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Chapter 253: Shall We Forget It?

Chapter 253: Shall We Forget It?

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At the Genetic Union, everyone was focused on the upcoming battle with interested expressions. Just a short while ago, Xu Fei's explosive way of dealing with the C-class android had obtained their approval. And now Chen Feng's android had finally reached him.


A terrifying energy was condensed. The C-class android's eyes flickered with a red light as its battle intent surged. Chen Feng was now locked onto by the android.

"Here it comes!" Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. The C-class android was too powerful, and it simply surpassed Chen Feng's current strength in every aspect. Under normal circumstances, he would definitely not be this android's opponent.

But now…

A smile appeared on Chen Feng's face.


His Energy Equipment assembly was completed. A dazzling radiance swirled around Chen Feng's body. Everyone was aware that this was Chen Feng's Energy Equipment, which was capable of providing him great combat power. However, it was still somewhat lacking if he wished to defeat the C-class android with this.

The reason for that was quite simple. Even if Chen Feng possessed an Energy Equipment, the android had its own secret art as well. Chen Feng might be able to amplify his strength using the Energy Equipment, but the android was also able to amplify its strength by a great amount.


The android erupted. At this instant, a terrifying power bloomed, not unlike the previous encounter between Xu Fei and the android. The energy swirling around Chen Feng was condensed as he charged toward the android. Surprising everyone there, right this moment, his Energy Equipment separated from his body.

This… They widened their eyes. There's such a method of operating the Energy Equipment?


The shiny Energy Equipment smashed toward the android with a terrifying might.

"The f*ck, this works?"

Someone exclaimed in admiration, "Energy Equipment seperating from the user's body? How does this work?"

However, after being momentarily amazed by it, they were able to get a clear judgment on it. "An attack at this level might be powerful, but it is only sufficient to deal serious damage to the android."

That's right, dealing a serious injury yet failing to kill it. What Chen Feng needed to face next would be the android's desperate trump card launched before death, an attack more terrifying than its opening move. In the end, both of them would probably die together.

Based on the rules, perishing together with the android would not be considered a pass. Suddenly, Chen Feng raised his hand.


A gust of energy shot out from his hand.

With that, Chen Feng displayed a brand new ability. This was an ability Luck Aura had selected out of Myriad Illussions. It was capable of shrinking the Energy Equipment to a certain extent yet only required one point of luck value to activate.

What would the effect of this ability be? Only God would know.


That released energy shot forth and landed on the Energy Equipment. Next, the shiny and powerful-looking Energy Equipment started shrinking rapidly.

The initially huge Energy Equipment was now as small as a goose's egg.


Some recognized that ability. It was an ability capable of reducing the size of a released ability or attack without reducing its power. However, what was the point of using it now?

Finally, the Energy Equipment collided with the android. Due to the abrupt reduction in the Energy Equipment's size, the android had to instantly readjust its posture to deal with it. Next, the goose-egg-size Energy Equipment was stuffed straight into its mouth.


Everyone present was alarmed.


Subsequently, a terrifying energy explosion happened.



A terrifying sound of explosion could be heard. What they heard was not only the sound from the Energy Equipment's explosion; it also included the explosion of the android's own attack, which it had lost control over due to the Energy Equipment's explosion in its mouth.

The flame from the explosion was extremely bright. No one was able to see clearly what was going on.

After a long time, an android's head with electrical currents coiled around it was flung out of the center of the explosion before landing and starting to roll on the ground.

The C-class android was dead!

Everyone sunk into silence. Nobody had expected Chen Feng to obtain victory in such a manner. Even if the scene where his Energy Equipment separated from his body was ignored, the scene where the Energy Equipment shrunk at the point of collision before it was stuffed right into the android's mouth followed by an explosion was quite an intoxicating scene.

The feeling when one witnessed that scene was simply indescribable.

As of now, both Chen Feng and Xu Fei had passed their C-class certification. Both these new members had used such methods to obtain everyone's approval. Now, the fifth batch of androids had appeared as well.

B-class certification officially began!

"They are attempting the B-class certification?"

Everyone widened their eyes. Had these two gone crazy?

"This might be the Genetic Union's arrangement," someone guessed.

Some couldn't understand. "For what?"

"Obviously to teach them the true strength of the Genetic Union." Someone started to analyze it in a professional manner, "Think about it. Where should the Union put their face when two mere new members start dominating the certification the moment they joined? Hence, they decided to show them the Genetic Union's strength by throwing some B-class androids at them."

"So that's the case."

Everyone felt enlightened.

Unfortunately, they were probably unaware that this was simply not what the union had intended. The only reason this certification session had proceeded into B class was due to it being the request of Chen Feng and Xu Fei.


Two new androids walked into the hall.

The energy swirling around these androids and the material they were made from were obviously different than the previous androids. Both these androids appeared to be radiating a sense of elegance.

"It's here!"

Xu Fei's eyes shone.

He was clear on his actual strength. Chen Feng was an all-rounded type of warrior specializing in no particular aspect. As such, he had no obvious weak points as well, and he would be able to use various tricks to get himself out of a predicament.

This did not apply to Xu Fei. His initial strength was quite weak. Even after his body had been reconstructed by the tortoise's blood, he still specialized in only a single aspect: attack!

Only by attacking could he demonstrate his superiority.


Xu Fei was filled with battle intent.


Just as the android entered the hall, Xu Fei erupted with his attack. Just like he had previously, he moved quickly and violently as he instantly unleashed all his power.

This was his full-power attack. Opposite him, red light flickered in the android's eyes as it brandished its hands to counter attack.


With a violent shockwave, their attacks collided, followed by an explosion.


Xu Fei started spurting blood as he was flung away. The aftershock of the previous collision was intercepted by the person in charge before it spread further. With this, the battle ended. This was simply a battle between those in different leagues.

Xu Fei smiled bitterly. "The disparity is too big."

"You are only D class," the person in charge stated petulantly.

These two bastards were simply too crazy, even if they were indeed attempting to transcend their class. If he had been somewhat slower, what would they have done if an incurable injury washad been suffered? Wouldn't they be crippled after that?

The person in charge felt helpless. "The two of you…"

"Chen Feng!" The person in charge stopped both Chen Feng and the B-class android that were about to start their battle and said, "You have seen for yourself what happened to Xu Fei. How about we forget this?"

The disparity was truly too big! The crowd around them agreed with this as well. Their feat of defeating the C-class android was sufficient for them to stand tall. It was possible for one to transcend a single class. However, as for transcending two classes? That was simply impossible!

Even if genetic abilities were ignored, the disparity of their attributes alone was as wide as heaven and Earth! For these two who were only in D class, their main attribute would only be 10,000 points at most. As for B class? Even if it was only an android, even if the weakest B-class certification android was used, its attributes would be reaching at least a hundred thousand points.

How was it possible for them to defeat such an opponent?