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Chapter 263: Mission Personnel Squad

Chapter 263: Mission Personnel Squad
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Limited sale! Besides the initial loot box that cost one contribution point per box, a brand new loot box appeared: 10-drop pack (sold at only six contribution points)!

Ten-drop pack at only six contribution points?


Everyone was stirred. The most terrifying part was the fact that this was not the end of it. The new event Chen Feng had applied for was also unveiled: brand new drop-rate increase mechanism for SSR drops!

Every single repeat SSR drop a person obtained would double the drop rate for an SSR drop on that person's next attempt.

For example, the original drop rate for SSR was 1%. If one were to obtain a repeat drop, one's drop rate for SSR would be 2% for one's next attempt. If it was still a repeat drop… the subsequent attempt would be 4%, followed by 8%, 16%, 32%, etc!

Only when one managed to obtain a non-repeat SSR drop would the drop rate be reset to the original rate.


This drove the whole world crazy.

The release of this news caused a sensation akin to an earthquake.

On this day, where the popularity of Chen Feng's loot box was dropping slightly, this promotion and drop-rate-increase event by Chen Feng awoke countless people from their temporary slumber. This was especially true for the unlucky victims of Chen Feng who had yet to obtain the SSR drop they wanted.

"With this drop rate increase mechanism…"

Countless people were enticed.

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, it's a promotion!"

"A promotion that will only last 24 hours…"

"40% discount!"

"Buy, buy, buy!"

"Open, open, open!"

Everyone was driven crazy.

By dangling out a beautiful carrot, Chen Feng drew everyone into the trap he'd set, luring them to start going crazy to get the SSR drop they wanted.

However, they seemed to have forgotten one crucial aspect of this: Was an SSR drop so easy to obtain?

The premise for one to have their drop rate increased was for them to first obtain an SSR drop. From the initial 1% drop rate to 2% and then to 4%, this was in itself a huge pit waiting for those intending to increase their drop rate to jump into. One would end up wasting several hundreds or thousands of contribution points for this.

This single point put Chen Feng's strategy miles ahead of Lan Jingling's strategy.

Thereupon, with a stupefied expression on her face, Lan Jingling watched on as her brand new research paper's sales volume plummeted to the point where her second day's sales volume was not even 1% of her first day's sales volume.

How is this possible…

Lan Jingling was bewildered.

Now, Chen Feng's contribution points were increasing crazily.



Buy buy buy!

These three were the keywords that flooded the whole internet.

And on the rankings, everyone watched on in shock as Chen Feng's ranking started surpassing one person after another, increasing to the point where he was now running neck and neck with Lan Jingling. Even when he reached this point, his contribution points were still increasing rapidly.

Late that night, Chen Feng finally surpassed Lan Jingling, obtaining first place on the excellence rankings.


The whole of Star City was shocked.

"The f*ck?"

"Chen Feng really obtained first place?"

"How is this possible? Lan Jingling prepared for one whole year for this…"

"Oh my god!"

"There are so many people buying the solutions for these problems?"

All the producers in Star City were stunned.

They had never expected Chen Feng's "research paper" would be so terrifying, surpassing everyone in only half a month, including the Lan Jingling that had released two brand new research papers in a row.

That was Lan Jingling he had just surpassed! A superpopular producer! If even she was defeated by Chen Feng, who else could stop Chen Feng's advance? No one would be able to!

The next day, when the news of Chen Feng's first place spread, the public realized the horror of this phenomenal loot box Chen Feng was selling.

Surprisingly, this had kicked off another tide of frenzy shopping as Chen Feng's sales volume increased once again.

Lan Jingling was collapsing emotionally. She had initially believed that, once Chen Feng's one-day promotion was over, her research paper would easily gain ground on Chen Feng. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng's contribution points were still increasing at a crazy pace, surpassing her like a flash, leaving her far behind.

"I'm defeated…"

Finally, she admitted this fact.

Continue fighting? It was now pointless. Her years of accumulation and one whole year of preparation had been surpassed by Chen Feng in half a month. In the remaining half month, she was no longer qualified to compete with Chen Feng.

After another day, the Lan Jingling that had previously been close behind Chen Feng was now completely shaken off.

As for Chen Feng, his contribution points soared up to the heavens. It was at this point that the masses realized how terrifying Chen Feng's sales method was.



"Where's your face?"

Countless people hurled abuses at him on the internet.

Alarming countless people was the fact that there were now people who started to imitate Chen Feng, selling their research papers through loot boxes.

However… they all ended miserably.

After one whole day, they failed to even sell 10 of their loot boxes.

Not every single loot box would contain the solution that the public required. Not everyone was the founder of this sales method like Chen Feng. The popularity of the top solutions for the annual top 100 problems was not to be underestimated.

Finally, the frenzy surrounding the loot boxes calmed down.

The contribution points of Chen Feng, Lan Jingling, and others were increasing at a steady rate. However, the highest increase was still Chen Feng's!

Winner takes all! This was the simple rule of the world!

After obtaining first place, due to the extra exposure this position brought him, coupled with a huge amount of streamers opening his loot boxes… all this only increased Chen Feng's popularity, instead of reducing it.

Even if there was still half a month before the excellence award, first place was now firmly in Chen Feng's hands.

First place: Chen Feng.

Despite the fact that he had initially been attacked by the masses, causing him to lose his qualification to compete for the excellence award, he had used this method to make a comeback, grabbing first place once again!

"How ferocious!"

"Unexpectedly, he is the final winner…"

Everyone lamented.

It was over. The moment Chen Feng had grabbed the first place, it could be said that the result was already determined then and there.

Even if Lan Jingling had formed an alliance with the initial second place, even after she had obtained his research paper to be released under her name, she had still lost to Chen Feng. This was the most terrifying aspect of Chen Feng's victory.

"That bastard…"

Hou Liang was shaken as well.

He had never expected Chen Feng to achieve this in a mere half month. Regardless of his method of obtaining contribution points or the fact that he'd been able to solve all those problems, all these were unexpected. One had to know that every single one of those annual top problems was a problem with an extremely high difficulty.

Furthermore, these were problems whose solutions could only be obtained through thousands of experiments.

"This kid…"

Hou Liang sighed. Every single time he increased his acknowledgement on Chen Feng, that guy would give him a brand-new surprise. Perhaps Chen Feng was truly the one capable of bringing them miracles for situations such as the upcoming Star City battle.

They had confirmed that what Chen Feng had told them was true. In less than a year, Star City would face a disaster. This was a disaster that they'd failed to discover through normal methods. Only after Hou Liang's persistent applications had several experts who did not normally get along decide to work together to use some unique methods to ascertain that this disaster was indeed coming.

As for the reason this event was going to happen? It was still unknown.

They had already dispatched some manpower to investigate this secretly. Those selected were those who they could absolutely trust. However, as of now, the only thing they could do was increase their strength.

"Chen Feng…"

Hou Liang blanked as he thought of this.

Currently, as the producers of the Star City were still busy testing some of Chen Feng's released theories, Chen Feng himself was already somewhere far away.

Chen Feng smiled as he looked at the "mission personnel squad" in front of him. "How are you? I am Chen Feng."

"He-hello," a timid sound replied, "I-I-I am the assigner of this mission."

A pale person with a small frame squeezed out of the crowd, wiping the beads of sweat on his face as he walked toward Chen Feng.

Instantly, Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.