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Chapter 213: Limit Breakthrough!

Chapter 213: Limit Breakthrough!

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"What are these things?"

"Be careful!


The abandoned factory was in a chaotic state.

"Enemy attack!"


With the security captain as the center, a gentle white aura spread, forming a huge protective barrier to block out all those weird things.

E-class gene reagents were, after all, still quite weak. Against these D-class genetic warriors and the C-class security captain, these E-class gene reagents were simply incapable of harming them.



The security members hastily rescued everyone. Apart from the three researchers who'd died during the initial chaos, there were no other casualties.


The security captain left hastily with them. However, after covering just a short distance, those researchers that had recovered their cool immediately started shouting, "The test data and the firewood…"

"We will talk when we get out of here," the security captain coldly said.

"No, we can’t!" the researchers howled. "This is an enemy attack. They are here for our research results. Our years of research have just borne some results; we can’t lose them!"

"Is your life or the research more important?" the security captain bellowed.

All the researchers said the same thing: "The research is more important!"

Security captain: "…"

Bunch of morons!

"Without our research results, we won’t leave," the researchers said calmly. Moreover, some of them started doubting the captain. "It can’t be that some outsiders are colluding with you guys to steal our results, right?"

In their memory, such occurrences were quite common!

Security captain: "…."


He inhaled deeply. If his mission didn't require him to protect these people, he would definitely slaughter them now.

"You all, bring them away. I will…"

Instinctively, he started making arrangements for that. However, as he thought of it, he was afraid that this was their enemy’s trick to lure him away. If he truly left them, what if these idiots all ended up killed?

"Forget it. We will go take the results together. Since the enemy used such an ambush method, it shows that our enemy’s combat power is nothing great. Still, you must follow all of my orders," the security captain coldly said. "In there, there is a mutated timber raccoon and unknown enemies!"

The researchers were overjoyed. "Understood."

Currently, only darkness could be seen before them.

The security captain sneered. "Hmph."

Interference? How long had it been since he'd last used such poor tactics? For those at C class, even if they were to create interference, it would be at a larger scale. For example, a terrifying power descending from the sky to restrict all skills with an incredibly powerful anti-interference capability, with illusions generated on top of all that.

That was what he would consider true interference.

As for all this before him… What playthings were these?

Regardless of the amount of E-class gene reagents used, they would not be a match to those in C class.


With a flash of light, everything within 10 meters was purged. His terrifying C-class aura started shaking as all the interfering energy around them was pushed away without doing any damage to them. With this, the hunt amidst the darkness began.

Currently, Chen Feng was calmly traveling within the factory.

Timber raccoon leader…


With the infrared goggles he was wearing, he could view everything clearly. Although the E-class gene reagents he'd used earlier were incapable of causing any actual harm to the people here, those people were also unable to completely defend against these gene reagents. Now, with the darkness and his infrared goggles, everyone here appeared extremely clear to him.

All life forms appeared incredibly conspicuous amidst the darkness. This was the true meaning of using interference gene reagents.

There was no need for these gene reagents to kill.

"Timber raccoon leader…"


Chen Feng locked onto the timber raccoon leader’s position.

That workshop.

Surprisingly, though, Chen Feng found that those security members that had just escaped were all rushing back toward the workshop.

"What are they doing?"

Chen Feng felt doubtful.

At times like this, shouldn’t they be carefully guarding against the unknown enemies? Due to Chen Feng’s sudden appearance, these security members were supposed to be protecting the researchers and leaving the area. After all, they had no idea how many enemies they were currently facing.

Why were they returning?

Chen Feng frowned.

With these people returning suddenly, his plan was spoiled. Unless…

There was something even more important in that workshop?

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

The timber raccoon mutation’s research results!


He was somewhat enticed. If that was the case…

He hastened his footsteps.

Currently, within the factory, Chen Feng and the security members were rushing toward the workshop. There, a mutated timber raccoon leader was wandering around.

Chen Feng was at peak E class.

As for the security…

A number of D-class warriors and an early C-class captain!

They were the stronger side here. The only superiority of Chen Feng's was the fact that his opponents had yet to discover him.

"Since their target is the research results and the materials, they will definitely prioritize grabbing the materials and research results before retreating. As for that timber raccoon…"

Chen Feng took a look.

He was not able to judge how powerful the timber raccoon was. However, from its howl, it was stronger than the cumin paste and spicy timber raccoons he'd met previously. This timber raccoon here had probably reached C class. This would be too hard for Chen Feng to deal with.

"If a battle were to erupt between them, things would be easier for me."

Chen Feng’s brain started working rapidly.

When he reached the workshop, the security members had already obtained the research results and materials and were preparing to retreat. On the other hand, that timber raccoon had not even noticed the movement here.

All the security members were moving quietly, incredibly professional in what they were doing.

"Wanting to leave just like that?"

Chen Feng smiled.

Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade! Erupt!

His target was not those security members. Instead, it was the entrance of the workshop.


A chain of yellow Wind Blades shot forth, accompanied by some odd mucus Wind Blades. With that, the initially spacious entrance was instantly blocked. The energy undulation released even attracted the timber raccoon.


The timber raccoon charged over furiously.

"Damn it!" The eyes of the security captain gleamed coldly. "Break through with force and leave promptly!"



They started bombarding the sealed entrance.

As the raging timber raccoon arrived, a terrifying energy bloomed from the captain’s body while a storm started brewing within his body. Instantly, his secret art erupted.

4-star secret art – Storm Strike!


The terrifying storm started wreaking havoc.

After getting hit head-on by the captain’s attack, the raging timber raccoon was flung away.


The captain maintained his cool and stopped attacking before bringing everyone away speedily.

They were guards, not fighters. He was clear on what the appropriate thing to do was. Moreover, there was also an unknown third party hidden within the darkness!

They had to leave!

"Truly dedicated to his job," Chen Feng lamented.

Then… contribute some energy for me while you’re at it.


Chen Feng attacked abruptly.

"Courting death!" The captain’s gaze was ice cold. He had been waiting for this enemy for way too long.


Instantly, a terrifying energy bloomed. He had just used Storm Strike earlier and was unable to condense a similarly powerful energy immediately after. However, even a normal attack of this captain's was still a C-class attack.


Countless Wind Blades collided with the storm.


The huge amount of Wind Blades were instantly torn apart by the storm. After destroying the Wind Blades, the terrifying storm arrived in front of Chen Feng.


Once again, a terrifying eruption of power.


Chen Feng spurted a mouthful of blood.


The enemy is so weak?

The captain blanked. Someone daring to ambush them was actually this weak? Instinctively, he wanted to chase after the enemy. However, as he saw the research results in his hand, he decided to make the wise choice, stopping his steps. This enemy here might still be trying to lure him away.

He could not fall for this!

"Leave first," he said calmly.

Regardless of whether the enemy was a full team or a single individual, he would deal with them after ensuring the security of everything he needed to protect.

In this factory… the enemy had nowhere to run anyway.


They left quickly.

Not far away, Chen Feng spat a mouthful of blood out of his mouth.

C class is indeed an existence I can never underestimate!

He had even gone to the extent of intentionally making his move only after his opponent had released their condensed power.


He wiped the blood dripping down his lips as he sensed the brand new energy contained within his body.


Broken through!

He had already been at the extreme limit of E class!

With his near death experience at the Ice River, he should have broken through long ago. However, due to the restriction placed there, he was stuck.

However, his bottleneck was already tottering long ago. Hence… he had needed a single trigger! The trigger had not even needed to be too intense. A trigger with a moderate strength was sufficient for him to easily break through his limit and enter D class. Now, he'd done it!

He now had 1,501 points of spiritual energy!

The single point added had brought him into a brand new world!


Everything around him appeared more distinct now.

Before his eyes, the whole world appeared bright. This was not some improvement in the quality of his spiritual energy. Instead, this was an improvement in his very nature. He could feel the increased control he had toward spiritual energy now.

"D class!"

He inhaled deeply.

Since he was now in D class, it was time for gene production.

He looked at the distant timber raccoon. Although both the timber raccoon and the captain were in C class, ordinary C-class energy still differed in nature with the energy of a C-class secret art.

They were as different as sky and earth.

Evidently, this timber raccoon leader who had only advanced into C class recently was incapable of enduring the terrifying power unleashed by the secret art.


It was gravely injured and was sprawled on the ground. The injuries on its body were healing without stop. However, it still required time to fully recover itself.

"The strongest timber raccoon?"

A toying smile appeared on Chen Feng’s mouth.

C class, eh? This truly fills me with anticipation!


A chain of Wind Blades shot forth.


The heavily injured C-class timber raccoon was instantly killed.

Carefully, Chen Feng extracted from its body the sparkling and translucent-looking blood essence that was flickering with a bizarre radiance. This was what he was here for!