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Chapter 222: If We Are Going to Play, Let’s Make It Big

Chapter 222: If We Are Going to Play, Let’s Make It Big

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Before the frozen sea, several tens of silhouette in black robes appeared. They stared at the frozen sea silently and solemnly, a bizarre sense of determination flickering in their eyes.

"Is this the frozen sea?"

Long Yue focused his gaze.

They had heard of the legends surrounding this place before and were aware of how dangerous this place could be. Next, well, nothing else was done about the dangers they might encounter here. The Long family was indeed an extremely powerful family in the legends. However, these days, they were merely a declining family that still had the information pertaining to some mystical past events or ancient legends. As for the Frozen Sea Tundra? They had done zero research on this place.

The only reason they had even chosen to set off here was due to the dragon’s aura their ancestor felt from the drawing.

"Dragon 13," Long Yue said suddenly, "give it a try."

"All right."

The youth called Dragon 13 walked out and directly sunk his right hand into the frozen sea. At that, an astonishing scene happened. His right hand was immediately dissolved by the sea. Just like that, his right hand disappeared.

Everyone had solemn expressions. What a terrifying sea!

The seawater here was as mysterious as the Ice River. Despite the different effects they brought and the fact that the water here would lose its effect after several seconds out of the sea, it was still dreadful.

This was the terror of a forbidden area.

"I can’t resist the power."

Dragon 13 stood up calmly. His dissolved right hand was actually healing slowly. This was his genetic ability: Flesh Regeneration.

Long Yue nodded slightly. "Very good."

If even Dragon 13’s body couldn’t resist it, there was no point in the others to trying. This frozen sea was something they couldn’t touch at all. It appeared that they could not fly over it now.

Long Yue continued his orders. "Dragon 17."

Some of them started soaring. There were too many of them here and each of them possessed powerful genetic abilities. Even if they did not know how things worked here, they could still easily figure it out after some tests.

"Low altitude flight, eh?" Long Yue calmly commanded, "Transform."



A faint howl.

That group of black-clothed people sprawled on the ground as a pair of fleshy wings grew from each of their backs.



That group of black-clothed people hovered and flew away.

Chen Feng and Xiao Rou were witnessing all this with dumbstruck expressions. They were still guessing the methods these people would use to cross the sea. Unexpectedly, these people all possessed a pair of wings.

"Long family."

Chen Feng recognized Long Yue, a person he'd once conflicted with at the Dragon’s Passing Mountain.

"That clan that proclaims themselves as the descendents of dragons?" Xiao Rou was amazed. "They had actually chosen a dragon as the direction to mutate their body. Sigh. How stupid."

Chen Feng’s gaze darted around. "Why are they here?"

He was certain that these people were not here for the Spirit Sea wood. A lot of people might know about the legends surrounding the Spirit Sea wood. However, it was nearly impossible for anyone to have actually witnessed an actual Spirit Sea wood. This item was a branch of the Spirit Sea Divine Tree with no fixed form or shape. Previously, even when Chen Feng had seen the Spirit Sea wood in Lei Ming’s hands, he had not thought of its origin either. If it wasn’t for the fact that he'd felt something peculiar about that wood, he would have never discovered that it was actually Spirit Sea wood.

This thing was an item from the legends. As for the peculiar relationship that mysterious organization seemed to have with the Spirit Sea wood and how had Lei Ming known about this thing? What was that mysterious organization planning? All these were what Chen Feng wished to know. The Spirit Sea wood definitely could not fall into the hands of that mysterious organization.

"I need to increase my speed," Chen Feng muttered inwardly.

With the uproar caused by the drawing, it was very probable that the appearance of Long Yue’s group here was not a simple coincidence. More people might appear here as well, regardless of the reason they came.

Chen Feng decided that he had to cross this frozen sea as soon as possible!

Xiao Rou looked at Chen Feng with anticipation. "How should I cross it?"

"Come with me." Chen Feng walked toward the shore of the frozen sea.


Softly, he stretched out his hand.

"What are you doing?" Xiao Rou was shocked. You are not that Dragon 13 guy who is a genetic warrior specializing in flesh cultivation and is capable of regrowing his damaged flesh.

Chen Feng smiled calmly. "Don’t worry."


A noiseless aura dispersed around him.

The frozen sea possessed a mysterious power that could theoretically dissolve everything. However, if that was truly the case, would this shore still exist here?

The soil they were standing on was obviously an existence that could not be dissolved by the frozen sea. However, it was evident that normal soil would be dissolved by the sea. Hence, it was clear that there was a layer of mysterious power around the soil here. Like a protective barrier, this power protected the soil here from being damaged by the frozen sea.

This was the energy Chen Feng was looking for.


Luck Aura, full activation!

The countless genes contained in Chen Feng’s Myriad Illusions ability started flickering. Ever since Chen Feng’s spiritual energy reached 3,000 points, a higher amount of powerful genetic abilities contained within his Myriad Illusions had been unlocked.

If I were to produce an Energy Equipment containing this unique attribute here, how much luck value would I require? Chen Feng transmitted this thought.


Update received: two points.

It’s probable!

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. Only two points of luck value would be required to produce an Energy Equipment with this special attribute. This proved that the amount of luck value exhausted would be equivalent to the activation of Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade coupled with attribute selection.

Among the countless genetic abilities contained within the Myriad Illusions genetic ability, a genetic ability that was immune to this frozen sea existed.


Chen Feng’s emotions surged.

Then let’s begin!


A faint layer of purple-colored Energy Equipment appeared on Chen Feng’s body. From his hands to his feet, his whole body was wrapped in it. Instantly, Chen Feng was fully equipped.


He soaked his right hand in the seawater.

He could clearly see the rejection of the seawater by that faint purple energy. Indeed, it can’t damage this equipment!

Chen Feng’s heart jolted.


He stepped forth, standing on the frozen sea.

He was safe and sound!

Xiao Rou widened her eyes. "You…" What magical ability is this?! It can ignore that terrifying dissolving power of the frozen sea?

Before coming here, she had consulted her second uncle about this. He indeed possessed an item that was immune to the frozen sea’s power. However, that was an item that was still in testing phase and was also fated to be an item with zero combat power as well. But this Chen Feng…

Chen Feng noticed Xiao Rou's reaction. "It’s somewhat troublesome."

Could he simply cross the sea carrying her like that? That was too dangerous! With a random splash or drop of seawater on her, this young lady here would be a goner. At this place, regardless of what rank a person was, it was pointless. The moment one touched the seawater... one would be erased by the power of Mother Nature!

"What to do, then?" Suddenly, Xiao Rou’s eyes shone as she said, "Oh yeah, a drawing by Sister Xiao Yue. Mhm, let’s see… this one!" She took out a drawing and passed it to Chen Feng. "Sister Xiao Yue told me this drawing would be helpful to you."


Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.

Returning to the shore, he took the drawing and looked at it. Immediately, he was amazed.

That was actually a blueprint for a ship. On the drawing, everything was clearly tagged. Every single energy circulation route and all the functionalities were clearly marked.


Chen Feng was shaken.

I can even do this with the Energy Equipment ability?

That’s right. What the drawing depicted was an Energy Equipment.

In Chen Feng’s eyes, or perhaps in the eyes of a commoner, the Energy Equipment was an ability that took on the shape of a mechanical armor or a layer of energy that wrapped around the body of the user to give the user a formidable power.

But here… it was clearly depicted that the Energy Equipment was capable of being separated from the user’s body! A boat could be created using the Energy Equipment ability!

After separating from the user, the energy would still be able to circulate normally?

Chen Feng was amazed. Subsequently, he noticed what a stupid question he had asked. Wasn’t the Energy Equipment an ability where the energy required would first be exhausted before the equipment was formed?

Granted, forming items that were separated from the user’s body would have countless problems. This wasn’t simply an issue no one had thought about previously. Rather, after separation from the user, a lot of known formulas or operation methods would need altering. It was a process that was even harder than the formula improvement that Chen Feng did.

Hence, no one had attempted this.

But here…

Chen Feng looked at the drawing in his hands.

On it, all problems one might encounter after energy separation were clearly marked. It was akin to an idiot’s guide titled "Simple Steps to Produce an Energy Boat."



The only thing Chen Feng could do was exclaim in admiration at this. This Lady Xiao Yue was actually such a terrifying person. He had initially thought that he was already blessed by the heavens with his Luck Aura. Unexpectedly, in this world, there were other existences that were much more powerful and mysterious!

The drawings of Xiao Yue…

The summons of Wang Chun…

The mysterious Wang Yao…

On top of all that, there was a mysterious organization that none could grasp.

What a crazy era in a crazy world!

However, even though Lady Xiao Yue was the provider of all these, Chen Feng was certain that she did not have any technical knowledge in this aspect. She was simply capable of drawing what Chen Feng required with her ability.


What joke was that?

Since the solution for the biggest problem concerning energy separation was now available, why should he build a boat?

Might as well be grandiose if he were to make a move.


A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s mouth.


He swallowed two bottles of gene reagent.


His energy started blooming. With Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade as the energy supply, Chen Feng started circulating his energy as prescribed by the drawing. In that instant, a terrifying energy started blooming around them.

All 3,000 points of spiritual energy in his body were unleashed together with the unlimited Wind Blades created by his luck value.


Energy Equipment!

Chen Feng erupted with all his power.


On that ice-blue sea, a huge object appeared out of thin air. Lady Xiao Rou by the side had been waiting for a boat to appear. That huge object that had instead appeared had her dumbstruck.

"You, you, you… what is this?"


1. Recap, in Chinese, dragon = long. Hence, these Long family members with numbers as their name have the same surname as Long Yue since their name can either be translated as Long 13 or Dragon 13. I had chosen to use Dragon instead of Long for them to highlight the importance this family placed upon dragons.