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Chapter 262: Fighting for First Place

Chapter 262: Fighting for First Place
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"The luck of this streamer is this good?"

"I don't think this is a matter of luck. Did he not say before that with enough attempts, the true drop rate would be revealed? Perhaps this is the true drop rate for those crates?"

"That's very probable!"

Everyone started discussing spiritedly.

No! This can't be!

Wu Geng couldn't believe this.





He continued and opened all the remaining loot boxes he had. However, what caused him to collapse emotionally was the fact that even after opening all the loot boxes the drop rate remained the same.

The final drop rate was confirmed:

SSR – 10% drop rate

SR – 50% drop rate

R – 40% drop rate

A rate that showcased Chen Feng's sincerity in helping the public, regardless of how one looked at it.

"How could things be this way…"

Wu Geng collapsed emotionally.

Currently, the expression of Lan Jingling who was viewing the livestream turned unsightly. If it wasn't for the fact that her relationship with Wu Geng was quite good, she would even have suspected that Wu Geng was playing tricks on her. She herself had tested the drop rates before. No matter what, the current revealed drop rate by Wu Geng was not the true drop rate!

Ten percent drop rate for SSR? Who are you kidding?

All the data couldn't match her previous tests!

However… how could one question him now?

Wu Geng had bought and opened all the loot boxes in front of so many people here. A whole 10,000 contribution points had been used, so there was no probability of fraud. Moreover, the seller was the Gene Production Association. This signified that the drop rate was something fixed, something that even Chen Feng, the seller, would not be able to alter.

If so, how could this have happened? No one knew the answer. Lan Jingling's expression was scarily unsightly.

Beside her, Lan Xing appeared immensely proud as he witnessed the released drop rate. Sister, look at this 10%. How high the drop rate is! Moreover, this streamer is someone sister herself found!

"Chen Feng is indeed correct…" Lan Xing muttered.

Chen Feng had previously told him that Lan Jingling would be looking for some online army to frame him. Originally, he had refused to believe Chen Feng, but now he had no choice but to believe in Chen Feng's words. This world was indeed not as simple as it seemed!

Currently, a huge uproar was unfolding in Wu Geng's room as well.

Ten percent drop rate of SSR?

No matter what, this was a rate one couldn't berate, right? If others couldn't get their wanted drops, it simply meant that they were extremely unlucky!

Some started protesting.


"There must be fraud!"

"This set of data is not right!"

"Did Chen Feng secretly alter the rates?"

Due to the huge public outage, the Gene Production Association replied promptly to these protests: The backend data and algorithm were all controlled by the Gene Production Association. After Chen Feng had started his sale, he no longer had any control over it. If he wanted to change it, he had to submit an application and be audited before it could be approved.

In other words, the rate had never changed.

Wu Geng was stupefied. "How could things be this way…"

Why was this set of data somewhat different from what Lan Jingling had said? He was even starting to doubt the authenticity of the data Lan Jingling had given him.


He ended his stream and once again bought 10,000 contribution points worth of loot boxes.

This time, after opening all the loot boxes, he obtained less than a hundred SSR drops! Moreover, one of the SSR drops never appeared, while the others were repeat drops. In other words, with this 10,000 contribution points, he had actually failed to even get complete solutions for all 100 problems this time.

What a scam!

"So it's indeed a matter of luck," Wu Geng realized.

So he had been too lucky the previous time?

Let's try again!


He reopened his stream and once again bought new loot boxes and started opening them. However, he collapsed emotionally once again, as this time, the rate was almost the same as the previous rate during his previous stream. The drop rate for SSR was still 10%!

Wu Geng was stupefied, wondering how this had happened.

Once again, he shut his livestream.

And once again, he bought 10,000 contribution points worth of loot boxes. This time, he only obtained 103 SSR drops.


Wu Geng was bewildered. What the heck was happening?

Since he could not understand what was happening, he could only end his stream early. He planned to look for Lan Jingling to understand what was going on. However, due to the demonstration by a huge streamer like him, a lot of people once again started buying the loot boxes. Once again, Chen Feng's contribution points increased rapidly.


Noiselessly, Chen Feng deactivated his Luck Aura.

Talking about probability with him? What a joke! He would play that person to death, whoever that was!

As a man Luck Aura shines upon, even if you don't want the rare drops, you will still get them!

"It's here."

Chen Feng laughed as he saw the ranking on the screen.

In five days, he had entered the top 100 rankings.

This selling method devised by Chen Feng had proved extremely efficient. Wu Geng was simply the most popular streamer that had tried opening the loot boxes live. There were a huge amount of other streamers trying this as well. However, for those people, Chen Feng couldn't be bothered to mess with their drop rates. Regardless of how bad their rates were, the masses would still use Wu Geng as the comparison.

As of now, there were 25 more days until the evaluation of the final excellence award recipient.

"This is only the beginning…"

A smile appeared on Chen Feng's face.

He was simply too clear on the horror of RNG, especially when used on such phenomenal research papers.

Finally, a lot of people started realizing that something wasn't right as well.

"Look at Chen Feng's contribution points…"

"Damn, he is now in the top 100?"


"How is this possible? Weren't his contribution points still zero a few days ago? Only five days have passed, yet he has surpassed so many old senior researchers?"

"Among the people he surpassed is also this year's rookie bestseller!"

Everyone was alarmed.

They had never expected that Chen Feng would be able to use only five days to easily enter the top 100. At this moment, the horror of RNG was clearly demonstrated.

"Could Chen Feng be aiming for first place?"

"That's impossible!"

"Lan Jingling's contribution points are in fact an accumulation over the years, which she had erupted with during this year. So many new research papers were released this year. Her current year's contribution points are way higher than Chen Feng's. If Chen Feng is thinking of surpassing her, he will require at least one full year to have the least of hopes!" someone said in disdain.

"True that."

The rest looked at the rankings; their gap was indeed too huge.

However, by the end of the first week, Chen Feng had magnificently grabbed the bestseller position.

As a reward for being the bestseller, Chen Feng's loot box was placed on the homepage of the research institute for one whole day. As a result, due to the exposure, countless people started buying his loot boxes again. With that, countless people fell into this pit laid by Chen Feng!

Chen Feng's contribution points started rising like a torrent!



At any given moment, there would be someone buying his loot boxes.

Despite being scolded and rejected by countless people, his contribution points were still increasing without stop. After all, this was not a game.

Imagine this situation: A person had encountered a serious problem in the course of his gene production and been stuck there for many years as a result. Suddenly, the answer for the problem that had stumped him for years appeared and was being sold at only one contribution point. Would one buy it? Would one try buying the loot box? In fact, these people were the actual major customers of Chen Feng.

For the research groups that were stuck due to some SSR-tier problems, they would not be able to even pirate the solution. This was because, when their research paper was submitted, they would have to list the sources. These research groups made up the majority of those who had spent tens of thousands of contribution points on the loot boxes.

Although Chen Feng's current ranking wasn't particularly high, his growth was definitely the most terrifying one. He was surpassing everyone with an inconceivable speed.

Eightieth place!

Seventieth place!

Sixtieth place!




Chen Feng's violent momentum shocked countless people.

Despite the fact that a lot of people had already started rejecting Chen Feng, despite the fact that a lot of people were starting to realize that this was a huge pit laid by Chen Feng, there were still countless newcomers leaping into the pit at all times.

By the end of the second week, Chen Feng was still maintaining the bestseller position for the week.

With the nonstop discussion by the public and the guarantee by the Gene Production Association that there had been no altering of rates, regardless of whether these discussions were scolding or praising him, this loot box of Chen Feng's had become a truly phenomenal item!

And now, Chen Feng had entered the top 10 in the rankings!

Incredibly violent momentum!

Even Lan Jingling couldn't maintain her calm anymore.

As Chen Feng's contribution points started nearing her points, she was starting to be nervous. Even if Chen Feng's current contribution points were still extremely far from hers… he had only spent 14 days for this! There were 16 more days for him! Who would know what could happen in the remaining 16 days?

"This can't go on."

Lan Jingling clenched her teeth while craziness flickered in her eyes.

She had been waiting for this excellence award for way too long. She would not permit this newcomer Chen Feng to snatch it away from her!

"The excellence award… will be mine!" After hesitating for a bit, she opened her communication tool. "I need to discuss something with you."

The next day, when everyone was still asleep, an unexpected piece news was released, causing an uproar among everyone!

Lan Jingling had released a new research paper!


Theorem of Gene Producer's Self-Defense Methods

Summary: This paper will talk about all sorts of self defense methods for producers. Also included is the guidebook for 36 sets of gene armaments and methods of obtaining them. Please remember, only by staying alive can one remain a producer.

Price: 100 contribution points


This was an extremely expensive combat paper! However… how had Lan Jingling produced this paper?

One had to know that Lan Jingling herself was a nerd producer. The same applied to her fans. Hence, she had a fixed customer base. The amount of new customers she gained wasn't too high. However, if she were to release such a document, she would be able to attract a different type of producer.

Lan Jingling was actually trying to gain new fans by doing this.

Some doubted her.

"Is she capable in this aspect?"

However, after some of them bought her research paper, they found that the gene armaments and combat methods contained within were nearly perfect. This was a research paper that was definitely worth buying.

Lan Jingling was, after all, still a famous person. As such, it did not take her new research paper long to cause an uproar. Her popularity had even started overshadowing Chen Feng's popularity. The masses started talking about how Lan Jingling had finally transformed, how this nerd producer had finally left her house, etc.

Only a small amount of people realized the truth. It was very probable that this paper had not been produced by Lan Jingling herself.

From the style of combat, this seemed more like something the producer at the second place would release.

"Did they form an alliance?"

Chen Feng contemplated. Or perhaps... a trade?

Lan Jingling had used an imperfect research of hers to trade for this piece of research paper? If so, things would get very interesting.

Report this?

Chen Feng shook his head.

That would be pointless. The masses would not care about this anyway.

However, due to this, she had once again widened the gap between her contribution points and Chen Feng's.

"This won't do…"

Chen Feng shook his head.

He truly had no time to waste half a month here with that Lan Jingling fellow. After two days, he still had to go participate on a mission. Since that was the case, he might as well release his trump card.

"Well, you forced me to do this…"

An odd smile appeared on Chen Feng's face.

The next day, on Chen Feng's loot box, several bright red words appeared: Limited Sale!