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Chapter 207: Affecting Reality!

Chapter 207: Affecting Reality!

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What on earth were these? Chen Feng was somewhat dumbstruck. He went through several pages of search results. However, all he could find were restaurants. Even the pop-up advertisements were all food related. Finally, when he reached the fourth page, he found some genuine information.

Timber raccoon, a D-class mutated beast. It was an extremely nimble beast capable of solidifying energy. Both its offense and defense were quite good, and in addition, it was a species that had a tendency to group together, making catching them quite a hard feat. Its meat was loved by the masses due to it being tasty.


Chen Feng read the final sentence.

That’s right.

Tasty meat. Due to their ability to solidify energy, apart from unforeseen events, the timber raccoon’s body would always be under the protection of the solidified energy. Hence, its body would be in an extremely good condition.


Tasty meat.

Moreover, after consuming its meat, there would even be a weak spiritual energy recovery effect.

Chen Feng: "…"

So the fangs of the foodies have even reached D-class mutated beasts nowadays?

Too terrifying.

Did the beast not need its face?

That was a grand D-class mutated beast! An existence countless newbie warriors could only look up to. Now, though, these beasts had turned into food.


Silently, Chen Feng ordered a set of the timber raccoon dish.

His rational being that, since he was going to start hunting timber raccoons, he needed to get some understanding of this beast. Soon, the dish he ordered was delivered. As he took a look, there were only several pieces of timber raccoon meat within. No wonder this dish he ordered had been so cheap. He tried it, that taste…

Chen Feng frowned.

After finishing, he felt that his understanding of the timber raccoon was still not deep enough. Hence, he ordered another dish.

"So it is actually beneficial for spiritual energy recovery. "

Chen Feng ate three dishes in a row to confirm this fact. Despite the low amount of recovery, that refreshing feeling was quite distinct. This meat was actually so tasty after it had been processed.

"Timber raccoon…" Chen Feng muttered.

He had not tried the taste of timber raccoon due to him being a glutton. Instead, it was because, if the timber raccoon was truly so popular, it wouldn’t be too easy for him to hunt timber raccoons.

"If I want to improve the timber raccoon formula, I’m afraid the blood essence of an ordinary timber raccoon won’t do…" Chen Feng muttered.

The act of improving the formula was to unearth the potentially hidden genes within. Furthermore, the redundant or superfluous parts of the original formula would also be modified to optimize the formula. Hence, Chen Feng had to choose the best blood essence he could get for this.

The blood essence of a timber raccoon leader would possess much more powerful genes within compared to the blood essence of an ordinary timber raccoon.


Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "Hopefully there won’t be any problems."

The next day, he reached the Withered Prairie. Here, a mystical withered grass could be found. The expanse of withered grasses on the prairie was like a huge yellow ocean. As such, this place was named Withered Prairie. This was also the place where the timber raccoon population was most active.

"Timber raccoon…"

Chen Feng walked out of the Genetic Union’s camp.

However, there wasn’t even a need for him to go further. Only a single glance from the camp entrance was enough to cause his complexion to darken.


People everywhere.

Everywhere his eyes could see, there were people.

"Our timber raccoon hunting squad of three lacks one more member. We will be able move out immediately after a genetic warrior with detection abilities, good eyes, and nimble hands joins us. We already have an expert hunter in our team. It won’t be a problem for us to capture even three of them per day. Our squad is definitely a professional squad, definitely not a scammer. All the income will be distributed evenly. Our trustworthiness is guaranteed, if we were to lie, we will all die…"

"Our timber raccoon hunting squad of two is still recruiting two members. A specialized hunter is required. Those hunters that can only capture one out of every ten they see are not welcome."

The bustling scene there alarmed Chen Feng.

Chen Feng had gone to quite a number of Genetic Union camps. However, he had never once seen a camp so crowded. To think that he had always believed that only tourist spots would be so busy.


Chen Feng was shocked.

An unending stream of squads entered the Withered Prairie to hunt timber raccoons.

Tendency to group together?

Strong defensive capabilities?

Under the pure amount of humans here, all these were useless.

"Did I choose the wrong location?" Chen Feng muttered.

He studied the map and found that there were still several locations where timber raccoons were active. Riding the Ironcloud, Chen Feng spent one whole day visiting all these locations. Subsequently, he returned with a lost expression on his face, because everywhere he went, there was similarly a huge crowd of people.

All these people were there to hunt timber raccoons.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. "Have these people gone crazy?"

Only after checking online did he find the reason for this. A single timber raccoon could be sold for 100,000 yuan. After hunting these timber raccoons, they would sell them to the restaurants. The restaurants would cut the meat into pieces before cooking them and selling them as dishes, which allowed them to earn a nice margin of profit.

Moreover, timber raccoon hunting had even become a full-fledged occupation.




A complete supply chain had already been formed, centered on the timber raccoons.

"Why has it ended up this way?"

Chen Feng’s head ached.

He had never imagined that he would encounter such a situation!

When he went beast hunting in the past, he only needed to consider the safety aspect. Now, though? Forget about the timber raccoon leader. Even a timber raccoon that was alive was nowhere to be seen.

Was he about to face failure for such a reason?

Even the thought of that pained Chen Feng to no end.

Chen Feng frowned. "I need to think of something."

Charge inside with my Luck Aura activated?

In all honesty, the amount of people here was too high. If his Luck Aura were activated, the luck value exhaustion would definitely be terrifying, as the luck values would have to make sure that he could avoid every single group here that was hunting for timber raccoon leaders.

Every single one of them.

Even if only one luck value was used for each team…

Chen Feng reckoned the pitiful amount of luck values he had would still be insufficient.

What to do, then?

Chen Feng sank into a short contemplation.


He looked at the 20 points of luck value he had. He had been saving them since yesterday; however, he had not recovered much. However, since the amount was low anyway, he wouldn’t mind trying to use it in a way he did not normally dare to: to alter reality.


A hypothetical if…

If the luck values were used to provide some assistance in hunting for a timber raccoon leader, with these 20 points of luck value he had, how much of a help would it be?"

Chen Feng inhaled. "Let’s try."


Luck Aura fully activated.


Luck value dropped rapidly.

Five points…

Ten points…

Fifteen points…


Luck value fully exhausted.

With his eyes shut, Chen Feng could feel that his Luck Aura was indeed working. However, he had no idea what the Luck Aura had worked on.

That’s it?

Chen Feng felt somewhat regretful.

Indeed. 20 points of luck value are still too much of a stretch…

Chen Feng shook his head.

Suddenly, his wristband buzzed.


"Your close friend has been detected accepting a relevant mission."

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.


Friend’s mission?

He turned his screen on and found that it was Xu Fei!

Xu Fei had accepted a mission related to timber raccoons. However, Xu Fei had rejected the system’s request to have the details of the mission revealed.

Chen Feng tried contacting him. "Xu Fei?"

"Haha, Chen Feng, it has been a while." Xu Fei’s shiny bald head appeared on the screen.

"You accepted a timber raccoon related mission?" Chen Feng asked frankly.

"Yeah." Xu Fei smiled happily. "Some rich guy released a mission to hunt timber raccoon leaders. It was quite a coincidence. I heard that he had initially made his choice and chosen a squad among several available D-class squads. However, just as he was about to confirm his choice, he saw the information of our squad and felt that we were more suited for the mission. Hence, he chose us for this mission."


Chen Feng’s emotions surged.

Indeed! Altering reality!

It had worked!

Chen Feng was excited.

Even if only 20 points of luck value were used and nothing major had happened, this proved that his Luck Aura could truly alter reality.

In such a unique manner.

If his luck values were sufficient…

He suddenly remembered a movie he'd watched during his previous life: Final Destination.

Killing people through coincidence!

If he had sufficient luck value, he would be akin to the Death in the movie, killing through coincidences!

Chen Feng was filled with anticipation. "Such a day will arrive."

"You want to join this mission as well?" Xu Fei asked curiously.

"I need some timber raccoon blood essence." Chen Feng suddenly smiled as he asked, "Do you need an extra member in your squad?"

Xu Fei’s eyes shone. Chen Feng wanted to join? If that was the case, he would definitely need this extra member.