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Chapter 206: The Third Genetic Ability!

Chapter 206: The Third Genetic Ability!

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Hou Liang was somewhat dumbstruck.

How could Chen Feng reject this? This was a customized limit breakthrough project for him. Something a lot of producers yearned for even in their dreams.

There, one would obtain unlimited materials and the guidance from producers of the highest rank. There, the best resources and equipments for limit breakthrough were available. One could say that, in the whole of Star City, that was the best venue to increase one’s strength, and it guaranteed great changes within only half year’s time, enabling one to have an all-around improvement in one’s strength.

That was also a place commonly known as the holy land of producers.

"You…" Hou Liang widened his eyes. He was wondering if Chen Feng had heard him correctly, so he said, "Do you want me to explain it to you one more time?"

"There’s no need for that." Chen Feng shook his head. He'd heard Hou Liang loud and clear. Greatly increasing his production level in half a year’s time, breaking through while he was at it, this was definitely something a lot of producers yearned for. However, for Chen Feng… it was far from enough.

Production level? This was pointless for Chen Feng.

Although Chen Feng was a mere E-class warrior, he had already passed his master producer’s certification, becoming a full-fledged master producer.

What had he been improving in the past?

Success rate?

Foundational knowledge?

Or concepts of production?

None of these were required for him.

As far as Chen Feng was concerned, the only thing limiting his production level was spiritual energy. As long as he had enough spiritual energy, he could even produce A-class gene reagents this very moment.


All these training programs were simply a waste of time for him.

Half a year?

He hadn’t even been a producer for half a year.

For Chen Feng, the only thing he needed to increase was his spiritual energy! Combat power! Production level was simply an extra thing that he picked up while he was increasing his spiritual energy and combat power.

His current production level was sufficient for him. If he continued wasting time in this aspect, it was simply too much of a waste of time. Hence, Chen Feng’s next step would be to increase his strength and get into D class as soon as possible.

"You, kid…"

Hou Liang was furious and spent one whole hour giving earnest advice to Chen Feng, to the point of almost tiring himself before choosing to make a compromise. "All right, you can choose to not join this training program. But you can’t do anything reckless. Hear that?"

Hou Liang was so worried he felt like his hair was turning white.

There were benefits to recruiting geniuses into the headquarters. However, there were troubles that accompanied these geniuses as well. These bastards were all people with their own thoughts, and at times, they would simply ignore the seniors such as Hou Liang.

Among these geniuses…


Chen Feng was the most stubborn one among them.

"Understood." Only after Chen Feng nodded to express his agreement did Hou Liang leave.

In the room, Chen Feng stretched.

Despite not sleeping the whole night, he was feeling exceptionally awake.


He fixed his gaze on the screen.

Absolute Guard was a pleasant surprise. It would also be an extremely powerful trump card of his. However, this D-class formula he got to chose was also the very thing that would enable him to enter D class.

A major step for him.


He opened the gene bank.


Light swirled.

A huge amount of D-class gene formulas flickered in the air.

"Filter – fusion gene reagent formulas," Chen Feng said calmly.

His current goal was to break through. Hence, he could not be blinded by these seemingly formidable D-class gene reagents.


Light swirled.

A huge amount of gene formulas disappeared.

"Filter – 4-star and 5-star formulas," Chen Feng said coldly.


Once again, a huge amount of gene formulas disappeared. Only the rarest and the most precious 4-star and 5-star formulas were left behind. Chen Feng was planning to look for the strongest gene for himself.

"Which would suit me?"

Chen Feng’s brain moved rapidly.




All sorts of genetic abilities.

Finally, he locked onto three of them.

The first gene he locked onto was an ability under the spirit-enhancing category.

This was a 5-star D-class special gene, capable of giving the user a 50% passive growth in spiritual energy. This enabled the user’s spiritual energy to be forever above those in the same class.

This was an extremely powerful gene. If Chen Feng were to fuse with this…


His future spiritual energy improvement would be extremely fast. It would also be extremely helpful in his profession as a producer, as he would be able to produce gene reagents that were better and more powerful.

The second gene he locked onto was an ability under the flame attack category.

This was a 5-star D-class attack gene that possessed extremely powerful flame-type attacks. It was able to unleash a flame attack with an amplification of 500% his regular damage.

With 1,000 points of spiritual energy, one would be able to unleash an attack equivalent to someone with 5,000 points.

Incredibly frightening.

And all this was even before this ability was fused into a secret art. Due to the attribute of this ability being the extremely popular fire attribute, it was extremely easy for one to assemble this ability with other suitable abilities to create an extremely powerful secret art.

If he were to learn this, in the future, Chen Feng would possess an astonishingly powerful attack.

He believed that, after combining this ability with his Myriad Illusions ability, something even more powerful would be unleashed.

The third gene he had locked onto was an ability under the support category.

This was also a 5-star D-class gene. However, it was used to support oneself during combat. This genetic ability was able to condense energy and assemble it into equipment. For example, energy armor, energy sword, etc.

Theoretically, as long as one had sufficient energy for it, one could arm oneself to the teeth.

Chen Feng had chosen this ability due to its function that was capable of both offense and defense, a seemingly omnipotent ability. The public believed that this ability wasn’t a particularly good one, though.


Chen Feng was attracted.

That was because the stronger the provided energy was, the stronger the assembled equipment would be. Under normal circumstances, the amount of energy one could muster was limited. However, if all the energy erupted from his unlimited Wind Blade were to be used in tandem with this ability to assemble equipment…

How powerful would he become?

Chen Feng was filled with anticipation.

He had witnessed Lin Ke’s energy mechanical armor before. It was indeed powerful, but it was also riddled with flaws. That was, after all still a gene armament, a single-use consumable item. After using it, there wouldn’t be more to use. A gene reagent was, after all, still something that could only give someone a momentary ability. As for genetic abilities, they were something whose existence was everlasting.

"Which should I choose?"

Chen Feng contemplated.

All three of these were extremely suitable for him. However, after filtering, he chose to remove the spirit-enhancing ability. The reason was simple: presently, he lacked offensive methods.

Regardless of how powerful a gene producer appeared to be, at its core, that person was still a genetic warrior. They would still need to battle. Pure spirit enhancements? It would be pointless. Just look at how Wang Yue had died. He was a person who possessed an extremely powerful spirit-enhancing ability. However, due to his lack of offensive methods, his combat power was nearly nonexistent, and he ended up killed by Chen Feng.

Flame attack?

Chen Feng hesitated for a long time but still decided to give up on it. Despite how powerful this ability was, abilities in the fire category had too many users due to their popularity. Due to that, abilities capable of restraining fire-related abilities were incredibly common as well.

Hence, Chen Feng decisively gave up on this ability.

As for the other available abilities? Chen Feng had taken a look at them. There were mostly comprised of 4-star genes or genes with insufficient power. Hence, he had given up on all of them.


Chen Feng tapped on the confirmation button.


The gene formula’s data appeared.


Timber Raccoon Fusion Gene Reagent

Difficulty: 5 stars

Restriction: D class

Introduction: Using the timber raccoon’s blood essence as the core, refine the timber raccoon’s gene using all sorts of precious materials to produce a fusion gene reagent.

Function: Obtain the Energy Equipment ability.

Energy Equipment: Envelopes one’s body in energy before assembling the energy into equipment. The assembled equipment will be able to unleash 100% of the supplied energy’s power. The higher the amount of energy provided, the stronger the equipment will become. Suitable for close combat.


"You, then."

Chen Feng’s emotions surged.

He had finally confirmed his third genetic ability.

Energy Equipment!

Despite the fact that this ability was only capable of unleashing a power equal to 100% of the supplied energy—quite lacking compared to other abilities such as the earlier flame ability capable of unleashing 500% power—this ability Chen Feng had chosen had no upper limit!

With his unlimited Wind Blades, how powerful would his Energy Equipment end up?

No one knew!

Moreover, this was simply the standard set of information provided by the management.

Since Chen Feng had decided to produce his own fusion gene reagent, he would definitely mutate the formula before improving it to produce the strongest version of this formula.

"Then… let’s do some investigating on this timber raccoon."

Chen Feng started researching online.


Information regarding to timber raccoon appeared on his screen.


Spicy timber raccoon: 388 yuan.

Aromatic timber raccoon: 688 yuan.

Soy paste timber raccoon: 988 yuan.



Chen Feng’s expression stiffened. What the heck was this?