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Chapter 220: Frozen Sea Tundra

Chapter 220: Frozen Sea Tundra

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"Frozen Sea Tundra…"

"I've heard about that place before. It is a place that not even A-class experts had returned alive from," someone said in alarm.

There would always be all sorts of legends surrounding a forbidden area.

On the satellite map, every single pitch-black or undetectable area represented a different degree of danger.

If it was somewhere within the center of the mainland where human civilization centered, regardless of how dangerous it was, the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association would try their best to clear the danger there. However, for those distant locations…

It was simply too far for their claws to reach.

"I’m afraid Qin Hai is now in grave danger."


"How many people can actually return alive from those areas?"

Everyone sighed.

The fans of Qin Hai kept posting threads begging for help online, hoping that someone would go and rescue Qin Hai. As the current most charismatic celebrity producer, Qin Hai’s popularity was unsurpassed by anyone.

Even Chen Feng, the competition champion, could not compare to him in this aspect.


No one was willing to go rescue him.

All the different powers and organizations, at this moment, sunk into silence.

The single reason for this was due to the place being the Frozen Sea Tundra.

Going to such a place to rescue Qin Hai? The price one had to pay was too high!

First, due to the previous incident involving the Qin family, the Qin family had a very bad reputation nowadays. Nobody was willing to be associated with anyone from the Qin family, even if the person in question was Qin Hai.

Second, and also the main reason, Qin Hai’s potential was already exhausted. He no longer had any value attached to him. Fans? Even the fans he had now was something he gained previously when he was still with his outstanding talent. As of now, he was a person fated to remain stuck with no improvement. When more and more geniuses started surpassing Qin Hai, he would gradually lose all these fans as well.

Regardless of which perspective one looked at it with, Qin Hai was simply not worth any investment.

He was simply not worth saving.

Saving him was not as simple as talking about it. That was not a place an ordinary person could simply go. That was a completely unknown area.

At the Genetic Union, some people who cherished talent had submitted requests to save him. From the Gene Production Association, people like Hou Liang and Qin Hai’s master and a lot of other seniors had submitted requests to save him as well. However, time was required.

To organize a major rescue operation like this, they could not act immediately. The death of other geniuses that might result from this rescue operation needed to be taken into consideration as well.

For something like this, the participants needed to be volunteers. All this would require time to coordinate. Now, from the scene depicted in the drawing, how much time did Qin Hai have?

No one knew.

If they were too slow, what welcomed them might be a corpse.


When Qin Hai had entered the Frozen Sea Tundra, he had already been prepared for death. It was probably something outside of his expectations that someone would be able to draw out his current situation. He probably had not expected that there would be so many fans wishing he be rescued.

"Qin Hai rescue operation…"

"Qin Hai support crowdfunding…"

"Qin Hai funding association…"

All sorts of events started unfolding online. The funds accumulated to rescue Qin Hai also reached a terrifying amount.

Now, even the scammers were caught in this trend. "I am Qin Hai. I am currently trapped in the Frozen Sea Tundra. My account number is xxxxxx; please transfer funds to me. I will take you as my wife when I return safely."

What caused the people to be speechless was the fact that some people actually fell for this. Even males were included among the victims!

These fans were seemingly unstoppable when they went crazy.

Unfortunately, regardless of how much funds they managed to accumulate, not a single A-class expert was willing to act.

Compared with wealth, they cherished their life and the power they had obtained with great difficulty more. None of them were willing to go to a place they might not be able to return from.

Currently, at a certain base, an ashen-faced Lei Ming was staring at the Spirit Sea wood in his hands. He had performed over 100 tests. However, he could not unleash even a single Void Hacker. Evidently, the Spirit Sea wood had lost its effectiveness.

It’s spoiled!

It was spoiled by that damnable Chen Feng!

"That goddamned son of a b*tch."

Lei Ming was shuddering from his anger. This small branch was invaluable and was much more valuable than a lot of other items. He was already extremely careful with it. Unexpectedly, it had still been spoiled by Chen Feng.

Chen Feng…

Lei Ming felt like dismembering Chen Feng into a thousand pieces.

He was sure that the next time he met Chen Feng, he would most certainly not let that person off.

Suddenly, he saw the news being reported on his screen.

Qin Hai…

He had been hearing about this nonstop for the past two days. However, he had not paid much attention to it. This was the first time he got an actual look at the drawing. However, immediately after this, his attention was deeply caught by that branch in the drawing.

Spirit Sea wood!

Lei Ming widened his eyes. A complete piece of Spirit Sea wood!

Although the Spirit Sea wood he'd obtained previously was quite powerful, however, at least half of it had been burnt by those idiots. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been so fragile as to be spoiled by a single touch from Chen Feng.

And, currently, in Qin Hai’s hands was a complete Spirit Sea wood!

"This thing…"

Lei Ming trembled from his surging emotions. He had to obtain this!

As for the Frozen Sea Tundra? Under the enticing benefits he stood to gain, nothing seemed to be a problem.


He turned his communication tool on.

"Brother. I found another Spirit Sea wood. Haha. The others will definitely not recognize it. They have never seen what a true Spirit Sea wood looks like. However, I saw one two days ago, despite the fact that it was spoiled shortly after.

"No, I have not recognized it wrongly. It’s at the Frozen Sea Tundra. That place might be extremely dangerous. However, if even Qin Hai can get there, we will naturally be able to go there as well. We can silently rob the Spirit Sea wood from him before retreating," Lei Ming said emotionally.

If even Qin Hai could reach that place, why couldn’t they?

As for the manner of retreating, it was simply nothing to worry about. As long as they obtain the Spirit Sea wood, luck would accompany them. At that time, they could leave even with their eyes closed. What was there to be afraid of?

They had to obtain that Spirit Sea wood!

His plan had been foiled by Chen Feng once. This time, he had to make up for this regret.


Gold City.

In a certain remote suburban district.

In a mansion, a group of people with pitch-black robes were kneeling in an orderly fashion. A terrifying yet bizarre aura pervaded the air.

"In that drawing… Frozen Sea Tundra… I sensed the aura of a dragon! There… the bloodline of our ancestor might exist," an ancient yet overcast voice echoed in the air.

"Long Yue."


"Lead them there to look for it."

"All right," Long Yue replied with a deep tone.

Despite the fact that he had to enter such a place with his C-class strength, no doubt was shown. It was his ancestor who had requested them to enter and he would certainly not harm them.

"That is a domain belonging to us! At that place, you will all receive the blessings of power. Unfortunately… I can’t move anymore. The future of the Long family rests on your shoulders…" The overcast voice gradually disappeared.

Countless people stood up with solemn and respectful expressions.

"Then, let’s prepare to set off," Long Yue ordered, "to search for the glory belonging to us! To search for the glory of the dragon!"


A row of orderly and loud shouts was the response.

Currently, Qin Hai was still trending online. What caused the public’s heart to ache was the fact that up till now, there were still no experts willing to move. Countless fans grieved. This was the first time they realized that money could not accomplish everything.

However, right at this moment, some of the fans that had gone to the only route that led to the Frozen Sea Tundra saw a silhouette there. Immediately, this spread online. The online community that had just calmed down was once again in an uproar.

That person was Chen Feng!

The Gene Rookie Competition champion Chen Feng had quietly gone there!


The whole internet was in an uproar.

"Chen Feng is going to rescue Qin Hai?"

"Has he gone insane?!"

"What can we do, then?"

Everyone was looking at this with unbelieving expressions. They had never expected that, during the moment of crisis, the first person to step forth would be Chen Feng!

In a situation where even those experts were unwilling to move, a producer like Chen Feng had stepped forward.

Everyone was shocked.

"Perhaps… this is what true friendship looks like."

The online community was in an uproar.

Both Qin Hai and Chen Feng were already extremely popular before this. Due to this incident, they once again dominated the front pages everywhere, topping all the search engines.

Everyone discussed about this without stop.

Countless people were paying close attention to how this was progressing.

Moreover, there were some wealthy fans that had directly booked a whole satellite for personal usage, hoping that they could catch even a glimpse of what was happening in the Frozen Sea Tundra. In the final scene captured by the satellite, a tiny-looking silhouette could be seen stepping into the darkness, the area that no satellites could capture.

That was Chen Feng!

He had finally reached the Frozen Sea Tundra!

Hopefully… he could return alive!