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Chapter 264: Alarming Discovery

Chapter 264: Alarming Discovery
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It was a little kid. To be more accurate, it was a boy around 13 or 14 years of age. He had a tender-looking cheek, yet at the same time, he gave off an odd sense of maturity as well.

"My… my name is Wu Hui," the boy said in a nervous yet serious fashion.

Wu Hui…

No Regrets… 1

Chen Feng contemplated and said, "Good name."

"Th-thanks," Wu Hui replied with a flushed face.

Behind him was a powerful old man with several tens of formidable genetic warriors. Based on Chen Feng's rough guesses, this old man should be at least B class, while the other genetic warriors should be around C or D class.


Chen Feng connected his screen with the boy's screen.

Mission alignment.


Data transfer.

With that, 50,000 mission points were transmitted to the Genetic Union. When this mission was completed and Chen Feng obtained his item, the mission points would be transferred to the boy.

"Thanks," the boy replied earnestly.

Chen Feng: "…"

From the boy's eyes, not a trace of the vivaciousness a boy his age should possess could be seen. Even when they were in the genetic era, the life of this boy had obviously been too harsh.

"Then let's begin the mission?" Wu Hui said.

Chen Feng nodded slightly. "All right."


The group of people set off.

On the road, the boy gave Chen Feng a rough introduction to the old man and the group of genetic warriors with him. After finding out the truth, Chen Feng had an odd feeling.

The reason was the fact that the old man and all the genetic warriors were members of the Wu family. This was actually a group of people from the same family.

"Things are getting interesting." Chen Feng contemplated. From their attitude toward that boy, it couldn't be seen at all that they were actually members of the same family.

"Qin Hai, investigate someone for me." Chen Feng sent Wu Hui's details over to Qin Hai.

Soon, Qin Hai replied with the information Chen Feng had requested. The Wu family had originally been quite a powerful family. However, this was a family centered on the family head, Wu Yaotian. When Wu Yaotian accidentally died, leaving behind Wu Hui, a son with almost zero combat power and who was publicly known as rubbish, the family had split apart.

From then on, the Wu family had ceased to exist.

An interesting fact was that, based on the information he'd received, the reason Wu Yaotian would risk coming to such a place was for his son—for Wu Hui!

Wu Hui, a 14-year-old boy with exceptional talent, ability, and bloodline.

Back then, Wu Yaotian and a lady had fallen in love with each other. They had gotten married and given birth to a son. After that, the lady had mysteriously disappeared. No one knew where she had gone to; the only thing they knew was that her actual identity might have been extremely terrifying. Being her son, Wu Hui was destined to be different from the masses at birth. However, this was also the thing that had destroyed him.

Due to him being too different, he could not fuse with 99% of the known genetic abilities out there. All the fusion gene reagents would be destroyed immediately the moment they entered his body. Wu Hui's unique physique had caused quite an uproar back then. He was even the research target of a lot of gene producers. However, even until now, no one had managed to get a clear understanding of his physique.

Due to this, Wu Hui's path of cultivation had stopped. Theoretically, he would forever remain at F-class.

Fortunately for him, his father was a gene producer. In order to help his son, Wu Yaotian had used all sorts of methods. Ultimately, he had successfully helped his son break through.

E class and D class! He'd gone through two forceful breakthroughs without using any fusion gene reagents.

This time, he'd come here to research a unique gene reagent to help push his son into C class forcefully. However, an accident had ultimately happened.

Chen Feng looked at Wu Hui. In his eyes, self-blame and pain were apparent at all times.

This kid… his life has probably been difficult.

"Investigate Wu Neng for me."

Noiselessly, Chen Feng communicated with Qin Hai on his screen.

Wu Neng was the old man beside Wu Hui. Even if his identity was stated as being the butler of Wu Hui, from his actions and expressions, he did not possess the attitude a butler should have. Furthermore, he did not appear the least bit concerned about Wu Hui.


Soon, Qin Hai finished his investigation.

Wu Neng, an ex-butler of the Wu family.

After the incident of the Wu family, he had been the first one to abandon the family. He believed that Wu Yaotian's action of destroying the whole Wu family just for his son was an extremely idiotic action.

Perhaps he had been a butler for too long, to the point he had forgotten that this was how the Wu family had always operated.

How has such a person appeared beside Wu Hui now?

Chen Feng's heart stirred.

The reason he had come here this time was to obtain a chance at breaking through after using 50,000 mission points. In fact, the affairs of the Wu family would not affect him much. However, if there were truly some unknown schemes going on here, he would most probably not get to enjoy the treatment of a boss.

Seems like I have to be more cautious now , Chen Feng said inwardly.


His footsteps became somewhat lighter. He pretended to be a completely ordinary producer, the type that possessed zero combat power. He followed Wu Hui into the middle of the group and started chatting Wu Hui up in the safe zone formed by the genetic warriors around them.

It did not take him long to become familiar with Wu Hui. As for Wu Neng and the rest, they maintained their silence as the group approached the target of this mission: Qinghe Grassland.

Based on the data released by the Genetic Union, this place was rated B class. A high amount of powerful mutated beasts could be found here. However, the strongest of them were merely peak B class. Back then, Wu Yaotian had come here with several B-class genetic warriors. No accident should have happened to him in that situation.

Wu Neng and the rest slowed down. "Be careful."

They were now extremely far away from the Genetic Union's camp. If they were to encounter some unexpected danger here, it was very probable something bad would happen.



Suddenly, multiple silhouettes flashed out of the bushes.

"Enemy attack!" Wu Neng shouted.

Some of their genetic warriors made their move and impaled all the silhouettes on the spot. Astonishingly, those were all mutated wolves of the grassland. All of them were at peak C class.

These wolves could be considered as one of the more violent and commonly seen mutated beasts here.

"What a fast reaction." Chen Feng was fascinated. This mission might proceed smoother than he had expected. This was the first time Chen Feng took on the role of "boss." Getting such treatment, it was simply too good a feeling. He only needed to hide in the middle with everyone protecting him and him doing nothing.



The genetic warriors continued battling the mutated beasts there. On their way, a countless amount of mutated beasts appeared. However, all these were easily dealt with by Wu Neng and the rest. A lot of them suffered some injuries due to the appearance of the pack of wolves.

"An unknown mutated beast has appeared at three o'clock."

"Dealt with."

"An unknown mutated beast had appeared at five o'clock."

"Dealt with."

The team communicated without stop.

"How professional," Chen Feng lamented.

"They were the squad led by my father previously," Wu Hui said timidly and nervously.

"Is that so?" Chen Feng replied with a smile. "So this time, they are helping you for the sake of their old friendship? To do you one last favor before they leave the Wu family for good?"

"No." Wu Hui shook his head as his expression dimmed. "They were only here following Uncle Wu Neng. I previously begged them a lot of times, yet they all refused to help. This time, they only agreed to move for your 50,000 mission points. I promised him that, after this mission is complete, all the points will go to him. Only after that did he agreed to help. Actually, it has already been half a year since the mission was issued. If the mission points required were somewhat lower, I guess a lot of people would be willing to pay for it. However, Uncle Wu Neng insisted on 50,000 mission points as the minimum price. Hence, I could only let the mission be stuck there all this while with no takers…"

Chen Feng glanced at him. "In other words, you are not getting anything out of this?"

Wu Hui whispered, "At least… I can retrieve my father's corpse…"

Chen Feng sunk into silence. After suffering untold hardships and a half-year wait and even giving up his chance to enter C class, he had chosen to come here only to bring the remains of his father back home?

"How about your assets?" Chen Feng was somewhat astonished. Even if the Wu family ceased to exist, their assets should still exist, right? He could have hired some professional squads, and he would be able to both obtain the gene reagent and retrieve his father's remains.

Wu Hui lowered his head. "Our relatives gobbled up all the leftover assets."

The him with zero combat power was simply someone everyone could ravage. If not for the fact that they were afraid of his mysterious mother that might still be alive, he probably would have lost his life long ago.

Chen Feng: "…"

This kid was truly too pitiful!

However, Chen Feng would not be able to help him much. Everyone had their own path. He was not kind enough to the point where he would help any random person. However, from the description, Wu Neng did not appear too responsible a person.


Chen Feng started contemplating.

As of now, the group had successfully entered the depths of the Qinghe Grasslands.


An overcast howl echoed in the air.



Loud sounds echoed, accompanied by deep footsteps.

"Not good!"

Everyone's expression changed.

A terrifying five-meter-tall mutated beast walked out of the depths of the grassland. Its whole body was emitting a terrifying might, and its pair of eyes were akin to huge lanterns shining amidst the dark.

Peak B class! The king-like existence here!

"Be careful."

The expressions of Wu Neng and the rest became solemn.

However, this time, Chen Feng's heart thumped. This was because, on this terrifying mutated beast's chest, a familiar nameplate could be seen.