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Chapter 234: Giant Dragon Something…

Chapter 234: Giant Dragon Something…

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"It’s Energy Equipment," Zuo Xiao Rou whispered. "It might be related to that branch he held onto. This shouldn’t be his regular condition."

She was clear how strong Chen Feng normally was. If Chen Feng was this powerful in his regular condition, they would have ended the battle and left this place with Qin Hai long ago.

"Mhm." Qin Hai nodded slightly. However, his eyes never left Chen Feng.

Regardless of whether this was his regular condition or not, Chen Feng was once again beyond him. This youngster that had defeated him during the competition had once again surpassed him.

Moreover, this youngster had saved him once again!

"Chen Feng…" Qin Hai muttered inwardly.

He was aware that, similar to him, Chen Feng was also a person of outstanding talent. This black horse of the rookie competition was currently growing at an extremely terrifying speed.

Qin Hai’s gaze was resolute. "I won’t fall behind."

Even if he couldn’t surpass Chen Feng, even if he would forever be chasing after Chen Feng, he would not fall behind!


The resplendent silver radiance shone dazzlingly.

Long Yue was flung backward as blood spurted furiously out of his mouth. The other black-robed men were all sprawled everywhere on the ground, howling in grief. This was simply a battle between those in different leagues.

That was an Energy Equipment assembled with a huge amount of luck value!

Chen Feng waved his hand. "Let’s end this."

At this moment, in a bizarre undertone, a chant resounded.


Instantly, the whole world sunk into darkness.

Chen Feng’s heart jolted. What happened?


An subdued chant could be heard, akin to a demonic curse being cast amidst the darkness.

Rays of bizarre-looking red lights hovered up of the black-robed men. Next, those black robes started interweaving together. Along with the black robes, those red rays started interweaving as well, creating a bizarre looking scene.



One string of blood after another was created.

"I… shall not die here!" Long Yue’s sinister-looking gaze was filled with killing intent. "Those who insult the Long family must pay the price!"


Next, a heart-wrenching shout could be heard.

Surrounded by the blood-red strings, Long Yue’s body started to collapse. Countless terrifying red strings twined around him until, ultimately, a huge clump of red radiance was formed.


The red radiance bloomed.


An imposing howl resounded.

Amidst the red radiance, a lively radiance flickered into existence. As the darkness faded, a dazzling giant dragon formed of the red strings appeared in the air. Every single motion and flap of its wings appeared so mesmerizing.

That is…

Qin Hai and the rest inhaled mouthfuls of cold air.

Giant dragon!

It was really a giant dragon!

Even if that was a product created through the power unleashed by Long Yue and the black-robed men, this still signified that the power of a dragon truly coursed through their blood!

The descendants of a dragon…

What the Long family believed was actually the truth?


The giant dragon howled. Its eyes still bore some semblance to Long Yue. Evidently, all the black-robed men had transformed into blood strings in order to assist Long Yue in his transformation into a blood-colored giant dragon!

"You dare lay hands on the power that belongs to us? All of you… deserve death!" the giant dragon howled.


A trace of a dragon’s aura could be felt from the terrifying roar.

The giant dragon’s eyes were shining with a dazzling red radiance and were filled with killing intent. It locked onto Chen Feng before opening its wide jaw. Next, a thick beam of blood-colored light shot out from the jaw.


Only a dazzling red could be seen.

"Chen Feng!"

Qin Hai and Zuo Xiao Rou were alarmed.

That was a dragon!

All this while, a dragon had remained a legend to them. However, now that they had witnessed this so-called dragon’s bloodline and dragon’s skull, it was probable that a dragon truly existed. Even if the dragon before them was simply something that Long Yue had temporarily transformed into, that terrifying might it exhibited was sufficient to plant fear in a person’s heart.

Could Chen Feng block this attack?

Instinctively, Qin Hai and Zuo Xiao Rou looked at Chen Feng.

There, amidst the boundless red, a dazzling radiance abruptly appeared and started shining.

Qin Hai’s eyes shone. "It’s Chen Feng!"



The silver radiance appeared dazzling.

With the Energy Equipment on him, Chen Feng ultimately managed to defend against this attack despite the fact that the impact of the attack had pushed him backward.


The blood-red radiance disappeared, leaving a row of deep footprints on the ground.

"This is the power of a dragon?" Chen Feng said coldly. For some reason, the calm in his voice felt infuriating to his opponent’s ears.

"Hmph!" the giant dragon bellowed.



The blood-red pair of wings started flapping. At that, the giant dragon started raging as torrents of blood-red radiance washed over Chen Feng without stop. That speck of feeble silvery flickering representing Chen Feng was almost completely submerged by the red.


Regardless of how many times the attacks bombarded Chen Feng, that silver radiance remained.



Calmly, Chen Feng punched out, one punch at a time.

Every single punch was accompanied by a silver radiance. At this moment, that formidable power assembled by the Spirit Sea wood was unleashing an inconceivable might.



Amidst the red torrent, he was actually advancing.

One step!

Two steps!


Chen Feng shouted, "Open!"

The blood-red radiance that seemed to cover the sky vanished, and once again, the silver radiance shone upon the world.


Chen Feng leaped and erupted with at least 30% of his Energy Equipment’s energy supply and smashed into the blood-red dragon.


The earth trembled.

A dazzling radiance dispersed.


That enormous giant dragon was smashed away.


The giant dragon stared at Chen Feng, unbelieving.


He was defeated?

A giant dragon might not have been a dragon in the truest sense, but anything with the word "dragon" in its name would normally be extremely terrifying.

Even if there was only a small amount of giant dragon gene in the people of the Long family, when they extracted all the genes within their body and condensed them together to form the giant dragon, the power unleashed was still terrifying.

This was a power that belonged only to their Long family!

However, he had been defeated! Defeated by this bastard here that he could previously eradicate with a wave of his hand.


Chen Feng walked forth.

"You lose," he said calmly.

"This is impossible!" The giant dragon roared, "We are the Long family! We are the descendents of a dragon. It is impossible for us to be defeated by you! Is this due to insufficient dragon genes used? That must be it." Killing intent seethed out of the red giant dragon’s eyes as it landed on the dragon’s skull. "You are the one who forced me into this. The power of a dragon’s skull, the true power of a giant dragon… Hehehehe. Hahahaha."

The giant dragon laughed crazily.


Its huge red claw grabbed toward the dragon’s skull.


A terrifying power started surging.

Not good!

Qin Hai’s expression changed slightly.

The power of the dragon’s skull was simply too dreadful. It was capable of restricting even the A-class Lei Hao’s power. Even if Chen Feng managed to break away from the restriction subjected on him, if the giant dragon were to absorb the power contained within the dragon’s skull…

Their fusion would be the most dreadful thing! The methods of those from the Long family were simply too terrifying. They possessed the capability to assemble the genes from all life forms that contained even a sliver of a dragon’s gene within them to form a giant dragon, and within that dragon’s skull was a true giant dragon gene.

The moment he absorbed the dragon’s skull, what appeared next might be a genuine giant dragon!

However, surprisingly, Chen Feng merely looked on indifferently.

"Chen Feng?" Zuo Xiao Rou reminded him.

At times like this, shouldn’t he be stopping them?

"There’s no need." Chen Feng sneered. "If he chose not to fuse with the so-called ‘dragon’s skull,’ he might have been able to flee. He might even have been able to flee together with this skull here. But now…"


The red radiance shone dazzlingly.

The radiance surrounding the blood-red giant dragon intensified. Evidently, it was absorbing the power of the dragon’s skull.

Zuo Xiao Rou was confused. "Why?"

That was the bone of a giant dragon!

Hence, the powerful gene of the giant dragon would definitely exist within it. How could he…

At the same time.

An odd expression appeared on Qin Hai’s face as he seemed to recall something. "Could it be…"

"That’s right." A toying smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. "It’s that thing."

Dragon’s skull?

Who said this was a dragon’s skull?!

Just because it resembled a dragon’s head and had a huge size, it was a dragon’s skull?

If this was any other place, with such a size and its resemblance with a dragon, there was no doubt in its identity as a dragon’s skull. However, what place was this?

Frozen Sea Tundra!

Here, there were countless life forms that were incomparably huge in size.

If that was truly a giant dragon, how was it possible for such a powerful life form to not mutate here? And after mutation, how much larger would its body be?

No one knew the answer!

As it turned out, this skull here that greatly resembled a dragon and possessed the mystical Erase ability just happened to greatly resemble a different life form that Chen Feng remembered.


Dissolving Lizard

Ability: Release a weak undulation capable of reducing the power of energy.


After coming here, this ordinary life form had mutated into a ‘giant dragon.’ That seemingly ordinary ability it possessed had also transformed into an extremely powerful energy restrictor.

This was what Long Yue was planning to fuse with.

Did he truly believed that Chen Feng was merely insulting them when he jeered at them earlier, calling them lizard mutants?


In fact, Chen Feng was truly curious. He was curious to know, when the powerful giant dragon with the mysterious power formed by the giant dragon genes of the Long family fused with a lizard gene, what would be the result?