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Chapter 225: Karma

Chapter 225: Karma

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The badge was floating on the sea.

"This thing here wasn’t dissolved?"

Chen Feng was shaken.

What item was that?


Carefully, he approached the badge and picked it up. A familiar aura could be felt once he held the badge in his hand.

"This is…"

Chen Feng’s expression changed slightly. The power of Spirit Sea wood was felt! Even if it was only a sliver of it, but it was Spirit Sea wood…

Chen Feng frowned.

The badge he held was light yet filled with mystery.

He studied it and found that this was the badge for core members of that mysterious organization. This was an item only the core members were eligible to have.

"They actually used Spirit Sea wood to make their badges?"

Chen Feng was shocked. Only a weak sliver of the Spirit Sea wood’s power was contained within the badge. However, if the amount of badges were high enough, the amount of Spirit Sea wood exhausted would probably be quite high.

How had this mysterious organization obtained so much Spirit Sea wood? What was the point of making their badge using Spirit Sea wood?


Chen Feng tried activating it. However, there was no response.

Only the owner can use it?

Chen Feng was unsure.

However, at this moment, his Luck Aura abruptly activated. A torrent of power gushed toward the mysterious badge Chen Feng held in his hand, and something astonishing happened.


The badge in his hand crumbled.

All the power contained within the badge was actually absorbed by his Luck Aura.


Light swirled around him, and subsequently, the badge in his hand turned into dust.


Chen Feng was dumbstruck. When he once again checked himself, he was shocked to find that his over 20 points of luck value had now increased to over 500 points.

His luck value had increased!

Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration, "This thing here can actually be converted into luck value?" He was aware that the power of Spirit Sea wood was contained within the badge. He was also aware that the power of luck contained within the Spirit Sea wood was completely at odds with his Luck Aura’s power of luck. However, he had never expected his Luck Aura to directly devour the power in the badge.

It was the same as the previous time. Luck Aura was behaving in a tyrannical manner.

Too strong!

Chen Feng was shocked.

The power of Spirit Sea wood could actually be absorbed in such a manner? This was the second time Chen Feng had gotten his hands on Spirit Sea wood. Once again, it had brought him a pleasant surprise.

"Hence… the first time, the Spirit Sea wood was powerful enough to upgrade my Luck Aura. This time, the power is weak and was insufficient to alter the nature of my Luck Aura, so Luck Aura decided to directly absorb its power to replenish the luck values?" Chen Feng guessed.

With the tyrannical nature of Luck Aura, this was quite possibly the truth.

"What’s up?" Xiao Rou was somewhat curious as Chen Feng had suddenly stopped moving.

"Nothing." Chen Feng shook his head as he shifted his gaze to look in the direction Lei Hao’s group was headed toward. Now he was starting to look forward to encountering them. Mhm… 500 points of luck value per badge. If all their badges were taken by him…

Moreover, would the Spirit Sea wood’s power contained in all their badges be the same? Perhaps it would differ depending on their ranks?

If that was the case…

Chen Feng felt like he had opened the door to a brand new world.

This was genuinely how he felt currently. Luck value’s recovery rate was too slow. One point per hour! In the past, whenever Chen Feng needed to do something, he needed to prepare himself for over 10 days or half a month. Otherwise, his luck value would be too embarrassingly little in amount.

Now, though…

"Mysterious organization?"

Chen Feng’s eyes were now ignited. The mysterious organization that he had previously tried his best to avoid had now become the best exp farm for his Luck Aura. As long as he could defeat them, he could get as much luck value as he wished for!


Once again, the battleship set sail.

Their target was the tundra. The frozen sea was extremely huge. It appeared even moreso when one needed to carefully fly at low altitude as one crossed it. However, for Chen Feng, who was simply absolutely unrestrained in his manner of crossing, the size of this sea did not pose him many problems.

His battleship traveled forth speedily.


With a loud clang, the battleship knocked against the coast. They had arrived! Currently, not much energy was left in the battleship. The battleship transformed into countless light particles as it dissipated.

Chen Feng was quite surprised to find that they were not the first group here.

Before them was an endless expanse of snowy tundra with deep footprints on it. Not long before they had arrived, someone else had arrived here in advance.

Someone else is already here…

Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood.

Immediately after he'd seen the drawing, he had started preparing to come here. With his energy battleship, he had even arrived earlier than the group from the mysterious organization.

Unexpectedly, someone else had been faster than them!

Who could that be?

Chen Feng was in a solemn mood.

Chen Feng studied the footprints on the ground. They were seemingly left by humans yet, at the same time, did not appear human.

"These footprints…"

Chen Feng had a solemn expression on his face.

"It could be some other life form," Chen Feng guessed. It might have been some amphibious life forms from the frozen sea.

The tundra was a unique place. Similar to the frozen sea, a mysterious power was here as well. However, due to this being a place nobody had come to before, nobody was clear on the type of dangers here.

Chen Feng stared ahead. Only an endless white could be seen.



Snowflakes drifted through the air. When they landed on the ground, they melted noiselessly, giving off an unusually odd feeling.

This place…

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

At the same time, Lei Hao’s group had finally escaped in a wretched manner after being chased after by the beast of the frozen sea. However, one of them had still suffered grave injuries in the process.

They could have been considered lucky. Due to the high intensity of the energy they were unleashing in their escape, a different beast had been attracted. In the end, both beasts had started fighting each other, giving them the opportunity to escape.

They rubbed their badges. In a lot of circumstances, this badge was capable of giving them subtle aid.

This was akin to a holy item to them. A mysterious power only the core members were eligible to possess.

"Chen Feng…"

Lei Hao etched this name into his memory.

He had never expected that a day would come where he would be messed around with by a D-class genetic warrior. It had been the same back then at the Ice River. Now, it was still the same.

This early in, out of their group of five, one was already dead and another one was seriously injured. They were now seething with killing intent.

Chen Feng…

Their hatred toward this person intensified.

"We will have our chance," Lei Ming said coldly.

Chen Feng could only act so rampantly due to him possessing an ability that was not affected by the frozen sea. If it hadn't been for that, Chen Feng would have died without even noticing how it had happened!

When we leave this place… Hehe.

"Let’s go. It’s too dangerous here," Lei Hao said with a deep tone. "Little Tian’s injuries are too heavy. We need to leave the frozen sea as soon as possible."

The rest nodded their heads. "Understood."

Fortunately, they were now very near the tundra.


They started flying forward at a low altitude and were able to reach the end of the frozen sea shortly after.

However, when they arrived , they were surprised to see two silhouettes there. The silhouettes were seemingly hesitating, not daring to step forth.

That was…

Chen Feng?

Their eyes shone.

This was truly karma!

Just as they vowed that they would take care of Chen Feng, they encountered him?

"It’s you guys?"

Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly. Instinctively, he wanted to flee.

However, it was too late!


Lei Ming's furious group charged at him.

This was especially true for that injured B-class warrior. If it wasn’t for this damnable Chen Feng, he would not have been in his current sorry state!


Right this moment, silently, Chen Feng fished out a huge, odd-looking water gun. It greatly resembled a toy. However, Lei Hao, with his acute senses, noticed that a long hose was connected to the water gun. It spread all the way until the frozen sea. That thing was…

"Dodge!!" Lei Hao howled abruptly.


The rest of his group had an ominous feeling at that shout.


Streaks of icy water gushed out.


Lei Ming’s group dodged hastily. However, that injured B-class warrior was too close. That, coupled with his injuries, meant he failed to dodge in time and was pierced through on the spot.

"Chen Feng!!!" Lei Hao bellowed furiously.

Chen Feng merely sneered. "Hmph."



A succession of water bullets were shot out while Lei Hao’s group escaped in a sorry manner.

Lei Hao stared at Chen Feng coldly. "I will definitely kill you!"



With a flash, they escaped.


Chen Feng put his water gun away in an unsatisfied manner.

He could distinctly remember that the last time he'd held a water gun in such an unbridled manner was when he'd been in kindergarten. Granted, he had still been badly beaten up afterward, since back then he had accidentally sprayed his teacher's face full of water.