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Chapter 223: The Cocky Chen Feng

Chapter 223: The Cocky Chen Feng

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"What is this?"

Xiao Rou was dumbstruck.


The heck?

What appeared in front of her was obviously an enormous battleship. Chen Feng had actually used the assembly methods of Energy Equipment to forge a battleship?!

How was this possible?

She was a genetic warrior as well. Hence, when Chen Feng had been building this ship earlier, she had been able to feel the amount of spiritual energy exhausted. How much spiritual energy did Chen Feng have? How was this possible?

"He’s insane," Xiao Rou muttered.

And now.


A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

With 3,000 points of spiritual energy, enhancing gene reagents, and the unlimited Wind Blades powered by his luck value, Chen Feng had instantly unleashed a power that had seemingly reached a brand new height.

This was a battleship. To be more accurate, this was the hull of a battleship built using his Energy Equipment ability.

The interior of this ship was empty.


High-level technologies?

Chen Feng had no knowledge on that aspect.

At a glance, this thing here appeared like a battleship. However, if one were to be frank, this was simply an Energy Equipment of Chen Feng's. That was all there was to it. Chen Feng could only control it to move. There were no other extra functions.

However… this single function was sufficient for it to be used on the frozen sea.

"Let’s go!"

Chen Feng stepped onto the battleship.


He controlled it, and slowly, the battleship started moving.

Xiao Rou raised her hand and meekly asked, "I have a question. Isn't this showing off too much?"

How was this merely show off?

This was simply an unbridled act.

What place was this? The frozen sea! One of the forbidden areas of the legends.

Moreover, due to the released drawing, some other people had started coming here recently. Now this was a place that not only had a dangerous environment but also formidable mutated beasts and unexpected enemies within as well.

And what were they doing now? Riding on a enormous battleship shining with a purple radiance in an absolutely unrestrained manner. In this seemingly boundless sea, it was simply an act so unbridled no one could miss them!

As long as one wasn’t blind, one would be able to see them.

"It’s not."

Chen Feng waved his hand.


With a bottle of spirit recovery gene reagent, his spiritual energy started recovering.

"But wouldn’t it be better if we were to make a small boat and cross this sea quietly?" Xiao Rou said with a bitter smile.

"Low profile might not be the key to survival," Chen Feng said indifferently.

Building a boat? To hide and tremble in fear at the sight of others?

What joke was that!

This was a forbidden area. He had exhausted all his spiritual energy and two bottles of gene reagents to produce this Energy Equipment. Something produced in such a manner by him was definitely not a mere empty shell!

Xiao Rou shrugged. "There are no extra functions for this huge ship of yours anyway."

This energy battleship might appear formidable, but it was essentially Chen Feng’s spiritual energy. Even if it was enhanced with some unique methods, it was still not powerful enough. A single full power attack from a warrior at C class or above was sufficient to destroy it.

For example, the Long Yue they'd seen earlier.

Regardless of how she looked at it, Chen Feng was simply courting a grandiose death.

"Please trust Miss Xiao Yue," Chen Feng said with a toying expression.

Xiao Rou: "…"

What could she say to that?

She now seriously doubted whether Sister Xiao Yue’s advice to follow Chen Feng was the correct choice. From what she had seen so far, this guy was simply a lunatic!

Had Sister Xiao Yue thought of how crazy this guy was when she sketched her drawings?


The shiny battleship set off.

Moving in an absolutely unrestrained manner.

In this dusky world of the frozen sea, this ship was akin to a bright lamp.

Soon, a bunch of silhouettes could be seen a distance away from them. This was Long Yue’s group.

The people in Long Yue’s group, who were putting in great effort to fly at low attitude with their wings, saw Chen Feng as well. Immediately, they were dumbstruck. Someone was actually taking a stroll on this sea?

"Should we rob that ship from them?"

A lot of them were tempted.

At this very moment.


Above the battleship, two rows of cannons appeared and uniformly aimed at Long Yue’s group. Purple radiance swirled around the cannons, ready to fire at any time. At this sight, all their temptations vanished.

What was that?

Ion cannon?

They were unsure.

Long Yue stared at the cannons in alarm, afraid that a terrifying power would suddenly shoot out of the cannons.


Their eyes met. Sparks seemed to appear between them.

Long Yue could feel that this battleship was not particularly powerful. If they were to rob this battleship for their own use, things would be much easier for them. If they were to act now, Chen Feng would most definitely fail to block their attacks.

However, that swirling radiance around the cannons was giving him an ominous feeling.

An unusual power seemed to be hidden there. Moreover, this was the frozen sea. It was simply not a wise choice to engage in a battle here.

After a long time.

Long Yue took the initiative to back off. "Go."

"Roger," the rest answered.


Once again, they flapped their wings and flew away.

"Smart," Chen Feng said indifferently.


The battleship drifted away.

In this first encounter with a different party, Chen Feng won without a battle.

Xiao Rou stared at those cannons in amazement. "Are all of those real cannons?"

"Naturally, these are fake cannons," Chen Feng said.

This was simply equipment formed of energy, not a ship built with technology. How was it possible for him to produce an actual ion cannon? This young lady here couldn’t be an idiot, right?

Xiao Rou: "…"


So, he had simply been bluffing earlier?

"Are you not afraid that they will really make their move?"

Xiao Rou smiled bitterly. Chen Feng did not seem like a reliable person.

"They won’t," Chen Feng said indifferently. "However, do you trust me if I tell you that they will take the boat away from us without the slightest hesitation if we are currently on a boat?"

Xiao Rou sunk into silence.

That was because she found what Chen Feng said quite agreeable!

This was a forbidden area. This was a place with no rules!

Faced with any act that would grant one some sort of advantage, one would not hesitate to do it.


The battleship continued forth.

After the encounter with Long Yue’s group, the subsequent journey progressed quite smoothly. They easily traveled half the frozen sea. Just as they were reaching the end of the sea…

In the distance, a group of silhouettes appeared.

Moreover, different from Long Yue’s group, these people were all emitting terrifying auras from their bodies. The very moment Chen Feng saw them, they spotted him as well.

It’s them!

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.

Those from the mysterious organization had finally appeared!

Lei Ming!

Lei Hao!

And three other people he had never seen before.

"Chen Feng!"

Xiao Rou was anxious.

She could feel how terrifying these people were.

One A class, one C class, and three B classes.

God. What damnable squad was this?

"Go, go, go!" Xiao Rou said anxiously.

If they were to retreat now, these people might not be able to catch up to them on this frozen sea.

"We won’t be able to escape," Chen Feng said indifferently.

At times like this, they definitely could not show any fear!

If he truly turned around and fleed, these people would definitely start chasing after them.

"It’s you!" Lei Ming’s gaze was ice cold. This was the guy that had spoiled his spirit sea wood.

The aura of the Lei Hao beside him did not appear too calm either. He was staring coldly at Chen Feng, his killing intent seething out of him. This was the guy that had rescued Wang Yao!

Naturally, what alarmed them more was that battleship!

In this place, there actually existed an item that was immune to the dissolving power of the sea… This thing…

Greed flashed in their eyes.

"It has been a while." Chen Feng waved his hand indifferently. "Haha, I did not expect you two to know each other."


Slowly, they approached him.

"Chen Feng!" Xiao Rou said nervously.

"Don’t worry." Chen Feng waved his hand.


The rows of cannon once again moved and aimed straight at Lei Ming’s group. Immediately, they stopped their advance. Evidently, they had never expected that these cannons would be able to move.

Were these real cannons? Or were these fake cannons?

Ion cannons?

They exchanged glances and ultimately decided to retreat for now.

It was simply not worth getting into a fight at this location.

They did not fear that ion cannon. However, that powerful energy undulation from the cannons would attract the terrifying life forms residing within the sea. The only way to prevent that was to destroy the battleship.

However, if the battleship ended up destroyed, what was the point in them acting in the first place?

It was simply not worth it.

"You should rejoice in the fact that we are now on the frozen sea," Lei Ming said coldly.

Lei Hao’s killing intent bloomed. "After leaving this place, I will kill you."

A powerful aura belonging to an A-class expert started spreading, causing one’s heart to tremble at its might.


They started retreating.


Xiao Rou was overjoyed. She had not expected that, despite his madness, Chen Feng was quite talented when it came to bluffing. He had successfully bluffed two groups of people now.

However, outside of everyone’s expectations, Chen Feng suddenly opened his mouth at this moment.

"Do you think you can leave as you wish?"

Suddenly, Chen Feng smiled.

What? Lei Ming’s group stared at Chen Feng with an expression like they were looking at an idiot.

Xiao Rou widened her eyes. What is this guy thinking?!

"It is really quite fortunate for me to encounter you all here." A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. "If I were to let you guys off after being threatened, where could I put my face? A class? Here… you are nothing more than a dog!"


He pressed a certain button in front of him.


Instantly, a blue radiance started shining intensely.