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Chapter 227: The Legendary Fangirl

Chapter 227: The Legendary Fangirl

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At the snow tundra, Chen Feng and Xiao Rou were already far away from their initial position. After their experience with that huge rabbit, they were now extremely cautious. Chen Feng did not dare to slack off at all and kept his Luck Aura – Alarm completely activated at all times.

Somewhere a distance away from them, an ant stepped on an elephant, killing it.


That’s right.

With a dumbstruck expression, Chen Feng was witnessing this scene where an ant stepped on an elephant to kill it. Apparently, 20% of the life forms here had a powerful yet bizarre mutated ability: Magnification. As for the remaining 80% of the life forms here, they were the food of the 20%.


Enormous rabbit.

Enormous ant.

Enormous mantis…

This was an extremely dangerous place.

Every single mutated beast here had an extreme growth in their strength. The weakest of them were at D class, while the most commonly seen beasts here were at C class. Those who were slightly more powerful than the rest were those at B class like the rabbit earlier. They were all extremely terrifying.

As for higher-ranked beasts?

Chen Feng had yet to meet one of them. It was also his wish that he would not get the opportunity to meet one.


Noiselessly, both of them travelled forth.


His luck value reduced by two points.

One point was exhausted when an unknown enemy was detected, and an extra one point was exhausted to lock onto the enemy. After the location of that enormous enemy was detected, Chen Feng easily avoided that place.

This was a place that was actually much more dangerous than they had imagined.

Chen Feng looked at Xiao Rou. "Do you regret this?" This young lady's initial excitement was now nowhere to be seen.

"No." She shook her head firmly and said with a solemn tone, "The more dangerous it is, the more I want to save him! This is my promise to him! This is also what my stubbornness deems necessary to do!"


Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

That did not sound like some normal fangirl.

Was it something this young lady had decided upon by herself, or had this Qin Hai fellow, with his fans…


It was a topic worth further research. He definitely had to ask Qin Hai about this when they met.

Chen Feng stopped his mind from working overtime as a busybody as he stared ahead.

Snow was still everywhere, with unknown crisis hidden everywhere as well.

"This is the next location." Xiao Rou took out another drawing. It was actually a guide map.


It looked like one of those game maps for an online game he had played in his previous life.

"Here, here…" Xiao Rou had a stern expression. "Traveling along the straight line here, we can reach that place faster. We will definitely arrive before the others."

Chen Feng nodded. "All right."

Once again, they set off.

At this unusual place, with the help of Luck Aura and the guidance of the map, they reached the depths of the snow tundra at an extremely fast speed.

Surprisingly, Lei Hao’s group had also reached at the same time as well.

"They should possess some sort of scouting abilities as well," Chen Feng guessed.


They concealed their bodies and noiselessly trailed Lei Hao’s group.

Within this snow tundra, one’s sense of awareness was reduced greatly. Hence, Lei Hao’s group did not notice them. They climbed up the snow mountain in front of them, and there they finally saw Qin Hai!



Dazzling lightning coiled around.

At the summit of the snow mountain, amidst the wind and snow, Qin Hai’s snow-covered body could be seen.

His body was being bombared by gusts of terrifying power while, at the same time, a bizarre glow flickered without stop on his body as well. Every time that terrifying power descended upon him, his body would tremble slightly, akin to someone resisting an extremely powerful shock.

At this instant, Xiao Rou’s eyes concentrated. "Qin Hai…"

"Don’t be in a rush." Chen Feng held her back. They had already been waiting all this while; it wouldn’t hurt to wait a bit longer.

What was important currently was to think of a way to deal with Lei Hao’s group. Or, perhaps, to think of a method to rescue Qin Hai right before all these experts here.

Chen Feng’s mind started working rapidly.

Lei Hao…

Lei Ming…

With his brain working rapidly, he started analyzing their strength.

Meeting them with force? That was simply impossible. Even Chen Feng and Xiao Rou combined would not survive a single casual attack by Lei Hao.


Only one method remained.

Stealing Qin Hai from them!

To take Qin Hai away with the fastest speed they could muster before subsequently leaving this place. As long as they reached the frozen sea, the hunter and hunted might be reversed.

That’s feasible! Chen Feng thought.

Despite the probability of that succeeding being very low, with his fully activated Luck Aura…

Suddenly, Xiao Rou said, "He can’t be moved."


Chen Feng blanked.

Xiao Rou’s gentle gaze landed on Qin Hai. "Qin Hai is breaking through. He can’t be moved."

Can’t be moved…

Chen Feng followed her gaze and, with astonishment, noticed the flickering layer of light surrounding Qin Hai. He was currently in a breakthrough mode!

What was there for him to break through? With all his potential exhausted, there was still something in his body to break through?

Chen Feng was amazed.

Perhaps… he has truly found his own path!


Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled something. If Qin Hai wasn’t in any danger and was instead breaking through here, all that "Qin Hai rescue mission" and "drawing"—all that was simply here to bring him trouble?

God knows!

Without all that, it was very probable that Qin Hai would have been able to break through in peace!

"Even if this is a danger he took upon himself to break through, it doesn’t mean that this is not a substantial danger." Xiao Rou shook her head. "Sister Xiao Yue’s analyses will never be wrong."

Chen Feng shrugged. "Fine."

However, if Qin Hai couldn’t be moved, things would truly be troublesome now. They could wait for him. However, the same did not apply for Lei Hao’s group.


They merely stared at him coldly before proceeding to walk toward him.

Their target was the Spirit Sea wood.

Chen Feng’s gaze sharpened. "They must be stopped!"

His target was also the Spirit Sea wood. However, he had to rescue Qin Hai as well.

Perhaps, Luck Aura…

Chen Feng was about to activate his Luck Aura. Unexpectedly, at this moment, a feminine shout resounded as Lady Xiao Rou charged forth toward them: "Stop!"

Xiao Rou blocked in front of Qin Hai.

Xiao Rou stood there with a lightning-filled sky as her backdrop. This was quite an astonishing scene.

Lady Xiao Rou…

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

Would this young lady be so stupid as to show herself just to die?

Obviously not.

If Chen Feng’s guess was correct…

"It’s you." Lei Ming was pleasantly surprised. "You both are actually brave enough to show yourself just to throw your life away?"

"Interesting." A smile appeared on Lei Hao’s face. When they had been looking for Chen Feng previously, they hadn't been able to find him. Now, without even looking, Chen Feng was here. The sole surviving B-class warrior of the group was staring at them with a toying expression. This was not the frozen sea. Hence, Chen Feng could only die once he showed himself here.

"If you want to touch Qin Hai, you have to step over my corpse," Xiao Rou said coldly.

That frail looking silhouette of hers appeared incomparably calm.

Lei Ming licked his dry lips. "It would be a pity to kill such a beautiful sister here."

"Ah." Xiao Rou shook her head and looked at him, pity in her eyes. "Even now, you are still so stupid. Seems like you will be keeping the ‘Lei family's biggest idiot’ nickname forever."

The expressions of Lei Hao’s group changed greatly. "Who are you?"

Lei family?

Biggest idiot?

How had an outsider like her found out about this nickname?

"Zuo Xiao Rou," Xiao Rou said indifferently.

"It’s you?!" Lei Ming cried out in alarm.

This was a name he was simply too familiar with. Even if he had never met her, this was still a name he would hear frequently in their organization. This was because this name was simply a legend among their generation!

The record holder of the highest mission success rate in their organization!

A world shaking genius of the Zuo family!

Challenging those in B class at the young age of 18!


All sorts of rumors surrounded her.

With the frail body of a young lady, she had accomplished a lot of feats even those geniuses the organization had painstakingly nurtured couldn’t accomplish, becoming a legend!

Why had such a person appeared here?

"That is because," Xuo Xiao Rou looked at the silhouette among the purgatory as a smile appeared on her face, "I am his fangirl."