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Chapter 216: The Crazy Reinforcements!

Chapter 216: The Crazy Reinforcements!

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What was that?!

The captain was stupefied. He was very clear on the power of his thunderstorm. That was the latest secret art he'd learned, and it possessed a terrifying might. The only downside to it was that he had yet to fully master it.

But this guy here…

The captain shivered.


The thunderstorm reached Chen Feng. A familiar power radiated from the Chen Feng that he had expected to die, and it blocked the incoming thunderstorm.

That was also the power of thunderstorm!

That’s right.

On Chen Feng’s body, a brand new Energy Equipment appeared. With a faint red glow, this layer of Energy Equipment appeared thinner than the previous two. However, the power it contained was scarier.

Faster speed and stronger might.

This was an Energy Equipment with a higher speed and attack. It’s flaw being its almost nonexistent defense.

However, against the thunderstorm attack of the captain that was nearly of the same attribute, this layer of Energy Equipment easily absorbed all the thunderstorm power to become stronger.


Within the pitch-black factory, only a flash of red could be seen. That was the afterimage of Chen Feng. At this very moment, the world seemed to freeze, with the red flash being the only moving thing.


A crisp sound.

The captain widened his eyes, unbelieving.

On his chest was a bloody hole.


Dissatisfaction plastered all over the captain’s face.

"Many thanks."

Chen Feng smiled.

So the power of storm can be harnessed to create a thunderstorm, eh? Only the powers of wind, rain, and lightning are required?

The thunderstorm that had been created with great difficulty by the captain had been easily imitated by Chen Feng using his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade to create various attributes before molding it with his Luck Aura.

Next… this brand new Energy Equipment had been created.

More power!

More violence!

Wind Blade, Myriad Illusions, Energy Equipment…

Three different abilities that were not supposed to work together had, under Chen Feng’s Luck Aura, started unleashing an inconceivable power, a seemingly omnipotent combination.


The captain’s body slumped down powerlessly.

Such a magnificent C-class genetic warrior had fallen here just like that.

"It’s over," Chen Feng muttered.

This was the first C-class warrior he had killed. Hence, it had an extraordinary meaning attached to it.

Chen Feng exhaled in relief. "Time to return."

He had achieved all he'd set out to accomplish in this trip: surpassing his limit and fusing with a new ability. Now he had smoothly entered D-class. Moreover, his strength had increased greatly with the multitude of powerful Energy Equipment available to him. His trip to the abandoned factory had concluded flawlessly.

However, just as he was about to leave.


A bizarre vibration could be felt in the air.

"This is…"

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling.

A combat aircraft!

This was the sound of a combat aircraft! To rush here, they had actually employed a combat aircraft?



Slowly, the combat aircraft landed outside the abandoned factory.

"It’s the combat aircraft! Our reinforcements are here."

The security members and the researchers started appearing.


The door of the combat aircraft opened.

Rows of fully equipped genetic warriors appeared speedily and surrounded the factory. The leader was Lei Ming, a stern-looking guy.

"Where’s the thing?" Lei Ming asked coldly.


Excited, the researchers took their research results out.


Lei Ming took a single glance at them before throwing them away. "I want that thing."

"Ah?" They blanked before carefully taking out the firewood. "This?"


Lei Ming’s eyes shone. He took the half-burnt firewood offered to him. Within the part of the firewood that appeared like a branch, a power he was familiar with could be felt. That was the power of Spirit Sea wood!

"It’s true!"

Lei Ming’s heart trembled madly.

It appeared! It has truly appeared! Even if it’s only a small part!

Looking at the half-burnt Spirit Sea wood, he nearly erupted in anger and killed all these people here. Luckily, he had suppressed his rage.

"Let’s go," he said coldly.

"Our captain is still in the factory," several security members shouted.

"Is that so?" Lei Ming said coldly. "Scan!"


A dazzling radiance appeared.

A huge probe on the aircraft aimed toward the factory.


A silent ripple started scanning the factory. All the life forms there were now clearly shown. Within the factory, a silhouette appeared.

That was the only survivor in the factory.

"Is that your captain?" Lei Ming asked indifferently.


The security members were ashen faced.

None of them had expected that their captain and the group that had entered with him had all been killed. Only an unfamiliar silhouette was left in the factory.

"How regretful," Lei Ming said indifferently.

They had set off immediately after receiving the news. Unexpectedly, these trash here couldn’t even last long enough for them to arrive. Truly worthless. If it wasn’t for the Spirit Sea wood…


"Bring them up," Lei Ming said calmly.


The researchers were all escorted up the aircraft.

Within the abandoned factory, amidst the dusk, that bright red silhouette appeared incredibly conspicuous.

Lei Ming sneered. "Interesting."

That silhouette appeared quite young.

"Is it a celebrity warrior? It doesn’t matter." Lei Ming shook his head. Normally, he wouldn’t mind playing around with this guy. Now, though, the Spirit Sea wood was his utmost priority.

"Deal with him. Prepare to depart," Lei Ming said coldly.

"Understood," an ice-cold mechanical voice replied.


The aircraft prepared to take off.


Chen Feng exhaled in relief.

The enemy’s strength had far exceeded his expectations. With those incredibly powerful genetic warriors and that combat aircraft, if they were to fight, it wouldn’t end well for him.

Fortunately, the enemy’s priority was to protect the researchers, as they had evidently prepared to take off immediately after getting the researchers on board.

It’s about time for me to leave.

Chen Feng started retreating silently.

However, suddenly, he felt an intense sense of crisis.

It felt bone-piercingly cold.

"What’s up?"

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.


He glanced around, yet no enemy could be seen.

Moreover, that strongest-looking young man was on his way back to the aircraft as well. Who would be the one acting against him?

This sense of crisis…

Chen Feng concentrated and immediately, his expression changed greatly.

The huge aircraft in the distance opened up, akin to a demon that had opened its mouth. Within, a cannon surrounded by a terrifying-looking radiance appeared and aimed straight at the factory.

That was…

Ion cannon!

An incredibly destructive weapon!

Theoretically, if an unlimited supply of energy was provided, it was capable of destroying even a whole city.


Chen Feng was ashen faced.


At this instant, an intense radiance appeared. The whole world was blanketed by a scorching white.


With a blast, a huge shockwave appeared and soared up the skies from the factory.

At this instant, everyone was stunned. Even the researchers and security members were stunned as well. They had never expected that this young man would use such a method to deal with his enemy.

This was an aircraft! That was an ion cannon! A weapon that would normally only be used during wartime!

"He’s crazy," they muttered.

They were sure that this young man was definitely a madman.


The huge mushroom cloud soared.

The dazzling white radiance pierced into everyone’s eyes.

After a long time, the world recovered.

The abandoned factory was reduced to ruins. Moreover, a 10-meter-deep pit was created there, akin to a naturally formed basin.

The abandoned factory no longer existed.

"Mhm… scan it," Lei Ming said indifferently.


The ripple scanned past the area. No survivors were found.

"Mission completed. Let’s return."

A smile appeared on Lei Ming’s face. Everyone else trembled as they all got into the aircraft. None of them dared to disobey him. This was simply a lunatic.

However, just as they were about to leave, a clump of inconspicuous blaze started shining in the pit. At that, their scanner started beeping in alarm.


Everyone was stunned.


Instinctively, they took a look. At that, their expressions changed abruptly. Under the scanner, a familiar silhouette had appeared within that deep pit. That was the same enemy they had detected earlier! He was still alive!

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