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Chapter 231: The Power of Dragon’s Skull

Chapter 231: The Power of Dragon’s Skull

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Not good!

Chen Feng and Zuo Xiao Rou’s expressions changed greatly. Lei Hao had recovered!

A class!

All those abilities such as Unregulated Gravity or the space secret art were simply a joke in front of an A-class Lei Hao. They were simply in a different league.

The only thing they had been relying on previously was Lei Hao’s serious injuries that were limiting him from unleashing his true power, but now, when he erupted with his true power…

Luck Aura, activate!

Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Feng unleashed all his power.

Seek a lifeline! Chen Feng urged inwardly.


Luck Aura’s feedback: A large scale altering of reality will be required; unable to estimate luck value consumption.

"Use them all, then!"

Chen Feng did not hesitate.


Luck Aura erupted at full power.

Altering reality had always been something Chen Feng did not dare to do due to the huge consumption of luck value. Even getting three pineapples out of a slot machine required five points of luck value. Even when he altered reality with the help of Spirit Sea wood previously, 10 points of luck value had still been exhausted.

This time, with 1,000 points of luck value, he needed to alter reality so that they could be saved from their current predicament.

Would it be sufficient?

He had no idea.


Instantly, his luck value was exhausted.


A bizarre power seemed to disperse around him. However, nothing seemed to happen.

The Lei Hao in front of him was still there, surrounded by a powerful torrent of energy, akin to a demonic god.



Two A-class attacks shot forth.


Zuo Xiao Rou and Chen Feng were both flung away.

They suffered serious injuries from that one attack.

This was simply a confrontation between those in different leagues!

No secret art was required. A mere normal A-class attack was something Chen Feng and Zuo Xiao Rou couldn’t handle.


Once again, Lei Hao raised his hand.

"Sorry," Zuo Xiao Rou said to Chen Feng.

She initially believed that she would be able to rescue Qin Hai. However, not only had she failed to save Qin Hai, she had implicated Chen Feng in the process as well.

"This is still not the time for you to be sorry."

"Ah?" Zuo Xiao Rou blanked. They were going to die the next moment, yet this was still not the time?


The powerful attack of Lei Hao's descended upon them.

Chen Feng ignored the attack and paid close attention to his surroundings.

Luck Aura would definitely work, right?

Even if a large-scale altering of reality was required, even if they were in such an impasse; however, 1,000 luck value had been exhausted! It should display some effect, right?

Even if only a sliver of lifeline was given to them!

Show yourself! Hope! Chen Feng roared inwardly.

It was at this instant that, suddenly, a bizarre wave of light started glinting. From the other side of the snow mountain’s summit, where they couldn’t see, it started rushing toward them.


It happened instantly. The light wave swept past them. At that, all the energy around them was instantly estinguished. That terrifying attack from Lei Hao that was nearing Chen Feng and Zuo Xiao Rou was erased.

That light wave… actually possessed the power to erase all energy!



The light wave washed over them without stop. Apart from the energy that was out in the air, all other energy was erased as well.

Chen Feng’s Wind Blades…

Zuo Xiao Rou’s gravity…

Scholar’s space…

Everything became nonexistent.

At this moment, they all turned into ordinary people.

"What happened?"

Lei Hao was alarmed.

He was an A-class genetic warrior!

He was currently at his peak condition! What damnable power was this for it to transform him into an ordinary person directly? For him to be defenseless against it?

That was impossible! How could such a power exist in this world?

"This is impossible!" Lei Hao howled.

At the same time.

Distantly, fanatical cheers could be heard.

"We succeeded!"


"Finally, he succeeded. Our Long family will rise in power!"

Fanatical voices filled with excitement could be heard.

They raised their heads. From the other side of the snow mountain’s summit, along with the steady sound of footsteps, those silhouettes approached and finally appeared in their field of vision.



A group of people in black robes appeared in an orderly fashion.

Their expressions were solemn and respectful, while from their gaze, excitement and surging emotions could be seen.

They were those from the Long family. Leading them was Long Yue.

The most surprising sight was the fact that on the shoulders of these black-robed people was an enormous skull. Several tens of them were required to carry a single skull.


A terrifying light was radiating out of the skull.

It appeared that the mysterious energy-erasing power that appeared earlier had originated from this skull.



The black-robed men marched forth in an orderly fashion.

Their silhouettes became somewhat illusionary, seemingly blending into their black robes, a gush of formidable yet mysterious power bubbling up within their body.

"Who are you?" Lei Hao asked with an unsightly expression.

"Bloodlines of the Long family," Long Yue replied coldly. "Descendants of the dragon."


Abruptly, Lei Hao’s gaze landed on the skull.

That shape…

That huge skull greatly resembled the dragon from the legends.

"This is the bloodline of the dragon!" Long Yue appeared fanatical. "Hahaha. Even if only a sliver of it is left, as long as we successfully extract it out, our Long family will rise! We… will certainly become the strongest family! Hahahaha!" Long Yue laughed crazily.

They could clearly feel the increase in their strength. After awakening the power concealed within the skull, this place was now their home ground!

As for Lei Hao? Chen Feng?

They couldn’t be bothered with these people.

"The last portion of the dragon’s bone…"

They had been following the trail that had ultimately led them to Qin Hai.

"It’s here!" Long Yue said with a deep tone.

The final portion of the skull was beneath Qin Hai.

"Retrieve it," Long Yue barked coldly.

"Yes." Several black-robed people walked out.

Lei Hao’s gaze was cold. "You dare?!"

Since when did a bunch of C-class warriors start having the guts to be so unbridled before him? How was it possible for him to allow them to take Qin Hai away in front of him?

"I’m not interested in dealing with you now." Long Yue looked at him. "I know you are strong. However, without any energy, you are akin to trash."

Lei Hao laughed. "Trash… Hahaha, trash! Hahaha! Even without energy! Even if I were to use only my physical flesh, the power of an A-class warrior is not something weaklings like you can understand!"


The power of his body surged.

"You want a fight? Come!" Lei Hao was raging. He'd had enough of being insulted by these weaklings!

Forget about Chen Feng. Even this Long guy here was doing the same thing? One look was enough to know that these were simply brainwashed cult members! How could an A-class genetic warrior like him swallow this insult?


He punched out.

Was the physical body of an A-class warrior powerful?

It was!

At the very least, it was much more powerful compared to a B-class warrior. This was especially true for Lei Hao. Being a member of the mysterious organization, the power of his physical body had also undergone an enhancement previously.


"Idiot." Long Yue merely looked at him coldly. Competing in physical body against us from the Long family?


With a loud howl, two black-robed men charged forth and blocked the path in front Long Yue.


Lei Hao felt like he had punched something akin to an iron bastion.

How is that possible…

Lei Hao’s expression changed greatly. When he wanted to withdraw his hand, he found that he couldn’t move his hand.


With a kick by Long Yue, Lei Hao fell on the ground. Next, Long Yue stepped on him.

Long Yue sneered. "A class?"


The two black-robed men took off their robes to expose the firm flesh beneath. At this moment, that flesh filled with a sense of explosiveness bloomed with a terrifying radiance.

Long family’s bloodline.

Class: Peak C class

Strength: 10,000 points

Physique: 10,000 points

Genetic ability: A full flush of body-enhancing abilities.

This was the terrifying aspect of the Long family. All their genetic abilities were body related. The pure power their flesh could unleash was astonishingly dreadful.

At this place where all sorts of energy were blocked, they were simply undefeated.


Finally, Lei Hao smartened up and decided that it was simply too stupid to fight these people here. He should take the opportunity to escape while the duration for his peak condition was still active.

"Scram!" Lei Hao bellowed.


He unleashed all the power within his body.

The power that erupted from him was immediately erased by the skull. However, that instantaneous eruption was sufficient for him to break free from those of the Long family right before his power was erased.


With a flicker, he dragged Lei Ming and Scholar and left hastily. This was not somewhere they could stay.


Before leaving, he gave that place a deep gaze.

Chen Feng…

Long Yue…

Zuo Xiao Rou…

He would definitely avenge the humiliation he'd received here.

An A-class expert like him had to first flee Chen Feng before being beaten up by Zuo Xiao Rou. Next, when he'd finally recovered to his peak condition, he'd been stepped on by that Long family.

He would etch this humiliation into his mind.

I shall have my revenge…

His silhouette vanished.