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Chapter 219: Forbidden Area!

Chapter 219: Forbidden Area!

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Chen Feng tapped on the drawing on the screen. It was a seemingly ordinary portrait. No superfluous coloring was applied to it. It was a simple sketch yet it was sufficient to clearly display an astonishing scene.

The displayed scene took place on the summit of a certain snowy mountain.

A lonesome silhouette sat cross-legged there. His aura were getting increasingly feeble while the snowflakes drifted down, covering his body in the process, giving him an extremely desolate appearance.

On the ground, a terrifying black aura swirled around.

In the sky, countless lightning descended.

Every single lightning and black aura were bombarding that silhouette. This place was akin to a purgatory.

That is…

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.

Qin Hai!

The one at the depths of purgatory was actually Qin Hai!

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s gaze landed on Qin Hai's legs.

An item that he was extremely familiar with could be seen on Qin Hai’s legs: Spirit Sea wood! Qin Hai grabbed it in his hands firmly as he allowed the endless lightning to descend on him.

What’s going on?

Chen Feng was shaken.

Qin Hai?

Spirit Sea wood?

How did these two link together? There was no reason for this to happen even if this was merely happening in a drawing. The owner of this drawing, this bizarre drawing, how had she drawn this thing?

After checking the status of this young lady, Chen Feng was shocked.

Xiao Yue, 18 years old.

She was a person with weak physique and nearly zero combat power. However, she was called a genius girl, the type that would only appear once every hundred years. That was because she had successfully fused with a set of mystical genes.

A set of genetic ability that seemed impossible to exist: Reality.

She did not have any combat power. However, she was able to find anyone, able to draw out that person’s location and the things that person had experienced.

Furthermore, it was deducted that, if this set of genetic abilities were further improved, she could easily draw out the whole life of anyone, from the past till the future.

One’s whole life might be a mere single sketch by this young lady. This was the most terrifying aspect about her.

Due to this, Xiao Yue now possessed an enormous reputation. As she had always been helping people locate their missing relatives online, she had received the praise of the public.

Recently, she had drawn a painting of Qin Hai. Based on the description, one of the fans of Qin Hai had paid Xiao Yue a huge amount of money to draw it. Hence, Xiao Yue started drawing, resulting in this astonishing scene.

"It’s actually true!"

Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

He had originally believed that this was simply some fan art. Honestly, nowadays, with the popularity of those celebrities, it was very normal for all sorts of fan art to emerge. Moreover, there was some fan art that was quite messed up out there…

But this particular drawing was actually real?

Qin Hai! Spirit Sea wood! Both were real!


Chen Feng recollected his thoughts.

In other words, now, at a certain corner of this planet, Qin Hai was experiencing this?

"How did this happen?"

Chen Feng was shaken. Suddenly, he recalled that confident voice back then, that proud silhouette that had proclaimed that, despite the exhaustion of his potential, he would still be able to create a brand new world for himself!

Qin Hai, what happened to you?

There was also that Spirit Sea wood. That thing was too terrifying. He had firsthand experience of it.

An idiot like Lei Ming could only unconsciously cause the Spirit Sea wood to self-operate, while Chen Feng was able to control the luck value and the direction his Luck Aura worked in, despite the miniscule amount of control he could exert.

"This drawing…"

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. He was clear on the uproar this drawing would cause. Both Qin Hai’s popularity and the rarity of the Spirit Sea wood depicted in the drawing would cause an uproar.

Perhaps he could look for Qin Hai.

Chen Feng was tempted to do that. In a year, a calamity would befall Star City. He had to increase his strength as soon as possible. Traditional methods were simply impossible to accomplish that. They could not grant him too great an improvement. Even with Luck Aura’s assistance, Chen Feng could only see himself reaching B class.

If he wanted to be stronger, it would only be possible if he increased the strength of his Luck Aura. This was the strongest trump card for him in this world. The improvement in Luck Aura would bring Chen Feng an all-around improvement. If he were able to find Qin Hai and that Spirit Sea wood to once again upgrade his Luck Aura…

He might be able to reach A class in a single year!

Spirit Sea wood! He had to obtain it!


He did not wish for Qin Hai to die just like that.

At this thought, Chen Feng looked at the background in the Qin Hai drawing. Those simple-looking sketches, at this moment, were seemingly livelier than before.

"Qin Hai, where are you?"

Currently, the whole online community was shaken.

Apart from the scene depicted in the drawing, the fact that Qin Hai had obtained a large amount of new fans after the competition had also contributed to the uproar caused by this drawing.

"Ah ah ah ah, what is that place?"

"What is Qin Hai doing?"

"Wu wu wu, it hurts my heart to see this."

A lot of fans started crying for help online on behalf of Qin Hai.

With the assistance of the huge amount of fans he had, Qin Hai’s location was finally determined.


That location…


"Why is Qin Hai at such a place???"

"Has he gone insane?!"

Everyone was dumbstruck.

This was because, currently, Qin Hai was located beyond the areas that were already explored and marked as safe by the Genetic Union. He was currently at an unknown region none had dared to explore before.

That was an area known as the forbidden area!

This planet was too huge. Only 18% of the planet was developed. A lot of places were enveloped by bizarre and mysterious powers and remained uncovered due to current humanity’s level of technology. Hence, these areas were all labeled "unknown area."

Those were places where all technology would stop working.

Humanity had never been the true master of this world. Instead, it was those unknown existences within the regions that even their satellites were unable to monitor.

Those regions were filled with mysteriousness and unknown powers.

Even the mysterious organization they'd discovered earlier had a large majority of their projects related to these unknown areas.

Those were areas human did not dare to set foot in. Places known as forbidden areas.

Normally, only A-class experts dared to set foot into these areas. However, even for A-class experts, those places were still incredibly dangerous. A lot of them never returned from the explorations, only leaving behind the occasional last words, which was also how those legends come about.

Extreme Iceland used to be such a location. Then it was forcefully sealed by several top experts. Only after that did the Genetic Union start building a camp there. However, now that the Ice River was unsealed, that place was once again a forbidden area.

Now… Qin Hai had appeared in one such place.

His fans almost fainted on the spot. It was no wonder Qin Hai was in such a crisis. That was simply a place no human should enter.

"What is happening to my Qin Hai?"

"Perhaps… he’s doing this to break through?"

Some sighed.

That’s right. Breakthrough. With his potential exhausted, Qin Hai was fated to have no future. Normal methods would not grant him any improvement at all. He would be forever stuck at D class. If he wanted to break through, he could only rely on unknown powers.

Those unknown areas were his only hope. Hence, Qin Hai had set forth to those places without the slightest hesitation, even if the chances of his survival were extremely low.

"This child…" The hearts of countless people ached. "Let’s try looking for that place. Perhaps it is a place someone has been to before."

A lot of people started searching based on Qin Hai’s coordinates. Finally, they found it among the archives of the Genetic Union. Only a simple description was available.


Frozen Sea Tundra

Danger level: Extremely dangerous

Development level: 0% (unknown area)