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Chapter 228: Betrayal!

Chapter 228: Betrayal!

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At a certain location, a member of a certain organization had just returned to the base from his mission. When he opened the door, he was stunned by the stench of blood that assailed his nostrils.

Blood was everywhere inside.

"What happened?"

He looked at that scene in alarm.


Blood everywhere!

In that huge base, not a single living person remained.

All of them were dead!

He hastily played the surveillance video. In the video, a young lady could be seen. Gracefully, she walked out the base. Behind her, light swirled around as the whole base seemed to crumble and the countless people within turned into a mist of blood.

That person was Zuo Xiao Rou!

"It’s her." He slumped onto the ground powerlessly. If it was her, this was quite a possible feat. However, the reason she had done this was unknown…

Pain plastered on his face, he contacted headquarters.

"The 931st base has perished. Core member Zuo Xiao Rou is now a traitor."

The overcast voice echoed in the empty base. The ground was bathed in blood, painting the base with a horrifying appearance.


At the snow tundra.


Lei Ming’s mouth twitched.

You, an existence akin to a freak, is a fangirl of Qin Hai? Who are you kidding?

"Why?" that B-class genetic warrior asked. "Give me a good reason why you betrayed us."

"Reason?" Xuo Xiao Rou smiled. "Is there a need for that?"

"Reason!" That guy’s tone of voice was unprecedentedly solemn. From his body, Zuo Xiao Rou could feel an intense pressure that she couldn’t even feel from Lei Hao.

This guy…

"Previously, the Zuo family had a marriage arrangement with the Qin family," Zuo Xiao Rou said indifferently.

That guy sighed. "So that’s the case."

The Qin family was a family hovering at the edge of becoming an outer member of that mysterious organization. Due to the dark freak project and the Qin family’s attitude, it was ultimately decided that they should be accepted into the mysterious organization.

Arranged marriage would be the best way to get them onboard.

Hence, after a round of filtering, the Zuo family was ultimately chosen for it.

Three years ago, the Qin family and Zuo family officially arranged a marriage between them.

As far as they were concerned, this was simply a command to be obeyed.

However, for Zuo Xiao Rou, the only girl in the Zuo family, for this girl who had been living her whole life amidst massacre and darkness, this was an extremely big deal.

That was also the first time she started to truly pay attention to the things that were happening outside their organization.


So that’s Qin Hai?


So this is what a celebrity producer looks like?


He’s so impressive? Haha, so he is also a well-known figure of the other side?


So, this is my future husband?

A sprout of romance was thus planted in her heart.

Thereupon, she started finding out more and more about Qin Hai. She also started paying attention to the affairs pertaining to Qin Hai, becoming a unique existence among the fangirls of Qin Hai.

These three years were the happiest years of her life, as she had suddenly found meaning to her existence.


It was truly possible for her to become a wife, living an ordinary life? However, suddenly, everything seemed to disappear.

The Qin family was no more. They lost their foundation. All her dreams seemed to collapse. Hence, she killed her way out of the organization. She wanted to rescue Qin Hai! She wanted to be by his side!

The organization?

Their nurture?

Affection toward them?

All these were nonexistent.

There were simply too many existences like her in the organization. They were nurtured like tools, being built in order to increase the organization’s power. However, due to this, they did not have any sense of belonging to the organization.

After all… they were merely tools of the organization.

The organization did not need her. However, Qin Hai needed her. Hence, she was here.

That’s how simple it was.

By her side, Chen Feng was stupefied. So this stupid lovesick girl here was Qin Hai’s fiancée? And she was even a core member of the mysterious organization?

This… how melodramatic!

"Sorry." Zuo Xiao Rou smiled at Chen Feng. "After all, if I had been honest, you might not have brought me along."

Chen Feng: "…"

What nonsense was that? Who would be at ease bringing an assassin around? Moreover, even if Lei Ming was not taken into the consideration, there was still that B class guy and the A class Lei Hao. These two were the most dangerous people here! Would Lady Xiao Rou be able to deal with them?


Chen Feng exhaled deeply.

He readied his Luck Aura, preparing to erupt at any moment.

And now, finally, Lei Ming seemed to have realized what had happened.

"You betrayed the organization?" He widened his eyes. "Do you know what’s going to happen to a person who has betrayed the organization? You…"

"Shut up!" Lei Hao interrupted him before looking at Zuo Xiao Rou. "If you are here for Qin Hai, fine. You can take Qin Hai away."

Lei Ming was dumbstruck. "Brother?"

Taking him away? You are so easily scared? Aren’t you an A-class expert?

"But…" Zuo Xiao Rou looked at the branch on Qin Hai’s thigh. "It seems like he is still using that thing. How about we wait until he finishes breaking through before I bring him away?"


Lei Hao’s eyes gleamed coldly. "Don’t push it."

Breaking through and tempering himself in such an environment was something that Qin Hai couldn’t accomplish with his strength alone. The only thing he could rely on was that Spirit Sea wood. Every single improvement he gained would be equivalent to an exhaustion of a large portion of the Spirit Sea wood’s power.

Waiting for him to finish his breakthrough?

By then, how much of the Spirit Sea wood’s power would remain?

"Since that’s the case, I can only kill you all," Lei Hao said coldly.


Endless thunder started converging.


Zuo Xiao Rou’s hands started radiating as she calmly said, "Under normal circumstances, I naturally wouldn’t dare to exchange blows with you. However, the current you has yet to recover from the injuries you suffered when chased by the Genetic Union previously, right?"

Lei Hai’s expression was stern. "Is this something Xiao Yue told you?"

Finally, he figured out the reason behind Zuo Xiao Rou’s highest mission success rate. It was due to that Xiao Yue!

With those drawings, before she even set off for the mission, she would have prepared thoroughly. This time, since Zuo Xiao Rou dared to bare her fangs before him, she ought to have prepared thoroughly as well! Since he was now greatly weakened compared to his peak, he had to face this with all he had!

"Little Ming, help me," Lei Hao said with a deep tone.

"All right."

Lei Ming did not dare to joke around at this time.


The lightning gleamed as both brothers joined hands. They worked extremely well together as their power started complementing each other, increasing their combat power greatly.


Lei Ming’s attack streaked forth.

However, the moment his attack was unleashed, without him realizing it, his body started floating. The attack that was originally aimed straight at Zuo Xiao Rou completely missed.

As for Lei Hao, his body instantly felt like Mount Tai was crushing down on him, with the weight pushing him to the point his legs sunk into the ground.

This was Zuo Xiao Rou’s power! An extremely powerful secret art formed through four different genetic abilities: Gravity Control. Within her world, she could freely control gravity.

"Unregulated Gravity – Grinder!" Zuo Xiao Rou said coldly.


The expression of the Lei brothers started warping.

Tenfold gravity? Reverse gravity? These were nothing compared to a totally irregular gravity. Only an irregular gravity would bring the highest amount of pain. One would never know the amount of pressure each part of their body or their organs was subjected to!

Moreover… this gravity was changing without stop!

Lei Hao locked his gaze onto Zuo Xiao Rou.

Although his power wasn’t much, he was, after all, still in A class. Only a single opportunity was required. A single move would be sufficient for him to kill Zuo Xiao Rou! As long as his attack landed on Zuo Xiao Rou, he would be victorious!

However, how would Zuo Xiao Rou give him this chance?

"Unregulated Gravity – Guard!"


A layer of incorporeal shield appeared in front of Zuo Xiao Rou.

By himself, Lei Ming was unable to penetrate the shield. As for Lei Hao, despite his attack being powerful enough to penetrate it, after it went through the layer of unregulated gravity that formed the shield, his attack’s trajectory was skewed, missing Zuo Xiao Rou!

They simply couldn’t hit her.

"Is this all?" Zuo Xiao Rou said.


An extra layer of gravity emerged.


Lei Hao started vomiting blood, hatred apparent in his eyes.

If his Verbal Compliance Law was still available to him, he could definitely have killed Zuo Xiao Rou easily. A mere C class, even if the C class in question could skip classes to battle those of a higher rank, would still not be a match for him!

But now… he had to rely on Lei Ming to even have a chance of protecting his body.


Lei Ming’s aura was gleaming unceasingly. The only thing he could do was counteract the pressure exerted on them by Zuo Xiao Rou’s gravity. A large portion of it was counteracted. However, the remaining pressure that he did not manage to counteract was still sufficient to subject them to extreme displeasure. All the different organs in his body seemed to be stretching and compressing at a different intensity, causing him immense pain.

The change of force exerted by the unregulated gravity was simply too rapid. He simply couldn’t keep up with the changes. The saddest part about all this was the fact that he was a C class just like her. However, he suddenly found that, in this battle, he was simply incapable of doing much.



Zuo Xiao Rou had actually gained the advantage despite fighting alone against the two of them. "Trash."

By now, the B-class warrior beside them seemed impatient. A blue light flickered in his profound-looking eyes as he said, "Let’s end this. We should stop wasting time."


He took a step forward, light swirling around him.

However, outside of his expectations, just as he was about to make his move, a silhouette appeared before him. It was actually Chen Feng, the person he found insignificant! A mere D-class gene producer!

He was quite surprised. "It’s you."

Chen Feng, a D-class genetic warrior that was capable of forcefully facing a C-class warrior due to his unique Energy Equipment. However, that was as far as he could go. Before a true B-class warrior, he simply stood no chance.

Chen Feng had a solemn expression. "It’s me."

He was aware that he was not strong enough for this. However, at times like this, he could only put his life on the line. With the full eruption of his Energy Equipment, unlimited Wind Blades, aurora gene reagent, and Luck Aura, all these trump cards of his would be able to drag this out, right?

He only needed to last long enough for Zuo Xiao Rou’s victory and it would be sufficient!

"Are you thinking of dragging this out?" With a single look, that guy guessed Chen Feng’s intentions. "You are actually thinking of dragging it out when facing someone like me? How interesting…"

Chen Feng frowned. What did that mean?

That guy waved calmly. "Goodbye."


With a gentle flicker.


The whole world before Chen Feng’s eyes changed abruptly.


The sky sunk and the ground crumbled.

The whole world seemed to compress without limit. The vast whiteness in front of him reduced until, ultimately, it turned into multiple stairways.