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Chapter 211: Target Confirmed!

Chapter 211: Target Confirmed!

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These idiots!

The captain was ashen faced.

He was the captain of security in charge of the security at the test site. Due to the trouble caused by these idiotic researchers, he had no choice but to get some people with him to come out for a hunt. Unexpectedly, just as he brought a huge amount of combatants out of the test site, those researchers still had the guts to reproduce the same scenario that had mutated the timber raccoon leader? Were they brave or stupid?

"Remember. Wait for my return!" the captain gnashed these words out of his teeth. "You are all researchers with no combat power. If anything happens, what will I do? If you want to conduct any experiments, wait until I've returned. All right?"

"Yes, yes, yes."

The assistant did not dare to act recklessly anymore.


The captain ended the call. He was now convinced of the guts these researchers had.

As he stood up, he started redrawing their goals.

"Lock this cumin-pasted timber raccoon down first. We must not allow it to escape. The other spicy timber raccoon is here as well. We must deal with that one first. On top of that, no outsiders can discover anything!"


Everyone listened to his orders.


Once again, they readjusted their positions.

The group left hastily to look for the spicy timber raccoon. Only at this did Chen Feng’s group exhale in relief. They had evaded it!

"It was indeed a problem caused by experiments," Xu Fei whispered.

"Mhm. Seems like this timber raccoon is something that escaped from their lab."

Chen Feng was confused.

Timber raccoon!


Spicy and cumin paste?

What type of experiments were these people conducting?

"Was it an experiment for some food processing plant?" Zhou Liang guessed.

Only those from a food processing plant would research using ingredients like cumin paste and spicy flavoring, right? However, if it was a food processing plant, how had the timber raccoon leader mutated?

No one knew the answer to that.

Xu Fei’s ominous feeling deepened. "Will we be able to leave?"

"We can’t." Monkey inhaled deeply. "The outer layer is blockaded by genetic warriors, while the inner layer has patrols everywhere. Now, the whole inner layer of the Withered Prairie has become a forbidden area belonging to them. This is the only place we can move freely in."

Monkey pointed toward the deeper region of the Withered Prairie.

"Let’s go," Xu Fei said decisively. "They will find us soon if we continue staying here. Since that’s the case, we might as well penetrate deep into the depths of this Withered Prairie. When they are battling those two timber raccoon leaders… we can escape amid the chaos."

"All right."

Everyone nodded.


Noiselessly, they concealed themselves. Chen Feng glanced in the direction the genetic warriors were leaving toward and an odd expression appeared on his face. He had never expected that this would be the result of his luck value.


Or perhaps…

What experiment was it, exactly, that these people were conducting?

Chen Feng was very curious.

Currently, the timber raccoon leader with spicy aroma had finally appeared. Only after the group exhausted all methods available to them did they manage to surround this timber raccoon leader.

As of now, both timber raccoon leaders had been successfully surrounded.

"Capture them," the captain ordered decisively.


The genetic warriors charged forth.

Both of these timber raccoon leaders were extremely powerful at the peak of D class. However, due to the high amount of genetic warriors that had appeared this time, both were forcefully trapped.

"Ao ao ao—"

The timber raccoons howled furiously. However, they still ended up captured alive.

"Take them away," the captain said coldly.

Currently, Chen Feng’s group was quietly sprawled in the bushes with no movement. Monkey’s concealment ability could only weaken the signs of their existence.

They are finally leaving.

Xu Fei exhaled in relief.

However, at this moment, the captain issued a calm command as he suddenly said, "Do another round of inspection. We must ensure that we did not miss anyone that infiltrated into here."

"Roger." The rest nodded. This was their security captain. Cautious, intelligent, and strong.

"Damn it!"

Xu Fei and the rest had an ominous feeling.

It wasn’t easy for them to luck out earlier and avoid trouble. Now, they actually…

Seemed like something was going to happen soon.

They were extremely anxious.

The moment they were discovered, they would definitely be killed to silence them. One had to know that they were the ones that had witnessed the whole course of events as those genetic warriors captured the timber raccoon leaders.



Another round of inspections began.

"Is there a need for this?"

Chen Feng shook his head helplessly.

Friend, do you know that if you are too cautious, the one suffering will be you as well?


Luck Aura activated.


The final 10 points of luck value were instantly exhausted.


As the net of inspection reached Chen Feng’s group.


The captain’s wristband buzzed once again.

The captain had a bad feeling. "What happened?"

"S-something happened!" The assistant’s face appeared colorful. "Another mutation!"

"What?" The captain blanked and said, "You all repeated the experiment?"

"No." The assistant smiled bitterly. "Since we know that there’s some problem with timber raccoons, we did not dare to act recklessly. However, due to the two timber raccoon leader incidents, we don’t have much food left. Even the chef was dead. Everyone was too hungry and decided to roast some turkeys. Unexpectedly…"

The captain widened his eyes. "The turkeys mutated?"

"Yes, those turkeys—"

Before the assistant could even finish his sentence, terror appeared in his eyes.

"Go away!"

"Be careful!"

Screams could be heard reverberating.

In the screen, the assistant could be seen running furiously while a turkey with chili oil all over its body chased after the assistant behind him.


With a loud clattering, the transmission ended.

What was that?

Aromatic pepper chicken?

The captain was bewildered. He felt like his whole worldview was collapsing upon him. It hadn’t even been a day since he'd left the lab, yet so many things had happened there?

"Damn it!" The captain clenched his teeth. "Go back immediately!"


They left hastily.

Calm returned to the Withered Prairie.

Zhou Ling patted her chest nervously. "Too scary."

"Yeah," Tie Shi agreed.

It was at this time that Monkey’s communication tool buzzed. He took a glance at it and said, "Someone discovered a timber raccoon leader at Withered Island."

"Withered Island…" Xu Fei’s eyes shone. "Let’s go!"

He felt that anywhere else would be safer than remaining here.

"How about you?"

He looked at Chen Feng.

"I won’t be joining." Chen Feng smiled. "I need to return to the headquarters to make a report."

"All right," Xu Fei replied with a smile. "If there’s anything, you can contact me anytime."

Soon, Xu Fei left with his squad.

Chen Feng stared at the direction the security captain was heading toward as he became excited.

Test site, eh… Hehe.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

Since cumin paste timber raccoon and spicy timber raccoon had appeared, would an even larger timber raccoon leader appear there?

He was filled with anticipation. He knew that this was an exceptionally good opportunity for him. The blood essence of these timber raccoons would definitely be much more powerful than ordinary timber raccoon leaders. They would most certainly have richer genes within their blood essence as well.

This was the optimal material for Chen Feng!

That was a place Chen Feng had to go! There, he would definitely find a powerful timber raccoon leader’s blood essence!

Chen Feng anticipated it. Naturally, before going, he had to prepare himself appropriately. Now that his luck values were completely exhausted, his combat power was greatly reduced. Moreover, his Peril Rebirth had been exhausted previously. If he wanted to go to a place like that, he definitely had to make a lot of preparations.

In the evening, Chen Feng returned to Star City. He was not in a rush to look for the timber raccoon leader. From those people's conversation, he knew that they had yet to figure out the reason for the timber raccoon’s mutations. Hence, they would require time for their research, and this gave Chen Feng the time he required to prepare himself.

After seven days, he finished his preparations. One set of Peril Rebirth, numerous other gene reagents, and 103 points of luck value. Apart from this, he had also prepared multiple sets of materials for timber raccoon gene reagent production.

Everything was prepared.


Luck Aura – Lockdown!

Target: Security captain!

Soon, the information related to the security captain appeared in his brain.


Three points of luck value exhausted, target located.


Chen Feng was excited.

The strongest timber raccoon leader? Here I come!