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Chapter 214: Erupt: Energy Equipment!

Chapter 214: Erupt: Energy Equipment!

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Chen Feng’s heart was filled with anticipation.

Let’s start, then!

Without any hesitation, Chen Feng started his gene production. He was clear on what he was doing. He was sure that the factory was now completely surrounded, leaving no escape route for him. However, from the start, he had never intended to escape. What he wanted was to risk it! To produce his gene reagent right here and fuse with it successfully.


He started his gene production.

Currently, outside the factory, the security captain had finally escorted the researchers to a secured area. The researchers and the materials were all in good condition, hidden beneath some concealed ruins.

"You guys stay here to protect them. Lock down the whole factory. The rest follow me in. Earlier, someone exchanged blows with me. However, that guy is already heavily injured. We can lock onto his position at any time. Hehe, with such strength and such inferior interference methods… I am really curious what type of robber these people that attacked us are." The captain was seething with killing intent.


Everyone obeyed his commands.

"Storm! Disperse!"

The captain aimed at the factory. Currently, no one from their side remained in the factory.


A terrifying storm started engulfing the factory.

A brutal and powerful storm started enveloping every corner of the factory. All those bizarre interference auras lingering around were completely purged.

The air was once again clear.

"So strong."

Everyone exclaimed in admiration. This was the power of their security captain. Incomparably powerful.

The captain stared coldly at the factory. "Regardless of who you are, you will pay for this. Go!"

The captain led his people into the factory.

The night deepened.



The factory was purged by a power akin to a rainstorm.

Chen Feng no longer had his goggles on him. Although the storm earlier was without any killing power, that powerful impact had still caused him to feel extremely uncomfortable. That security captain was extremely powerful!


Chen Feng inhaled deeply.


He fully activated his Luck Aura.

Gene production, begun!

Chen Feng had long ago memorized all the information of the timber raccoon formula in his heart. Now that the gene was in his hands, he merely needed to follow the prescribed instructions and he would be able to successfully produce it.

However, this was far from enough for Chen Feng.


Lightly, he shut his eyes.

Hyper-dimensional mode!


At this, his digitized world became somewhat different. The countless genes from the blood essence started swimming around. Apart from gene production, Chen Feng needed to improve the gene as well in order to create the strongest gene for himself.

Gene improvement!


Luck Aura was running at full power.


First step: gene search.

Second step: gene reaction.

Third step…

Chen Feng was now very well practiced in gene improvements. He was currently immersed in this. Currently, the security captain and the rest had silently entered the factory.

"Little Tan," the captain said coldly.

Little Tan nodded. "Understood."


With his detection activity activated, he was able to quickly lock onto Chen Feng’s position.

Little Tan felt somewhat doubtful. "Still at the test site."

Test site…

The captain frowned. So the enemy had never moved?

Was it due to the injury being too heavy?

Or perhaps…

A trap?

"Be more careful," the captain said with a deep tone. "This might be a trap."


They set forth once again. This time, they were heading directly toward Chen Feng.

At the same time, two minutes had passed. Chen Feng had finished his production.


He scanned it with the gene scanner.


The data appeared.


Mutated Timber Raccoon Fusion Gene Reagent

Difficulty: 5 stars

Limit: D class

Fusion requirement: 1,000 points of spiritual energy

Core gene: 100% increase

Energy Equipment: Envelopes one’s body in energy before assembling the energy into equipment. The assembled equipment will be able to unleash 200% of the supplied energy’s power. The higher the amount of energy provided, the stronger the equipment will become. Suitable for close combat. The equipment’s attributes will change in accordance with the attribute of the supplied energy.



Chen Feng was excited. His production was successful! Furthermore, it had mutated as well. The initial 100% power of energy supplied had now turned into 200% after mutation.

Granted, it was still quite far from the normal attack abilities with damage amplifier reaching 500%; however, for this multipurpose ability, 200% was already an extremely powerful rate.

An attack and defense with 200% of the supplied energy's power was absolutely powerful.


"Only a mutation?"

Chen Feng frowned. He had intentionally selected the strongest timber raccoon gene for this. Using a timber raccoon leader that was far more powerful than ordinary timber raccoon leaders and 50 points of luck value to improve the formula, and this was the result?

No peculiar attributes were added to the ability?

After comparing, Chen Feng noted a new sentence in the description: The equipment’s attribute will change in accordance with the attribute of the supplied energy.

"Energy attribute…"

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.

Under normal circumstances, the Energy Equipment would have no attribute. Regardless of the attribute of the energy supplied, this ability would filter out all those attributes and use the pure leftover energy to construct the equipment. This was because equipment formed with different attributes would be unstable and could easily fall apart. The seniors who had created this formula in the past had probably taken this into consideration. Hence, the final formula they'd created filtered out all attributes.

Now, though, the attributed equipment had resurfaced.

With a unique method, Chen Feng had recreated it.

Would this be a good thing? Or a bad thing? Nobody knew.

This was a 5-star D-class fusion gene reagent. This was, theoretically, the strongest gene reagent.


He used it directly.


A surging power appeared in his body. The injuries on him were instantly healed, and the quality of his body increased. With a 100% increase in his core genes, his strength, agility and physique attributes all increased. His spiritual energy had now reached 3,000 points, reaching a height previously unreachable.



Sounds of explosions resounded within his brain.



When an ordinary person broke through E class, even after a 100% increase in their spiritual energy, the maximum increase they could get was 1,000 points of increase, since a normal E class would only have 1,000 points of maximum spiritual energy. As for Chen Feng, his increase was much higher, since his maximum spiritual energy at E class was much higher than an ordinary person's.

The power of the timber raccoon gene bloomed.

"Three thousand points of spiritual energy!"

Chen Feng shut his eyes.

He could feel the strength of that spiritual energy.

The world of D class! Three thousand points of spiritual energy!

He had been stuck at peak E class for quite a while. With a single increase, his spiritual energy was now equivalent to someone in the middle level of D class.

Currently, the security team was already at the entrance to the test site.

"This power…"

The captain narrowed his eyes.

He sensed the power of a D class within. Although it was not weak, it wasn’t too powerful either. Only one person was detected inside.

"Let’s go," he ordered coldly.


The door was kicked open as the whole squad charged inside in an orderly fashion.

When they entered, only a single Chen Feng could be seen.


With a snort.


The captain condensed the storm power in his hand before waving.

Against a single D-class genetic warrior with spirit as his main attribute who was currently shutting his eyes for unknown reason, he was confident that a single attack was sufficient.

However, right at this instant, a terrifying power erupted.


A dazzling radiance appeared.

An unimaginable power erupted from that person’s body and brutally smashed him away. The whole test site crumbled down from the impact.

"This is…"

Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold air.

There, the radiance faded.

A youth enveloped by a bizarre radiance was looking at them coldly. His right hand seemed to be swaying around as boundless energy swirled around it.


Chen Feng exhaled deeply.


He looked at the Energy Equipment on his body.


It appeared somewhat lacking and was not solid enough, giving it an illusory appearance. However, its formidable power was already displayed.

Incomparable might.

It had successfully blocked an attack from the C-class security captain.


Chen Feng stretched his body. He could feel that his body was currently incomparably lithe. The Energy Equipment wrapped around his body gave him a lighter feeling instead of restricting his movement.

This was the power of wind.

Attribute enhancement, eh?

He remembered clearly that this improved Energy Equipment could obtain the attribute of the supplied energy.

For example: Wind Blade?

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

This Energy Equipment would be more powerful the stronger the energy supplied. At that instant earlier, he had unleashed over 100 Wind Blades as an energy supply for his Energy Equipment. How could it not be powerful?


The security squad would not give Chen Feng any time to rest.


A group of D-class warriors charged forth.

Chen Feng laughed. "D class."

He remembered that, before the Gene Rookie Competition, when his spiritual energy had been merely 200 points, he had exchanged blows with a D-class warrior. Even back then, he had not been defeated. Now, with his 3,000 points of spiritual energy and the powerful Energy Equipment...

"Let me… witness your true power," Chen Feng muttered.


His body vanished instantly.

When he reappeared, he was already beside one of the security personnel.

"How is this possible?!"

That guy was shocked. He could clearly feel that Chen Feng’s power was weaker than his. How could this…


Chen Feng’s right fist started shining.

On his fist was an energy glove. With a formidable enhanced power and a rapid speed, a fist landed on the back of that security guy.


The power of the punch erupted.


That guy was flung away.


Chen Feng’s gaze was cold.

Using his unlimited Wind Blades as the energy supply, his Energy Equipment would assume the wind attribute that specialized in speed.



Chen Feng flashed around, leaving numerous green-colored afterimages in the pitch-black test site.



With one loud sound after another, several security members were flung away before smashing into the distant wall. It was not known whether or not they were still breathing.


Chen Feng was overwhelmed by emotions.

This is the power of Energy Equipment? Powerful indeed!

He was aware that these security members were not the stronger ones among D class. However, his current act of easily dealing with them was sufficient to showcase his current power.


He clenched his fists. A terrifying power could be felt within. This was not a power resulting from his physical strength. Instead, it was an energy-generated power, a power capable of numerous transformations!