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Chapter 226: Life Forms of the Snow Tundra

Chapter 226: Life Forms of the Snow Tundra

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Snow was everywhere. Lei Hao’s group of three entered the snow tundra with a faint layer of ligthing around them. Surprisingly, when the snowflakes landed on the layer of ligthing, the spot where the snowflakes landed would actually sink down.

"That damnable bastard."

Lei Hao was gnashing his teeth.

This was already the third time they had been played around with by Chen Feng!

Moreover, only three remained out of their original team of five.

Lei Ming’s eyes gleamed coldly. "Should we…"

The reason Chen Feng could be so unbridled now was due to the frozen sea’s power. As long as they went further away from the shore and deeper into the snow tundra, there was simply no need for them to fear Chen Feng.

They only needed to wait here. When Chen Feng arrived, hehe…

"Idiot," the only surviving B-class genetic warrior said as his cold gaze landed on Lei Ming. "Have you forgotten what place this is?"


Lei Ming was puzzled.

Suddenly, a bone-piercing chill emerged. At this, Lei Ming came to himself. This was the Frozen Sea Tundra! As he was too angered by Chen Feng, he had almost forgotten that this was a forbidden area. Even with his elder brother, who was an A-class genetic warrior, by his side, this was still an extremely dangerous place.

For example… that terrifying life form they'd encountered at the frozen sea earlier.

Similarly, would this snow tundra be an easy place to survive?

Lei Ming gulped. "Go go!"

Now he did not feel like staying here a single minute more than necessary. It would be better for him to prioritize the completion of this mission and leave with the spirit sea wood as soon as possible.

"Let’s go." Lei Hao led them as they continued forth.

Currently, Chen Feng had just finished absorbing the badge of the genetic warrior that had been killed earlier. An extra 500 points of luck value were added to his pool.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. "Now I’m even falling in love with you guys."

This is truly an organization filled to the brim with benefits!

However, Chen Feng was clear that this was as far as he could go in this unbridled act of his.

He had successfully killed that B-class genetic warrior due to a combination of multiple factors, such as the heavy injuries on that genetic warrior, his surprise attack, and the power of the frozen sea. However, moving forward… he could only rely on himself.

Since Lei Hao’s group had penetrated deeper into the snow tundra, Chen Feng could not fall behind.

"Let’s go."

From the shore, they tried stepping onto the proper snow tundra region.

However, at this instant, Chen Feng’s sense of crisis flared. Abruptly, he stepped back. In front of him, a white silhouette flashed past. At this instant, the chill in the air intensified.


The white silhouette landed.

It was actually a snowy white rabbit.

Thanks to its snowy white fur, one would almost miss this rabbit amidst all the snow here. From the small and exquisite frame of this rabbit, a power that caused one’s heart to palpitate could be felt. That power was at the very least C class!


Turning into a white flash, the rabbit charged forth viciously.


The white flash gleamed coldly.

"You are courting death." Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. Although he was merely at D class, he was not someone anyone could bully.


Unlimited Wind Blades were activated, powering the appearance of an Energy Equipment.

With his 3,000 points of luck value, under the unlimited Wind Blades, a power equivalent to 10,000 points of luck value were unleashed. Coupled with the amplifier of 200% provided by his Energy Equipment…


Light swirled around Chen Feng’s body. His power increased, temporarily putting him into the realm of a C class.


With a single punch from Chen Feng, this rabbit was killed.

"Ah—" Xiao Rou cried out in fear.

"…" Chen Feng glanced at her. "If you dare to say ‘how could you kill such a cute rabbit,’ I will definitely dump you here and leave alone ."

"Oh, no." Xiao Rou pointed behind Chen Feng. "There seems to be something there."


Chen Feng turned around.

Behind him, amidst the blanket of white, the ground trembled suddenly before it started growing in height.

Chen Feng’s pupils constricted as he looked at the clump of snow that was growing taller before, ultimately, a huge beast appeared from beneath the ground. That was actually a five-meter-tall rabbit.

Its strength was B class!


The huge rabbit leaped.


Dragging Xiao Rou with him, Chen Feng retreated frantically.

What joke was that? Even if this rabbit was not as powerful as Lei Hao, its B-class strength, coupled with its huge size, was sufficient to plant fear in one’s heart.

Moreover… the rabbit’s speed was quite high! Why did such a thing exist?

Chen Feng was alarmed.

He was aware that, as an unusual place, a mysterious power would be contained within this snow tundra. However, he had never expected that, just as he entered this place, he would be hunted by a crazy rabbit.


Suddenly, an even more intense sense of crisis emerged from his heart. Immediately, Chen Feng stopped his steps.


The ground before him started cracking. A three-meter-long carrot was impaled deep into the ground.



Calmly, the rabbit approached while the ground trembled.


It stopped before Chen Feng and Xiao Rou and looked at them with a toying expression, akin to the expression on a cat’s face when it saw a mouse.

This was a beast with wisdom! Chen Feng’s heart chilled as he realized this. This was extremely terrifying!

No wonder…

This fellow here had felt the strength of Lei Hao and was quite afraid of him, so it had waited for Lei Hao to leave before moving against Chen Feng. Nowadays, even a rabbit knew to avoid the strong and bully the weak?

Things were going to get troublesome.

Chen Feng raised his head and stared at the rabbit in front of him.


Red light flickered in the rabbit’s eyes as a berserk killing intent could be felt from its eyes.

Those formidable life forms of the frozen sea would all be hidden within the depths of the sea. However, here at the snow tundra, the terrifying life forms that resided here would appear one after another, especially after sensing unfamiliar auras.

It’s getting dangerous!

Chen Feng clenched his fists tightly.

They were already quite far away from the frozen sea. Otherwise, he would definitely have sprayed this damnable rabbit to death with his water gun! Furthermore, if this rabbit here truly possessed wisdom, he probably wouldn’t be able to accomplish much using the seawater anyway.

What should he do, then?

Chen Feng stared at his own body. The only thing he could rely on presently was this set of Energy Equipment. This was the strongest genetic ability he possessed presently, which had forcefully raised his power level to match a C-class warrior. However, that was all it could accomplish. This rabbit here was a B-class mutated beast!

Meeting it head on? That was simply akin to courting death.

However, if he were to flee...

Chen Feng’s gaze darted around.

With the majority of the energy in his Energy Equipment being wind attribute, his speed was comparatively fast. Regretfully, though, this rabbit seemed to be even better in regard to speed.

Then, only one method was available to him.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

The Energy Equipment was not something that could only be used to form a durable energy armor for himself. It could be also used in a straightforward and rough manner as well. However, this was something that Chen Feng had always avoided using.

Right at this moment.


With a loud sound, the rabbit easily pulled out that huge carrot from the ground.


The ground trembled slightly while countless snowflakes splashed around.


Chen Feng’s eyes shone.



His Energy Equipment started radiating.

At this instant, the Energy Equipment on Chen Feng that was as powerful as a C-class warrior erupted!

That’s right!

All the energy within his Energy Equipment had erupted together at this instant.

A terrifying energy bloomed as all the power of the Energy Equipment was instantly unleashed, giving Chen Feng a short boost of power.



Chen Feng and Xiao Rou vanished, leaving afterimages behind.

This speed was astonishingly terrifying.

This was equivalent to an all-out eruption from a C-class warrior.

"Have we escaped?"

Chen Feng could sense the rabbit’s aura disappearing. We escaped!

Chen Feng’s heart shivered. This place was truly too scary. However, before Chen Feng could even breath out in relief, an intense sense of crisis descended upon him. The direction of it…


Abruptly, Chen Feng raised his head.

In the sky.

A huge rabbit was descending from the sky. The huge carrot in its hand was aimed straight at Chen Feng as a dazzling radiance was condensed at the tip of the carrot.

Damn it!

Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly. This rabbit caught up?


A bone-piercing chill descended as the huge silhouette above them seemed to shade them from the sky. A terrifying power descended, locked down onto Chen Feng and Xiao Rou.

At this moment, Xiao Rou’s high-pitch scream resounded.


Somewhat uncomfortable by the high-pitch scream, Chen Feng covered his ears.

As he was about to try activating his Luck Aura to see if there was anything it could accomplish, he was shocked to find that the tyrannical descending rabbit gradually slowed down until it finally stopped. Next, it started moving backward. Its speed started increasing until, finally, it was only a small dot in the sky…


Chen Feng was stupefied.

He looked at Xiao Rou. "What genetic ability do you have?"

"R-reversing gravity," Xiao Rou said as she panted.

Chen Feng: "…"

No wonder she was so full of vigor!

This young lady had been quite useless during the trip, to the point that Chen Feng almost forgot that this lady here was a C-class genetic warrior!

"Let’s leave quickly," Xiao Rou said nervously. "Reversing gravity won't be able to kill it. It will return soon."

Chen Feng nodded. "Mhm." The both of them moved away rapidly.

After a long time, that rabbit descended from the sky once again, a gloomy expression on its face.

Evidently, it resented the fact that these prey had escaped from it. Its red nose sniffed the air to capture their smell. Just as it was prepared to once again chase after them, suddenly, it looked at the sea.

There… more prey seemed to have appeared. Instantly, the rabbit became excited.