during the Gene Rookie Competition. It had given him a feeling that he had a limitless future.

However, from this single mission, he'd seen the cruel reality. So those people were how this world’s experts looked like. So even A-class experts could die so quickly. So, this was what "all sorts of mishaps might happen at any time" meant when he read it in mission descriptions.

The reality would never work exactly according to one’s plans.

In this world, countless possibilities existed. However, countless unexpected occurrences existed as well. He had come into contact with Wang Yao several times previously and only had a favorable opinion of her. Only, after this close brush with death, his favorable opinion had transformed into love. However, the more he found out about this little girl, the more his heart ached.

Indescribably, an urge to protect her gushed out of the depths of his heart.

Hence, he made his move without any hesitation!

For the first time, he was finally aware that he was still young. He was still hot blooded! However, this was also the first time that he'd felt his powerlessness before true power. He had never expected that Wang Yao’s strength was at such a height.

A height seemingly impossible to reach.

She was not just a person in A class, more than that, she was also among the elites of A class!

That scene where she'd instantly killed three A-class experts remained fresh in Chen Feng’s memory. In all honesty, if an expert with an incredibly strong defense had not been included in the group, she might have even been able to kill all five of them.

"Is that the reason you left?" Chen Feng muttered. Because she was too powerful. And her enemies were even more powerful! That mysterious organization!

Chen Feng was simply incapable of rendering her any aid. Apart from this, she was also used to working alone.

The weak voice of Wang Yao seemed to once again appear by his ears. All my life, only two people have sincerely helped me. One of them was Wang Yue… at my moment of desperation, he begged for mercy on behalf of me, despite the fact that his begging wasn’t really effective… The second one was you.

She was already used to being alone.

With an ice-cold exterior, she covered up that frail heart of hers. Alone, she walked this world, completing her task.

How lonesome.

That feeling where she was out of place in this world…

Chen Feng understood it all too well!

Wasn’t this how he'd felt when he was first transmigrated here? However, that feeling had only appeared in him because he wasn’t originally a person of this world.

As for Wang Yao?

She was a person of this world, yet she was disassociated from this world. This was what caused the ache in Chen Feng’s heart.

"What have you experienced, exactly?" Chen Feng slightly shook his head. He guessed that that secret of Wang Yao's would be related to that mysterious organization. Everything she'd experienced would be related to that organization.

Chen Feng looked at the simulated graph in his digitized world. "Where are you now?"


After exhaustion, he had recovered three points of his luck value. If he wanted to, he could activate his Luck Aura – Lockdown at any time to look for Wang Yao’s exact position.


What should he do after locating her?

Forget it.

Chen Feng shook his head.

Their relationship was merely in an extremely early stage. He was not qualified to interfere in Wang Yao’s affairs. Moreover, he was not strong enough to help her either.

Hence, since she had made her choice, he would respect it.


Something like this, he did not wish for it to happen ever again.

He had a resolute gaze. It was pointless to remain full of remorse. Since he now had something he wanted to do, wanting to no longer be so powerless when under oppression, then he should become stronger!


He was still far from being strong enough.

If Wang Yao could reach A class at 18 years old, why couldn’t he do the same thing?

Become stronger!

Increasing his rank!

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

Only with this could he do whatever he wanted instead of feeling powerless when there was something he wanted to accomplish. This was also the initial goal he'd had when he'd first transmigrated here.

However, his desire to be strong had never been so intense. Now, the first thing he needed to do was charge into D class!


His spiritual energy bloomed. He had already recovered his 1,500 points of spiritual energy, reaching the extreme even amongst those in limit mode. Only a single opportunity was required and he would be able to break through into D class.

"Time to return, then."

Chen Feng left the camp.

Currently, the uproar caused by the incubated being incident had engulfed the whole of Star City.

It was said that, ultimately, Lei Hao had still escaped. He was also the only survivor from that organization. Everyone else from that organization was dead. With this, the mysterious organization had suffered great losses.

As for the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association… they had similarly suffered great losses.

The loss of several shadow warriors, a peak B-class celebrity genius, and Chen Feng, the Gene Rookie Competition champion. There was also that mysterious Wang Yao.


White lamps were lightened up at Star City to mourn the losses.

Even those who had always rejected and despised Chen Feng sunk into silence.

At night, when Chen Feng returned, he saw a young lady with an extraordinarily huge chest who was, with a sad expression, looking at a black-and-white picture hung on Star City’s entrance.

Chen Feng glanced at that picture and his expression darkened immediately.

That was because he was the person in the hung black-and-white picture!


The day had yet to even end but they already had his picture hung there?

"Miss." Chen Feng patted her shoulder. "What is your name?"

"I am Ha Li," the lady said sadly.

Harry Potter…[1]

Instinctively, Chen Feng looked at her chest. Mhm… very good. As he thought about it, he was certain that he did not know this lady.

He pointed at the huge black-and-white picture. "You know this guy?"

"I don’t." Ha Li wept. "However, I had vilified him previously. Wu wu… Unexpectedly, he left us just like this. Moreover, he died trying to rescue someone. This time, I’m here to apologize to him."

Chen Feng sighed. "…Why don't you take a look and see who I am then?"

Ha Li turned around and her eyes widened abruptly.

As the white light was somewhat dazzling, her crying eyes couldn’t be completely opened. However, she could vaguely see a familiar looking silhouette that appeared so similar to that hung picture. This gave her an odd feeling.


Ha Li winked her eyes. Now, the silhouette standing in front of her became distinct as the silhouette seemed to merge perfectly with that hung portrait.


A scream.


The young lady erupted, "Your death is not related to me, ah ah ah ah! I had only vilified you slightly previously, but I never did you any harm, ah ah ah ah ah! Moreover, it’s still not the seventh day[2] yet!"


A succession of gene armaments erupted instantly.


An explosion of light.

Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly. "Shit!"


The ear-piercing sound of an alarm.

The intense energy undulation put the whole city on alert.

"Who is it?"

The guards appeared quickly before at staring the supposed enemy with stupefied looks on their faces.


Chen Feng???!

"You are still alive?!"

Soon, Hou Liang arrived and looked at Chen Feng with excitement.

That’s right, it was him!

He gave Chen Feng a firm hug.

Hou Liang’s emotions surged. "You actually survived."

"Indeed, I survived." Chen Feng pointed at the scars on his body and let out a long sigh. "With great difficulty, I survived. Surprisingly, I survived the Ice River yet was almost done in by our own fellow producer here."

Ha Li.

Peak advanced producer!

A D-class genetic warrior with terrifyingly powerful spiritual energy.

That instant eruption of hers had nearly bombarded Chen Feng to death on the spot.

"S-sorry," Ha Li stuttered with her face flushed red.

"It’s all fine now, stop scaring her." Hou Liang patted Chen Feng’s shoulder before saying with a solemn expression, "I originally believed that, with something happening to you, some things could no longer be further investigated. However, since you have appeared now… there are certain things that you should be aware of."

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed. "Mhm?"

"Come." Hou Liang brought him to the meeting room. "In this mission, despite the heavy losses, we still obtained an unexpected harvest. From the bodies of those dead A-class experts, some clues were found. Coupled with the breakthrough we got from the previous information we obtained, we have discovered something new about that organization."


Hou Liang turned the screen on.

Light swirled.

Some glowing materials were shown on the screen. Numerous projects and scattered contents were shown on the screen. All of them were crazy yet bizarre projects.

Some of the projects had a slash on them, indicating that the project was cancelled…

Some of them were marked, indicating that the project was in progress…


Chen Feng’s pupils abruptly constricted. This was because he, at this moment, saw an astonishing title: Parallel World Reverse Transmigration Project.


1. Ha Li is the Chinese pronunciation of Harry. I choose to use Ha Li instead of Harry because it would be way too weird to have a female named Harry running around.

2. Seventh day – A Chinese folklore belief that the 7th day after death also marks the first milestone on ones' journey beyond, as after a 7-day circle most deceased are said to have overcome the initial confusion and begin to realize what have happened to them, thus would return to bid farewell to their loved ones. In short, she thought that Chen Feng was dead and was back to bid farewell to his loved ones.

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