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Chapter 236: This Is Too IMBA

Chapter 236: This Is Too IMBA

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Multiple silhouettes were traveling through the snow tundra. Lei Hao and Lei Ming were among them. Just several minutes after Chen Feng and Long Yue started their battle, the second wave of the people from the mysterious organization arrived. This time, all of those dispatched were above C class. Moreover, even A class were included in their midst.

"Are you sure there’s a Spirit Sea wood here?" the leading A-class genetic warrior asked Lei Hao.

Lei Hao sighed. "I’m certain."

If possible, he would absolutely not want to contact this guy here even if he was aware that this guy was on a mission nearby. That was because the moment this guy was contacted, the new owner of the Spirit Sea wood might change. With his present strength, he would most probably fail to obtain the Spirit Sea wood for himself.

"Very good." That guy was very pleased.

Spirit Sea wood…this was an item that very few people knew about. Even those from the Genetic Union or Gene Production Association had limited records about it. Instead, they had simply labeled it as an item of legends. Only the people from their organization knew that this thing truly existed!

Anyone who possessed the core member’s badge would be able to feel that power contained within. Only a feeble trace of it was contained within their badge, yet one could feel that it was an extremely formidable power! If he were to obtain one whole Spirit Sea wood, possessing true power…

He was truly tempted.

Initially, he had been in a mission at a nearby area that was even more dangerous than this area. However, after receiving Lei Hao’s message, he'd given up on his mission and rushed over without the slightest hesitation.

"Ye Tong." Lei Hao sighed. "When the time comes, just share one tenth of it with us and that will do."

Ye Tong was all smiles. "Yes, yes."

Ye Tong found this guy quite tactful. If he only wanted one tenth, it wouldn’t be a problem. As for Chen Feng’s group? They were simply nonexistent to him.

"That Long something family, eliminate all of them! As for Chen Feng, capture him alive!" Ye Tong ordered coldly.


Everyone accepted his commands.

Everyone on the summit of the snow mountain was locked onto by them.



Waves of light started enveloping the summit.

Finally, one powerful B-class scout transmitted the latest situation to them. Currently, only corpses remained of the Long family. Chen Feng’s trio were the only ones left alive there.

A toying smile appeared on Ye Tong’s face. "Seems like they are done up there?"

Interestingly, they'd had their work cut short by Chen Feng’s group.

"Be careful," Lei Ming said in a low voice. "The previous Spirit Sea wood was destroyed by this very Chen Feng."


Ye Tong felt doubtful. An ordinary power could destroy the Spirit Sea wood?

However, he was unclear, since he had never held onto a true Spirit Sea wood before. Hence, he ordered, "Leave Chen Feng to me. You all can deal with the rest."

"Roger," everyone replied.


Flickering around like shadows, they noiselessly surrounded the whole snow mountain’s summit before moving toward the summit.

A new battle was going to break out at any time.

Currently, Chen Feng’s trio had unsightly expressions on their faces as well.

Enemy attack! A huge amount of enemies!

Despite being able to see these enemies through the mini map, they were unable to find an escape route, as the enemies were approaching while surrounding the summit at the same time.

Breaking through with force?

Chen Feng looked at these enemies where the weakest among them were C class, and he could only smile bitterly.

This time, things were truly getting dangerous.

He still had his silver Energy Equipment on him. This set of unique silver Energy Equipment was assembled using at least 10,000 points of luck value. He could clearly feel how terrifying this Energy Equipment was. Every single piece of the silver radiance on his Energy Equipment was made up of compressed energy worth millions of units. Which of his Myriad Illusions abilities were chosen as the attribute of this Energy Equipment was unknown; however, an astonishing amount of power was clearly contained within this set of Energy Equipment.

Even if Chen Feng chose to wear this Energy Equipment on him for one whole year, the energy on it would probably not be exhausted.

However… that was all there was to it. Regardless of the amount of energy contained within this set of Energy Equipment, he would not be able to use it for anything. That was because the attribute of the energy used this time only had a single main function: to defend against Erase. This was a set of Energy Equipment capable of smooth energy circulation despite being subjected to the power of the Erase ability.

This was its function.

As for the true combat power of this Energy Equipment? Peak C class.

Chen Feng sighed. "If this place had not been affected by the Erase ability earlier…"

Earlier, when the luck value had been overflowing, if that bizarre Erase ability hadn't been present, the Energy Equipment formed under support of his unlimited luck value would definitely have been much stronger. Perhaps it might even have surpassed the power a B class possessed. However, could Chen Feng truly control an Energy Equipment at that level?

He was not certain.

"Let’s escape," Zuo Xiao Rou proposed.

Under her gravity control, their escaping speed would be much faster! With Chen Feng’s Energy Equipment, as long as they reached the frozen sea, neither the mysterious organization nor A-class experts wouldn’t be able to do anything to them. There at the frozen sea, Chen Feng was the sole tyrant!

Qin Hai shook his head. "We won’t be able to get there."

By now, the vague silhouettes of those from the mysterious organization started appearing around them.

The one leading the group from the frozen sea’s direction was that A-class expert. Evidently their opponent was also aware of how terrifying Chen Feng could be on the frozen sea, so they were not taking any chances.

There was simply no way out for them now.

Qin Hai’s expression was unsightly. "Damn it."

They had still ultimately sunk into an impasse.

"I’m sorry." He felt somewhat guilty toward Chen Feng, as he was the cause of Chen Feng’s current predicament.

Chen Feng shook his head. "Don’t worry about it." What should he do now? Luck value? He had around 1,000 points of luck value remaining. Based on his experience during his previous situation that was quite similar to their current situation, using his luck value to alter reality might really work.

However, the 1,000 points of luck value were merely sufficient to save them from their current crisis and might bring unknown dangers to them!

For example, when he'd previously used 1,000 points of luck value to deal with Lei Hao, he'd had instead helped Long Yue. After dealing with Long Yue, a new A-class expert had instead appeared.

A thousand points of luck value were only sufficient to resolve a single crisis.


Should he do it?

Hopefully, this is the final crisis.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

However, at this moment, Zuo Xiao Rou suddenly recalled something. "Oh yeah, I still have one more drawing from Sister Xiao Yue. She told me to use it during the most dangerous moment."

Xiao Yue!

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

That mysterious young lady with zero combat power!


Zuo Xiao Rou took out a drawing.

"What is this?" Zuo Xiao Rou was puzzled, as this drawing was yet another energy circulation blueprint.

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed. The previous blueprint had greatly increased his strength, making him a tyrant of the frozen sea. This time round… "Let me take a look." Filled with excitement, Chen Feng looked at the drawing. However, his expression became somewhat odd after that.

This is… self-detonation?

That’s right.

This was a blueprint for a self-detonation energy circulation route.


Chen Feng widened his eyes.

Self-detonation? Is she kidding?

He was clear on how terrifying his Energy Equipment was. The moment he self-detonated, the power that he could unleash would definitely reach C-class. With the strength of his physical body, it was probable that he wouldn’t even survive it. Moreover, against a bunch of C-, B-, and A-class enemies, was there a point to self-detonation?

Zuo Xiao Rou hung her head dispiritedly. "This was probably meant to be used when we were against Long Yue."

Indeed, if she had taken this drawing out when facing Long Yue, it might have been helpful. Unfortunately, Chen Feng had dealt with Long Yue with brute force alone.

Zuo Xiao Rou sighed. "If only I took this out earlier."

If they had taken a shorter amount of time dealing with Long Yue, they might have been gone long ago. This drawing of Lady Xiao Yue's was not wrong; Zuo Xiao Rou was the one who had taken it out at the wrong time.

Zuo Xiao Rou lowered her head. "I’m sorry."

Chen Feng shook his head. "Don’t worry about it." The blame was not on her.

As Chen Feng continued staring at this blueprint, he was suddenly stunned.


With his current strength, if he were to self-detonate ordinary Energy Equipment, the power that resulted might reach C class. However, with the current silver Energy Equipment…

Abruptly, Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

His silver Energy Equipment was simply too terrifying. If he were to self-detonate it, it was simply akin to a small-scale nuclear warhead! This drawing of Lady Xiao Yue's was simply perfect for this situation!


He no longer had his Peril Rebirth!

Self-detonation and Peril Rebirth were simply a perfect match. After his superpowerful self-detonation, he would be resurrected by his Peril Rebirth. However, he had been in too much of a rush when he'd come here. As such, he hadn't had time to produce a Peril Rebirth.

If he were to self-detonate forcefully, everyone here would die!

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. "Hence… is this drawing telling us to die together with the enemies?"


The enemies were nearing them. At this instant, as Chen Feng was staring at the blueprint, he suddenly remembered the first blueprint he'd received from Xiao Yue.

Body separation…


Suddenly, Chen Feng’s eyes shone brightly. So that’s the case!

Chen Feng laughed heartily. "Haha! I got it!"

Qin Hai and Zuo Xiao Rou were dumbstruck. Had this kid gone crazy?

Chen Feng pulled Zuo Xiao Rou over and whispered to her, "Xiao Rou, do this…"

Currently, Lei Hao’s group had reached the depth of the snow tundra. The silhouettes of Chen Feng’s group were already visible for them.

Ye Tong had a faint smile. "So they are the ones who beat you back?"

"…" Lei Hao’s lips twitched. "Be careful lest the Erase’s power is still around."

"I will take note," Ye Tong said calmly.

What a joke. Since he already knew about that ability in advance, he would make his move outside the Erase’s area of effect. These mere C-class and D-class kids wouldn’t be able to accomplish much against him.

"Prepare!" Ye Tong commanded.


Everyone moved to their positions.

However, at this moment, from the snow mountain’s summit, there was an abrupt flash of silver. Chen Feng, who was bathed in silver radiance, had charged forth at an extreme speed, charging toward Ye Tong!

Has he gone insane?

Just as everyone was bewildered, the silver streak abruptly somersaulted in the air. Next, Chen Feng rolled out of the Energy Equipment, separating his body from the Energy Equipment!


That Energy Equipment that was radiating silver continued its charge toward Ye Tong, akin to an artillery shell!