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Chapter 215: How Many Sets of Them Do You Have?

Chapter 215: How Many Sets of Them Do You Have?

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In a dark training room somewhere, a young man was painstakingly training. Sweat dripped through his bronze skin as the record in the training room was once again updated.

"Another record created?"

A smile appeared on the young man’s mouth.

His name was Lei Ming. A 24-year-old C-class genetic warrior.

"Di di—"

His wristband buzzed. Lei Ming’s interest was piqued after taking a look at it.

"A Spirit Sea wood is suspected to have appeared? Interesting… Didn't that thing perish long ago?"

Lei Ming was amazed. He rubbed the unique badge on his chest. Within this badge was a small portion of the Spirit Sea wood’s power. This thing here had saved his life countless times. If it was the main body of the Spirit Sea wood…

"It truly fills one with anticipation."

Currently, at the abandoned factory.

"Who are you?"

The security captain howled. He could see that this youth was only D class, yet evidently he was different than those ordinary genetic warriors. He was much more powerful than them! Such a person was one of those that were commonly known as geniuses. Why had a person like this appeared here?

"A passerby," Chen Feng said calmly.


He took a single step forward. The radiance on his body intensified.

Even if the security captain was a C-class genetic warrior, Chen Feng had no fear. This captain here was just nice for Chen Feng to try out the power of his Energy Equipment.

The captain sneered. "Hmph."

Passerby? To hell with that.

This youth’s appearance looked quite familiar. The captain couldn’t recall who it was, but he reckoned this was most probably some celebrity warrior.

"Regardless of who you are, regardless of your identity as a genius, this is not a place you should have come to." The captain was seething with killing intent. "After killing you, I will definitely find out who you are. Hehe, to be able to kill a celebrity warrior with my own hands…"


The power of storm started bubbling around him. Boundless power swirled around the captain’s body. That was the power of a C class.


Two formidable auras started colliding in the air. They were actually evenly matched. At its first appearance, the Energy Equipment displayed its formidable power.


The whole workshop trembled as two silhouettes could be seen colliding midair. No skills or secret arts were used, only pure, unadulterated collision. Only their afterimages could be seen in the air. The captain erupted with all his power while Chen Feng pushed his Energy Equipment to the limits.



Accompanied by a dazzling radiance, the captain was smashed away with a punch by Chen Feng. Instead of being alarmed, he was overjoyed instead, because at that moment, the radiance surrounding Chen Feng dimmed.

"This is what you are relying to transcend class and fight those above you?" The captain sneered. "Now, you no longer have it on you."


The dim radiance flickered before disappearing. Chen Feng’s current Energy Equipment was assembled using the energy supplied by his Wind Blades. Hence, as the energy supplied was fully exhausted, his Energy Equipment would naturally fall apart.

Next, it’s my turn.

The captain’s gaze was cold.


The power of storm condensed within his hands. He was about to make his move. However…


Suddenly, Chen Feng’s hands shone dazzlingly.

That was the power of his Wind Blade.

Instantly, 100, 200, and, ultimately, 300 of them appeared!

Next, all the generated energy was assembled into a set of Energy Equipment.


Now, Chen Feng’s body was even shinier than before.



His whole body was enveloped by light.

That green-colored radiance gleamed with an ice-cold chill. Due to the amount of supplied energy this time being higher than the previous time, his current Energy Equipment started assuming a proper shape, resembling armor. There was also a pair of shiny gloves on Chen Feng’s hands.

"How is this possible?!" The captain’s expression changed greatly. Chen Feng had actually assembled his Energy Equipment instantly. On top of that, this newly assembled Energy Equipment seemed stronger than the previous set?


What ability was this guy using?!


A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

Once again, a battle broke out. This time around, the Chen Feng who unleashed his power had the captain completely suppressed.



The captain was pushed back without stop.

"This can’t go on." The captain quivered. His combat power was far above Chen Feng's, yet he could only battle Chen Feng in such a manner. This was too depressing. Seemed like it was about time he stopped holding back.


Suddenly, the captain stopped.

"Do you think that you are the only one with understanding of the power of wind?"


A gust of shiny storm power appeared.

Instantly, some changes could be seen on the captain’s body. What he did was different from Chen Feng’s Energy Equipment. Nevertheless, he had still fused the power of storm into his body.


Chen Feng’s fist landed on him. At that, a faint glow glimmered, yet no damage was dealt to the captain.

This is…

Chen Feng’s pupils shrunk.


The captain returned the punch and Chen Feng was smashed away.

"Storm Shield. A 3-star secret art that is immune to a majority of damage and all sorts of wind-based attacks," the captain said indifferently.

Wind immunity wasn’t a particularly powerful ability. It was simply an immunity he gained due to his storm-related abilities being of the wind attribute. However, against Chen Feng’s wind-attributed Energy Equipment, this was the perfect tool. Chen Feng’s attacks would no longer be effective against him.

"Come at me."

The captain rubbed his fist, ready for a fight. Without the advantages given by that Energy Equipment, what can you do?

Is that so?

Chen Feng erupted with all his power.


The power of his Energy Equipment was instantly unleashed.

However, the captain was still unharmed. The energy supplied by 300 Wind Blades was instantly exhausted, yet they failed to deal any damage to him. The Storm Shield’s power was indeed shockingly formidable.

The captain laughed malevolently. "Die!"

For him, the current Chen Feng was akin to an infant with no protection.

He punched at Chen Feng.


An astonishing undulation appeared in the air. The storm’s power stopped abruptly in front of Chen Feng as a black-colored Energy Equipment appeared around Chen Feng. It possessed none of the earlier dazzle or the flickering green-colored energy. Only a plain and dull looking set of attire could be seen on him. That dim black-colored Energy Equipment appeared incredibly similar to a windbreaker.

This was an Energy Equipment with all sorts of attributes fused into it. It was something powered by his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade and filled with a myriad of attributes.

This was an attribute-filled Energy Equipment. As the composition of all the different attributes were incredibly balanced, the formed Energy Equipment did not gain any special abilities. However, the plust point was it being incredibly firm and sturdy.

The captain’s expression changed slightly. "What on earth is that?"

Energy Equipment? Wasn’t Chen Feng’s Energy Equipment green?


Chen Feng made his move. His silhouette charged forth once again. His speed was somewhat lower, but his movements were still quick and violent. The most terrifying aspect of the current him was the fact that his strength and defense were much higher than earlier.


What the heck?

The captain was dumbstruck. This guy had several sets of Energy Equipment?

How was that possible?

One had to know that, for every single Energy Equipment, several other genetic abilities would be required as support for this ability. The more abilities used, the stronger it would be.

But this guy here…

Two sets?

He should be at D class, right? If one of his abilities was Energy Equipment, he would only have two other genetic abilities left, right? Could it be that all his genetic abilities were a different set of Energy Equipment?

The captain was confused. He had never seen anyone with two sets of Energy Equipment. Furthermore, for this to appear on a person who was at such a low rank…




The bone-piercing pain dragged him out of his thoughts.

This was real!

Chen Feng’s second Energy Equipment was somewhat slower, but all its other aspects were much more powerful. If they were to have a head-on collision, he was simply not a match.


The captain inhaled deeply. "This ability is something I initially didn’t wish to use." He sighed.


Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.


A sudden energy explosion in the air.

Not good!

Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly as he immediately got out of the way.


His original spot was bombarded, leaving behind a huge pit. Chen Feng had managed to dodge in time, but that torrent of energy had still brushed past him.

He rubbed his cheek. A long scar and a searing pain could be felt there.


Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

That was the power of thunderstorms!

"Do you think that wind is the fastest thing around? Do you think that you are the only one specializing in speed? Let me show you the true power of a thunderstorm!" The captain’s eyes gleamed coldly. However, his face did not appear as calm as his words seemed to indicate. Occasionally, an expression of pain would appear on his face.

This was not a pure lightning power. This was the power of a thunderstorm, part of the power of storm he possessed. It was a result of a combination of several types of power that were much more powerful than ordinary thunder. It was also a power that was harder to control.

Such power was simply something an ordinary person couldn’t control.

"His expression…"

Chen Feng contemplated.

This thunderstorm should be something formed through a combination of several types of power. Such a power was something that the captain had yet to fully master at this time. As such, he had only managed to carry the attack out after great difficulty. This was also the reason why he had only used it now.

Lightning flickered in the captain’s eyes. "Die, then."


A thunderstorm charged forth, heading toward Chen Feng.

This time, Chen Feng failed to dodge it.


His black Energy Equipment collided with the thunderstorm.


His Energy Equipment fell apart instantly. Chen Feng could clearly see that all the energy on his Energy Equipment had been instantly exhausted the moment the thunderstorm had washed through it.

This was the power of the thunderstorm. Capable of destroying his Energy Equipment instantly.

The next instant, the terrifying thunderstorm arrived. However, right at this instant, a gust of familiar power emerged from Chen Feng’s body.


Lightning started coiling around.

The captain widened his eyes.