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Chapter 212: Sneaking In

Chapter 212: Sneaking In

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It was late at night. At the abandoned factory, the previously chaotic test site had returned to normal. Currently, a group of researchers were researching crazily. Despite the lack of rest, they were still extremely excited, to the point that it could be seen in their frenzy-filled eyes.

Before them lay a timber raccoon leader.


Gene reagent injected.

However, another failure.

Regardless of what experiment they conducted, they were unable to unearth the hidden power within this thing. The other group that was researching the turkey was fruitless in their research as well.


A different factor had caused the mutations? In the legends, any research breakthrough was always accompanied by luck and coincidence.

Now, what they needed to do was figure out what this coincidence was.

If a timber raccoon leader could easily mutate, the mutation would have been discovered long ago. Hence, what was the hidden mutation it had within its body? Instinctively, everyone recalled something.

"We have yet to touch the spot where we initially roasted the timber raccoon, right?"

"Nope," the assistant replied.

Due to two incidents and the chef’s death, that place was already on lockdown.

"Good. Let’s repeat it, then."

"All right."

This time, the whole area was fully secured. They repeated what had previously happened and, indeed, a mutated timber raccoon leader was once again created. This time, its body was stained with a dense black bean aroma.

"Perhaps," someone guessed, "apart from the timber raccoon’s body, the fire used here is related to it as well?"


Everyone’s eyes shone. The direction of their experiment started changing.

After a long time, they finally found the mystery behind the mutation.

It was not the fire, nor was it the kitchen. Instead, it was the burning firewood! In order to pursue perfection in taste, the chef had chosen to use firewood instead of energy stones for roasting. The firewood coupled with the hidden power within the timber raccoon leader and the turkey… had resulted in the mysterious scenes they'd witnessed.

The firewood that had been used possessed a mysterious power of rebirth!

"Try it out."

They started their experiment in excitement.

This time, the subject of their experiment was still a timber raccoon leader. A timber raccoon leader was sent over urgently. They started the experiment in a serious, orderly fashion. The power of the firewood was fully monitored. Slowly, they witnessed the mutation of this timber raccoon leader.


An angry roar.

An authentic-flavor timber raccoon leader was birthed.



The awakened timber raccoon leader bumped into the defensive wall unceasingly. The researchers were filled with excitement, "Haha, indeed, it’s the power of the firewood."

This time, they had not roasted the timber raccoon leader. Instead, they'd simply ignited the power within the firewood and forced it to blend into the body of the timber raccoon leader. Next, the timber raccoon leader had noiselessly mutated.



The whole workshop was shaking. The security captain wiped his cold sweat. These lunatics!

Even if their whole security force was currently present, he was still worried. After mutation, this furious timber raccoon leader had actually gone up to C class from D class. He was doubting that this workshop would be able to hold it in.

"Be extra cautious," the captain reminded them.

"Don’t worry. This time, we prepared thoroughly. This defensive glass is capable of blocking even peak C-class attacks. A mere timber raccoon leader will not be able to break through, no matter how strong it gets," the researcher explained.

Only at this did the captain quietly retire himself.

"Then… prepare the experiment data."

"Haha, as the discoverers of this mysterious power, we can now become full-fledged members of the organization as well, as project supervisors."

They were excited. This was the good point of their organization. As long as someone unearthed any powerful and mysterious power, the moment they passed the organization’s authentication, they would receive a huge amount of research funding. Naturally, all the data related to their research had to be submitted for that. As long as their research was a success, they would be able to become core members of this organization, regardless of their strength.

Presently, they could only be considered outer members of the organization. As an outer member, they would be able to obtain a certain amount of information for their research. Those at the higher levels would only give them a direction to pursue. As for whether they could get a result from their research, one could only guess.

"We are going to be successful soon. Haha, Xia Yan relied on her relationship with Teacher to become part of the dark energy project to enter the organization. Now, we succeeded all by ourselves!" a female researcher said proudly.

"I know, right?"

Everyone was excited.

They'd succeeded! As long as they sent their applications to the organization, someone would be sent here soon to authenticate their results.

"Prepare ourselves. The time to change our fate is here!"

They were excited. The air was pervaded by a joyous mood.

Currently, outside the abandoned factory, a silhouette noiselessly appeared.

Chen Feng was here. Carrying a bundle, he sprawled on the ground.



Two silhouettes flashed past. These were the patrols of the factory.

Chen Feng frowned. "Two D classes."

The opponents were of a higher class than Chen Feng. If he wanted to kill them, he would be forced to fight someone of a higher class. If he were to mount a sneak attack with Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade…

In movies, the main characters would always sneak in while ambushing anyone they saw with a snap to the neck before continuing. Just like that, the main character would kill anyone he encountered.


Chen Feng looked at their wrists. The wristbands they used were different from the civilian wristband Chen Feng had. Their wristbands were all red colored. This was the alert-edition wristband with numerous unique chips within.

Their functions included recording signs of life and establishing a local-area network of communication even with the absence of the internet.

Chen Feng was sure that, as long as a single one of them was killed, all the other security details would be notified.

Chen Feng sighed. "They were so generous toward their security?"

Since sneak attacks wouldn’t work, he could only look for a different approach.

"My goal is not to kill. Instead, it’s the timber raccoon leader. Mhm…"

Chen Feng contemplated. If he was only here for the timber raccoon leader, wouldn’t it work fine if he simply sunk them into chaos?

For this, he had too many suitable items prepared.

He stared ahead.

This was an abandoned factory. To conceal their aura and avoid the Genetic Union’s detection, they did not even dare to use the new-age energy supply. Instead, they were using the old electricity powering method.

"Old-fashioned electricity eh?"

Chen Feng smiled. This would make things interesting.

He raised his hand slightly.


Luck Aura, activate!


With a spark, a perfectly fine power cord short-circuited immediately. With that, the whole abandoned factory sunk onto darkness.

Unhurriedly, Chen Feng fished out several gene reagents. He was now extremely proficient in all of the E class and F class gene reagents. They might've sounded weak, however…


An intense light wave dispersed.

That was a 2-star E-class gene reagent that was used to cause a disturbance. It would create an immense heat undulation capable of increasing the temperature of anything with heat in it for a duration of ten minutes.


A flash of blue undulating energy.

That was a 4-star E-class gene reagent that was used to cause a disturbance. It would create a huge undulation of magnetic energy that caused all energy-based equipment to stop working temporarily for a duration of ten minutes.


A huge dense fog instantly started spreading.

That was a 3-star E-class gene reagent that was used to cause a disturbance. It was able to create a dense fog within a huge area to obscure the vision of the people within. It also possessed a certain amount of signal-blocking effect.



A chaotic mess of gene reagents used to create a disturbance were tossed out by Chen Feng.

The originally fresh air was instantly filled with a huge amount of electromagnetic interference, dense fog, red radiance, odd smells, ear-piercing sound waves, and neurotoxins.


The whole factory erupted into chaos.

Then… time to start!

Silently, Chen Feng took out the defensive equipment he had previously prepared. Currently, his biggest advantage was the fact that his enemy was shown, whereas he was still an unknown factor to them.


Noiselessly, his silhouette disappeared.

Currently, those researchers were still celebrating their success. Suddenly, darkness descended upon them.

"The electricity went out?"

"Don’t worry. Nothing will happen," one of the researchers said with a smile. "Even if the main electric supply is lost, we still have independent electricity generators in each workshop…"


Noiselessly, the defensive walls in the timber raccoon leader’s cage opened.

"Be careful."

The expressions of the security there changed greatly.


An angry roar.

The abandoned factory was currently in a chaotic state.

"Don’t get confused!" the security captain shouted as he hastily arrived. "Get out of the way. Let me deal with it."

His strength was sufficient to deal with this mutated timber raccoon leader.

However, right at this moment, some abnormal things suddenly blended into the air. Everyone could only feel the emergence of a huge blanket of white mist and hear a succession of rumbling noises by their ears while their nose started smelling some odd smells. Their bodies became somewhat numb and out of control.

The world before them had suddenly become indistinct.