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Chapter 238: You Guys Are Not Idiots, Right?

Chapter 238: You Guys Are Not Idiots, Right?

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Chen Feng had escaped right in front of all of them.

Just like that, in an absolutely unrestrained manner, he'd used his Energy Equipment ability to assemble a submarine. Ye Tong knew that a casual attack from him would be sufficient to destroy that thing. However, he couldn’t hit it!



His attacks rained down crazily. However, all of his attacks dissolved the moment they reached the seawater. Not all types of energy were capable of ignoring the power of the icy seawater. Apart from Chen Feng, these people would be stumped in this aspect.

It’s over just like this?

The people behind Ye Tong had bewildered expressions. So... they had abandoned their initial mission to come over here to ambush Chen Feng, only to suffer countless casualties and have their A-class expert Ye Tong’s face disfigured. Then their enemy escaped right in front of their face in a grandiose fashion with them unable to do anything except look at his escape? Even when they had two A-class experts with them?


"They won’t be able to go far," someone suddenly said. "That so-called submarine is most certainly an empty shell."

That’s right. Chen Feng definitely had zero mechanical knowledge, such as the data required to build a proper submarine. Hence, this Energy Equipment he'd forged was simply an empty shell!

He would be able to control the submarine’s movement through energy usage. How about the other factors? For example, air!

"There’s no air underwater," someone cried out in alarm.

"Even if they have managed to escape from us, they are still going to die."

"True that. The frozen sea is too far away from here. The air within the submarine is definitely not enough to last them even one tenth of the route to the open frozen sea area."

"They will definitely come out."

Everyone analyzed.

"Very good." Ye Tong was seething with killing intent.

He was certain that, among that trio, none of them had air related ability.

"Blockade this abyss here! When they come out, kill without mercy!" Ye Tong’s killing intent was evident.

They stared resolutely at the abyss. "Roger!"

They had been careless earlier. This time, as long as Chen Feng’s group revealed themselves for even a single instant, relentless attacks would be what welcomed them!

Chen Feng would surely die!

Naturally, they could also choose to not show themselves and instead drown to death under the water.

Will this work?

Lei Hao watched on with a frown on his face.

Theoretically, their plan was flawless. However, he had an indescribable feeling that something somewhere was wrong. As long as the opponent was Chen Feng, some bizarre thing would always happen.

"Hopefully, there’s no problem…" Lei Hao muttered.

If they failed to capture Chen Feng, their losses this time around were simply too disastrous! Moreover, based on his understanding of Ye Tong, this guy was extremely narcissistic when it came to his looks. It was very probable for this guy to become his enemy due to this!

At this thought, the Lei Hao brothers fixed their gazes at the abyss as well.

Snowflakes drifted down as time passed.

The sky darkened, and the snow tundra became even colder.

Currently, within the endless frozen sea, a purple radiance could be seen. Chen Feng’s group was still submerged within the water. From the rear of the submarine, a succession of bubbles rumbled out.


Zuo Xiao Rou inhaled deeply. "Wow, the air here is so fresh," she exclaimed in admiration.

She had originally thought that the interior of this small submarine would be very stifling.

Chen Feng merely laughed. "Hehe."

What nonsense. You are breathing in highly concentrated oxygen! Of course it’s fresh.

At the front part of the submarine, energy spread out without stop to ionize the seawater…

The icy seawater was, in essence, ordinary seawater as well. Its mysteriousness did not stem from the water itself. Instead, it originated from that mysterious power contained within the water. They only needed to absorb the water into the submarine and wait for three seconds for the water to lose its effectiveness and transform into common seawater. Next, they would use the energy of the submarine to ionize and extract oxygen and hydrogen out of it…

Naturally, with the strength of their current body, oxygen toxicity was no longer a concern, as they were able to easily adapt to such purity of oxygen. As for the separation of other gaseous substances and impurities, a low amount of luck value was exhausted to easily deal with them.

It was simply too easy. The path this world had undertaken for its development was different. This was the genetic era, the era where utmost strength was the pursuit of the masses. Hence, in this world, this knowledge was not taught during compulsory education—only combat and gene-related knowledge was taught.

Granted, this information would be available in science books, but no one paid attention to those. Naturally, if Chen Feng knew that Ye Tong’s group was currently waiting for him at the abyss, he would probably laugh himself to death at this idiotic act of theirs.


The submarine traveled in an aloof manner. Occasionally, the gigantic creatures of the seabed would pass them by, as evidenced by the huge shadows that brushed past their submarine, alarming them. Fortunately, for these creatures, that purple energy projected an indescribable pressure onto them, because it was ingrained in these creatures’ brains that such energy capable of ignoring the icy seawater’s power would only appear on reefs or the shore.

As far as they were concerned, this signified unknown danger that they should avoid.



They traveled amidst the flowing seawater and were appreciating the rarely seen scenery of the seabed.

This is simply so much better compared to a marine park… Chen Feng lamented.

Qin Hai started to stir. "These life forms of frozen sea are at least A class!"

After absorbing a portion of the magnified lizard’s power, he had gained a physical body that was unrivaled in C class, with his true combat power being unrivaled in D class. If he were to absorb the power of the frozen sea’s life forms…

"Qin Hai…" Zuo Xiao Rou’s gaze was filled with gentleness and infatuation.

At this, Qin Hai’s head ached. Earlier, she had already told him her identity. He had finally recalled who this young lady was. However, he truly wasn't that close to her! What age were they living in for her to believe in arranged marriage? Even the whole Qin family was already gone! But this young lady here had specifically come over to rescue him…


For this issue, Qin Hai was at a loss as well. He could only let nature takes its course and let everything happen naturally for now.

Qin Hai appeared amazed. "Chen Feng, look at that ice shark."

Zuo Xiao Rou: "…"

Chen Feng: "…"

What an awkward way of changing the topic.

"I won’t force you." Zuo Xiao Rou’s gaze softened yet, at the same time, filled with resoluteness. "However, I will definitely make you fall in love with me. Because I am Zuo Xiao Rou, the unique and unmatched Zuo Xiao Rou!"

" Up? 1 " Chen Feng said in amazement. Usage of words was in itself an art.

"What?" Evidently, Zuo Xiao Rou did not understand him.

Chen Feng coughed. "Nothing."

Beside him, Qin Hai glared at this troublemaker grudgingly.

The snow tundra was extremely huge. The frozen sea beneath the snow tundra was even larger. Unhurriedly, the submarine drifted under the water. Chen Feng did not dare to speed up, since he was worried that he would accidentally knock into some random life forms of the frozen sea and cause an underwater explosion.

The night passed quietly.

At the snow tundra, in front of a certain pit, Ye Tong’s group was freezing their asses off waiting for Chen Feng. With blank expressions, they stared at the surface of the water, which appeared so calm. A whole night had passed, yet nothing had come out!

Was Chen Feng dead?

Nope. They had probably escaped.

"Maybe they have some item capable of producing oxygen…" someone guessed.

Ye Tong was ashen faced.

He could not believe that Chen Feng had even prepared for this before coming here. However, from what he had seen, he had no choice but to believe this was the case.

Chen Feng had truly escaped!


Veins surfaced on Ye Tong’s forehead. At that, that disfigured face of his appeared twisted, giving him an extremely dreadful appearance.

Ye Tong’s killing intent was surging. "I will kill you sooner or later!"

Behind him, everyone else sunk into silence out of fear.

Even Lei Hao did not dare to provoke Ye Tong at this moment, lest this guy really go crazy and blame this on him. That wouldn’t be worth it.

Ultimately, Ye Tong ordered their withdrawal. "Go!"

This mission of the mysterious organization's had ultimately concluded in failure.

The snow tundra recovered its tranquility.

After an unknown amount of time, suddenly, an old man appeared. Calmly, he walked along the freezing snow tundra before ultimately stopping at the snow mountain’s summit.

He felt a familiar aura from this place.

"Old friend… I can feel your bloodline."


Slowly, he reached out with his hand.


Noiselessly, the snow on the ground started melting, revealing the corpse of Long Yue.


The old man contemplated.


He spread his right hand. At that, a bizarre radiance appeared and started swirling. With Long Yue as the center, bizarre changes started occurring around him. At the same time, Long Yue’s body gradually transformed as well.

Suddenly, that heart that had been immobile for a long time started beating again.



Long Yue was revived!

If someone else was here, they would have been extremely shocked to find that this was the power of time! In this world, there actually existed someone capable of controlling time!



Long Yue’s heart started pulsing in a lively manner. Blankly, Long Yue reopened his eyes, evidently not understanding what had happened.


The old man pointed at the empty air. Next, the earlier scene replayed itself in Long Yue’s brain. Evidently, he was too lazy to explain what had happened. Hence, he employed such a simple method to let Long Yue know what had happened.

Long Yue knelt down to express his gratitude. "Thank you, senior, for saving my life."

This was a genuine expert! He could sense that the power of this senior was much higher than all those so-called A-class experts! That terrifying power of his was sufficient to plant fear in anyone!

"No worries." The old man shook his head slightly. "I merely felt the bloodline of an old friend from your body. However feeble and impure the bloodline is, it’s still my old friend’s bloodline."


Long Yue shivered as he recovered his cool.

His bloodline was the giant dragon’s bloodline! However, how was it possible for this old man’s old friend to be a giant dragon? One had to know that the era where the giant dragon was alive was…


Suddenly, he recalled that this old man here controlled the power of time. Did that not signify immortality? If that was the case, it wouldn’t be odd for this old man to have had a giant dragon as a friend, even if giant dragons had only been alive during that era!

Long Yue’s emotions surged.

He knew that this might be a gargantuan fortuitous encounter he had stumbled upon!

Long Yue knelt on the ground."I earnestly beg for senior’s guidance."

"Whatever." The old man sighed. "Since we met, this can be considered as fate. My old friend had been gone for a very long time. If you are able to once again display the same splendor belonging to him, it can serve as a consolation. Since that’s the case, let me awake the bloodline within your body."


The bizarre radiance started swirling around.

As his emotions surged, Long Yue kowtowed to express his gratitude. "Many thanks!"

He knew that this was a gargantuan fortuitous encounter for him. From now onward, he would be reincarnated as a giant dragon! He would probably be the very first possessor of a true giant dragon’s bloodline among the Long family!


The old man waved his hand.

Long Yue could feel the genes within his body burning.

He knew it.

He was returning to his roots! This was the power of time!

"Since you have reawakened your bloodline, do not forget to pass on this bloodline to the future generations. In this world, you are his sole heir."

At that, the faint voice of the old man vanished together with his body, as if he had never appeared here. Amidst the snowy ground, only Long Yue remained, undergoing a body evolution.


Power swirled around him as he completed his evolution!

His heart was overwhelmed by emotion!

From today onward, his new identity would be the heir of the giant dragon. Those people such as Chen Feng and Qin Hai and even the Long Yue of the past were merely things that he would surpass!

"Hahahahaha! Let me take a look at my present prowess!"


Long Yue tried activating the power of a dragon.


It couldn’t be found!


Confused, Long Yue started observing his own body. Immediately, his expression changed abruptly. This was because he had alarmingly found that the entire dragon’s bloodline in his body had disappeared! Only a never-before-seen bloodline was left coursing within him!

Could it be…

With an unbelieving expression, Long Yue continued studying this bloodline.

That’s right, he had indeed inherited a formidable bloodline. That old man had indeed reconstructed his bloodline. However, that old man’s good friend, the one who had seemingly died a very long time ago, was simply not a giant dragon. Rather, it was the owner of that lizard skull they had been lugging around earlier!

In other words… he was now a lizard??

After a long time, a bitter shout soared up to the heavens.

"Old man, f*ck you!"