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Chapter 239: Improve!

Chapter 239: Improve!

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Chen Feng and the rest returned to Star City. His success in bringing Qin Hai back kicked off a huge uproar. Online, countless people were discussing this. Currently, Chen Feng was summarizing his gains during this period.

1. Luck Aura’s upgrade!

His present Luck Aura had become much more powerful after undergoing two upgrades. Whether it was Lockdown or Alarm, both worked much better now.

2. Methods of using Energy Equipment.

With Lady Xiao Yue’s help, Chen Feng’s combat power had increased significantly after learning two unique methods of operating Energy Equipment: body separation and self-eruption! When used in tandem with his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade, which was capable of unleashing a multitude of different genetic abilities, Chen Feng was now capable of nearly everything!

His combat power had now increased significantly!

Naturally, these methods had only given him a multipurpose power and a formidable combat power. However, the moment he faced a power that exceeded what he could presently handle, he would still be helpless.

For example: B class!

"If I were to go all out, I should be able to reach a power equivalent to a C class," Chen Feng deducted.

He himself was already a middle tier D class. With 3,000 points of spiritual energy and an Energy Equipment assembled by his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade, his combat power would reach C class, giving him the ability to skip his current D class to challenge those of C class!

However, this was far from enough for him.

He inhaled deeply.

C class? In a true war, C classes were mere cannon fodder!

He thought of the recent Frozen Sea Tundra incident. Even the A-class Lei Hao had suffered great damage, and the A-class Ye Tong's face had been disfigured. Apart from that, countless B class and C class had been lost!

Next, he thought of the upcoming Star City battle…

Chen Feng closed his eyes. The apocalypse-like scene once again reappeared in his mind.

That darkness…

That grief…

That petite silhouette blocking in front of him, and also the ultimate destruction of Star City!

"Time…" Chen Feng muttered.

He did not have much time left!

In a single year, he had to reach A class! Only by reaching A class could he qualify to have an impact on the upcoming war! Regardless of defeat or victory, at the very least, he would be qualified to partake in the war!

At least, he would not need Wang Yao to block in front of him!

And if he wanted to reach A class, he needed to break through at least one tier per month!

High tier D class, peak D class, breaking through into C class, middle tier C class, high tier C class…peak B class, and breaking through into A class! A total 11 tiers for him to break through!

That final A-class breakthrough would be extremely difficult!

Under normal circumstances, this was simply an impossible mission!

To break through any one of these tiers, even if it was a tier of D class, it would be very common for someone to take one whole year. Now, Chen Feng was actually aiming to break through 11 tiers in a single year?

This was simply a pipe dream! Something no one would believe!

Naturally, Chen Feng did not need the belief of others.

He had only taken several months to become the current him, which was a master producer who was well known throughout the world, from a mere student who did not have anything. Was this a feat anyone else could accomplish?

His very existence was a miracle in itself!

If so, his new goal was now clear.

His eyes started shining. Within this month, he had to charge to high-tier D class from his current middle tier D class! In other words, his 3,000 points of spiritual energy needed to reach 6,000 points!

Even though this was an incredibly difficult feat, that did not necessarily mean that he had zero chance of accomplishing it.

"Gene strengthening!"

This was the first thought that crossed his mind. By means of hunting mutated beasts, he could increase his attributes. This was something nearly impossible for other producers. However, when it came to Chen Feng, this was something extremely simple.

His target: timber raccoons!

After preparing a bunch of gene reagents and his Peril Rebirth, Chen Feng set out to improve himself.

Time passed quietly.

For the whole month, Chen Feng struggled arduously.

For the whole month, Chen Feng transcended classes to challenge those of a higher class.

Gene strengthening using timber raccoons was much harder than Chen Feng had imagined.

The first difficulty was due to the attribute selection.

The dangers of gene strengthening were not only due to the mutated beasts that moved in groups, there was also the aspect of attribute selection. If the attribute of the chosen beast was too much higher than his own, it would become extremely dangerous. This was even more so the case for Chen Feng, who had an extremely high spirit attribute, whereas his other attributes were comparatively low.

Even for a timber raccoon with 3,000 points of spirit attribute, their other attributes would be at a range of 500 to 600 points. However, an ordinary genetic warrior’s secondary attributes would be incredibly low compared to their main attribute.

Hence, he not only needed to select a mutated beast with a spirit attribute 1 to 100 points higher than his, the other three secondary attributes of the chosen mutated beast needed to be only a bit higher than his as well.

This was an extremely difficult thing to achieve.

Initially, Chen Feng had believed that, with his Luck Aura locking onto those timber raccoons, it would be extremely easy for him. However, he had never expected that his actual enemy would be the huge amount of timber raccoon hunters!

With great difficulty, he finally locked onto a timber raccoon. However, when he arrived, the timber raccoon had already been killed by others!

There were also several times where he finally found a suitable timber raccoon with great difficulty only to find that the timber raccoon he'd found was actually a corpse that was on a grill with condiments all over its body and the smell of spice drifting through the air…

That very moment, his feeling was something that words couldn’t describe.

After going through this month of hardship, Chen Feng was now looking wan and jaundiced. Fortunately, he had still managed to reach his goal before the end of the month.

Naturally, luck value and the endless spiritual energy replenishment items supplied to him by the Gene Production Association played a role in this as well. Energy exhaustion was not a problem he needed to worry about.




Chen Feng was extremely clear on what his goal was.

Finally, in a month, he reached high-tier D class!


Spirit attribute: 6,000 points

Physique attribute: 1,000 points

Agility attribute: 1,000 points

Strength attribute: 1,000 points


His initial target had been reached!

Chen Feng exhaled in relief. "I can finally leave this damnable place."

He glanced at the timber raccoon’s habitat that was filled with human.

Everywhere, people were shouting, recruiting for scouts for their timber raccoon hunting squad. The reason for him leaving was mainly due to timber raccoons being too weak for him now.

Not all timber raccoons would mutate, and not all timber raccoons would be as powerful as a timber raccoon leader.

Hence, the limit for an ordinary timber raccoon’s spirit attribute would be 6,000 points. Chen Feng had been looking for two days, yet not a single suitable mutated beast could be found.

Going forward, he could only rely on himself!

His next goal: reaching peak D class from high-tier D class!

Based on the official standards, he needed to increase his 6,000 points of spirit attribute to 9,000 points. Once again, a 3,000 point increase was required. For the current Chen Feng that could no longer perform gene strengthening, this was simply too difficult!

The time limit for him was still the same: one month.

For 11 tiers, 12 months were allocated for himself. Apart from the two months allocated for the A-class breakthrough, the other tiers needed to be broken through in one month each!

This was the limit he'd set for himself!

Only with this could he reach A class before the Star City war!

Only with this could he become stronger! If he couldn’t even accomplish all this…

Chen Feng shook his head.

He started preparing for his next breakthrough. At the same time, he received Hou Liang’s transmission. The affairs concerning Zuo Xiao Rou’s identity and the Frozen Sea Tundra incident had been handled accordingly.

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed. "It’s done?"

Due to Zuo Xiao Rou’s special identity, both her and Qin Hai had been kept at Star City as they waited for the investigation result pertaining to the mysterious organization.


Chen Feng turned his screen on.

The first message he received was: "The investigation on Zuo Xiao Rou’s identity was completed. Qin Hai has received special approval to enter the Gene Production Association’s headquarters. Despite the fact that Chen Feng has not completed any mission this time around, due to his outstanding contribution, a special reward shall be awarded to him."

"Another reward?"

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.