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Chapter 210: You Guys Are Looking for Trouble

Chapter 210: You Guys Are Looking for Trouble

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What’s going on?

Everyone blanked. True, the timber raccoon leader might have been powerful, but the agility attributes of the members of the Shadowkill Squad were all excessively high. Even if they couldn’t defeat it, it shouldn’t have been a problem to escape, right?

This, this, this…


With a flicker, Umbra vanished.



The raging timber raccoon leader stomped the ground and Umbra once again reappeared from his concealment.


Xu Fei’s heart throbbed.

The timber raccoon leader was actually capable of discovering the concealed Umbra? It was so terrifyingly powerful?

"That’s not it." Monkey activated his ability as both his eyes flickered unceasingly. An odd expression was on his face. "That's because there's a smell of cumin paste on Umbra’s body. Hence…"

At this, everyone became speechless. No wonder those guys had failed to escape the timber raccoon leader. There was simply no need for the timber raccoon leader to break their concealment. It only needed to follow the smell for Umbra to have nowhere to hide.



Umbra was viciously beaten up. The raccoon’s claw with a stench of cumin paste on it stomped on Umbra’s chest without stop. At this moment, Umbra appeared incomparably pitiful.

"Shadow…" Umbra cried for help.

At a distance, Shadow merely glanced at him before turning around and fleeing.

"Save me…"

Umbra begged for help from Xu Fei’s group. However, Xu Fei and the rest merely exchanged glances before they retreated.

What joke was that? This timber raccoon leader was obviously quite unusual and frighteningly vicious. Why should they go up to it at this moment? To court death?

Everyone left speedily and only stop moving after a long time. They had no choice but to stop. They had to start finding a solution for a very grave problem: how to kill this timber raccoon leader.

Their head ached. After taking a detour and avoiding the multitude of people, after avoiding the robbers, they were finally here. However, for some f*cking reason, this timber raccoon leader was so powerful!

Xu Fei calculated the strength of both sides and discovered with grief that they would not be able to defeat that cumin-stained timber raccoon.

This was the most lamentable fact of their current predicament.

"There’s something wrong with how this plot is developing…"

Everyone smiled bitterly.

"That timber raccoon leader," Xu Fei paused before continuing, "was much more powerful than all the timber raccoon leaders we have read about."


Chen Feng’s eyes shone. If the timber raccoon was sufficiently powerful, then he could use its blood essence to produce his gene reagent…

Chen Feng became excited.

"Forget it."

The rest exchanged glances.

Since an unforeseen circumstance had appeared in this mission, they would not be able to continue it. This timber raccoon leader was too powerful. They were simply not its match.

Xu Fei nodded. "I will cancel the mission, then."

To know when to give up was the sensible thing to do. The reason they took on missions in the first place was to temper themselves anyway. There was no point to throw their life away.

"How about you?"

Xu Fei looked at Chen Feng.

"All right."

Chen Feng did not find that decision surprising.

For Xu Fei’s group, this was merely an ordinary mission. There was simply no need for them to put their life on the line. However, for Chen Feng, this was a very good opportunity.

He would go back to better prepare himself before coming again, Chen Feng decided inwardly.

"Let’s go then."

They left speedily.

Due to the existence of this timber raccoon leader here, the atmosphere at the depths of Withered Prairie had become somewhat bizarre.

Just as they were about to leave.



Numerous people appeared. A whole group of genetic warriors with excellent equipment appeared from the outer layer of Withered Prairie, forming a huge blockade around the inner layer.

"Be careful," Monkey warned.

Rapidly, they concealed themselves among the bushes.

"What’s going on?"

The rest were confused. Apart from timber raccoon hunters, since when had so many people of different factions gathered here at this place?

"Look," Chen Feng whispered.

The rest looked over and found that this newly appeared group was gradually approaching a certain direction. That was where the timber raccoon leader was at! Their target was actually the timber raccoon leader?

"A fully armed army is required to hunt nowadays?" Xu Fei was too powerless to even berate this.

Chen Feng sneered. "I’m afraid it’s not this simple."

The abnormally powerful timber raccoon leader, the sudden appearance of an army of genetic warriors… If one told him that both these incidents were unrelated, Chen Feng would not believe it.

Seemed like something was about to happen. However, since they knew the location of the timber raccoon, why had they not gone in directly? Instead, they were surrounding it from the outer layer?

Chen Feng had a faint, ominous feeling.

"Monkey, shield us from their detection."


They avoided that group’s range of detection as they retreated carefully.

However… there was nowhere for them to retreat. They were already getting near that timber raccoon leader’s position as they retreated from the army. If they were to continue retreating, they would definitely be discovered.

At this time, the people from that army finally saw the badly beaten Umbra.

"Save me."

Umbra, who was barely alive, cried happily for help.


With a flash, they killed Umbra directly. Only after that did they lock onto the timber raccoon leader.


Chen Feng’s group inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

These guys…

"They are clearing this place." Xu Fei suddenly understood what was happening, "This timber raccoon with cumin paste stench is most probably related to some secret that these people do not want anyone to know. Hence, before dealing with the timber raccoon, they will kill everyone else."

As the rest heard this, their expressions changed greatly.

If that was truly the case… it would be dangerous for them!



The army of genetic warriors started a prudent inspection of the area, not leaving a stone unturned. Chen Feng’s group retreated without stop. However, this was the limit. If they continued, they would be definitely forced out with no way to run.

Monkey had an unsightly expression. "My shield can’t hold on much longer."

They were simply too near. At this distance, they only needed to get slightly closer and they would be discovered immediately.

What should they do?

Their hearts chilled.

It was simply unimaginable that a single timber raccoon hunting mission would turn out this way. Moreover, all this had happened just as they were about to give up on the mission.

"Chen Feng…"

Xu Fei looked at Chen Feng in anticipation. In such a situation, Chen Feng should be the only one capable of creating miracles, right? He was sure that the Chen Feng today with his different status would definitely have some formidable trump cards.


Chen Feng put his finger on his lips.


Noiselessly, his Luck Aura was activated. Chen Feng truly hadn’t had much chance to save up his luck value during the past two days. Even the 20 points that he'd saved up till yesterday were used up when Xu Fei’s group were accepting the mission. The only luck values he had presently were what he'd saved since yesterday till today.

However, this also gave Chen Feng another perfect chance to try something he did not normally try, since his available luck value was already low anyway.

To alter reality!

With 20 points of luck value, what could Luck Aura accomplish?

Ten points!


Half his luck value remained.


Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

It was as he willed, where only 10 points of luck value were consumed?


Those people continued their inspection.

Chen Feng’s group was sprawled among the bushes, not daring to make the tiniest movement.

Just as those people were getting near them, when Xu Fei was about to take the initiative to attack them first, he was stopped by Chen Feng. Since the luck value had already been consumed, the Luck Aura must have worked on something. However, he wanted to see, with only 10 points of luck values, what would actually happen? He was especially curious as to what Luck Aura could accomplish in their current circumstance.



The footsteps neared. The aura of the scouts had already brushed past them several times. Those people were only a step away from them!

The captain of the security was carefully inspecting everywhere. He was the executioner appointed for this mission. Hence, he could not allow any carelessness. At this moment, his wristband buzzed. A screen popped up before a panting voice with a trace of terror in it could be heard.

"Not good, something happened."

The captain’s expression changed slightly. "What’s the matter?!"

"The people from the upper levels saw the recordings and requested a repeat on the steps of our previous experiment to see if anything new could be found. Hence, they found a timber raccoon leader and prepared to roast it. Even the fire was prepared. After they roasted the timber raccoon leader for one whole minute, that timber raccoon leader started raging." The lab assistant in the screen said with terror, "Although we had made some preparations for it, we hadn't expected something to really happen. Hence, some mistakes were made, and that timber raccoon escaped as well."


The captain’s mouth was stuck agape for a long time.

Another one?

What on earth are you guys playing with?

The captain’s expression was unsightly. "Did it come to the Withered Prairie as well?"

"Yes," the assistant replied with a solemn expression. "This place is more suited for them and is also the closest to our factory. Hence, after leaving the factory, it started heading in this direction."

"Fine, then." The captain inhaled deeply to calm himself before saying, "So I only need to lock onto the stench of cumin paste to find it before capturing it back alive, right?"

"No." The assistant felt somewhat awkward. "This time around, we used the spicy flavor."

The captain’s face darkened. "…"