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Chapter 208: The Furious Food

Chapter 208: The Furious Food

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At Star City, Hou Liang was handling the aftermath of the Ice River incident. Suddenly, he received an update that Chen Feng had gone to the Withered Prairie to hunt for timber raccoons. A great producer like him had actually once again gone out to take risks?

"Can’t this bastard tone it down and rest for several months?"

Hou Liang was bursting with rage.

How many days had it been since the Ice River incident?

Was Chen Feng not afraid of death?

Ordinary producers were all extreme shut-ins, to the point where the Gene Production Association needed to think of ways to persuade them to go out and temper themselves. As for Chen Feng? He was simply a bastard that couldn’t sit tight for one moment.

"Don’t worry." Beside him, Old Zhu unhurriedly said, "With Absolute Guard, he’s much safer, even when compared with you. Furthermore, this kid is walking his own path. It’s best for us to not meddle in it too much."

"What I did was for his own good." Hou Liang was furious. Protecting him could be considered as meddling in his affairs as well?

"Hehe." Old Zhu sneered. "Have you forgotten about the geniuses our organization has nurtured so far?"

Hou Liang was immediately speechless.


The Gene Production Association had indeed nurtured some of them before. They had adopted orphans and exhausted their resources to train countless powerful geniuses. These people were all very formidable. However, none were capable of surpassing their predecessors.

This was truly depressing.

All the geniuses they'd nurtured based on optimal nurturing methods were simply like mirror images of each other, as if they had all been carved out of the same mold.

As for Chen Feng…

He was totally different from those geniuses.

Totally unconventional.

"Don’t be overprotective, lest he become a copy of one of those geniuses we nurtured," Old Zhu unhurriedly said. "Chen Feng was able to reach where he is currently due to his freedom to act as he wished. It’s sufficient for us to give him fitting assistance whenever required. As for the rest, it will have to depend on himself."

Hou Liang’s heart trembled.

He had never expected Old Zhu to actually have a higher expectations for Chen Feng than him.

After finding out about Chen Feng’s talent, he had been in a rush to give Chen Feng the best they could so that he could become stronger and more formidable! With the same talent, comparatively, when supported with more resources, it should be better than him doing things by his lonesome self, right?

This was what Hou Liang had always believed.

However, who could have guessed that Old Zhu actually had a completely reversed thought process compared to his.

As he thought of all those geniuses that had not met their expectations and had failed to surpass the predecessors despite all the resources the organization had spent on them, Hou Liang sunk into silence.

Chen Feng…

He stared outside of Star City.

Would the path this child treaded by himself truly be better than the optimal path Hou Liang chose for him?


At a certain spacious abandoned factory, countless experiment materials could be seen piled up within. Within the rows of vehicles in the factory, numerous dying mutated beasts were locked. On their bodies, numerous pinholes could be seen. Weak roars could be heard coming out of the mouths of these beasts.

On the floor, the materials that were supposed to be arranged neatly were currently arranged in a disorderly manner. The whole place was in chaos.

A middle-aged man could be seen watching a recorded video with a serious expression. Here, they were mainly focused on researching the genes of mutated beasts to look for a more formidable power among the recessive genes of these beasts. They were looking for a source of power similar to dark energy.

Seeking a power capable of changing the world.

After over 10 years of research, their results were quite minimal. However…

Outside of everyone’s expectations, just as they'd been about to give up on their research and discard this project, an astonishing change appeared in their research.

A timber raccoon leader had risen out of their kitchen.

That’s right.


This was originally a timber raccoon caught here as their food. Their lunch today was supposed to be roasted timber raccoon. However, the timber raccoon that already had the condiments rubbed on its body and was prepped for roasting had suddenly started raging.

With cumin paste all over its body, it killed the chef and the two other D-class guards before escaping in a carefree manner.

"This fellow."

The middle-aged man’s gaze was burning.

The chef was dead?

Nobody cared about that.

However, this raging timber raccoon leader had brought hope to their failing project. That power displayed that far exceeded a normal timber raccoon leader, that mystical mutation that had occurred in it…

Something had definitely happened to this timber raccoon.

"Chase! We must capture it! Regardless of what the reason for the mutation is, I must obtain it!"

The middle-aged man’s gaze was filled with killing intent.

Currently, at the Withered Prairie camp, Chen Feng finally met with Xu Fei’s group. Zhou Ling appeared as pretty as ever, Monkey’s gaze appeared brighter than before, and Tie Shi’s sturdy body was ever so imposing. As for Xu Fei, he was the same old him with his shiny bald head.

"Your head is shinier now," Chen Feng praised.

"Scram," Xu Fei said grudgingly.

Wasn’t this the work of your legal loli? However, now that he had a better understanding of how terrifying Wang Yao was, he no longer dared to utter such words out loud.

"Let’s talk about the mission."

"All right."

They walked over to a quiet corner. Xu Fei’s mission was quite simple. They only needed the corpse of a timber raccoon leader. As for the blood essence? After the death of a timber raccoon, its blood essence would disappear shortly. By the time they brought the timber raccoon’s corpse back to the mission issuer, the blood essence would be long gone. Hence, if Chen Feng wanted the blood essence, it wouldn’t be a problem.

"That’s good, then."

Chen Feng was extremely satisfied. Since he was working with Xu Fei’s squad, this mission shouldn’t be too time consuming.

Timber raccoon leader: a unique existence among timber raccoons.

Among several tens of thousands of timber raccoons, only one leader might emerge. The meat of the timber raccoon leader had an even better taste. Hence, the moment one appeared, they would be hunted furiously.

Hence, the main point of their current mission was to avoid the other hunters.

"All right."

Chen Feng spread his hands. He had never expected that a day would come where the biggest problem he encountered during a mutated beast hunt was due to this mutated beast being too tasty.

"According to our information… during the past two days, a timber raccoon leader has appeared in the depths of the Withered Prairie. It is extremely crafty as it usually spends most of its time underground. We only need to lure it out, next…"

Xu Fei started planning their mission out.

Locate, lockdown, kill!

Simple and straightforward.

Zhou Ling was good at freezing abilities, so she could help in speed reduction.

Tie Shi was good at defending, so he could help block attacks.

Monkey was good at scouting, so he could help lock onto the timber raccoon.

As for Chen Feng and Xu Fei, they would be in charge of combat!

After witnessing what had happened during the Gene Rookie Competition, no one dared to look down on Chen Feng’s combat power. With Chen Feng’s inclusion in their squad, Xu Fei’s group had obtained a great helping hand out of the blue.

Xu Fei looked at the rest. "Are there any problems with this plan?"

They shook their heads. "Nope."

"Good." Xu Fei nodded. "If there are no problems, we will try our best to get this done today. Naturally, the biggest problem for this mission is not the timber raccoon; instead, it’s those professional hunters."

Professional hunters. Due to the unique abilities they possessed, they made a living through hunting.

They possessed acute senses and hunting awareness far surpassing ordinary people. Although the information they'd obtained indicated that this timber raccoon was something that had suddenly appeared during the past two days—and that this appearance was something that an ordinary person would definitely not notice—Xu Fei would not look down on the intuition these professional hunters possessed.

"Move fast and end this fast," Xu Fei said with a deep tone.

Then… depart!

The squad moved out. The way Xu Fei did things nowadays was more and more in line with Chen Feng’s style.

Clean and decisive.

Based on the route Xu Fei plotted, they took a detour from the huge group of people here and entered from a more dangerous area before reaching the depths of the Withered Prairie.

According to their information, that timber raccoon leader would be around here. However, just as they was about to take out their bait, they stopped their actions.


An astonishing killing intent erupted under their feet.

"Be careful!" Xu Fei warned.

"Let me!"

Tie Shi activated his defenses.


A layer of gentle light enveloped everyone.



Numerous pitch black silhouettes shot out of the shadows under their feet and ambushed them. Forcefully, Tie Shi’s defense was smashed as these people exposed their ice-cold killing intent.

That familiar movement…

Chen Feng took a glance and noted that he had indeed found a familiar silhouette among the group: Shadow.[1]

Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. "It has truly been quite a while."


1. A quick recap. Shadow is the guy that appeared during the illusionary snake incident. This is the guy that escaped with Chen Feng’s gene reagent back then.

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