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Chapter 269: Wu Hui’s Battle: Cosmic Manifestation!

Chapter 269: Wu Hui’s Battle: Cosmic Manifestation!
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At the underground tunnel, Wu Neng arrived with several other B-class genetic warriors. Chen Feng and Wu Hui were both trapped there. This was supposed to be Wu Neng's moment of victory. However, the atmosphere here seemed somewhat wrong.

Wu Neng narrowed his eyes. "Kid…"

"Do you think that I am truly trash? No." Wu Hui shook his head before continuing, "From the moment of my birth, I have done too many wrongs. Due to my mother's bloodline, due to my strength being too powerful, there has simply been too much blood on my hands." Abruptly, Wu Hui asked, "Do you still remember that servant girl when I was three?"

"Which servant girl?" Wu Neng recalled. Back then, there had indeed been such a servant girl by Wu Hui's side. Subsequently, she caught the gene necrosis disease and died as a result. This was something everyone in the Wu family knew about.

"Gene necrosis disease?" Wu Hui shook his head. "You all truly believed that it was a gene necrosis disease? Hahahahaha! I didn't expect that. Back then, I was merely trying to show off some of my ability to her. In the process, I accidentally got her killed."


Wu Neng and the rest were stupefied.

Damn! So that was what happened? How melodramatic! Is this for real?

Next, Wu Hui displayed a sad emotion as he shut his eyes. "To seal my ability, to not expose my mother's ability, father did everything he could! In order to seal my ability! Hahaha!"

"Father did not permit me to fuse with any sort of genetic ability, and he proclaimed failure to outsiders for any gene I fused with. The only reason he allowed me to break through my limit without stop was in order to help me obtain better control over this ability of mine." Wu Hui stared at his right hand, pain on his face. "Unfortunately… a day still came where my father died for me, yet I couldn't do anything to help." He started laughing wildly. "Hahahahaha."

Wu Neng's group was deeply startled.

Is this for real? If everything he said is true…

Wu Neng inhaled deeply. "Be careful."

This was already the final moment of his mission. He could not allow anything to go wrong.

He signaled his group members and ordered them to quietly surround Wu Hui. Regardless of whether the things he said were true or not, he could not be allowed to escape.

During the time when Wu Hui was talking nonsense, they had been summoning more reinforcements over. On top of that, Wu Neng was also trying to gain further understanding of this kid he had watched since from infancy. Did he truly possess such a powerful ability? This trash-like fellow?

"I am truly unresigned," Wu Hui muttered.


A familiar radiance started flickering.

Wu Neng widened his eyes. He was way too familiar with this radiance. This was Wu Hui's ability!

In his memories, every time Wu Hui displayed this ability, nothing would happen. However, if what he said earlier was the truth…


A resplendent radiance started surging out.

Around Wu Hui's body, a terrifying and imposing Energy Equipment materialized.

The power it was emitting had reached B class!


Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold breath.

They were not shocked because of the strength. To be frank, a single B class wasn't too big a deal for them. What shocked them was Wu Hui's age.

How old was he? On top of that, there was also that scheming mind of his! This kid seemed to have concealed his strength all this while?

Wu Neng was shocked. "For you to actually possess such power." Damn! If he'd known earlier that Wu Hui had such power… Wu Neng frowned. "Since you have such power, why did you ask us to come here with you? Couldn't you deal with this mission easily by yourself?"

"Hehehehehe. What do you think?" A cruel smile appeared on Wu Hui's face. "It has been 10 whole years… From the moment I was capable of thought, I suffered all sorts of insults from you guys. Normally, father would tell me to respect you all… However, after father's death, I was able to see clearly exactly what type of people all of you are. Hehe. It's about time for me to deal with certain things. With great difficulty, I finally managed to lure all of you here, mhm…" Wu Hui slanted his head as he finished his words. "This is perfect."


The hearts of Wu Neng's group thumped furiously.

Lunatic! This is simply a lunatic!

So all these years, Wu Yaotian wasn't helping his frail son break through the limit. Rather, he was holding this lunatic son of his back.

Damn it!

Wu Neng's eyes gleamed coldly. "A mere B class…"

Since that's the case, I can only kill you.


They prepared to attack. They refused to believe that a single Wu Hui would be too overpowered.

"Hehehehehe." As a response, Wu Hui merely laughed coldly. "Do you truly believe that I, as the possessor of my mother's cosmic bloodline, would have a B class that is equivalent in strength to an ordinary B class? How naive… Perhaps it's about time for you guys to witness my true strength."

Light started swirling in Wu Hui's hands.


The B-class Energy Equipment earlier had already disappeared. However, this time, an even more horrifying radiance appeared around Wu Hui's body before it soared and pierced straight up to the heavens.


The radiance appeared so terrifying, akin to the pressure of a dragon's roar from the ninth heaven, that it blasted away Chen Feng, who was beside him.

"You…" Chen Feng retreated with a horrified expression on his face. At the same time, his right hand was noiselessly hidden away.

In truth, when Wu Hui had been talking earlier, although his ability appeared to have been aimed at Wu Neng, it had actually been aimed at Chen Feng all the while. This was the only way in which they could join hands to create this special effect. Even if this radiance here they had created was with zero combat power, despite how tyrannical it appeared.

"Wu Neng. To show appreciation for your contributions to the Wu family all these years, I will only launch a single attack toward you. If you are able to block it, I will consider our grudge settled," Wu Hui said indifferently.

Next, he raised his hand. The radiance around him started swirling as light particles started condensing in his hands. An extremely terrifying pitch-black sword appeared in his hand.

"My ability is called Cosmic Manifestation. This is the first form of Cosmic Manifestation: Divine Infernal Sword! This is the ability left to me by my mother's blood, a power inherited through bloodline."

Wu Hui started stepping forward.


The radiance condensed without stop.

"This is a sword with only one attribute." Wu Hui added, "The single attribute being the ability to cut everything in existence. Back then, there was an occasion where an A-class genetic warrior offended the Wu family. Our Wu family was almost destroyed back then. Subsequently, I was the one who killed him off secretly." Wu Hui muttered, "Mhm... you guys have probably forgotten about it."


At this point, Wu Neng and his group were already perspiring all over as their scalps felt numb.

A class… Killing A class…Wu Hui was so powerful?!

A sinister smile appeared on Wu Hui's face. "Goodbye."


At this instant, all the radiance swirling around him concentrated together and locked onto Wu Neng.


The radiance in Wu Hui's hands surged forth.

"Cut!" Wu Hui barked coldly.

"Careful!" Wu Neng was now extremely agitated, as he had finally recalled what Wu Hui had said. Back then, there had indeed been one time where the Wu family had faced an extremely terrifying crisis. Subsequently, the crisis had vanished with no apparent reason. He had initially believed that it had been resolved after Wu Yaotian had requested help with his identity as a master producer. Now, though… It was actually Wu Hui?

Damn! What freak is this! If this is the truth, I can't face him head on!

Subconsciously, Wu Neng started becoming terrified of Wu Hui.

He ordered one of the genetic warriors there to block in front of him. "Block it for me!"

At the same instant, Wu Hui's ability bloomed. Everyone watched on nervously, Wu Neng, Chen Feng, and even Wu Hui himself included.

This time… would it truly appear?


The air trembled.

On the distant horizon, pitch-black aura gushed out unceasingly before a terrifying black sword appeared, the sword that had seemingly pierced through the horizon, breaking through space itself to reach this place.

Wu Neng's expression changed greatly. "Not good!"

This thing here actually looked exactly the same as he had imagined! Something capable of killing an A class…

"Retreat!" he shouted. However, it was too late.


The Divine Infernal Sword streaked forth, and the genetic warrior in front of Wu Neng, the ex-member of the Wu household, was slashed into two.


Blood splattered around.

The back of everyone that witnessed this chilled.

It was true! It was actually true! That Wu family trash was actually a freak!

"Run! Run!"

Everyone started fleeing frantically.

Wu Hui stood there loftily as he glanced at those escaping silhouettes. That skinny body of his appeared so very awe-inspiring beneath the black radiance that had enveloped the whole skyline. The huge amount of black radiance covering the sky was the power unleashed by the Divine Infernal Sword.

The moment this sword had been summoned into existence, the result of this battle had already been set in stone.

"Time to end this," Wu Hui said calmly.