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Chapter 217: Void Hacker

Chapter 217: Void Hacker

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Step by step, Chen Feng walked out with no expression on his face.

He was not a god. He was simply a normal human, regardless of how strong he got and how powerful his Luck Aura was. Hence, at that instant when the shot from the ion cannon was about to reach him, Chen Feng knew that he would definitely die. An attack at such level was not something he could deal with.

He would most certainly die.

The only thing he could do was make sure his death was instant. Only with that would Peril Rebirth work. Only with that would he be able to undergo rebirth after his death.

Fortunately, the ion cannon’s attack was something that happened in a single instant. He succeeded. At the moment of death, at the perilous ground, he underwent his rebirth.

He came back!

"How is that possible?"

The researchers on the aircraft couldn’t believe their eyes.

Alive? How was that possible? That was an ion cannon! Granted, due to the limited energy supply, it was not able to display its might to the utmost. However, even the whole factory was reduced to ruins. How was it possible for Chen Feng to survive?


Everyone concentrated their gazes on the spot of the explosion.

There, within the deep pit, thanks to the scanner, a red-colored silhouette could be clearly seen, walking out of the pit one step at a time.

Finally, the silhouette solidified. He came out! Everyone’s hearts trembled. Even on the calm expression of Lei Ming, a tinge of emotion could be seen.

"It’s you!"

He recognized Chen Feng with a single glance.

Not too long ago, Chen Feng had been shining too brightly. Hence, when he was in the midst of his mission previously, he had once accidentally seen Chen Feng’s picture…

That’s right, it was him!

However, after recognizing Chen Feng, his confusion grew.

Chen Feng? That producer?

So the one who had gotten rid of the captain and evaded the ion cannon’s attack was such a young producer?


Now, Lei Ming became excited.

The name Chen Feng…


Softly, he tapped at the screen. Next, a mission appeared. Those who managed to kill Chen Feng would be rewarded by the organization. Mhm. Although the reward wasn’t much and was not worth everyone’s time, if this Chen Feng were to deliver himself to their hands…


A smile appeared on Lei Ming’s face, and he looked at Chen Feng indifferently. "I am Lei Ming. Remember my name. I will be the person who kills you."

Lei Ming…

Chen Feng looked at the aircraft. Is this the basis of your confidence? Ion cannon?


Luck Aura, activate.

Presently, he only had 32 points of luck value remaining. A pathetic amount. Thirty-two points… Would it be enough to cause a malfunction on the aircraft?


He tried to activate his Luck Aura. However, the luck value remained the same. This meant that there was simply zero probability of his Luck Aura succeeding in causing a malfunction at this time. At least, 32 points of luck value were far from enough to achieve that.

"I’m back."

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Indeed, he had been thinking too much. Apart from this old factory, which used the old-fashioned electric supply, how was it so easy for him to cause a malfunction on the new energy technologies of this new age?


Something did not seem right.

Chen Feng had a solemn mood.

He recalled that using his Luck Aura to affect reality would exhaust a lot of luck values. Even causing a slot machine to malfunction back then had required quite a number of luck values.

He could normally utilize it to affect things pertaining to probability and to obtain information he required. However… only 10 points of luck value had been required to cause the timber raccoon’s mutation?

Was it due to the mutation of the timber raccoon and turkey being too easy to accomplish? That shouldn’t have been the case. When he'd used 10 points of luck values for the second time earlier, multiple turkeys had mutated instead of a single turkey.

This could be considered affecting reality as well. Why had it been accomplished so easily? Yet causing an aircraft malfunction was so hard? Something was definitely wrong somewhere.


Something else was affecting the Luck Aura?

Chen Feng’s thoughts moved rapidly.

Suddenly, he noticed the firewood in Lei Ming’s hands. That shabby-looking and pitch-black firewood was the very item that the researchers had put their lives on the line to obtain earlier.

Was it due to that thing?

Chen Feng was in a solemn mood.


His eyes sharpened as he started scanning with his spiritual energy.

At that instant, an extremely unusual power could be sensed.

This thing…

Chen Feng was startled.

Lei Ming smiled coldly. "This is not an item you can touch."


Instantly, lightning started condensing in the skies, brightening the ruins beneath it. The terrifying power of Lei Ming alarmed everyone there.

This was a power at the peak of C class! A combat power reaching 100,000 units!


Lei Ming’s body started changing before completely morphing into lightning.


Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold air.

That was a 4-star secret art: Lightning Incarnation!

This was an extremely powerful C-class secret art with off the charts combat power. The user of this secret art would be able to even challenge those of the higher class. Although Chen Feng was capable of challenging the security members that were in a higher class than him, Lei Ming was not an ordinary person.

Chen Feng was not the only one capable of challenging those of a higher class!


The lightning appeared dazzling.



Lei Ming’s body moved like a flash.

So fast!

The moment he'd first seen Lei Ming, he'd been aware that this would be a bitter battle. A bitter battle he had no choice but to face. He could not leave, as he was clear that the moment he pulled a distance from them, he would be the target of the ion cannon. At that time, he would truly reach a dead end.


He inhaled deeply.

This time, he truly no longer had anything he could count on. With only 32 points of luck value remaining, he had to use them rationally.


The terrifying lightning descended.

Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to face it directly. The only thing he could do was use his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade to form an Energy Equipment with the same attribute as Lei Ming.


One point of luck value exhausted, unlimited Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades were unleashed.


One point of luck value exhausted, the attribute of Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades was set as lightning.


Lightning Energy Equipment, assembled.

Lightning coiled around Chen Feng’s body, giving him a similar power to Lei Ming’s Lightning Incarnation.



The lightning smashed toward Chen Feng. However, due to the same attribute they possessed, neither was able to hurt the other. Lei Ming’s strongest power had now been weakened greatly against Chen Feng in such a manner.

Currently, only 30 points of luck value remained.

Lei Ming was astonished. "Energy Equipment?"

He was able to recognize Chen Feng’s genetic ability. Surprisingly, an Energy Equipment assembled with lightning existed, and he was lucky enough to encounter it here.

Was it a coincidence?

Lei Ming sneered. Do you think that you will be immune to all damage simply because of the same attribute? Naive!

"Did you know?" Suddenly, Lei Ming laughed as he said, "There exists a power capable of piercing through the void, a power that ignores all defenses, attributes, and probability to reach the body of the target immediately! I have named it the Void Hacker!"

At this, Chen Feng’s pupil shrank abruptly.

"However, this skill is too powerful. Hence, it is too hard to control. It is rare for even those in B class to master. Hence, the success rate when I try using it is a pathetic 1%. However…" A smile appeared on Lei Ming’s mouth. "Take a guess, do you think this skill will work on you?"


A frightening power started condensing within his hands.

At this instant, countless powers of lightning started condensing, turning into a single dot.

That single dazzling dot contained boundless power within.


Lei Ming pointed.

That dazzling dot flowed along that shabby looking firewood and shot forth before it vanished into the void.

Void Hacker! Naturally, this skill would require the splitting of space.

Currently, that dazzling dot split space and entered the void. If it truly worked as Lei Ming had described, the next time it appeared, it would kill Chen Feng.

At the thought of this, instinctively, everyone shifted their gaze to Chen Feng.

This is…

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed violently. That was because, at that instant, he could feel something locking onto him. Even with his Luck Aura fully activated, he was still locked onto by the Void Hacker.


A bone-piercing coldness emerged.

Chen Feng was sure that he would be killed in the next instant.


He was somewhat dumbfounded.

Even with a success rate of 1%, this ability had been activated immediately?

Moreover, with the Luck Aura’s activation, the probability of 1% should have failed to trigger instead. How had it…

Chen Feng’s heart thumped.

He looked at his personal information. His 30 points of luck value remained. The Luck Aura had failed to work! What was going on?

Chen Feng felt like he was enveloped by boundless coldness.

Currently, he was a single step away from death.

Void Hacker…

Had his Luck Aura failed since this ability could lock onto the target? Or perhaps Lei Ming had already reached a 100% success rate for this ability and had merely been spouting nonsense?

Forget it.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

Luck Aura, activate!

Since this ability had already been unleashed, he would forget about stopping it. Instead, he would focus on making this ability fail its task. For example… for the attack to be skewed and miss its target?


From the void, the dazzling dot emerged and brushed past Chen Feng’s arm, leaving behind a long gash. Instantly, Chen Feng’s luck values dropped rapidly—only one point remained.

A total 29 points of luck value to skew the trajectory of this Void Hacker. That was the only thing it had accomplished.

Affecting reality had an exhaustion rate far surpassing his imagination.

Things are going to get troublesome now.

Chen Feng clenched his fists. He had used all his trump cards. His luck values were basically nonexistant now as well. He had truly reached an impasse. If he had known earlier that this trip would have posed such trouble, he would have definitely saved up a higher amount of luck value before coming.


Surprisingly, Lei Ming’s expression looked uglier than Chen Feng's.

Lei Ming was shocked. "It missed?"

Even if he only had a success rate of 1%, as long as it was successfully unleashed, it should never fail. Moreover, it was released with the help of the Spirit Sea wood…

Lei Ming looked at the firewood in his hand. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had confirmed the existence of the power within this wood, he would have started doubting that this was genuine Spirit Sea wood he was holding.

How was it possible for the Spirit Sea wood to fail?

Lei Ming could not understand this.

Currently, Chen Feng had finally discovered something as well.

He had noticed that a majority of Lei Ming’s attention was on that firewood. As he recalled his earlier guesses, Chen Feng was sure that the wood Lei Ming was holding was definitely something unusual.


Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

So what if he only had one point of luck value?

He could still put it on the line!


He gulped down the aurora gene reagent.


Light started swirling within his body. At this instant, Chen Feng’s spiritual affinity was pushed to the limit. All the spiritual energy drifting in the air became unprecedentedly distinct. In Lei Ming’s hands… a bizarre aura could be felt from that firewood.