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Chapter 244: Mysterious Village

Chapter 244: Mysterious Village

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"You all…"

Just as Chen Feng was about to start talking.

"Ah ah!"

An alarmed shout interrupted him.


A huge net produced from unique materials appeared out of nowhere and wrapped up the inner cabin. Before Chen Feng and Xu Fei could leave the cabin, they were trapped together in the net as well. Next, a multitude of people appeared, carrying forks of all shapes in their hands and eyeing Chen Feng viciously.

"These people…"

Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

Only now did he notice that, although these people appeared human, each and every one of them was slightly different compared to a normal human. The more accurate term for these people was "mutants"!

From the crowd, an octopus mutant with something like a placenta on his head could be seen. There was also a humanoid with pink skin and a sharp head that looked like a sharpened pencil…

All the life forms here appeared bizarre, seemingly human yet not human.


Chen Feng tried using the energy in his body, but it was ineffective. This was a village at the depths of the frozen sea, so it fell under the restriction of the frozen sea. Under the frozen sea’s effect, all sorts of abilities would be dissolved before they could take any form. Hence, it was simply impossible for any abilities to be used here. Unless…




The huge net tightened. Chen Feng and Xu Fei were directly hoisted up.

Xu Fei was horrified. "Damn, what the heck is this?"

Chen Feng shook his head. "God knows."

Who could have imagined that such life forms existed at the depths of the frozen sea? He had also never expected that, after escaping from the tortoise, he would meet with another life-threatening crisis.

These guys…

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. The only hope he could cling onto was that these people understood their language.

"Hello, hello, hello? Big brother?" Xu Fei started shooting his mouth off. "Hahaha, that pair of hands you got there looks quite interesting. It looks like a boxing glove… haha. What gene have you fused with to have this kind of mutation? Not talking? Hmm, let me take a guess… Crab? I’m correct, am I right? Haha. And you, the yellow-colored guy…" Xu Fei spouted nonsense without stop.

Surprisingly, at this moment, someone walked over and glanced at him before saying coldly, "Any more nonsense from your mouth and I will slash you down right this moment."

Xu Fei was stupefied. "Shit! You know how to talk?"

That guy merely snorted coldly as a response. "Hmph."



They were both carried into the village. Chen Feng took this chance to take in the scenery there. Due to this unique geographical location, the environment here was incredibly beautiful. The village wasn’t too big, though. A faint purple-colored defensive barrier was separating the seawater from the village. As such, the village was not invaded by the seawater.


Chen Feng’s gaze landed outside the defensive barrier.

There, at a certain spot outside the barrier, it could be clearly seen that several buildings were submerged in the seawater and had been reduced into ruins. The only reason those buildings still stood there instead of crumbling was due to the calm waves in the sea.

Without a doubt, a slight touch or a slightly stronger wave would be sufficient to cause those buildings to completely crumble. Those structures would probably not last long.

Chen Feng contemplated.

"Those seem newly built."

As of now, they had already been carried to the center of the village. The door of a building there opened and a fat old man with beard all over his face walked out. Surprisingly, resting on his shoulder was a dog’s head! It greatly resembled the dog face meme 1 that had been quite popular online a while back.

This… Chen Feng’s mouth twitched. Are dogs also a life form of the sea?

As for Xu Fei, he almost burst out laughing. Hahahahaha! These mutants truly look hilarious!

However, before he could laugh out loud, that dog-head chief looked at them coldly. His next words caused Xu Fei to lose all the humor he was feeling. "Throw them out to feed it."

"All right," everyone else answered.


Xu Fei’s expression changed greatly.

Feed it? What joke was this!

He was unsure what exactly these guys were planning. However, from that short sentence, he could see that both he and Chen Feng were now in quite a predicament. This was especially true in a situation where that huge tortoise was still out there.

Xu Fei’s heart chilled. Are they planning to feed us to that huge tortoise?


A group of mutants dragged them and were about to take them out. However, right at this moment, Xu Fei suddenly said, "How much longer can your village last?"


All the mutants halted their steps.

The dog-head chief turned his fat body around slowly and fixed his gaze at Xu Fei. "Foreigner, what do you know?"

"Can I stand?" Xu Fei said helplessly.

"Let him stand," the dog-head chief said.

At that, Xu Fei was temporarily let out of the net, and several forks were aimed straight at his head.

He inhaled deeply before looking at the dog-head chief. "That’s simple. I saw some dissolved ruins outside the barrier. If those were something left behind long ago, I think they would have been long gone. However, despite the fact that a portion of the buildings are indeed gone, the whole structure is still intact! This clearly means that these are newly corroded buildings," Xu Fei said faintly.

"So that’s how you figure it out." The dog-head chief nodded slightly. "What a keen observation."

Xu Fei felt proud. "Naturally."

The dog-head chief waved his hand. "Drag them out to feed it."


Once again, Xu Fei was stuffed back into the huge net.


Xu Fei was dumbfounded.

"Even idiots can see that. Do we need you to tell us that?" The dog-head chief had a cold expression on his face. "From your looks, I don’t think you can give us any solutions anyway. What’s the point of keeping you around? You damnable humans!"


Xu Fei’s face darkened.

What do you mean by "from my looks I won’t be able to think of a solution"? Are you looking down on me with those dog eyes of yours?

"Actually, I…" Xu Fei was still thinking of trying something out.


Ignoring them, the group of mutants once again started dragging them out. Lacking any other choices, Chen Feng could only say, "Perhaps I have a way of resolving your current predicament."

"Oh?" The dog-head chief looked at him, doubt in his eyes.

"How else did we travel through the frozen sea to reach here otherwise?" Chen Feng said calmly.

"Hmph, using those things?" The dog-head chief sneered before saying, "Take them out!"


One run-down submarine after another was dragged out.

The pupils of Chen Feng and Xu Fei shrunk. These were all the unmanned submarines previously sent by the Genetic Union. So they had all arrived here after sinking?



The dog-head chief knocked on them.


Those submarines crumbled apart.

"These things can indeed resist the dissolving power. However, with the strong pressure subjected on them at our current sea level, they can't last long," the dog-head chief said coldly.


Chen Feng was powerless to berate this.

An aboriginal of the frozen sea had such knowledge? This was quite excessive, right?

"The things you humans make are simply jokes in front of mother nature," the dog-head chief said in disdain.

Soon, Chen Feng and Xu Fei were trapped once again.

"You humans are the reason for our village’s destruction!" The dog-head chief’s eyes were filled with ill intent. "All these years, we were always safe and sound here. However, ever since you humans started battling up there, changes started to occur here! There’s also that damnable tortoise… It was most certainly something you humans led over here!" The dog-head chief’s eyes were filled with viciousness. "As long as humans who enter the sea are killed, that tortoise will naturally leave. After that, we will regain our previous peace." The dog-head chief ordered, "Take them away!"

The mutants prepared to once again dragged Chen Feng and Xu Fei out.

"Are you sure?" Once again, Chen Feng said, "Have you never thought of it? If you were to make an incorrect choice, everyone in this village will end up dead. If you can put your trust in me, I might be able to save you all."

The dog-head chief looked at him. "What can you use to save us?"

"This." Chen Feng walked toward the fringe of the village. Since he was walking toward the frozen sea, none tried to stop him. An indistinct purple flicker bloomed from his hands. Next, he inserted his hand into the seawater. Unexpectedly, he was fine!

"That is…"

Finally, the dog-head chief’s expression changed. This young man here possessed such a magical power! Perhaps… their village that was on the path of destruction still had a chance!

"Let me introduce myself." Finally, some importance was placed on these foreigners. "Hi, my name is Gou Li, the chief of Barrier Village. Perhaps this is a name you have heard of?"


The expressions of Chen Feng and Xu Fei changed greatly.

Genetic Union?

Gou Li?

They had indeed heard of this name! Ten years ago, an A-class expert of the Genetic Union and his underlings had betrayed the union. Four A-class celebrity warriors and countless B-class genetic warriors had been killed. This had caused quite a huge uproar back then. Even now, that was still one of the most serious attacks that had ever happened in the history of the Genetic Union.

They had initially believed that Gou Li and his underlings had all died. Never had they imagined that they would encounter him here at the depths of the sea, with this current appearance of his.

Abruptly, Chen Feng looked at those honest-looking villagers. Beneath those bizarre shapes, there was some semblance to the faces he had once seen accidentally. Even the number of people here matched what he'd read.

"You all…"

The expressions of Chen Feng and Xu Fei changed greatly.

It was them! They were all the escaped criminals from that battle 10 years ago!!!