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Chapter 242: Old Acquaintance

Chapter 242: Old Acquaintance

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The next day, Chen Feng formally went underwater.

In an unexpected twist, as this news was released to the public, it raised an uproar on the internet. Countless people were requesting links.

"Do you know what go underwater 1 means?"


"Chen Feng went underwater."

"What, he’s filming that stuff?"


Similar conversations were happening everywhere.

Fortunately, the new camp project of the Genetic Union was announced soon after. With that, the public found out that Chen Feng was actually going underwater as an explorer to reconnoiter the terrain there. Finer details of the project were not announced for now.

"So it’s this version of 'went underwater' they were referring to."

"The Genetic Union is opening a new camp?"

"I’m totally looking forward to that!"

Everyone’s emotions surged. This was one of those pieces of news that couldn’t be kept secret even if they wanted it to be, as the Frozen Sea Tundra was currently under the attention of a lot of people due to the Qin Hai incident.

Currently, countless experts of the Genetic Union were flooding the Frozen Sea Tundra, creating quite a scene there! Without a care about the Mysterious Organization, they blockaded the entirety of the huge frozen sea. Countless experts surrounded the sea, providing the most optimal environment for Chen Feng to go underwater.

In actuality, the Genetic Union had long ago developed a submarine that could survive the dissolving power of this frozen sea. However, their biggest problem was the fact that these submarines they'd developed would be attacked after going underwater.

After all, these submarines were alien existences for the life forms in the frozen sea. Moreover, some of them even viewed these submarines as threats!

Hence, that bizarre purple energy of Chen Feng's had now become extremely useful. To be safe, this time around, Chen Feng would be using a true miniature submarine to go underwater. All sorts of monitoring tools and essential items for daily life had already been prepared in the submarine. Apart from that, an endless supply of energy would be supplied to Chen Feng. The only thing Chen Feng needed to do was use his purple energy to keep this submarine safe.

Initially, Chen Feng had been planning to bring Qin Hai along. However, as this mission wasn’t issued to Qin Hai, he wouldn’t be receiving any rewards for his participation, and he wouldn’t be of much help anyway, Qin Hai had ultimately decided to stay back and continue trying to change Zuo Xiao Rou’s mind instead.

Naturally, based on her current circumstance, the more accurate term for what Qin Hai was attempting was instigating a rebellion against the Mysterious Organization.

Chen Feng alone had enough tasks to keep him busy. Besides that, he was truly not well versed on the operation of a submarine. Hence, the Genetic Union had arranged for additional manpower to go down with Chen Feng. However, exceeding all of Chen Feng’s expectations, the additional manpower sent to him was actually his old friend!

"Xu Fei?"

Chen Feng was somewhat dumbstruck.

Why would this guy be here?!

He had initially believed that he would never have a chance to cross paths with Xu Fei’s group ever again.

"Hehe." Xu Fei was behaving somewhat awkwardly. Only after some casual chatter did Xu Fei tell him what had happened.

So it turned out that, after going his separate way from Chen Feng previously, he'd felt that his strength had been too weak and his speed of improvement too slow. Hence, he'd started crying for help by pestering his family without stop. Since his family was still considerably wealthy, they had finally exhausted countless financial resources to help Xu Fei join the Genetic Union as an employee in the hope that he would have some fortuitous encounter in the process.

Normally, he wouldn’t get any chances to do anything. However, for this mission, everyone else was unwilling to come and take such a risk. As such, he'd managed to grab a spot in this mission.

Chen Feng: "…"

What could he say to this? This guy had truly pushed himself hard.

"You actually regrew your hair."

Surprising Chen Feng, after a while of not seeing Xu Fei, some hair had actually grown on that bald head of Xu Fei's. Currently, it greatly resembled a military-style short cut.

Xu Fei was feeling proud. "I have finally broken the curse your family’s loli cast on me!"

"Be careful lest you got burned once again," Chen Feng said petulantly.

Xu Fei responded with an awkward laugh: "Hehe."

Soon, the Genetic Union finished their preparations.



One after another, huge apparatuses of the Genetic Union were placed near the frozen sea.


A multitude of light screens appeared. On these screens was all the data those apparatuses detected.

"Data matching…"

"Matching complete."

"Submarine inspection…"

"Inspection complete."

"Test recording…"

"Test complete."

One green light after another lit up.

Finally, all the tests were passed.

"Everything is operating normally. We can start."



The submarine split the water apart as Chen Feng started sinking underwater within that submarine. Just as those from the Genetic Union had said, this submarine indeed survived the dissolving power of the sea.

"Is this built using special materials?" Chen Feng contemplated.

However, just to be safe, he still enveloped the submarine with a layer of purple energy. The submarine would provide their daily life necessities, whereas Chen Feng would be responsible for the submarine’s safety under the sea.



The purple submarine started sinking. Some life forms of the frozen sea saw this and chose to get out of the way hastily as a response.

Evidently, as far as they were concerned, that purple radiance was something they should not touch.


The recorder was turned on. Within the submarine, a screen was linked with those from the Genetic Union. Their signals were perfectly aligned, and with that, everyone above could clearly see what was underwater.


A map was opened.

A small part of the map was painted in blue, while the rest was all in black.

"The blue part is the area we have probed." Xu Fei pointed at the map and read the records he had. "Only 10% of the area has been probed so far. For this 10% progress alone, it cost us several tens of submarines…"

"Is that so?" Chen Feng contemplated.


The submarine started approaching the areas that had yet to be probed.



A noiseless undulation dispersed around the submarine. Everywhere it passed, its vicinity would be fully recorded. On the map, it could be seen that the blue area was increasing without stop.



Their progress increased without stop.

Fifteen percent...

Twenty percent...

Twenty-five percent...

At the Genetic Union, countless people were exclaiming in admiration, "This is fast."

They had tried increasing their progress countless times in the past. Even when they had been extremely careful, every single trip of theirs had always been filled with difficulty. A single carelessness and they would be smashed away by some life form of the frozen sea. Moreover, casualties would also arise from any slight carelessness.

As for Chen Feng, none of these were a concern.



The progress increased without stop.

C-class life form…

B-class life form…

C-class life form…

One alien life form after another was recorded. What gave everyone a relief was the fact that despite these detected life forms being powerful, they had yet to reach a level so powerful they couldn’t be contended against.

The only reason these life forms could be so vicious was due to this being the frozen sea. Among them, the strongest were merely peak B-class!

It could be concluded that this was a place that they could afford to develop for humanity!

Eighty percent...

Eighty-five percent...

"We’ll succeed soon." Everyone was emotional. The forbidden area that they had coveted for many years was about to be opened up to them. Currently, within the sea, Chen Feng and Xu Fei were controlling the submarine as they headed toward the deepest area underwater that were previously unexplored. That was the final 10% of the map.


The water noiselessly split apart as the submarine swam through.


Suddenly, a dazzling radiance appeared. An immense pair of eyes that resembled a lantern opened at the seabed, and their gaze landed on the submarine.

"Not good."

Immediately, the expressions of Chen Feng and Xu Fei changed greatly.

They had been discovered!

Xu Fei had a solemn expression. "Be careful."

He had seen the records of the previous attempts by the Genetic Union. Every single casualty they had suffered previously had happened after being discovered by the life forms of the frozen sea. He had initially believed that this would not happen this time. Had Chen Feng’s purple energy failed?

"This thing…" Chen Feng had an ominous feeling.

The purple energy was supposed to be extremely effective against the life forms of the frozen sea. As long as they were a life form of the frozen sea, they would definitely avoid this thing. That was because it was ingrained in their brains that this thing here was similar to those reefs of this sea. For life forms not of the frozen sea, this purple energy would be completely ineffective.

That’s right. Life forms not of the frozen sea! Finally, the body of that terrifying huge pair of eyes appeared. When they get a clear look at it, they found that it was actually a huge tortoise with light swirling all over its body.

Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold air. "It’s him."


That damnable huge tortoise! It had actually appeared at this place!