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Chapter 252: Conquer

Chapter 252: Conquer

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It’s over! Xu Fei had taken less than two seconds to end the battle in such a straightforward way. Before everyone else had even gotten the chance to recover from their shock, the other android reached Chen Feng and the next battle began.


Instantly, Chen Feng assembled his Energy Equipment.


His punch landed.


A hole was created in the android’s chest from the punch.

Thus, the battle ended with another insta-kill.


Everyone there was dumbstruck. It ended just like that?

They had initially believed that this would be a dragged out battle and, by the time it ended, regardless of Xu Fei or Chen Feng, they would have already erupted with an unimaginably powerful strength.

This was their assessment despite the androids being standard D class.

However, those were insta-kills they had achieved there! What was going on? They were all stupefied.

If it was Xu Fei, fine. No matter what, he was still a genetic warrior, after all, despite the fact that he had previously been a normal employee. But wasn’t Chen Feng a gene producer?! If he was allowed to use gene reagents, this would be easier to accept. They were truly convinced of Chen Feng’s strength as a gene producer. However, this was a test where the use of gene reagents was prohibited.

This Chen Feng…

At this point, many of them already had a solemn expression on their face. As for those D-class genetic warriors that had not passed their D-class certification so far, they were feeling somewhat awkward. Something they had not accomplished had been accomplished by Chen Feng.

On top of that, Chen Feng was younger than all of them! Moreover, he was a freaking gene producer!

The mouth of someone curled up, forming a smile. "Well, this makes things interesting."

Currently, along with their passing of the certification, the gazes of the others when looking at them changed into acknowledgement. At least, these two’s actual combat power matched their present class. Here at the Genetic Union, strength was the only standard they adhered by.

What were the types of people that were looked down on by the Genetic Union? Those whose class had advanced, yet their actual combat power still lagged behind. Such a person was what the Genetic Union looked down on. Only by passing the Genetic Union’s certification could one be considered to have truly reached the newly advanced class. As for those capable of transcending classes to challenge those in a higher class, these people would be genuine geniuses. Even more so for those who transcended their class and passed the certification for a class above them!

Every single month, a few such people would appear to stun everyone. As for Chen Feng and Xu Fei? No one had ever considered the possibility of them accomplishing that.

And now, the fourth batch, the certification for C class, officially began.


Two androids with lights swirling around their bodies appeared.

"It’s starting."

Everyone’s eyes shone.

They were now aware that both Chen Feng and Xu Fei had quite the formidable combat power. However, how strong were they actually? This would depend on how long they survived under the attacks of the C-class androids. Normally, those who barely passed the D-class certification would not be able to last against even a single move from the android here.

"From their previous battle, they will probably be able to last over 10 moves," someone guessed.

The power Xu Fei and Chen Feng had erupted with earlier was quite powerful. As such, even when facing someone in C class that was supposed to be much more powerful than them, lasting more than 10 moves was still probable for them. At least, this was what the crowd believed.

"Pfft." Someone said in disdain, "Ten moves? Do you think a C class is something so ordinary? If you ask me, I think they won’t last even two moves! True, in their previous battle, it might have appeared that they insta-killed the androids. However, they had already erupted with all their strength there. Chen Feng with his Energy Equipment and that sudden strength eruption of Xu Fei's. It is simply impossible for them to be any much stronger than that."

Some nodded slightly as they agreed with this assessment.

C class and D class were simply akin to two different worlds. Even if the additional genetic ability was ignored, the attributes alone had a disparity of tenfold. This was simply a battle between those in different leagues.

Ten moves? Impossible.

Now, as both androids neared Chen Feng and Xu Fei, a new battle was starting.

This time, Xu Fei was still the one to make the first move. Before the android even got near him, he charged forth at the start of the battle. His battling style was still as explosive as ever.




Xu Fei started raging as his punches rained forth. At this instant, a formidable power erupted. Since his body reconstruction at the frozen sea, since the transformation at the frozen sea, even Chen Feng was unaware of the actual strength this guy possessed.

Along with the loss of all the hair on his body, an unimaginable power had been obtained by him!



An endless flame emerged. Facing this C-class android, Xu Fei erupted with all his strength at first contact. All the flame he could muster was concentrated on his fist as he shot out his punches.

Raging Flame Fist! This was the first ability Chen Feng had seen from Xu Fei when they'd first met. However, this time, when this ability was once again used, its might was astonishingly dreadful!


Flame bloomed.


Opposite him, the android started emitting a chilly radiance from its body. Facing Xu Fei’s flame, it had zero fear as its terrifying genetic ability charged forth toward Xu Fei. If nothing unexpected were to happen, this would be the first direct collision between the both of them.

Xu Fei vs android!

Both with their strongest method of attack!

"Here it comes!"

Everyone’s eyes were filled with anticipation.

Such a confrontation was something they had seen many times before. If their guesses were correct, after this collision, the weaker side would sink into a disadvantageous position. What followed next would be the weaker side being pushed back consecutively, sinking into a deeper disadvantageous position before, finally, ending up defeated.

This was how a typical battle would progress.

However, just as their attacks were about to collide, everyone’s pupils shrunk. This…

In midair, the two attacks that were about to collide, at this moment, missed each other.

Xu Fei! He had actually taken the initiative to change his attack trajectory.


Everyone stood up abruptly.

"What is he thinking of doing?"

Their hearts thumped furiously. This was simply a battling method where both sides would be killed together!

As Xu Fei had changed his attack trajectory to aim straight at the android, this signified that their attacks would not collide; instead, they would be mutually attacking each other’s bodies!

"Careful." The person in charge’s expression changed slightly. What joke was this? Competing in body durability with an android? Had he gone crazy? This was simply a certification!

The expressions of everyone there changed greatly. No one had expected that this guy called Xu Fei would be so crazy. Including the person in charge, a group of experts were already prepared to make their move to rescue Xu Fei.

However, at this moment.


The attacks landed. At that, everyone’s eyes widened abruptly.

"That is…"

Everyone was stunned.

There, Xu Fei’s attack had landed loudly and smashed the android apart. Similarly, the entirety of the android’s attack had landed on Xu Fei’s body. That terrifying power caused countless people’s hearts to palpitate as they prepared to rescue Xu Fei. Although they had sneered at Xu Fei, they would definitely not allow something to happen to him.

However, right at this moment, a faint blue radiance flickered on Xu Fei’s body.


Next, the attack that had landed on Xu Fei’s body started dissolving at an inconceivable speed. By the time it touched his flesh, only one tenth of its original strength remained.


Xu Fei spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Even if this was only one tenth of its original power, it was evidently still quite a hard attack to receive with his body. However, at the same time…


The android exploded on the spot.

He won!

Everyone’s heart leaped furiously.

All these felt like it had taken a long time to occur. However, in fact, from the start of Xu Fei’s attack until now, only two seconds had passed. Chen Feng’s battle had yet to even start!

Xu Fei had taken one second to approach the android and another second to exchange blows with the android. Next, the battle had ended. Such a simple and straightforward battle.


Everyone else was stupefied.

Transcending class! This was an act of him transcending his class to challenge someone of a higher class! Apart from the original geniuses of the union, this temporary worker that had just joined had accomplished this feat as well! What an inconceivable comeback!

They gulped. "How ferocious!"

Previously, there were still some who'd looked down on Xu Fei. Now, as Xu Fei passed the C-class certification, the gazes of everyone when looking at him were filled with only admiration and acceptance. This was how a member of the Genetic Union should be! Xu Fei had used such a method to win everyone’s approval.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. "Not bad."

These fellows from the Genetic Union were quite straightforward in nature. If they disliked you, it would be made known. If they admired you, it would be clear as well. Such a characteristic was what Chen Feng admired.

Then, next, let me conquer your hearts!

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.


Energy Equipment, assembled.