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Chapter 240: Alarming change

Chapter 240: Alarming change

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At the main building of the Gene Production Association, Chen Feng collected his reward, a reward normally allotted for completion of the highest-ranked missions.

This was a special reward. As Chen Feng had not accepted any mission this time, it had been classified as a unique contribution to the organization. Hence, this reward had not been sent to him directly. That, coupled with the rules of the association, meant the reward he received was limited to the reward for the highest-ranked mission he could accept at his present rank.

"Your current rank…" The staff member blanked. "Master producer?"

That’s right! Master producer! Chen Feng was merely a D class. Hence, the level of missions one could receive at this rank were quite low. However, his previous master producer’s certification had instead increased the level of missions he could now accept. As such, the level of missions he could currently accept was extremely high.



Reward allotted to him: any chosen C-class formula x1.

"C class! Any chosen formula!"

Chen Feng’s emotions surged. He was too clear on the weight of this reward. The crux was not the C class or the stars of the formula. The crux was the "any chosen formula" in the reward description! With this, he would be able to make his selection as he wished from the huge gene bank, choosing his very own strongest gene, selecting the strongest formula!

Back then, for a single mission with "any chosen D-class formula" as the reward, Chen Feng had had to confront the dark freak, threading on the edge of death. This time, he had surprisingly received an "any chosen C-class formula" as the reward for his latest contribution.

This was a pleasant surprise for him!

"Any chosen formula…"

Chen Feng licked his dry lips. With this, the fusion gene reagent he would require after breaking through into C class was thus settled!

Granted, he had not yet reached the limit of D-class, nor had he broken through. However, getting his hands on the fusion formula in advance would serve as a confidence booster for him.

Now he could put his full focus on increasing his strength before proceeding to break through directly into C class! His eyes shone.

Naturally, the main reason for such a glorious reward he gained was due to Zuo Xiao Rou, the assassin of that mysterious organization! Due to Zuo Xiao Rou’s defection and arrival at Star City with Qin Hai, their side had obtained more information pertaining to that mysterious organization. This was considered a type of contribution.

"The male seduction trick is actually so useful," Chen Feng lamented. "If only you had known this earlier, Qin Hai, you could have…"

"Scram!" Qin Hai glared at him. What a troublemaker!

"You are here." Hou Liang smiled when he saw their arrival and said, "Come with me."

"All right."

They followed him.

Surprisingly, despite the smile on Hou Liang’s face, a tinge of helplessness could be seen on it as well. It seemed like something was wrong.

"Something happened?" Qin Hai whispered.

"Probably." Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. Could this be related to that incident that was about to happen in a year?

"I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep this a secret from you two." Hou Liang sighed and paused before he continued, "This is related to Lady Xiao Rou."


Chen Feng and Qin Hai were curious.

Xiao Rou… Could there be some problem with her?

Only when they reached the monitoring cabin and once again saw Xiao Rou did they find out what the problem was.

The whole cabin was in a mess. Several rooms had been destroyed. There were even several injured people there, howling in grief while Zuo Xiao Rou was chained onto a chair by a multitude of shackles.

What happened?

Chen Feng's and Qin Hai’s expression changed greatly. Just as they were about to ask Hou Liang about this, Zuo Xiao Rou raised her head. When they met her gaze, the familiar gentleness was nowhere to be seen. Instead, only an ice-cold killing intent could be felt.

Her icy gaze landed on them. "Who are you?"

Qin Hai was stunned. "Have you forgotten me?"

"Who are you?" Zuo Xiao Rou’s expression was ice cold. "Hmph hmph, are you someone from the Gene Production Association? Interesting… Although I have no idea what methods you guys employed to capture me… don’t hope to get any information from me," Zuo Xiao Rou said coldly.


Qin Hai and Chen Feng blanked.

Memory loss?

They shifted their gaze toward Hou Liang. This guy here couldn’t have used some extreme interrogation method on her, right?

"Don’t look at me that way." Hou Liang rolled his eyes. "Lady Xiao Rou was a guest here. Every day, she would come here on time to talk to us. Who would dare to extort a confession out of her? Every interrogation was supervised. If you want, you can watch the surveillance recordings at any time. However, this time around, when we started talking about that organization, this happened."

Is that so? Qin Hai looked into her eyes. There, only endless killing intent welcomed him. What happened to her…

Suddenly, Chen Feng said, "Lady Xiao Yue will be extremely disappointed if she finds out you are acting this way."

"Xiao Yue?" Zuo Xiao Rou frowned. "Who’s that?"

Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances as an odd feeling crept up their hearts. She did not remember Xiao Yue? Had she lost all her memories? But she clearly still remembered that organization…


Was this due to the battle at the snow tundra?

Suddenly, Qin Hai’s heart ached. Recently, he had mingled around frequently with Xiao Rou. This foolish young lady had always foolishly stayed by his side. But now…

Even if he did not feel any sort of romance toward Xiao Rou, he could not allow her to stay in this condition! This foolish young lady had only turned out this way as a cost of saving him…

No! Nope! Qin Hai roared inwardly. He would not allow Lady Xiao Rou to stay this way! Based on what Zuo Xiao Rou had said previously, it had taken her three whole years to transform herself from an ice-cold killing machine into a normal human being. How had she turned back into the previous her?

Is it due to memory loss?

Qin Hai had a resolute expression. Although he would not give her his body to thank her, the fact remained that this young lady had saved him. He would not allow her to stay in this condition!

Qin Hai held her hand. "Xiao Rou, look at me."

Zuo Xiao Rou’s gaze swirled around before finally landing on Qin Hai’s eyes. Suddenly, a tinge of emotion seemed to appear within.

Qin Hai’s emotions surged. "You remember me?"

"No, there is some gums in your eyes," Zuo Xiao Rou said indifferently.

Qin Hai: "…"

"If you guys are trying to use the male seduction trick on me," a smile appeared on Zuo Xiao Rou’s face as she pointed at the Chen Feng that was standing there doing nothing, "I prefer that kind of youngster. You are too old for my liking."

Qin Hai was dumbstruck.


Chen Feng’s mouth twitched.

Wait. Old?

He looked at that awfully serious expression of Zuo Xiao Rou and abruptly asked, "Lady Xiao Rou, we won’t be asking you about the organization. Can you at least tell us how old are you this year?"

"Me? 15 years old!" she said indifferently.

Her delicate-looking face appeared extremely serious. She did not seem to be faking it.

However, everyone else was immediately alarmed.

Fifteen years old?


They continued asking a bunch of questions before finally confirming the fact that Zuo Xiao Rou had indeed lost her memories! A whole three years worth of memories were gone! And this had happened here! Within this Star City, the holy land of gene producers!

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. "Was this caused by someone else, or…"

"Doesn’t seem so." Hou Liang shook his head. "Due to her unique identity, every single movement of hers in Star City was supervised at all times. So far, no one has made any moves on her! For her to behave this way…" Hou Liang contemplated. "This looks more like the work of some mysterious restriction! When her words and thoughts touched upon a certain topic… that topic acted as the trigger for the restriction to activate on her, causing her to lose her memory."

So that’s the case.

Everyone came to a sudden realization.

That’s right! This might be the very reason that organization had remained unknown after so many years! This was also the only way they could maintain their mysteriousness!

Quickly, everyone understood what had happened.

However, when they once again performed a scan on Zuo Xiao Rou, an even more astonishing thing was discovered. Based on the data, the age of Zuo Xiao Rou’s physical body was indeed currently 15 years old! The Zuo Xiao Rou before their eyes was genuinely 15 years old!


Their expressions changed greatly.