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Chapter 248: The Crazy Demonic Figurine Collector

Chapter 248: The Crazy Demonic Figurine Collector

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Near the frozen sea’s surface, the people from genetic union were all sweating profusely.



All the devices in front of them were operating crazily. Earlier, an unmanned submarine had been sent underwater. They were looking for the whereabouts of Chen Feng and Xu Fei. So far, nothing had been found.

Navigating based on the previous data sent to them by Chen Feng and Xu Fei, they had been able to avoid encountering those dreadful monsters, and for the first time, they'd entered the deepest region of the frozen sea, the final 5% of their map.




A split second after they'd entered that place, all the monitoring screens had darkened. Their submarine seemed to have been hit with some monumental force and instantly crumbled apart, without a dust remain of the submarine. Something dreadful seemed to exist down there.

Someone sighed. "They are probably dead."

Their plan to open up the Frozen Sea Tundra for humanity had still concluded with a failure. Since they couldn’t figure out what dreadful thing existed down there, they did not dare to build a camp here. This was a matter of principle.

"Let’s give up on this project."

They felt regretful.

This was already the fifth submarine they'd sent down there. The previous submarines had all been destroyed before even reaching the deepest region of the frozen sea. This time around, they were already pushing their limits. Even with the assistance of Chen Feng’s data, this was as much as they could accomplish.

The person in charge looked at the icy blue ocean as he sighed. "I hereby declare that this Frozen Sea Tundra development plan… Chen Feng, Xu Fei, dead! Project failed…"

However, right at this moment.


All their devices started operating crazily. Those darkened screens once again started flickering with images.

"Another submarine is going down?"

The expression of some of them changed.

The technician was in ecstasy. "No, we have suddenly reestablished connection with a certain device of ours underwater."


Everyone else was overjoyed and gathered together to take a look at the screen.

Currently, within the depths of the frozen sea, a huge tortoise shell was drifting around. That was the only remaining part of the huge tortoise. On it, cracks that were left behind on it by Gou Li’s attack could be seen.

Gou Li was certain. "This thing has extremely powerful defense. Perhaps it might be extremely valuable. Take it back." Guo Jia told Xu Fei to retrieve the shell from the sea.

However, at this instant, an indescribable power abruptly dispersed out of the tortoise shell. Astonishingly, that powerful yet mysterious tortoise shell, at this instant, turned to ash.


Everyone was shocked.


With a faint flicker, the frozen sea regained its tranquility.

Chen Feng’s heart sunk into a solemn mood. "There’s a problem somewhere!"

Suddenly, he recalled the nameplate the tortoise had previously had on it, the nameplate with "Duma" on it. No matter what, it was unlikely the giant tortoise had carved a nameplate for itself. Behind it might be an even more terrifying existence.

Chen Feng was on guard. "We must leave here!"

Now that the giant tortoise was already dead, there was no point in them staying here.

The people from the Genetic Union were most probably extremely anxious currently. Perhaps they had already announced his death. If he was to return later, he might even be able to attend his own funeral this time.

He started persuading Gou Li’s group. Surprisingly, though, they refused to leave.

Chen Feng had an odd feeling. "Why?"

"With our current appearance…" Gou Li shook his head. "In order to ensure our survival down here, in order to seek more power for revenge... we don’t even look human anymore. There’s no point in us returning. We have all fused with the life forms within this frozen sea... Perhaps we will even be able to adapt to the seawater here soon and have our strength increased. Only then will we leave here for our revenge."

Gou Li had a solemn expression. Their current strength was far from sufficient.

Chen Feng felt fearful. "That person is really so powerful?"

"Yes." Gou Li deeply believed that. Finishing, he took out a 20 cm long figurine of a young lady. "This is for you."

"Figurine?" Xu Fei was amazed. "It is unexpected that this senior is quite a nerd."

"…" Gou Li stared at Xu Fei with an ugly expression. Don’t you know that if, you continue talking in such a manner, you will end up beaten to death?

"There’s nothing weird with having a figurine," Chen Feng said earnestly. "In my hometown, there’s a guy called Qin Shihuang who is truly a crazy figurine collector. He enjoyed collecting them and, moreover, he had several huge holes dug just to keep this figurine collection of his." 1

Gou Li: "…"

"This is not a figurine!" Gou Li rubbed his head before continuing sternly, "10 years ago, that mission we were investigating was related to this thing here. This is also the only clue we obtained. You can deliver this to the Genetic Union. They might be able to get some clues from this."

"All right." Chen Feng nodded slightly. "How about the matter regarding freezing over this whole piece of sea?"

He had not forgotten his mission. Their goal was to freeze the whole piece of sea!

"Just proceed." Gou Li nodded. "Sealing the sea could avoid other alien life forms such as this giant tortoise coming in the future."

Sealing the sea would benefit them as well.

Finally, Chen Feng was relieved. "Good then."

"Remember! If you see someone with an odd stone embedded in his forehead, regardless of the time or venue, you must flee! Flee as far as you can!" Gou Li had a solemn expression.

Odd stone in his forehead… It’s the guy called Soul? Understood!

Chen Feng engraved this into his brain.


After bidding their farewells, they departed.


The purple submarine sliced apart the seawater as it travelled forth and vanished from their line of view.

The frozen sea was now completely explored. This place was an inland sea similar to the Ice River previously. Despite its huge size, with Chen Feng’s efforts and the modern technology that was able to explore this place at an extremely high speed, this exploration had finally been completed.

As of now, there were no longer any unknown factors residing here at this place.

Mission completed!

Chen Feng and Xu Fei returned smoothly.


At a certain location where clouds drifted around, a middle-aged man walked out from the void. Suddenly, he stopped his steps as his bizarre gaze was fixed toward a certain direction, focusing on a location that was extremely far away from his current location. That was the location of the frozen sea!

"Master’s pet is dead?"

He was somewhat amazed.

That fellow’s strength was quite ordinary, and it had quite an ugly appearance. However, due to its long life span, it was still extremely loved by his master. It had actually died?!

"Let me take a look…"

The middle-aged man’s eyes enlarged.


A terrifying power erupted as a mental power that was unimaginably powerful bloomed.



The mental power charged straight into the heavens.

Currently, within the purple submarine, Chen Feng was recovering his spiritual energy. Suddenly, the young lady figurine in his hands felt scarily hot. At that instant, a gust of bizarre power seemed to flash through them.

Chen Feng was curious. "What’s up?"

This thing…

He stared at the young lady figurine in his hands. This was a typical anime-style pretty girl with its lengthy beautiful hair, a miniskirt, and a big pair of eyes. Such a person would definitely not exist in real life.

Once again, he rubbed the figurine. The temperature of the figurine seemed to have recovered.

Chen Feng frowned. "Weird…"

Currently, that middle-aged man high above the sky had just finished with his investigation. However, surprising him, he had failed to see anything!

How is this possible…

He frowned. With the current strength of his mental power, even an A-class expert would not be able to avoid his detection. There had to be some issue with the death of his master’s pet!

"After I’m done with this, I’m afraid I will have to take a trip over to the frozen sea," he said calmly.

Presently, he had his own affairs to handle. As such, he would not be able to leave.


With a flicker, his silhouette vanished.

If someone else was there, they would have been astonished to find that, on this person’s forehead, a green-colored diamond seemed to be glinting, akin to a star in the sky!