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Chapter 233: Heaven-Defying Combat Power!

Chapter 233: Heaven-Defying Combat Power!

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Space and time seemed to freeze at this moment. Luck Aura was activated fully and it started absorbing the luck value within the Spirit Sea wood. Once again, that surging and mysterious power overflowed out of Chen Feng.


Light swirled in front of his eyes and Chen Feng once again entered that mysterious yet hazy state of mind.

Chen Feng was overwhelmed by emotions. "Let’s begin, then."

His Luck Aura was undergoing another major improvement!


As for the overflowing luck value?

"Come!" Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp. Since in this world an ability capable of erasing all abilities existed, an ability capable of blocking off this erasing ability would definitely exist. He was approaching this the same way he had approached the frozen sea earlier.

Now… he wanted to produce an Energy Equipment with such an ability!


The consumption of luck value begun.

The unlimited Wind Blades erupted and started working as the energy supplied to form a clump of silver radiance. Due to the limitations exerted upon him by the dragon’s skull, only this small shining clump of energy was created after exhausting a huge amount of luck value.


He tried activating it. The power contained within the silver radiance could be felt! It was usable!

Even within this restricted area, this thing was still able to activate the usage of energy. Despite the fact that only a feeble amount of energy could be used, despite the fact that the energy could not be transmitted out of this clump of radiance, this thing here indeed ignored the effects of the Erase ability.

This was truly an extremely powerful Energy Equipment.

"Not good."

Long Yue’s group had an ominous feeling.

Chen Feng is able to use energy under the restrictions placed on him by the dragon’s skull? If he is allowed to complete this thing…

"Kill him!" Long Yue howled.



The group of black-robed men charged forth.



Qin Hai’s sturdy figure blocked them all. With gold light swirling around, every single punch of his was world shaking. The gold radiance filled the sky as he blocked all incoming attacks.

That was not an energy-fueled attack. That was a pure physical attack!



The black-robed men attacked furiously.



Since Qin Hai had only broken through recently, he was not particularly skillful with the usage of this new power of his. He did not possess any proper moves to be used with this new power of his either. Hence, under the relentless attacks of the black-robed men, he was cutting quite a sorry figure. However, even with that, he did not retreat a single step.

He would block the attacks that he could block. As for the attacks that he couldn’t block, he would simply face them forcefully!



Punches rained down on Qin Hai’s body.

Zuo Xiao Rou was anxious. "Qin Hai!"

The Qin Hai that had originally had the spirit attribute as his main attribute was only able to break through after using a unique method. However, regardless of how powerful his physical body was…could he truly block those damnable mini dragons for one whole minute?

Would he be able to provide Chen Feng the one minute he needed?


Qin Hai’s body was now painted in red.


Qin Hai’s body trembled lightly.

He couldn’t hold on much longer!

These so-called Long family members had reached the limit of C class after their body transformation. The pure strength of their physical bodies had reached an extremely terrifying level as well.

Seemingly unequaled.

Even Qin Hai was unable to resist them!



Blood dripped out of Qin Hai’s lips.

How long has it been?

He checked the time… 50 seconds—10 seconds remaining!



Gold radiance bubbled. The gold radiance that filled the sky earlier had now dimmed. Not much strength was left in Qin Hai’s physical body either. Regardless of how strong one was, one would not be able to keep taking on the attacks of so many people.

Five seconds!

Four seconds!


Qin Hai spat out a huge mouthful of blood.

Three seconds!

Two seconds!

Qin Hai’s legs were shuddering, seemingly unable to even stand anymore.

One second!


Qin Hai slumped down powerlessly, half kneeling on the ground.

I’m afraid… I can’t hold on much longer?

His face was dreadfully pale, as he had obviously overexerted his strength. That newly broken-through body of his that was initially filled with vigor had been reduced to such a state in several minutes.

Am I going to die?

Despite this thought, a smile appeared on Qin Hai’s face.

Chen Feng, your one minute, I did it!


Viciousness flickered in Long Yue’s eyes as he launched a punch toward Qin Hai. That formidable and terrifying force behind his punch seemed to pierce through space as it neared Qin Hai.

However, at this very instant, with a silver flicker, a hand noiselessly stretched out. Calmly, it blocked in front of Qin Hai.


A loud collision.

Long Yue’s alarming attack was actually blocked by a single hand!


Long Yue shifted his gaze in shock.

There, a Chen Feng that was enveloped by a silver radiance could be seen. His right hand was stretched out in an extremely casual manner, giving an illusion that not an ounce of power was put into that outstretched hand, yet it had blocked Long Yue’s strongest attack.

Long Yue could not believe that. "How is that possible?"

"Is anything truly impossible?" A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. "Qin Hai…thanks. Next, you can leave everything to me." Calmly, Chen Feng walked forth.

The agitated Zuo Xiao Rou rushed out to hold onto the collapsing Qin Hai before retreating backward with him. This time, the roles were switched. Chen Feng was the one blocking in front of them.


At this instant, the silver radiance appeared so dazzling.

Since Luck Aura was done with its upgrade and his Energy Equipment was completely assembled, moving forward, this would be his home ground instead.

"The descendents of a dragon?" Chen Feng looked at Long Yue’s group as a mocking smile appeared on his face.

Indeed, that huge skull greatly resembled a western dragon. Coupled with that pair of immense wings, it truly looked like a giant dragon. However, if one were to study it attentively…

Chen Feng had a faint smile on his face. "Are you sure you guys are not the descendants of a lizard instead?"

"Chen Feng!" Long Yue’s eyes were bloodshot as he stared at Chen Feng. "Are you aware of what you are doing?!"

"Of course," Chen Feng answered, smiling. "The so-called dragon’s bloodline, what a load of bullshit. Do you think I can’t recognize the fact that you guys are simply a bunch of mutants? You guys are simply a bunch of legal mutants! Previously, when I participated in the competition, I met a bunny girl as well. You guys are more or less the same as her. At most, you guys are some lizard mutants."


Instantly, the Long family members raged.



They were bursting with rage.

That noble dragon’s bloodline they had, that strength they had that was higher than an ordinary person's, that formidable power coursing through their veins, was actually "deduced" by Chen Feng in such a manner?

Bunny girl?

Lizard mutant?

They felt deeply insulted.

"You are courting death."

Killing intent was seething out of every pore on Long Yue’s body.


He punched out with a terrifying force.

All the black-robed men moved at the same time as well, their target being Chen Feng!

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "Come."

A formidable power could be clearly felt within from the silver radiance wrapped around him!

The superpowerful Energy Equipment with a power amplifier of 500%!

A power amplifier of 500% might have been reached when a D-class genetic warrior erupted with their strongest secret art. However, that was still an instantaneous eruption, and had all sorts of limitations.

But for the current Chen Feng… there were no limitations! Every single punch of his would be amplified by 500%!

At this place where no energy could be used, only the physical body’s strength, Chen Feng was an unrivaled existence.



Instantly, Chen Feng erupted.

With a punch of his, a black-robed man was flung away. With another punch of his, another black-robed man was punctured by him. From that terrifying silver radiance, a terrifying power was erupting.

Battle! Battle! Battle!



Silver radiance flickered without stop as all the lizard mutants were beaten back into their human form.

Finally, even Long Yue was smashed away by that silver punch.

How is this possible…

Long Yue’s eyes were filled with disbelief.

He had never expected himself to be smashed away by a mere D-class gene producer, more so when they were competing in a domain he specialized in: pure physical strength!

Currently, an alarmed expression appeared on Qin Hai’s face as well.

Chen Feng is so powerful?

To break through his limit, to not fall behind the others, he had chosen to walk this difficult and dangerous path. Finally, his flesh had been strengthened to his current level.

Since his potential had been fully exhausted, it hadn't been possible for him to increase his attributes.

Hence, using such a method, he had thoroughly altered the nature of his body.

Strength attribute limit?

Spirit attribute limit?

All these were now pointless.

He had altered the ordinary human body he'd had into a stronger body! With that, even when his attributes remained, he was still able to unleash an inconceivable might!

This was the path Qin Hai had chosen!

However, this Chen Feng fellow was actually so powerful now?