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Chapter 218: Luck Aura Upgrade

Chapter 218: Luck Aura Upgrade

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It’s that thing!

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.


Instantly, Chen Feng vanished. The thunder Energy Equipment he'd assembled earlier, had at this instant, erupted in power, greatly increasing Chen Feng’s speed. The thunder energy was already fast before. Now, with Chen Feng’s spiritual affinity pushed to the limit, one could hardly see his silhouette.


Lei Min pointed at the air, aiming toward Chen Feng.


A lightning attack was shot onto Chen Feng’s chest as the terrifying power from that attack was blasted into Chen Feng’s body. Even if they were both using energy of the same attribute, when the attack unleashed by the incredibly powerful C-class Lei Ming smashed into Chen Feng’s defenseless chest, he still suffered grave injuries from the impact alone.


He started spurting blood.

However, even with this, Chen Feng did not choose to dodge.

That was because…


Surprisingly, Chen Feng grabbed at the firewood the instance he got near enough.


A familiar power entered his body.

This is…

Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly.

At this instant, he felt like he had returned to the period before his transmigration, returning to that library, returning to that bizarre instant and feeling that identical power within.

This is…

The power of luck!


It was at this instant that Chen Feng understood everything. He understood what the power contained within this firewood was. He understood what the cause for the weird things that had happened for the past two days was.

Spirit Sea wood!

Once upon a time there existed an ocean with a mystical power. The power contained in this ocean was able to bless the masses with good luck. This ocean was named the Spirit Sea. However, on one fateful day, a certain tree in the Spirit Sea mutated and started absorbing all the water in the entire sea, the power of the sea included. This was how the tree known as the Spirit Sea Divine Tree came into being.

The Spirit Sea wood was simply a branch of this tree. In truth, Chen Feng had not played too big a role in the mutations of the timber raccoons and turkeys previously. The only thing Chen Feng’s luck value had done was provide some sort of direction.

What had played a major role in those mutations was this very Spirit Sea wood.

No wonder…

Chen Feng was in a solemn mood.

So that was why reality had been so easily affected. So that was also the reason for Lei Ming’s success in unleashing the skill despite the 1% success rate.

So… everything was because of this wood.


The echo of a familiar power could be felt. The very instant Chen Feng touched this wood, he could feel that the Luck Aura within him started stirring as an intense feeling of desire was transmitted to him.


Chen Feng widened his eyes. Luck Aura was demanding to devour the Spirit Sea wood’s power?!

That’s right! Luck Aura was displaying the desire of hunger, akin to a person whose eyes had laid on food.

If so… then go!

Chen Feng was overwhelmed by emotions.



Multiple torrents of familiar power started gushing toward Chen Feng’s Luck Aura.


At this instant, the whole world seemed to shatter.

Before Chen Feng’s eyes, countless scenes flipped past. Luck Aura’s power started radiating furiously. At this instant, the amount of luck value at Chen Feng’s disposal was seemingly endless.

At this instant, he was akin to a god!

One could only guess the amount of luck power contained within the Spirit Sea wood. The tree was something that had absorbed the luck power of a whole sea. Even if it was merely a branch or a small part of that tree, it was sufficiently powerful to defy the natural order.


Countless light swirled before Chen Feng’s eyes.

Chen Feng was aware that all this was due to the overflowing of luck value. He was too weak! His Luck Aura was incapable of absorbing too much power. As such, the remaining power of the Spirit Sea wood was overflowing. If he couldn’t absorb this power…

It would all be wasted.


Chen Feng inhaled deeply.


That wouldn’t do.

If so…

Bloom, luck value!

Chen Feng howled.

These luck values were too terrifying. He was simply incapable of controlling them. The luck values were now akin to a raging river of luck. He could only try his best to direct the flow of the river to work in a way that would be advantageous to him.

As for what was going to result from that?

He had no idea as well.

However, Chen Feng was confident that Luck Aura would be able to work it out with its own methods.


Boundless light swirled before his eyes as a gush of a bizarre power descended upon Chen Feng’s brain. A bizarre scene appeared.


Light swirled.

Chen Feng saw Wang Yao.

The little girl had the same cold and detached expression on her face. Her red skirt was burning while the delicate yet serious expression on her face captivated Chen Feng.

However, currently, Wang Yao had quite a sorry appearance. She had sustained injuries. Two bloody scars could be seen on her.

What happened to her?

Chen Feng’s heart tightened.

Something happened to Wang Yao?! Where?

Instinctively, these thoughts flitted through his mind. However, the next instant, he saw himself.


Myself ?

Chen Feng was dumbstruck. Wasn’t he right here?


Currently, in the scene Chen Feng was looking at, a terrifying power was shooting toward him in the scene.

With a huge flaming sword in her hand, Wang Yao stood in front of Chen Feng with a cold expression on her face. Blocking all attacks for him, her silhouette unmoving.


A dazzling explosion.

Blood started dripping down Wang Yao’s mouth.

"What on earth is this?"

Chen Feng was confused.

His gaze landed on the ‘him’ shown in the scene. Only at that did he discover that this ‘him’ had reached B class, which was much higher than his current level.

Around them…


Light swirled.

The area he could see started widening.


Chen Feng’s pupils shrunk.



A descent of a terrifying darkness.

Streaks of light flashed past before smashing into the ground. This scene was simply akin to an apocalypse.

This is…

Star City! The holy land of producers!



The whole of Star City was in chaos.


Hou Liang was killed by one of the falling streaks of light.

That young lady called Ha Li… and a lot of other producers that Chen Feng did not know were killed. Moreover, even Qin Hai and Yun Xiaoduo could be seen!

"What’s going on? What on earth is this?"

Just as Chen Feng was confused.

Suddenly, a beam of light pierced the sky and descended. The whole of Star City was pierced through by that gigantic beam of light.


With a violent tremble, the whole city exploded. The immensely loud sound and the dazzling radiance shocked the whole planet.

Everyone in Star City was killed.


Light swirled.

With a shiver, Chen Feng reawakened.

Now, his excess luck value had been fully exhausted. His surroundings recovered to normal.


Lei Ming’s scream could be heard.


Chen Feng was smashed away with a punch.

Blood splattered around.

He was seriously injured.


Chen Feng spat out a mouthful of blood as his gaze landed on the Spirit Sea wood in Lei Ming’s hand. He could sense that all the power within that wood had been completely absorbed by him.

That item was now useless.

"Damn it!"

Lei Ming was exasperated.

No reward could compare with the Spirit Sea wood in his hand.

Damn it! His plan had almost been foiled by Chen Feng.

This crafty kid here was not particularly powerful. However, due to them having power of same attribute, it was quite hard for him to defeat this kid. Moreover, that sudden, instantaneous increase in Chen Feng's speed earlier…

And his opponent’s gaze that was concentrated on the Spirit Sea wood.

I can’t continue this fight!

Lei Ming was sure that if Chen Feng was to even cause a little damage to the Spirit Sea wood, his heart would ache to no end. Moreover, if he were to kill Chen Feng, it was very probable that those old men of the association would suddenly appear here out of nowhere.

"Go!" Lei Ming ordered decisively.


The whole group entered the hastily aircraft and speedily left.


The aircraft streaked away and disappeared in a flash.

Within the darkness, only Chen Feng remained.

Is it over?

He stared ahead at the black dot that was gradually disappearing.

That’s right. It was over.

With Lei Ming’s departure due to his numerous worries, this battle had truly ended.

However, Chen Feng did not have time to rejoice in his survival, because the scene he had witnessed earlier when the luck values had been raging was still vivid in his mind.

The contents he had witnessed…

The "him" he'd seen…



Rapidly, Chen Feng started looking back and reorganizing the information he'd obtained.

Finally, he discovered a certain point he had neglected earlier.


Location: Star City

Time: One year later

Protagonists: He saw Qin Hai, Wang Yao, and all the other producers.

What happened: Due to a certain incident, a calamity befell Star City. In the final battle, the whole floating city was destroyed.


"One year later…"

Chen Feng shut his eyes. The present Star City was still in its normal state. What on earth would happen in one year’s time?

He had no idea.

Qin Hai…

Wang Yao…

Would this be related to them?

He had too many questions!


Was it an illusion caused by the Spirit Sea wood?


This was the first time Chen Feng had gotten in touch with the power of the Spirit Sea wood. This was also the first time Chen Feng had encountered something capable of affecting luck in this world.

The first luck-affecting item he had encountered was the luck stone, and the second luck item he had discovered was the luck tree!

The luck of two different worlds had now collided.

He had initially believed that both of them would have a harmonious encounter. Unexpectedly, the luck stone had, in a tyrannical manner, absorbed all the energy contained within the Spirit Sea wood. Even if the luck values were so much that it started overflowing, not a single bit of power was left behind for that wood.


It was nonexistent.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. "Can this be considered a competition between those in the same profession?"

Regardless of whether both of these were competing, their encounter had given Chen Feng a pleasant surprise. Even if he were to disregard those overflowed luck values, the amount of luck value the Luck Aura had been able to absorb was sufficient to bring great changes to it.

Chen Feng checked his data.

His initially fully exhausted luck value was now at 100 points. Naturally, this was the surplus luck value that remained after the rest had been consumed to upgrade his Luck Aura.

The biggest change brought by the Spirit Sea wood was transforming his Luck Aura from a power that was vague and incomprehensible into a power that was truly able to be controlled!

For example…

Chen Feng transmitted his thought clearly: I want Hou Liang’s position.


Feedback: Luck Aura – Lockdown is executable, one point of luck value consumed.


That’s right. Now, regardless of what he chose to do, he did not have to fully activate his Luck Aura without the slightest clue as to how much luck value it would consume. He now received solid feedback.

What he intended to do and how much luck value would be consumed would be clearly transmitted back to him.

Moreover, Luck Aura was now capable of making the most optimal choice to achieve what he wanted.

"One point?"

Chen Feng blanked.

He remembered that, previously, to get the three coordinates, three points of luck value were required.

"Let’s give it a try, then."

Chen Feng tried extracting Hou Liang’s coordinate. Next, a single row of coordinates indicated with x, y, and z that were separated with zeroes appeared. At this, Chen Feng’s expression darkened. So, why had he wasted his luck values previously by having three coordinates that were seperately listed?

This was the upgraded Luck Aura. It would provide the optimal solution based on what was requested.

"Spirit Sea wood…"

Chen Feng was filled with anticipation.

A single Spirit Sea wood had brought such change to his Luck Aura. What if he were to get more Spirit Sea wood? Or if he got the whole tree for himself?

At that time, he might directly transform into a god of luck.

Naturally, this was simply something he thought about. Even if he stopped considering whether he could truly become a god of luck in the future, one year from now, a calamity would befall.

That terrifying scene he'd seen!

One year…

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. He did not have much time left. The scene he'd seen earlier was too shocking. Moreover… the scene where the entire Star City was instantly destroyed...

That was a city! Luck values were a mystical existence. The scenes it displayed in such a manner might not be the real future. However, it was definitely probable that such a future existed.

The future was something that one would not be able to completely grasp.

For example—

Casually, Chen Feng tossed out a single coin. The coin might land on either side, but it might also land on its edge, vanish midair, or be grabbed by someone during it’s descent.

Regardless of how low the probability for each of those occurrences was, it was still probable for any of them to occur.

If even something as simple as tossing a coin contained countless futures, what about a human’s life?

"This incident, I must not allow it to happen," Chen Feng vowed firmly. Regardless of how high the probability for that incident to happen was, he would turn the probability of its occurrence into zero!

One year…

Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp.


He stood up and returned to Star City.

At Star City, he contacted Hou Liang.

The things he'd seen were simply too important. Star City had to be informed of these. As such, in the meeting room, Chen Feng earnestly stood before numerous powerhouses such as president and vice president and others with terrifying status and declared that a certain mysterious organization was planning to destroy Star City in one year. They had a complete plan and were in the process of implementation. He had witnessed with his own eyes a simulation of this project where the entire Star City would be destroyed.

This caused an uproar among the upper levels of Star City.

Chen Feng’s identity as the Gene Rookie Competition champion was still useful. This was especially true since he had recently completed several tasks; Chen Feng’s words contain a certain weight.

As a result, Star City entered an alarmed state. With this, Chen Feng was somewhat relieved.

However, at this moment, an astonishing incident happened.

A drawing sketched by a young lady had suddenly flooded the internet, shocking the whole world. Instantly, it firmly occupied the top search term in the search engines.

"Why has a drawing drawn by a young lady classified as information under producers?"

Chen Feng felt doubtful.


He tapped on it to take a look, and immediately, his expression changed greatly.

That was Qin Hai!

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