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Chapter 246: Kill!

Chapter 246: Kill!

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Since the target had now been determined, the rest would be easy to deal with. First, Chen Feng tried using the energy of Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade to replenish the barrier’s energy exhaustion. Under the amazed gazes of Gou Li and the rest, he succeeded.

It was feasible!

As long as this layer of barrier remained, Chen Feng only needed to constantly pour energy into it to protect this place. Next, it was time to deal with that damnable tortoise! After killing it, the village would no longer have any worries. Chen Feng and Xu Fei would also be able to leave here smoothly without any worries that this tortoise would ambush them. Soon, they reached a unanimous decision.

One person walked out and said, "We have some information about that tortoise." Even if they were incapable of killing that tortoise within this frozen sea, they had still nevertheless managed to come out with some rough information pertaining to that tortoise’s strength after all this while.


Giant Tortoise.

Class: B

Ability 1: Incredibly powerful concealment ability. If it wanted to hide itself, even an A class would be hard pressed to find it.

Ability 2: Incredibly powerful self-healing ability. If one wanted to kill it, one had to kill it speedily, or else its injuries would heal within a short period of time. It was an astonishing ability.

Ability 3: Incredibly long life span. With its unique bloodline, it possessed a long life span.

Ability 4: Incredibly powerful defense. With the existence of its shell, its defensive power was excessively powerful, reaching the point where it could even defend against an A-class attack. Its immunity to the frozen sea’s power might be related to this defensive ability as well.

Ability 5: Unknown.



Xu Fei inhaled a mouthful of cold air. This was truly quite a scary set of information, even more so now that they were facing this tortoise in the frozen sea.

What all this meant was that they would only have a single attacking chance. Moreover, they needed to guarantee a high-speed kill; otherwise they would simply be exhausted to death by that tortoise despite the fact that Chen Feng would be able to replenish the energy of the barrier. Even if the barrier remained intact, it would still crumble from mere energy exhaustion. This was a tortoise with extreme durability they were facing!

Gou Li frowned. "That unknown ability will be the most troublesome issue…"

Chen Feng thought about it before saying, "I have a little information pertaining to that. Life and Death Domain: by using its life span or time as the price, it can create an extremely powerful Life and Death Domain to drag everyone into an illusion."


Everyone else widened their eyes.

Life and Death Domain? A skill activated by paying life span or time as the price? If that was true, this illusion would definitely be a terrifying one.

Gou Li was astonished. "You've encountered it before?"

"Mhm, I've encountered it before. Previously, this tortoise had escaped after being injured by an A class. Prior to fleeing, it had used this very ability. Back then, I was dragged into the illusion as well. If I am correct, this ability will strengthen against stronger opponents and weaken against weaker opponents. The moment one fails to overcome the illusion with their strength…" Chen Feng said with a low voice.


Everyone sunk into a solemn mood. Chen Feng proceeded to describe to them what he'd encountered back then. It was very probable that the difficulty of this illusion was directly related to one’s level. In other words, if one were an E class, one would be met with an illusion at the difficulty of peak E class. If one were a C class, a peak C-class difficulty would be there waiting. If one was a newly advanced B class and encountered a peak B-class illusion… Sorry, it was very probable for one to die inside.

Naturally, for such a bizarre illusion, even if it failed to kill, it would be able to interrupt the opponents, giving the tortoise plenty of time to escape.


Everyone’s mouths were left hanging.

If that was the case, how were they supposed to fight it?! Even if the extremely powerful defense and healing abilities were ignored, even if the fact that the only way to deal with it was by killing it speedily was ignored, it still had such a powerful ability as its trump card?!

They simply stood no chance! This was the frozen sea! The instant the tortoise escaped after being injured, it would be able to easily conceal itself. They would no longer be able to locate it. And the next time it appeared, it would be wary against them… At that time, everyone here would be in extreme danger!

Chen Feng looked at the distant giant tortoise. "It’s not on guard yet, since it still believes that we can only passively defend here. Therefore… there’s only one way to do it. Insta-kill!"


Everyone’s heart trembled. Insta-kill! Insta-killing a tortoise capable of defending against an A-class attack within this frozen sea! Was that possible?

Gou Li smiled bitterly. "There’s no way for us to make our move."

If they were able to move freely here, would they be in so much trouble? This was the frozen sea. With that tortoise refusing to enter their village, all types of energy sent its way would simply be dissolved by the frozen sea. Hence, they simply had no means of attacking! This was also the main reason this giant tortoise could act so rampantly.

"What if… a portion of the frozen sea here were to lose its effectiveness?" Chen Feng said suddenly.


Everyone’s eyes shone.

A vicious expression appeared on Gou Li’s face. "If that’s the case, our next meal will be a roasted tortoise."

Time passed quietly.

Currently, seven days had passed since they first arrived here. Chen Feng had been focusing on researching the ways to protect the barrier while the barrier itself was shrinking without stop under the giant tortoise’s relentless attacks.

A subdued mumble echoed amidst the sea. "It’s nearly here…"


With a loud sound, that barrier shattered abruptly.

The village was now laid bare!


Light shined out of the giant tortoise’s eyes. It had been waiting way too long for this! However, it seemed to be aware that the villagers there were quite terrifying existences, so even after the barrier shattered, it only moved forward together with the gushing seawater.



It charged forth together with the gushing seawater.


The seawater flooded the whole village.



Countless items dissolved.

However, at a certain spot within the village, a smaller defensive barrier akin to a small house formed by the purple energy could be seen. All the villagers were protected within. It was somewhat cramped, though.

"Howl—" The giant tortoise howled proudly. This is the defensive barrier of that little guy? What’s the point?


It smashed into the barrier. Instantly, the whole purple barrier crumbled apart.


Seawater swept into it.

Surprisingly, although the humans there were all submerged within the seawater, they suffered no damage!

Suddenly, the giant tortoise had a bad feeling.


As it turned its gigantic body around, its soul almost left its body from the shock.

There, a larger barrier had appeared noiselessly. The barrier that had been protecting the whole village all this while had once again reappeared, blocking the seawater.

This was a two-barrier setup! One inner barrier and one outer barrier!

Unfortunately for that giant tortoise, it was trapped between both barriers.

The village was still submerged within the seawater. However, as it was now separated from the main body of water, it had lost its dissolving power. Now, this was merely ordinary seawater!


The giant tortoise bellowed and charged outward franticly.

Gou Li’s eyes were filled with viciousness. "Die!"

Escaping? Since they had taken so long to make preparations, how was it possible for them to allow it to escape?

Powerful defense? Before them, that powerful defense was nothing! The giant tortoise merely required a single second to leave this village. However, at this instant, the three strongest experts of the village, three A-class warriors, made their moves at the same time!

"Destroy!" Gou Li shouted coldly.

As his attack landed, the defensive shell the tortoise was so proud of immediately shattered. Horrified, the tortoise released its strongest ability without hesitation.


The other A-class expert Guo Jia waved his hand indifferently.


Light swirled around. The powerful illusion released by the giant tortoise was destroyed instantly.

This was the power of an A-class expert. Regardless of how powerful one’s B-class trump card was, it was merely a joke before a well-prepared A-class expert who was attacking with full power.

The final A-class expert, Si Yi, pointed coldly. "Die!"

At that, a huge pitch-black hand appeared and started crushing the internal organs of the giant tortoise. The giant tortoise’s body started twitching as its soul collapsed. It did not even last a single second before dying in the hands of these A-class experts.

"You…" The giant tortoise started spitting human language out of its mouth. It had never expected itself to die here!

"We shall die together then!" the giant tortoise howled.


Suddenly, a bizarre light explosion appeared.


Everyone’s heart leaped.

Without the slightest hesitation, Gou Li released his strongest defense to block the light explosion. However, that bizarre radiance was able to easily take a detour around the erected defense and charged toward them.


Everyone’s expression changed greatly.