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Chapter 205: Absolute Guard!

Chapter 205: Absolute Guard!

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Chen Feng was filled with anticipation. "What will the reward be?"


Light swirled.

With a glance at the reward, Chen Feng’s expression immediately darkened.

"Congratulations for completing the purification mission. Reward: Any chosen D-class formula x1."

"That’s it?"

Chen Feng flipped the screen around.

Nothing else!

Only this!

"Are they scamming me?"

Chen Feng felt powerless to even berate this.

Although this was the initial intended reward for this mission, this mission had truly been dangerous. Even a battle between A-class experts had broken out due to this mission.

Obviously, the difficulty of the mission had been greatly increased.

Such a mission, yet only this single reward?

At the same time, Hou Liang arrived.

"Have you received the reward?" Hou Liang asked with a smile.

"…" Chen Feng grudgingly sighed. "Old Hou, you are being dishonest here."

This guy had been trying to trick him since he'd joined the headquarters. All this while, Hou Liang had been trying to trick him into completing the purification mission. However, this was what he received as the reward after the mission completion.

"Haha," Hou Liang laughed heartily. "I knew you would be dissatisfied with this, kid."


He passed a delicate looking case to Chen Feng. "This is your compensation for this mission."

"Oh?" Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.

"In all honesty, this thing here…" Hou Liang had a complicated expression. "Even I am somewhat enticed by this thing. Initially, they'd wanted to reward you with all sort of formulas. However, such things are something you can get any time, as long as you put in some work. Hence, I combined all your contributions to apply for a single item for you. An item countless people here yearn for even in their dreams," Hou Liang said slowly.


Chen Feng opened the case.


At this instant, a dazzling radiance appeared.

A power that caused one’s heart to palpitate bloomed from the case.

This is… a power that belonged to an expert!

Chen Feng looked at the case. Within, a shiny silver badge could be seen. An ice-cold radiance that appeared incredibly real surrounded it, giving it an incomparably holy appearance.

Chen Feng was now filled with anticipation. "What is this thing?"

"Try touching it," Hou Liang said with a smile.

Carefully, Chen Feng stretched out his finger. Right as his finger touched the badge, the space in their immediate vicinity seemed to freeze as boundless radiance started shining between Chen Feng and the badge.


Light swirled.

Surprisingly, the silver badge disappeared.


The silver radiance transformed into a bizarre and shiny symbol that was gleaming on Chen Feng’s forehead. Subsequently, the radiance around them seemed to retreat into the symbol on Chen Feng’s forehead.


The radiance vanished.

Everything returned to how it had been.

Chen Feng rubbed his forehead. There, nothing could be felt.

Chen Feng was astonished. "What is this?"

He couldn’t see or feel anything. However, he could feel a gush of terrifying yet formidable power hibernating within his body, ready to erupt at any moment.

That power was astonishingly formidable!

"Absolute Guard." Hou Liang had a solemn expression. "It is something only a person who has greatly contributed to the Gene Production Association is entitled to possess. In all honesty, your contributions alone are still not sufficient to obtain this thing. Only after taking your potential and that young girl Wang Yao into consideration did the application to reward you with this pass.

"The usage of this thing…" Hou Liang paused for a bit. "It is a power condensed by a super expert. If you meet with any danger, the clone of that expert will descend upon you temporarily. It will be equivalent to a second life for you," Hou Liang said seriously.

Chen Feng felt doubtful. "A reinforced version of Peril Rebirth?"

"No." Hou Liang shook his head. "They are in completely different levels. Peril Rebirth is indeed a powerful gene armament. However, it is only powerful compared to those in C class. But this thing here, it will not fear even some of those A-class experts! Moreover, Peril Rebirth is only useful to give you an instant recovery, only capable of unleashing the power of a peak C-class warrior. What if your enemy chooses to make another move after that? You will still die. However, this Absolute Guard… it is capable of dealing with any sort of enemy for you," Hou Liang said seriously. "Naturally, if it’s possible, I hope that the day where you need to use it never comes."

Chen Feng felt doubtful. "Why?"

"Because its biggest function is not to kill someone, instead, it’s to protect someone," Hou Liang said with a deep tone. "Hence, even though it possesses an astonishing killing power, it was never meant to be a tool to kill; instead, it was created to protect a producer. The reason for that is simple. Have you ever heard of abilities such as a killing curse?" Hou Liang asked.

Chen Feng nodded.

Killing curse!

Abilities in the curse series were capable of ignoring distance and locking down on their target immediately. As such, they were incredibly terrifying due to their ability to kill someone from thousands of kilometers away.

Something one wouldn’t be able to guard against.

This was something truly terrifying.

In this mystical era, killing curses represented mysteriousness and viciousness.

Moreover, there even existed some killing curses capable of breaking through the defenses of a city.

One could never offend a person with a killing curse ability. If one had no choice but to offend such a person, one had to try their best to kill that person on the spot. Otherwise, one might just end up living the rest of one’s life living under the shadows of killing curses.

These were the most commonly known sayings on killing curses. Countless people were made cautious due to this saying.

"The Absolute Guard can even block a killing curse," Hou Liang said.

The so-called killing curse was able to ignore distance. However, it still needed to lock onto a target. If one chose to use a killing curse toward someone with Absolute Guard, one would feel a gush of terrifying power within the target. The moment the killing curse was activated…

The killing-curse user would be counter killed immediately.

The power of Absolute Guard was much more terrifying than one could imagine.

Chen Feng felt doubtful. "What if a person were to use a weaker killing curse to waste the Absolute Guard before using a stronger curse against the target?"

"How is that so easy?" Hou Liang rolled his eyes. "If a person wants to waste the Absolute Guard, a killing curse that is capable of killing you must be used. As for those weak killing curses, you will be able to block them by yourself, right?"

"That's true." Chen Feng finally understood.

Nuclear missile!

This was simply a nuclear missile.

One had to know that, for these killing curses, the deterrence effect it had was much more powerful than actually using it.

The Absolute Guard was also an existence with such a deterrence effect. As long as this thing existed, anyone planning to use a killing curse on Chen Feng would not dare to do so.

At the very least, two killing-curse warriors capable of insta-killing Chen Feng needed to make a move at the same time to kill him. And even with that, one of them had to be prepared to be counter killed by the Absolute Guard.

This was the Absolute Guard.

With this, it could be said that, from today onward, Chen Feng had obtained an extremely powerful protection charm.

With this reward, taking this mission was worth it.

"Those were merely the surface-level rewards." After he finished his explanations on Absolute Guard, he continued, saying, "There’s also some hidden rewards for you. For example, a limit breakthrough project that was designed just for you."

Limit breakthrough project!

This referred to projects customized for promising producers. Chen Feng was now at the peak of E-class with 1,500 points of spiritual energy. Thus, the Gene Production Association had provided him with a perfect route for breaking through into D class. Free materials would be provided for Chen Feng to start a short duration gene production training program. This would help Chen Feng greatly increase his production level before breaking through his limit.

Never-ending gene productions were, in actuality, the most optimal method for gene producers to break through their limit.

Duration: Half a year.

In half a year, Chen Feng would definitely enter D class. In half a year, Chen Feng’s production level would definitely have an all-around increase as well.

"Half a year…"

Chen Feng shut his eyes.

Half year.

For accumulation and improvement!

Half a year of recovery and tempering would truly enable a gene producer to possess a much higher production level. After all, at its core, the focus of a producer was still to produce genes.

As far as gene producers were concerned with, the only point of breaking through their limit was to enable them to produce better gene reagents.

"Believe me." Hou Liang was feeling proud. "All the producers that went through this special training ended up stronger. The more talented the producer is, the more the producer will learn from the special training. For you, this is also the best opportunity. Moreover… this special training is specially customized for you."

Hou Liang looked at Chen Feng with a gratified expression. Chen Feng was the only person to have ever qualified for a customized training program less than a month after joining the headquarters.

It was at this moment that Chen Feng finally opened his mouth. "Sorry, but I have to reject that offer."

"What?" Hou Liang was dumbstruck.

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