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Chapter 237: Brother, Does This Scene Look Familiar?

Chapter 237: Brother, Does This Scene Look Familiar?

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At this instant, that dazzling silver radiance seemed to be the only existence in the world. That set of armor that had separated from Chen Feng maintained its high momentum as it charged toward Ye Tong.

Everyone else was dumbstruck.

This works? What type of an attack could this be considered as?

No one could answer that. This was also the first time they had seen such an attacking method. The Energy Equipment could actually be used in such a manner!

However, even if they lacked knowledge of such a manner of attack, they could clearly feel the terrifying power contained within the Energy Equipment. Currently, that silver Energy Equipment was radiating a might terrifying enough to cause one’s heart to palpitate.

The power was at…

C class!

Peak C class!

B class!

Peak B class!

The power it radiated was increasing without stop.


It reached A class!

"How is that possible?" they exclaimed in alarm.

A class! Chen Feng’s Energy Equipment had unleashed A-class power?! How was that possible?!

Even if the Energy Equipment had yet to explode, the occasional aura it radiated was sufficient to cause incomparable horror to the others. This was truly the power of an A class! It was also the strongest attack Chen Feng had unleashed so far.



Countless people got out of the way in horror.

Everyone except Ye Tong, who merely sneered as a response.

"A class? This is a power you reached after employing some methods, right? Hehe." Ye Tong shook his head slightly. "Child, do you think that in the world of A classes, it’s only a matter of might? Such an idiotic attack, even if it contained the might of A class…" He sighed.

This attack of Chen Feng's was indeed mighty. However, that was all there was to it. It might have a powerful might behind it, but such an idiotic manner of attack would never hit its target!

What did the power of an A class look like?

A good example would be the battle at the Ice River back then.

Mount Tai’s Suppression!

The Region of Nine Suns!

So many A-class abilities had been unable to achieve the desired effect. What was the reason for that? It was because of the method of attack!

When one party attacked, did that mean that the enemy did not know how to defend?

Back then, only Lei Hao’s Verbal Compliance Law had been able to display the greatest effect. That was because his attack had ignored defense and everything else to directly appear on Wang Yao’s body.

That was the scariest type of attack. As for this self-detonating Energy Equipment of Chen Feng's?

Ye Tong laughed.

It might have had the power of an A class, but this was definitely the most idiotic A-class attack Ye Tong had ever witnessed.


That silver radiance streaked forth like an artillery shell as it moved straight ahead and smashed into the snowy ground.


Bringing along the people near him, Ye Tong retreated several hundred meters backward.

This distance was sufficient!


Finally, it ended with an astonishing silver blossom.

The earth trembled and the heavens and earth seemed to have been pierced through by a single silver beam of light.

It exploded.

It had truly exploded.

As that terrifying A-class attack exploded, within a circumference of a hundred meters around it, there was not a single survivor. Several B-class genetic warriors that had not been able to escape in time were directly disintegrated into ashes.

This was the power of an A class!

Moreover, the areas that were further away were also hit by the shockwave of this attack.


Countless B-class and C-class genetic warriors suffered heavy injuries.

However…further away, a larger amount of them were safe and sound.

Calmly, Ye Tong activated a defensive barrier as they stood several hundreds of meters away from the center of explosion as he easily blocked the attack.

Killing him?

What a joke.



The silver radiance shined without stop while Ye Tong easily blocked all attacks on him, appearing extremely tyrannical.

So powerful. Even the heart of Lei Hao jolted. This guy is even stronger now compared to the last time I met him. It seems like I need to recover from my injuries as soon as possible now.

After a long time, the silver faded.

On the snowy ground where the Energy Equipment had landed, a huge abyss had appeared. It was so deep the bottom of it couldn’t be seen, sufficient to showcase the horror of that self-detonation earlier.

However… Ye Tong, Lei Hao, and the rest were safe and sound!

Several B-class and C-class genetic warriors that were slow had been killed. However, this did not have much effect on their strength as a whole.

Then… time to end this?

Calmly, Ye Tong looked over.

At this moment, Chen Feng and the rest were already on their way down the snow mountain.

"Kill!" Ye Tong ordered coldly.

Lei Hao had a sudden ominous feeling. "Wait."

The scene before their eyes was so similar to the scene back then during the Ice River battle! Back then, it was this very unremarkable Chen Feng that had rescued Wang Yao, causing all his efforts to be fruitless!

Now, without Wang Yao here, there shouldn’t have been any problems with only Chen Feng here. However…

Suddenly, Lei Hao’s heart trembled. That was because, right at this moment, outside of everyone’s expectations, Chen Feng smiled.

"Heh, brother." Chen Feng waved his hand at Lei Hao. "Don’t you feel like this scene looks quite familiar?"

"…" Lei Hao fixed his eyes on Chen Feng.

Ye Tong sneered. "What are you afraid of?"

Without the power of the Erase ability here and with that silver Energy Equipment gone, the current Chen Feng was simply trash. What was there to be scared of?!

"Kill!" Ye Tong commanded his underlings to kill Qin Hai and Zuo Xiao Rou while he started approaching Chen Feng to capture him alive.

However, it was at this moment that, from Chen Feng’s hands, an abrupt, intense radiance appeared.

Seemingly endless energy started gushing out and formed a huge water gun in his hand. At the back of the water gun, a hose was inserted into the newly created pit. There… the seawater of the frozen sea could be seen gushing out.

"Not good!" Finally, Lei Hao figured out the source of his sense of crisis. Lei Hao shouted, "Flee, quick!"

However, it was too late!




Suddenly, a blue torrent shot out.

It was aimed straight at Ye Tong, who was the nearest to Chen Feng!

What is that?! Ye Tong had extremely high awareness. The first instant he saw that blue radiance, his A-class defense activated. However, what horrified him was the fact that his A-class defense was akin to paper at this moment…

Finally, Ye Tong had an ominous feeling. Dodge!


Even if the speed at which he dodged was extremely fast—enough for the icy blue torrent that was initially aimed at his chest to miss by a wide margin—due to him being too near, he ultimately still failed to completely avoid it!


He was sprayed a face full of water by Chen Feng.


Half his face dissolved on the spot as a mournful scream pierced the skies.

"No—Don’t!" Ye Tong was horrified.

How had this happened?

He was an A-class expert! Yet he was disfigured by a D-class gene producer?

Ye Tong could not believe this.

Idiot. Lei Hao cursed inwardly.

Had this guy forgotten what place this was due to him being at A class for way too long? This was the Frozen Sea Tundra! An unexplored forbidden area!



A multitude of icy blue radiances shot out.


Everyone escaped in a sorry manner.

Suddenly, Ye Tong screeched, "Chen Feng!!!"

The pain did not faze him, as he had simply been in countless dangerous situations. Earlier, he had used an emergency healing gene reagent, the strongest A-class healing reagent, on himself.

However… half his face was still disfigured! Even if his flesh were to regrow there, his face would still appear dreadful. His previous appearance would never return to him!

"Chen Feng… you!!" Ye Tong appeared deranged. His terrifying shout resounded, "I want to kill you!!!"



Ye Tong started raging.

His silhouette flickered as he transformed into countless sharp gleams that streaked toward Chen Feng.

However, under the endless icy blue torrents, he was simply unable to near Chen Feng. As long as he approached Chen Feng, what welcomed would be the never-ending streams of icy seawater that were attacking indiscriminately.

Chen Feng sneered. Getting revenge on me? How naive!



His super powered water gun started bursting without stop as two more enemies fell to him.

Powered by energy, this superpowered water gun could shoot further without stronger might!

At the same moment, a genetic warrior that was already several hundreds of meters away was staring at the gush of water that was randomly sprayed at him with despair on his face.


The icy blue landed on him.

He widened his eyes abruptly, as that water had actually lost its effect this time.

How could this…

That’s right!

He was immediately overjoyed as he shouted, "The water will be ineffective three seconds after it leaves the body of water. As long as we are outside this range, he will not be able to harm us."

So that’s the case.

Everyone felt enlightened.


They all started retreating.



The icy seawater shot out by Chen Feng no longer appeared mighty.

"Hahaha." Ye Tong laughed malevolently as hatred seethed out of his eyes. "Watch how I torture and kill you!"

A radius of several hundred meters! For A-class warriors like them, this was not a problem. They started surrounding Chen Feng, evidently planning to kill Chen Feng outside his attacking range.

"You are dead!"

Ye Tong’s face twisted.

Even now, he could still feel that searing pain on his face.

"Is that so?"

Chen Feng smiled. Next, he dragged Qin Hai and Zuo Xiao Rou as they leaped into the abyss.


When Ye Tong and the rest reached the vicinity of the abyss, they found that Chen Feng had assembled a purple submarine and was noiselessly sinking into the water…


Ye Tong was dumbstruck.