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Chapter 268: The Strongest and Weakest Ability

Chapter 268: The Strongest and Weakest Ability
Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Wu Hui was dumbstruck. "I finally created something?"

He had tried countless times, yet every single time, nothing would appear. In fact, nothing had ever happened when he'd tried his ability. But this time…

He looked at the club in his hand.


He groaned as he rubbed his head. "It hurts!"

Chen Feng: "…"

Which idiot will knock his own head with a club?

"I wanted to test if this is for real." Wu Hui rubbed his head, yet his eyes were filled with joy. "It's real, I think it's real! Hahaha. My ability is useful after all, I truly have an ability after all!"

Wu Hui was extremely excited.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "Good, let's perform further tests then."

"All right," Wu Hui replied solemnly. Next, with an extremely sincere demeanor, he shouted, "Appear, club!"


A dim flicker appeared. The dark tunnel brightened momentarily before it sunk back into darkness. The expression on Wu Hui's face froze.

It was ineffective! Once again, it was ineffective!

"Why has this happened…" He was at a loss. There was still nothing this time?




He started furiously activating his ability yet nothing happened.

"Stop." Chen Feng waved his hand. "I'm not telling you to test it this way. Think carefully. That very instant where you summoned the club, how did you do that?"

"How?" Wu Hui blanked. "I was thinking of proving to you that…"

"Proving to me?" Chen Feng confirmed.

"Yes." Wu Hui lowered his head. "You rescued me. I only wanted to be of help instead of causing you more trouble."

"Very good." Chen Feng nodded his head. "If so, continue putting your attention on me. When you release your ability, lock your target and spiritual energy onto me. Do you understand?" Chen Feng reminded him.

Wu Hui nodded. "Ah? Mhm."

Let's begin, then," Chen Feng said.

Wu Hui inhaled deeply. "Hu."

A dim radiance started condensing as his ability activated. This time, he did not focus on summoning a club. Instead, he was doing what Chen Feng told him, focusing all his attention on Chen Feng before activating his ability.


Light started swirling. In Wu Hui's hand, once again, a club appeared.

Wu Hui was shaken. "It's here!"

This… how is this possible?!

He had obviously failed to summon this club after numerous attempts the previous time…

"Indeed." Chen Feng was inwardly shaken. He had guessed correctly; Wu Hui's ability was indeed what he had guessed.

"Again." Once again, Wu Hui activated his ability. This time, though, a lance appeared in his hand.


He was dumbstruck.

This… what was going on? After locking onto Chen Feng with his ability, as long as he activated it against Chen Feng, all sorts of weird items would appear. Was this how his ability worked?

Once again, Wu Hui activated his ability.


A surging radiance appeared. Around Wu Hui's body, a huge Energy Equipment appeared. The terrifying might and aura it was emitting were actually exactly the same as Chen Feng's Energy Equipment.


Wu Hui widened his eyes. He could feel that, at this moment, he was unprecedentedly powerful!


Shortly after, the Energy Equipment disappeared. Despite that, Wu Hui was still immersed in the previous prowess he had possessed. He stared at Chen Feng with thirst in his eyes. He knew that Chen Feng might have solved the mystery surrounding his ability.

Wu Hui's eyes were filled with anticipation. "Big Brother Chen…"

He had been labeled as a trash for far too long! Even his father was dead because of this. He was filled with the urge to prove himself.

He stared at Chen Feng with thirst in his eyes. "Help me…"

Chen Feng shook his head with a smile on his face. "You don't need my help. Your ability is the only one of its kind in this world, an unequaled existence. It is the weakest ability, yet at the same time, it is also the strongest ability."

Ah? Wu Hui was puzzled. What does that mean?

Chen Feng sighed. "In fact, your ability is something that will change its form based on your target. If your target believes that your ability is powerful, your ability will manifest something powerful. If he believes that your ability is weak, your ability will manifest something weak. If he believes that you are trash…then, you will truly become trash!"

Wu Hui widened his eyes. "What?"

"I had never heard of such an ability. However, when you lock onto your target, you must let your target believe that you are extremely powerful. With that, you will be extremely powerful; perhaps you will even be unequaled! However, if your target believes that you are trash, believes that your ability is useless, regardless of how many times you try to activate your ability, it will not be effective," Chen Feng said.

So that's the case…

Wu Hui shut his eyes as his heart ached.

No wonder, no wonder there had been no effect regardless of how many times he had tried his ability in the past!

The moment he had been publicly acknowledged as trash, the moment his father had started taking him everywhere to test his ability, it had already been predetermined that there would be no results. Since everyone believed that he was trash, who would believe that he had any sort of ability?

Moreover, he had to aim his ability at someone for his ability to work. Perhaps there was truly someone out there that believed in him. However, his ability would normally be aimed at the puppets or some other targets. Regretfully, his ability would not work when aimed at these objects with no thought process.

Only when his ability was aimed toward a person who believed that he was a powerful person would his ability be powerful. This was how his ability worked. A mystical ability that had never appeared before.

That was not all. Even after the target started to believe that he indeed possessed an ability, the prowess of what appeared would still depend on how much the target believed in his power.

For example, the club created thanks to Chen Feng. Although an item had indeed been materialized by the ability, its combat power was zero. Another example would be the Energy Equipment. The moment it appeared, it disassembled immediately. This was because Chen Feng knew Wu Hui's ability too well. Hence, even if he wanted to match his line of thought, the effect of it was still limited.

In order to materialize the strongest ability, the target had to sincerely believe in his power.

Wu Hui smiled bitterly. "If so, isn't this ability still somewhat trashy?"

"Trashy?" Chen Feng smiled. "Kid, this is the strongest ability. Come, let me demonstrate how terrifying your ability is…"



Suddenly, the underground tunnel started trembling as countless rocks started collapsing.

A horrified expression appeared on Wu Hui's face. "They are here!"

"Steady yourself." Chen Feng glanced at him. "Give me a moment."


Wu Hui blanked. Those people would arrive soon; were they not escaping? Since Chen Feng was not escaping, he would not be able to escape either. Fine, let's die together!

Wu Hui braced himself for death.

"Done." Rows of words appeared on Chen Feng's screen, and Chen Feng coughed. "Mhm… this is what I just wrote down. Memorize it."

Based on the speed of his hand, typing out those words on his screen was even faster than him saying it out loud. Since they were pressed for time, this was the only thing he could do. As Wu Hui looked at his screen, he was stupefied.

On it was actually a script. That's right. On it was a script for a play.

"This…" Wu Hui was somewhat dumbfounded. He had a vague guess at what Chen Feng was planning. However, he still couldn't believe it. So Chen Feng was telling him to battle the enemies with this script he had written?

Chen Feng patted his shoulder and said in a low voice, "Trust me. This is… your only hope! Think of your father's death, think of your family's decline, think of how everyone labeled you trash all these years. Think of your anger. Are you really resigned to disappoint your father like this? Kid, this is the only chance I can give you! If this works, from now onward, no one will be your opponent!"


Wu Hui's blood boiled.

From now onward… no one will be his opponent? So his ability was so powerful?

"My ability…" A flame ignited in his heart, and he clenched his fist. "What is the name of my ability?"

Chen Feng's faint voice was filled with grandeur. "I gave it a very interesting name… Cosmic Manifestation."

Cosmic… Manifestation…

Wu Hui's blood boiled. So… this was his ability? How tyrannical!

Chen Feng was his savior and the only person willing to believe in him even during such an impasse. The only person willing to help him, why would he not believe in such a person?

Finally, Wu Hui made up his mind. Just do it!


When his eyes once again reopened, this initially timid child was now filled with confidence and arrogance! This was in accordance to the script Chen Feng had written for him.

"Don't worry. I will help you…" Chen Feng's faint voice traveled into his ears. "Not only is this a battle for you, this is also the only hope for us to survive this. Hence, win this battle! You will definitely win!"

Wu Hui's eyes were now filled with more confidence. "Yes."

Right at this instant.



A bright explosion appeared, and the whole tunnel was blasted open. Next, Wu Neng appeared. His cold gaze focused at this place. "Found you."

He started leading the others over.

However, surprising him, that Wu Hui did not choose to escape. Instead, he raised his head and stared at Wu Neng while a sinister yet bizarre smile formed on his face.

"My dearest old butler… I have been waiting for you."

That voice sounded so familiar yet alien at the same time.


Wu Neng's heart thumped. This tone of voice…