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Chapter 232: The Unrivaled Qin Hai

Chapter 232: The Unrivaled Qin Hai

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Lei Hao had fled.

Next, the cold gazes of those from the Long family landed on Chen Feng and Zuo Xiao Rou.

"We are leaving soon." Without a change in expression, Chen Feng dragged Zuo Xiao Rou as he retreated.

Long Yue’s eyes gleamed coldly. "Chen Feng…"

He still remembered his grudge from the previous incident, where he'd lost an arm. However, he was clear on his current role as a representative of the Long family. Presently, they had a different priority.

They should first extract the dragon’s blood before looking for Chen Feng to settle their score.

He shifted his gaze toward the summit of the snow mountain.

There, that youth was seated cross legged with countless lightning bombarding him. He seemed to be making use of this lightning to temper his body and break through his limit.

"The dragon’s bone beneath him is attracting the lightning." Long Yue was certain. "He is thinking of using this method to absorb the dragon’s power. How ridiculous. He is actually thinking of stealing the power belonging to our bloodline? Kill him!"


Several black-robed people charged toward the rain of lightning.



Several terrifying bolts of lightning descended on them. Their bodies trembled from the bombardment. However, they were able to quickly stabilize their body. Step by step, they resolutely walked toward Qin Hai. Finally, their hands landed on Qin Hai.


Qin Hai trembled lightly.


They increased their force.

Chen Feng’s heart chilled. "Something is going to happen!"

A thousand points of luck value were only sufficient to chase Lei Hao away and save him and Zuo Xiao Rou from their impeding death. However, it was not sufficient to do anything to help the Qin Hai that was currently amidst the lightning.

However, at this moment, with a flickering shimmer, a terrifying power soared. Those black-robed people who possessed terrifying physical body were immediately flung away.




Loudly, they landed on the ground, like three sandbags.


Long Yue was alarmed.

The eyes of Chen Feng and Zuo Xiao Rou shone.

Amidst the lightning, that silhouette that had remained seated all this while had finally stood up. From that ordinary-looking body, a power that caused one’s heart to palpitate could be felt.

That was Qin Hai!

That power they felt was the pure and unadulterated power of a physical body!

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. "Qin Hai is finally awake?"


Accompanied by a resplendent radiance, Qin Hai’s eyes slowly opened. His sharp gaze swept through the group of black-robed people before stopping at Zuo Xiao Rou.

Zuo Xiao Rou’s emotions surged. "Qin Hai…"

He woke up!

Qin Hai has awaken at the crucial moment! Everything was worth it!

"Qin Hai…" Zuo Xiao Rou looked at this person that had captivated her soul. However, Qin Hai’s calm gaze merely swept past her before landing on Chen Feng by her side.

Qin Hai nodded. "Thanks."

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s mouth. "You are too polite."

It was good that Qin Hai had finally awakened.

"Ah?" Zuo Xiao Rou was somewhat stupefied.

Finally, she recalled a very scary fact: Qin Hai did not know her.

Regardless of how heavy an emphasis she placed on Qin Hai, regardless of the fact that she had been accustomed to treating Qin Hai as her goal, the fact remained that Qin Hai did not know her!

At most, he would have only heard of her name. That was all.

This was a crucial point that she had nearly forgotten.

At this thought, a bitter feeling surfaced in her heart. However, as long as he remains alive…

"Destroy him," Long Yue said coldly.

Wanting to leave after absorbing the dragon’s power? Naive!

"We need to bring the complete dragon’s skull back. Since he has absorbed its power, just take him back with us," Long Yue ordered coldly.


Once again, the black-robed men moved.


The enormous dragon’s skull was temporarily placed on the ground.

Once again, they moved against Qin Hai. However, the astonishing strength displayed by Qin Hai, that pure and unadulterated power of his physical body, shocked them.



Gold radiance bubbled around Qin Hai, giving him an appearance akin to a deity.

Those black-robed men with the dragon’s bloodline coursing in their veins and all sorts of genetic abilities were still not a match for Qin Hai.

A single punch of his smashed them away.

Long Yue’s pupils constricted. "How is that possible?!" He was very clear on the strength of those from his family.

They were all peak C class!

Moreover, presently, this was a place where genetic abilities were nonexistent!

The most powerful aspect of these black-clothed men was not their strength or physique attributes. Rather, it was the formidable physical body they had by virtue of their dragon bloodline!

That, coupled with those passive abilities that were not subjected to any restrictions, was what made them so powerful. For example, increasing their physical strength by 20%!

These passive genetic abilities had long fused with their physical body; hence, these abilities would not be restricted by any abilities. With pure physical body alone, they were already incomparably formidable. No one was capable of contending against them.

This was the definition of a Long family member. This was what these black-robed men were. However, this youth before them…


Another black-robed man was flung away.

A single punch!

The power bubbling around that youth’s body was astonishingly dreadful.

"Such strength…" Long Yue fixed his gaze on Qin Hai. Was this the power of the dragon’s bone?

He had to obtain this!

"Let me do it!" Long Yue shouted.


A seemingly boundless power bloomed.

Veins surfaced all over his body as the terrifying physical body of the Long family erupted. Instantly, his speed increased to the limit as a resolute punch was launched at Qin Hai.

"Hmph!" Qin Hai snorted.


He met Long Yue’s fist with his own. At this instant, a terrifying power blossomed from the collision.


A mouthful of blood spurted out.

Long Yue was flung away. He was actually not a match against Qin Hai.

"Your strength…" Long Yue rubbed his fractured fist. Finally, his expression changed. He was finally made aware of the reason this youth was so formidable. He had actually absorbed the power contained within the dragon’s skull, a power capable of erasing all other abilities!

Erase: A genetic ability contained within that dragon’s skull.

This was the thing that had given them courage against Lei Hao, the thing that had driven Lei Hao away! This was also the thing that gave them their current strength! However, even the Erase ability was with limitations!

The intensity of the restriction it was able to place on abilities was limited in nature. Moreover, only genetic abilities that had actually been released could be restricted.

For example: Lei Hao’s previous eruption. It had failed to erase it the same instant it had appeared. As such, even though Lei Hao’s power had been restricted, he had still been able to flee after the momentary eruption. This youth before them had obviously absorbed this erasing ability of the dragon’s skull.

Moreover, he had reached a point where the unreleased power contained within one’s body was able to be erased as well. That bubbling gold radiance swirling around him was the terrifying power of the Erase ability.

With a single punch of his, that gold radiance would start erasing all the power within the target, physical and energy included. Next, the terrifying power of his punch would invade and start destroying the target’s body.


Instead of being alarmed, Long Yue was overjoyed.

If this youth here could absorb that ability, did that not mean that it would be the same for them?

He started picturing the scene where everyone in the Long family that all possessed terrifying physical bodies obtained this Erase ability, this ability granted by the bloodline—who would be their match?!

At that time, the Long family would truly rise!

Long Yue licked his dry lips. "We must definitely obtain this power! Seize him. Don’t hold back," Long Yue barked his orders.

An overcast roar resounded, "Roger."

"What are they doing?"

Zuo Xiao Rou was alarmed. In the battle between physical bodies, both she and Chen Feng could not help. Initially, they had enjoyed the spectacle where Qin Hai crushed all opposition. Now, though, she had an ominous feeling.

These black-robed men were giving off a bizarre feeling.

"I don’t know," Chen Feng answered with a somber tone.

He had a bad feeling as well.

However, now that his luck values had been exhausted, he couldn’t do anything. The only thing he could do was hope that the recently broken through Qin Hai, the Qin Hai that had just found his own path, would be stronger.



Qin Hai rained his punches upon them. Almost all of the black-robed men were smashed away.



With the sound of an overcast roar, those heavily injured black-robed men that were sprawled on the ground started standing up.

With a flicker of black radiance, an intense power started radiating from their bodies. Their heavily injured bodies started healing rapidly, and their strength seemed to have increased as well.

A protrusion started appearing on both sides of their heads.

Soon, the two protruding points of flesh started condensing as they transformed into flesh-formed horns.


At the same time, a pair of flesh-formed wings unfolded behind each of them.

All the black-robed men, in an instant, had transformed into a peculiar life form that was seemingly human yet not human.

Chen Feng was somewhat dumbstruck. "Humanoid dragons?"

"No," Long Yue answered. "This is the power of the dragon’s bloodline!"


Once again, the black-robed men flashed forth as they made their move. Regardless of their agility, strength, or physique, all were greatly increased. As they moved, afterimages were left behind. The power they were displaying was astonishingly dreadful.



The Qin Hai that had appeared unrivaled earlier had now sunk into a disadvantage position.

Zuo Xiao Rou’s expression changed. "Not good."

Qin Hai is in danger!

Even if Qin Hai was sufficiently powerful with his newly gained power, against such a large amount of humanoid dragons, he would not be their match. This was especially true when Long Yue was added into the equation.

There were simply too many of them.

Unregulated Gravity!

She tried to use her ability. However, it did not work.

Before that huge skull, all genetic abilities were rendered ineffective.

She looked at Chen Feng. "Chen Feng…"

"Let me think." Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

He could not do anything much either. His abilities were restricted, his luck values were exhausted, and his physical body was not strong enough. If he joined the battle, he probably wouldn’t even qualify as cannon fodder.


Chen Feng’s gaze landed on the Spirit Sea wood on the ground. After Qin Hai’s breakthrough, that thing had been left on the ground.

That would be their chance!


Chen Feng charged forth and grabbed the Spirit Sea wood.

"Kill him!" Long Yue ordered.

If Chen Feng and Zuo Xiao Rou were to stand far away to watch the battle, he wouldn’t have been bothered. They were simply too lazy to even waste their time to go over there to kill those two. However, since Chen Feng dared to come over by himself, he was simply courting death.

There was also that branch there!

He had not originally cared about this branch. However, that A-class expert seemed to have been here for it. Even Chen Feng was aiming for it. He was not an idiot. He knew that there was something about this thing here.


This thing might be related to Qin Hai’s act of absorbing the dragon skull’s power. Hence, he would not allow Chen Feng to take this thing away.


A black-robed man charged toward Chen Feng with his powerful physical body. His silhouette streaked past the air, akin to a whistling giant, as he smashed toward Chen Feng at a lighting speed.

Chen Feng was unable to dodge it.

At this time.

"Scram!" Qin Hai screamed.

With a flicker of gold, his silhouette streaked over and smashed that black-robed man away.


Blood splattered.

A bloody scar was left on his back by the opponent he had initially been facing.

Qin Hai looked at Chen Feng. "Have you gone crazy?"

At times like this, instead of escaping with that young lady, what was he doing here?

"How can I surpass you without being crazy?" A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s mouth. "Guard me for a minute. After that, you can leave the rest to me."

Initially, he'd intended to flee after grabbing the Spirit Sea wood. However, since even Long Yue had noticed it, he might as well absorb it here.

"You…" Qin Hai stared into Chen Feng’s eyes. "Fine," Qin Hai answered.

He believed that, since Chen Feng had given him a guarantee, Chen Feng definitely had his methods of getting out of this.


Gold radiance bubbled as he guarded in front of Chen Feng.

The black-robed men charged forth, yet they all failed to get past him.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "Hu!"


Light swirled around.

Once again, a power familiar to him surged.

That was the power belonging to the Spirit Sea wood, the mysterious power of luck value!