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Chapter 204: The Crazy Organization

Chapter 204: The Crazy Organization

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This is…

Instinctively, Chen Feng looked at the timestamp on the project. Astonishingly, it was four months ago.

What on earth was this?

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed violently.

Reverse transmigration?

This organization even had reverse transmigration projects?


He concentrated his gaze on this set of information.

Although a large portion of the information was damaged, there was still quite a lot of viewable information.

XX year XX month, first reverse transmigration project.

XX year XX month, second reverse transmigration project.

It would be implemented at least once per week.

That long wall of text represented the number of times this project had been implemented.

They had been constantly running this reverse transmigration project.

The main theme of this experiment was to assume the existence of a parallel world before attempting to summon life forms from other worlds into this world.

The term reverse transmigration was coined for this action.


They had never succeeded.

Based on the available information, up to now, this project had been running for several decades with several thousand attempts. However, they had never succeeded.

One failure after another. A succession of red-colored "fail" in the information.

This remained until four months ago…

During the last reverse transmigration run they attempted, all energy supplies were exhausted. The energy of half their place of experimentation was exhausted instantly before the lab exploded.

Countless deaths resulted from this.

What had happened?

No one knew.

Based on the information, no alien life form was found.

Ultimately, this experiment was labeled an experiment that failed due to an explosion.


Chen Feng’s emotions surged.

That was because the time indicated for the experiment four months ago was also the day he had appeared in this world.

In other words, the reason he had appeared here was because of this reverse transmigration project?


Chen Feng needed to calm himself down.

Whether that was the truth, it was quite simple to find out. Chen Feng did not need to confirm the facts. He only needed to use his Luck Aura.


Suddenly, one of his gene fragments mutated.

Luck Aura had given him the answer.

So it’s really related to that experiment…

Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

So, the experiment this organization had conducted at the same time was the lifeline Luck Aura had found for him when it had first activated back when he'd encountered the earthquake?

So that was what had happened?

If he was able to transmigrate, others…

Without Luck Aura, what’s the probability for this experiment to be successful? Chen Feng asked suddenly.


His luck number generator [1] gave him an answer.

A row of zeroes.

Behind the decimal point, there was a row of over 100 zeroes before a single 1 appeared there.

It was a probability so low it was almost impossible.

"That’s good, then."

Chen Feng exhaled in relief.

In other words, if it wasn’t for the Luck Aura’s activation, this project would never bear any results. He did not have to worry about transmigrated people running around everywhere then.


He saw another project, the transmigration project.

That’s right.

Another project similar to the reverse transmigration project he'd seen earlier, a transmigration project.


That project appeared even more miserable.

A straight flush of red fails on the information.

Up until now, they had never successfully transmigrated anything out of this world. Occasionally, when they finally had something disappear, they still failed to find out if that thing had truly transmigrated or had instead disappeared into the void.

Transmigration was an action where no feedback could be received.


This project was even more miserable with a much lower success rate.

"These lunatics!"

Chen Feng could only say these words.

That mysterious organization was simply filled with lunatics.

If it wasn’t for the Xia Yan’s incident shedding light on their existence, who could have guessed that the numerous terrifying world-threatening incidents were all products of this organization?

They had assembled nearly all the lunatics of this world together.

"They are indeed lunatics." Hou Liang shook his head. "However, they were also extremely intelligent lunatics."

Chen Feng agreed with that.

Hou Liang suddenly asked, "That young lady…"

"Left." Chen Feng shook his head. "When I woke up, she was no longer around."


Hou Liang did not find that surprisingly. The thoughts of an expert at that level were not something an ordinary person could grasp.

Wang Yao… in his eyes, was one such person.

Based on their guesses, it was very probable Wang Yao possessed an extremely powerful trump card. That was the reason why, even after Chen Feng had saved her, ultimately, he was the one who'd ended up rescued out of the Ice River by her.

"You need to be careful," Hou Liang said seriously. "I’m afraid that organization will be paying attention to you now."

"I know," Chen Feng replied calmly.

That organization, eh…

They were now officially enemies.

"Just take a good rest for now. The repercussion of this incident are too large. A lot of the information we obtained needs to be summarized by working overtime. If I've guessed correctly, you will receive your rewards tomorrow," Hou Liang said.


Chen Feng’s eyes shone.


Choosing any single D-class formula he wanted?

He was sure that he would be getting more.

In this mission, too many unforeseen events had happened. With the huge contribution Chen Feng had made, one could imagine how ample the rewards he would be receiving this time around would be.

Chen Feng smiled calmly. "I will be looking forward to it then."

However, after leaving, instead of returning to his room, he left Star City. He had only returned here to file his report so that these guys here would not be doing even more unnecessary things such as organizing a funeral for him…

Now, there were still some other things he needed to do.

The night deepened.

Gold City, Wang family.

For the growth of the Wang family, Wang Tianhao had given all he could. Although a while ago he had suffered some losses due to Chen Feng, the Wang family had still persevered over this crisis in the end.

At least, they were able to stand tall in Gold City.

However, Wang Tianhao was still afraid. He was afraid that Chen Feng would seek revenge against them.

He indeed regretted Wang Yue’s death. However, compared to the whole Wang family, what was Wang Yue? If he wanted, he could at any time find some random woman to give birth to a bunch of sons for him.


Chen Feng wouldn’t do that. He was now a successful and recognized person. How would he lower himself to seek revenge against the insignificant Wang family?

These were the words Wang Tianhao had been using to comfort himself. Even so, he was still constantly startled awake at night by nightmares.

In his room.

"I’m wrong! Don’t destroy the Wang family!"

Once again, Wang Tianhao woke from a nightmare.

In the dream, Chen Feng had arrived. With a wave of his hand, the Wang family had been destroyed.

Wang Tianhao smiled bitterly. "This dream again?"


He shook his head before getting up.

He was about to calm his mind. However, under the moonlight, he saw a familiar silhouette standing there, calmly staring at him.


Wang Tianhao’s heart throbbed violently.

It’s him! He has indeed come! Chen Feng! He is really standing here at the Wang family’s place!

Wang Tianhao smiled bitterly. "Are you here to destroy Wang family?"

He was aware of Chen Feng’s current status. He was also aware of how terrifying the Gene Production Association’s headquarters were. For Chen Feng to arrive here quietly, what was he planning?"

Chen Feng looked around at the environment of the Wang family’s place before indifferently saying, "You guys have recovered well."

Wang Tianhao was behaving as if a huge enemy was before him.

"I have a question," Chen Feng asked indifferently.

Wang Tianhao exhaled in relief. "Ask ahead."

"What happened to Wang Yao during her childhood?" Chen Feng asked.

Wang Yao?

Wang Tianhao went into a solemn mood. "She…"

"Think properly before you give me the answer." Chen Feng shook the two bottles of gene reagents in his hand before showing his personal information to Wang Tianhao. "Trust me, the destruction a master producer can bring… is not something you want to witness."


Wang Tianhao’s expression changed greatly.

Master producer? Chen Feng had reached such a height?

"I will tell you." Wang Tianhao smiled bitterly. "I will tell you everything."

Chen Feng’s strength had erased any thoughts of him trying to be smart.

"I suppose it was when she was about 10 years old," Wang Tianhao said after thinking for a bit. "I remember that, back then, I received a message saying that a certain training camp had taken a liking to Wang Yao’s aptitude and wanted to accept her into the camp. An extremely generous reward would be given to Wang family to aid the Wang family in their endeavors to establish themselves in a major city. However, how could I do such a thing? Hence, I rejected it," Wang Tianhao said heroically.

Chen Feng stared at him with cold eyes. "You rejected them?"

"Oh." Wang Tianhao seemed to suddenly lose his confidence as he gulped before continuing, "I initially planned to agree with it. However, it was at that moment that Wang Yao appeared. Did you know? Back then, she hadn’t even reached one meter in height. But just like that, she had a knife to my neck."

"You did not resist?" Chen Feng was surprised. The Wang Yao back then should have still been a kid, right? This guy here was a genetic warrior.

"I wanted to." Terror appeared in Wang Tianhao’s eyes. "However, she was looking at me with an extremely bizarre gaze. I had a feeling that if I were to resist, I would definitely die! Hence… I rejected that training camp. That was the first time she ever did something like that. Subsequently, her doing something like that became a common occurrence." Wang Tianhao had a bitter feeling.

Chen Feng contemplated. "Is that so?"

Next, Wang Tianhao continued telling him a lot of things. Chen Feng merely stood there silently as he listened to all these. Evidently, from that day onward, Wang Yao transformed from an innocent child into a cold person who was decisive in everything she did.

Apart from Wang Yue, who she would occasionally talk to, she was cold and detached toward everyone else.

As for the reason for that?

No one knew.

Chen Feng was unclear. "What actually happened back then?"

"I truly have no idea." Wang Tianhao was puzzled as well. He had no idea why his daughter hated him so much. There had to be a reason for that, right?

Even if he had abandoned her mother back then, through the years, Wang Yao had been treated kindly, never starved, right? Even if their relationship wasn’t that amiable, she wouldn’t hate him that much, right?


That gaze filled with killing intent!

"This is everything I know." After saying everything he knew, he begged, "I beg you. Please, let the Wang family off."

"Act intelligently if you know what’s good for you."

Chen Feng left calmly.

Back then, when he'd left Gold City, the moment he learned about that organization’s existence, he had already lost his interest in the Wang family. If Wang Tianhao had to be killed, Wang Yao should be the one doing it.

Behind him, Wang Tianhao expressed his gratitude in fear and trepidation.

He was also once an ambitious and ruthless character, one of the tyrants in this Gold City. However, for the so-called family, his daughter left him and his son was dead, and the current him had ended up in such a situation as well. One could only say he'd gotten what he deserved.

Light could already be seen on the initially pitch black night sky.

"Time to go back," Chen Feng muttered.

Soon, he took the Ironcloud and returned to Star City.


His wristband buzzed. His mission rewards were ready!


1. A recap since before this the author had never used a proper term for this. Luck number generator – A situation where Chen Feng uses the gene fragments in his digitized world to represent different numbers. Next, he will activate his Luck Aura and randomly grab some gene fragments that would represent the numbers which he was looking for, for example, the coordinates of his enemies.

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