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Chapter 224: The Furious Pursuit!

Chapter 224: The Furious Pursuit!

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A multitude of icy blue radiances started blooming.

Xiao Rou was dumbstruck, as she had never expected Chen Feng to stir trouble here just as this group of people was about to leave. She had also never expected these cannons to be truly capable of shooting something out.

However… even if they could shoot something out, what was the point?

That was an A-class expert there! What damage could an energy battleship formed by a D class deal to him?

This was supposed to be common sense.

Moreover, even Lei Hao thought the same. Their group blanked, as they had never expected Chen Feng to have the guts to make a move against them. Moreover, he was the one who took the initiative to start the battle. Was this guy crazy?

However… when the blue radiance neared them, their expressions changed greatly.

"Evade!" Lei Hao shouted.


Dragging Lei Ming with him, he retreated furiously.



Light swirled around them.

"Be careful!"

One of the genetic warriors was unable to dodge it in time and was pierced through by the blue radiance. With an unbelieving expression, he lowered his head and stared at the huge hole that had appeared on his chest.


Before even finishing his sentence, loudly, he fell into the frozen sea.


Countless lights swirled around.

A formidable B-class genetic warrior was thus killed.


What happened?

Xiao Rou widened her dumbstruck eyes. Chen Feng had killed a B-class genetic warrior?

"What a fast reaction time," Chen Feng praised. He had initially believed that he would be able to kill Lei Ming as well. Surprisingly, Lei Hao had rescued him.

Lei Hao stared deeply at Chen Feng. "You…"

"Go!" he commanded.

Surprisingly, he led the group as they turned around to flee.

Chen Feng sneered. "Can you escape?"




Multiple icy blue beams shot out of the cannon, creating multiple huge waves on the water as they landed. Lei Hao’s group was evading without stop with unsightly expressions on their faces.

"Crazy! Crazy!" Xiao Rou muttered.

Good gracious. What was she seeing here? A magnificent A-class genetic warrior was being chased after by Chen Feng? What on earth had happened?

How could a mere energy battleship be something an A-class warrior feared? Xiao Rou started studying the battleship and was immediately stunned.

The blue radiance shooting out of the cannons was actually the seawater!

That’s right! That was the seawater of the frozen sea!

These so-called cannons were something with no energy-shooting capabilities. They were merely extracting the seawater before spraying them out. That’s all there was to it.


Xiao Rou did not know whether she should cry or laugh.

She recalled that the last time she'd seen something similar to this, it had been at the theme park. In other words, Chen Feng had created some sort of water gun to kill a B-class genetic warrior before subsequently chasing after the rest of them armed with his water gun?


What could she say to this?




Lei Hao’s group fled with all their might.

Water splashed around them without stop, while behind them, the shiny purple battleship followed closely. Chen Feng had been chasing after them for a straight 10 km.

Lei Hao was seething with killing intent. When had he ever received such humiliation? "Chen Feng, don’t push it with this bullying of yours!"

Chased after by a D-class genetic warrior?

Chen Feng sneered. "So what if I bully you?"


It was nonexistent.

When Lei Hao made his move against Chen Feng and Wang Yao previously, did he hold back?

The moment Chen Feng saw Xiao Yue's energy boat blueprint, he had prepared to do this. Why else had he wasted his spiritual energy to build this battleship?

His intention was to deal with the mysterious organization! Granted, his initial target had been Lei Ming. Lei Hao’s appearance was quite surprising for him. However… even if it was Lei Hao, Chen Feng’s aim was the same: to kill!

If he had the chance, he would definitely end them today!



Once again, several blue radiances shot out of the cannons.

A B-class genetic warrior brushed past a tiny portion of the water bullet. Immediately, a huge portion of his body dissolved, almost destroying one of his organs in the process.

Their expressions were unsightly. This won’t do!

They were sure that if this continued, they would definitely die!

"Chen Feng. You are too excessive." Coldly, Lei Hao stared at Chen Feng. "Do you really think that I can’t do anything to you?"


A terrifying power started condensing within his hands.

He was an A-class warrior! He had a dignity that belonged to A-class warriors! Even if he hadn’t recovered from his previous battle during the dark freak incident, even if his strength was greatly weakened presently, he was not someone a mere D class like Chen Feng could push around!

"This is the frozen sea. If I were to use excessive strength, the mutated beast residing in the sea might be attracted." Lei Hao inhaled deeply. "Those mutated beasts among this mystical frozen sea are something even I do not wish to face. Are you sure you want to attract them out now?"


Lei Hao’s gaze was cold, "If those beasts were to appear… hehe. We will be able to flee after putting in a great amount of effort. How about you?"

Lei Hao spoke forthrightly. He was in A class and his companions were in B class. As for Chen Feng? He was merely in D class!

The only reason Chen Feng was able to keep up with them currently was because they had been limiting their energy usage in fear of attracting those beasts. Hence, the speed of their flight had been quite slow. However, if one of those beasts were to appear, they would definitely ignore everything else and focus all their power into escaping.

At that time…

The slowest person here, Chen Feng, would definitely be the first person to die. Even if someone from Lei Hao’s group ended up dying, Chen Feng and Xiao Rou would die together.

Lei Hao stared coldly at Chen Feng. "Know when to stop lest you go too far."

If possible, he did not wish to perform such an act where both sides would be harmed.

"Hehe." Chen Feng did not comment on that.



Another succession of water bullets shot out of the cannons.

"Chen Feng!" Lei Hao was furious. "You are courting death!"


Abruptly, a terrifying energy started emerging.

At this instant, the terrifying power of an A-class expert bloomed. The formidable yet astonishing power emerged as Lei Hao stared ahead with sharp eyes, killing intent evident in his eyes.

Killing Chen Feng?

It was an act as simple as raising his hand.

Lei Hao sneered. "I will first kill you before escaping with them."

However, at this moment.


A loud sound reverberated from the depths of the frozen sea.

Lei Hao’s expression changed greatly. "Not good!"

Indeed, formidable life forms existed within this sea!



Lei Hao grabbed his younger brother and fled hastily with the remaining two B-class genetic warriors.


Their silhouettes disappeared shortly after.

Currently, not far from the battleship, the outline of a huge shadow started emerging from the depths of the sea. Even before emerging from the water, it was scary enough to cause one to tremble.

Xiao Rou’s expression darkened. "It’s over."

They were not as fast as those A-class and B-class genetic warriors!

The battleship was something that floated on the frozen sea. Due to the current bubbling currents of the sea, the battleship was simply incapable of moving away. However, at this moment, Chen Feng recalled something.

"Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you something." Chen Feng said. "This battleship was assembled using the same energy that prevented the shore from being dissolved by this sea. Hence, despite how shiny our battleship appears to other humans, for these beings that reside within the sea, we are simply the same as a mobile reef on the sea."

Xiao Rou: "…"


She looked toward the direction Lei Hao’s group had fled to.

Indeed. Under the sea, a huge shadow that was furiously chasing after them could be seen. The faster Lei Hao’s group moved, the more intense their energy exhaustion would be. With that, the more attracted the life form of the frozen sea would be toward them.

Xiao Rou mourned them. "How pitiful."

She was now sure that Chen Feng was a freak with a twisted mind. Despite his talent and intelligence, at his core, this was a guy filled with twisted tricks.

Hmph hmph.

My beloved Qin Hai is still the more obedient kid after all.

Currently, Chen Feng was looking at the sea. Suddenly, his gaze concentrated.

That was the spot where the B class warrior had fallen into earlier. His body, his clothes, everything on him was cleanly dissolved by the sea. However, a particular badge of his had survived and was floating on the sea.