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Chapter 229: A Terrifying Ability

Chapter 229: A Terrifying Ability

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Chen Feng’s heart leaped. He seemed to have arrived in a tunnel made of stairways. Under his feet, only those ice-cold gray stairs existed. Two flights of stairs were side by side, one leading upward while the other lead downward.

At the two sides were pitch black walls.

A weird environment. Chen Feng tried touching the wall, and it felt odd on his hand. The only path available to him was these stairs.

What illusion was this?

Chen Feng was curious. He tried breaking out of the illusion with his spiritual energy. However, it was ineffective.


Suddenly, he remembered his Luck Aura. Luck Aura possessed a mystical ability to convert the data in the real world into a matter of probability. As such, it would be able to give him answers on matters where his judgment was required.

Is this an illusion?

Feedback received: No

Looking at the one point of luck value that was consumed, Chen Feng’s heart jolted furiously. So this was not an illusion? This bizarre environment did not seem to be a digitized world either. What place was this?


He tried attacking the wall. It was ineffective.

From these walls, a power only possessed by those in A class could be felt. Such a defense was something even an A-class warrior might have trouble against.

What place is this?

Chen Feng was shocked.

Is this some sort of cage for imprisonment?

The black house 1 ?

Finally, Chen Feng’s expression started changing.

Even if he had to face a B-class warrior head on, he would be fearless. If he couldn’t defeat the opponent, he would still be able to slow the opponent down for a few seconds. However, this kind of ability that was odd and bizarre was what he feared most.

Now, he had encountered one.

He looked left and right—only endless darkness could be seen. In front of him, only the stairs could be seen.

"If this is not an illusion…"

Chen Feng deduced that this should be a mystical space. Hence, the ability of that B-class genetic warrior should be space related. If this was a space created by that warrior, an entrance and exit had to exist!

"I will know after walking around."

Chen Feng had an unyielding expression.


He started walking along the stairs.

Since this was not an illusion, there was no worry that he would take a wrong step and fall to his death. Everything his eyes could see would be solid things that actually existed.

He started walking down the stairs. However, the stairs seemed endless!

After several minutes of nonstop walking, there was no sign of the stairs ending.

Chen Feng was confused. One had to know that space creation was a feat that required a supply of energy. The larger the created space was, an amount of energy countless times greater than the one locked within needed to be created.

As for that B class? It was obvious that this was not something he could accomplish.

"Something feels weird."

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.


Once again, he walked down the stairs for 10 minutes. When he raised his head, what welcomed his sight was still the endless stairs.

Have I been walking the wrong direction?

Chen Feng frowned.

Would things improve if he continued down? That did not seem possible. This was an independently built space. Hence, that person would definitely not place Chen Feng near the entrance. Otherwise, Chen Feng could have easily left after walking several steps.

As Chen Feng recalled the confident expression on that person’s face, he was sure that there had to be a trick somewhere.

What’s the trick?

Chen Feng walked up the stairs.

After 10 minutes, he finally stopped.

Space creation? Energy exhaustion?


This was simply an endless space.

He had walked at least several hundred steps of stairs, yet the end was nowhere to be seen. He was certain that if he were to continue on, the result would be the same. Such a space was something that did not exist in the real world. Only in illusions would it be possible for such a space to exist. However… this was obviously not an illusion either.

"What’s the trick?" Chen Feng muttered.

Suddenly, he took out a bottle of spirit recovery reagent and placed it on the ground. Next, he rushed up the stairs. Just as he climbed up, he inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

That bottle of gene reagent he placed on the ground was right above him!

On the same position!

Could it be…

Suddenly, Chen Feng realized the crux of the issue.

Regardless of how many steps he walked, he would still be stuck on the same floor. This was actually an unending escalator!



This was not an illusion.

"Penrose stairs…"

Chen Feng was shaken.

The Penrose stairs, or Penrose steps, also dubbed the impossible staircase, was an impossible object created by Lionel Penrose and his son Roger Penrose. A variation on the Penrose triangle, it was a two-dimensional depiction of a staircase in which the stairs made four 90-degree turns as they ascended or descended and yet formed a continuous loop, such that a person could climb them forever and never get any higher. In other words, this was an endless staircase.

Theoretically, it was impossible for such a thing to appear in a three-dimensional world.

But now, this concept that was impossible in his previous world had appeared in this world! Chen Feng had obviously been walking upward without stop, yet he was caught in an endless loop.

This was an unsolvable loop!

This was a predicament!

This was a prison!

"It’s getting troublesome," Chen Feng muttered.


Chen Feng was certain that this was an independent space.

His opponent had first created an independent space before creating an endless loop in this space, making locating the entrance and exit an impossible feat.


Chen Feng collected his thoughts.

Endless loop?

Creating an endless loop with the power of space?

Warping space?

Phasing through space?


This was simply not a power possessed by a B class.

Based on Chen Feng’s understandings, only a top notch A-class grandmaster of space whose genetic abilities were comprised purely of space-related abilities, who at the same time was also a person who had spent all his time on space research, would be able to have a chance at warping or phasing through space.

An ability like this was extremely rare even among A-class warriors!

As for B class? It was simply impossible.

Moreover, if he only needed to casually create a space before setting an endless loop in it, why was there a need to use the Penrose stairs method? He could simply create a circle or a corridor or a jail cell—that would be sufficient.

What was the point of taking this approach?

The answer was simple. Due to the rules of space, all these were obviously feats he couldn’t accomplish.

Chen Feng did not possess too deep an understanding toward the power of space. However, he was still aware of the common knowledge pertaining to space. For example, if one wanted to create a space, an entrance and exit were required.

Even if an independent space akin to a heaven was created, an entrance and exit would be required. Granted, a lot of people used the same point as both the entrance and exit. However, at this place, no entrance or exit could be found. Only the endless stairs were available.

Was that possible?

That was simply impossible to be true.

Hence, where were the entrance and exit?

Chen Feng looked at the stairs above and below him. He was sure that the entrance and exit would be at either the lowest or highest point of the stairs, regardless of which side it was. As long as he reached the end of the stairs, he would be able to leave this place. This was also the reason that such a profound set of endless stairs was placed here. It was put in place to stop the prisoners from locating the entrance and exit.

Hence, he only needed to reach the end?

Chen Feng tried. However, regardless of where he went, the gene reagent was still there waiting for him. He was still walking on the same spot.

"I’m still at the same spot?"

Suddenly, he smiled.

Endless loop?

Penrose stairs?

What a joke.

Since both the exit and entrance existed yet he was still at the same spot, only one possibility remained. His opponent had used some genetic ability to give him an impression that he was actually moving.

Coincidentally, Chen Feng knew of one such ability.