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Chapter 221: Fangirl

Chapter 221: Fangirl

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In the forbidden area, the blanket of snowflakes seemed to interweave together. Chen Feng was looking at the map he had in his hand. This was as far as the navigation map led. Arriving here, no other human could be seen. This was the furthest safe ground explored by the Genetic Union. Anyone stepping further than this point would encounter unknown hazards.

A gentle female voice could be heard: "Chen Feng?"

"Who?!" Immediately, Chen Feng turned around. A silhouette walked out from among the snow. It was a beautiful young lady wearing a white skirt. Surprise filled her bright looking eyes.

"Are you here to look for Qin Hai?" the young lady said excitedly. "Can you bring me along as well?"

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "Who are you?"

He had not told anyone about him coming here. How could anyone find out about this? Even if someone saw him and spread it online, that person was not supposed be ahead of him!

This young lady…

Chen Feng looked at the snowflakes that were dropping off her. She should have been here for quite a while.

The young lady smiled as she said, "I am a fan of Qin Hai. You can call me Xiao Rou."


Xiao Rou?

Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

"Hehe. I am also the one who commissioned Sister Xiao Yue to draw that drawing. I originally thought that, with the release of that drawing, I could get a lot of help. Unexpectedly, those so-called experts were all cowards," Xiao Rou said in a dissatisfied manner.

Chen Feng: "…"

"Luckily, there is still you," Xiao Rou said excitedly. "Hmph. You are indeed a true friend. However, it’s too dangerous for you to go alone. Let me go together with you to rescue my Qin Hai."

Chen Feng: "…"

Fans nowadays were so fanatical?

He started studying the lady called Xiao Rou. She was extremely beautiful. With her fair complexion and the unique temperament about her, it was obvious that she was a young missus of a wealthy family. What was she doing here?

Xiao Rou showcased her power. "I’m already C class."

Chen Feng: "…"

One’s rank did not matter, right? Rather, combat awareness was what was vital here. This Frozen Sea Tundra was an extremely unique place. If one did not possess sufficient awareness, even an A-class expert could die easily. Luck Aura was the only thing that gave Chen Feng the courage to come here.

If a stranger were to join him…

"Impossible," Chen Feng rejected her firmly.

"I beg you," Xiao Rou begged.

Chen Feng sneered. "Since you are already at C class, wouldn’t it be better for you to go alone?"

"It’s different," Xiao Rou said bashfully. "I have always been training in seclusion and have never left my house before."

Chen Feng: "…"

This truly couldn’t do!

So this was a young missus here to chase after her idol?

"Hmph! I knew you wouldn’t agree. You miser. Sister Xiao Yue was correct indeed," Xiao Rou muttered before turning her communication tool on. A screen popped out and a scene appeared before Chen Feng. "How about this?"

This is…

Instinctively, Chen Feng took a look at that scene. Immediately, his heart throbbed.

Spirit Sea wood!

He saw another Spirit Sea wood!

"Sister Xiao Yue told me that you might want this thing yet can’t find it. She drew me several other drawings as well. Mhm… I can help you find this thing, yo."

A smile appeared on Xiao Rou’s mouth.

Xiao Yue?

That mysterious genius?

Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. However, what did she mean by "you want this thing yet can’t find it"?

With Luck Aura…


Instinctively, Chen Feng urged his Luck Aura to work.

Lockdown on a Spirit Sea wood!


A response was received from his Luck Aura: ineffective.

Since they were both luck-related items, Chen Feng was unable to use the power of luck to lock onto the Spirit Sea wood’s position. What if he had Qin Hai as the target, then? He tried.



The ice-cold feedback woke Chen Feng up.

The Spirit Sea wood was simply too powerful, especially its luck-related power. It was nearly impossible for Chen Feng to use the power of luck to lock onto it.

Moreover, the area around it couldn’t be located either.

Chen Feng had a solemn mood. "Seems like I have to manually look for it, then."

"I can help you," Xiao Rou said proudly.

Chen Feng sighed. "Is there a need for this?"

Xiao Rou, 18 years old, C class.

This signified something extremely terrifying. This meant that this girl had an extremely astonishing talent when it came to combat. The faction supporting her would be extremely frightening as well.

That faction should at the very least be as powerful as the previous Qin family.

Someone from such a faction would be a fan of Qin Hai?!

Granted, gene production was harder than pure cultivation. However, for her to be a C-class genetic warrior at the age of 18, her talent could be considered top notch.

"What do you know?" Xiao Rou rolled her eyes. "Hmph. Us girls have always been wishing that a day would come when an unrivaled hero would appear on a cloud with seven colors and save us. But is it not the same for you guys? I heard about your story from Sister Xiao Yue. This is also how you get mixed up with that Miss Wang Yao, right?"

Chen Feng: "…"

"Hence." Xiao Rou was filled with anticipation. "When my beloved Little Hai is in his moment of danger, at his moment of despair, I want to be the first person he sees! When I save him, we might be able to start a love story worthy of the legends!" Xiao Rou’s eyes were twinkling as she said this.

Chen Feng: "..."

He remembered that, when he was a student in his previous life, he had daydreamed about being a hero that saved a certain female celebrity. Ultimately, though, due to his excessively bad luck, all of that remained his imagination. As for Xiao Rou here, she was actually planning to turn her dream into a reality.

How vigorous!

Chen Feng was filled with admiration.


At this mysterious forbidden area, was this young lady that proclaimed her self as Qin Hai’s fan truly his fan? Or perhaps she had another identity?

Chen Feng always maintained vigilance.

"All right, I agree." Chen Feng smiled. "However, you must listen to all my orders."

"No problem," Xiao Rou agreed without the slightest concern.

"Good." Chen Feng started lecturing her on what she should take note of before once again setting off. However, this time around, he had the addition of a peculiar life form known as "Qin Hai’s fanatical brainless fangirl" by his side…

Soon, they arrived at the proper Frozen Sea Tundra region.

The falling snowflakes disappeared. What appeared before them was an endless expanse of ice. This was the first step anyone entering here needed to take: to cross the frozen sea!

Frozen sea…

Chen Feng recalled the information he had obtained during his research.

Xiao Rou indifferently said, "A powerful dissolving power exists in this frozen sea. Anything that comes into contact with this sea will be dissolved immediately, including humans. The seawater that evaporates will drift in the air and fuse with the power of lightning in the air. Hence, even the sky above this sea is extremely dreadful as well. If one goes too high above sea level, one will be struck down by lightning. If one were to get too near the sea level, one will be dissolved by the sea. Hence… only one method is available to pass this area. To fly at a low altitude."

Chen Feng was amazed. "You know about this?"

"What nonsense are you saying?" Xiao Rou flung her delicate pony tail around before saying. "I am not stupid. Since I am here to get married to my little Hai after saving him, how can I die here?"

Chen Feng: "…"


Xiao Rou was about to say something. "Actually—"

Suddenly, Chen Feng was startled. "Shh!"

"Someone else is here!"


Bringing Xiao Rou with him, he retreated immediately before hiding somewhere. Right at this moment, a whole bunch of people appeared, reaching the vicinity of the frozen sea.

The initially tranquil forbidden area was suddenly bustling with activity.