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Chapter 275: Brother, We Are on the Same Side!

Chapter 275: Brother, We Are on the Same Side!
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A long howl could be heard. Distantly, countless gigantic beasts from the grassland charged forth. The earth trembled and the howls of the beasts thundered. Instantly, the palace was surrounded by countless gigantic beasts.

Those were all beasts Chen Feng had never seen before. They were gigantic beasts that only existed a hundred years ago.

Chen Feng was alarmed. "Here it comes!"

The one leading the group of gigantic beasts was that talking grassland wolf they'd encountered earlier. Different from the other mutated beasts, this particular grassland beast had color on its body as well, despite its color being only blue.

On its body was a familiar nameplate. If it wasn't for the fact that Chen Feng was extremely familiar with that nameplate, he would have most probably missed it.

"It was that beast indeed." Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. It was actually the grassland wolf leader with terrifying strength.

The huge grassland wolf leader knelt down in front of the palace. "Young mistress!"

The young lady coldly asked, "Who are you?"

"I traveled through time to reach here." A smile seemed to appear on that wolf's face as it continued, "Here to rescue your esteemed self."

The young lady was slightly agitated. "Time…"

Someone from the future to save me?

"How long in the future are you from?"

"A hundred years."

"A hundred years…" The young lady closed her eyes and continued, "So a hundred years has passed?"

"Yes, you went missing," the grassland wolf answered respectfully.

The young lady nodded slightly as her cold gaze swept through the people from the Genetic Union before sweeping through the grassland wolf's army and ultimately landing on Chen Feng's group. "Missing…"

There were three factions at play here now. Although Chen Feng's group appeared weak, in fact, their fighting strength was extremely astonishing. None would dare to underestimate them.


At this instant, almost everyone's gazes landed on Chen Feng's group. This was an extremely dangerous place. Everyone here had only come for their mission. If so, why had this group appeared here?

"State your identity!" the people of the Genetic Union shouted.

Chen Feng sighed. "We are truly from the same side…"

Seems like the identity token from 100 years in the future can't be used here. Oh, right, the technology of their wristbands seems somewhat outdated. If I hack it for a bit…

"Can you guys try checking my identification token once again?" He looked at the people from the union. Just as they were about to recheck, one of their checkers opened his mouth and said, "Captain, the data was altered a short while ago."

Chen Feng: "…"

What the f*ck! Your certification technology is outdated yet your firewall is so advanced??


Immediately, the people from the Genetic Union glared at Chen Feng with unfriendly expressions.

Chen Feng shrugged."We are truly from the same side." Unfortunately, nobody believed his words.

Finally, that middle-aged man start talking. "We are merely passersby. We are only here for some mission. Accidentally, we got caught up into this affair of yours. We are truly ordinary passersby."

"From a hundred years in the future?" the grassland wolf interjected.

The middle-aged man hesitated before answering, "Yes."


Suddenly, the killing intent of those from the Genetic Union surged.

A hundred years in the future! These people were all here from the future for some mysterious yet evil intentions!

No one could guarantee that their appearance wouldn't affect this world in any way. The theories of time manipulation were a top secret even in the Genetic Union itself. These people all had to die!

His cold gaze swept through the grassland wolf and the rest of the people there before ultimately deciding to kill.

The young lady glanced at Chen Feng. "These people…"

"They must die." The grassland wolf lowered its voice. "If they were truly accidentally dragged here by us, they must die. We have performed extremely delicate calculations on the timeline. Hence, not a single speck of variable must be allowed to exist. The path back to the future was only prepared for you alone. From the moment these people appeared here, they were fated to die. Moreover… it is simply too common for a third party to benefit from the disputes of others."

The grassland wolf was evidently filled with vigilance.

They could not guarantee that this wasn't some ploy of the Genetic Union's. If they decided to rescue Chen Feng's group yet Chen Feng's group decided to backstab them, it would be too dangerous.

Regardless of them or the Genetic Union, they could not permit a third party to exist here.

In this mission, even for them, only a single survivor was permitted.


The ice-cold killing intent bloomed.

The people of the Genetic Union took the initiative and charged toward Chen Feng's group.

"Hey, hey, hey, we are truly on the same side!" Chen Feng revealed his certification details. "This is truly how it will look like 100 years in the future!"


The people from the Genetic Union merely snorted as a response.

Regardless of whether this was the truth or not, this guy had to die!

"So you really don't believe me?" Chen Feng was feeling helpless.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "Don't force me…"

At that, the expressions of those from the Genetic Union became even more serious. From the Energy Equipment on Chen Feng, it was apparent that Chen Feng's combat power was quite formidable.



Several experts of the Genetic Union surrounded Chen Feng.

The battle was going to start at any moment. The young lady and the grassland wolf were surrounded by the people from the Genetic Union as well. At the same time, they were also wondering if this youngster here would be able to escape. If both this youngster's group and the Genetic Union ended up hurting each other, things would be perfect.

"Mhm…" Chen Feng sighed. "I already told you we are from the same side. You guys are the ones who decided not to believe me."

Suddenly, he dragged Wu Hui with him and retreated toward the young lady's direction.

"You are courting death!"

The grassland wolf leader's eyes gleamed ominously.

"Bro, we are on the same side!" Chen Feng shouted before taking out a nameplate he had kept on him for a very long time. A faint word could be seen on it: Duma!

Young lady: ???

Genetic Union: ???

Grassland wolf leader: ???

The previous instant, this guy here had still been claiming to be from the Genetic Union's side. The next instant, he took out a nameplate and claimed to be on the same side as the grassland wolf?

Are you f*cking kidding?

"This thing…" Finally, the grassland wolf realized where that familiar feeling it had felt earlier came from. He stared at Chen Feng. "Why do you have this thing?"

"My master gave it to me. An old freak that had been alive for god knows how long. Hmph hmph," Chen Feng said casually. "He told me to come here to the Qinghe Grassland to try my luck and see if there were any fortuitous encounters, telling me that I would be able to get a deeper understanding of the power of time or something like that… because I am also a possessor of the power of time!"


With a wave of his hand, a blue radiance appeared, shining around him.

The whole space-time of the black-and-white world seemed to be effected by this. Every single movement of Chen Feng's was putting great pressure on this world.

This was exactly the power of time!

The grassland wolf leader appeared gratified. "Very good."

So this guy is from our side? No wonder he is such a treacherous person!

"I initially planned to sneak myself into the Genetic Union." Chen Feng put on a regretful expression. "Unexpectedly, those bastards gave me certification details from the future, which had instead conflicted with the certification details of this time…"

Veins surfaced on the people of the Genetic Union.

They had almost fallen for that! If this guy's certification details had been correct…

Would they have been able to see through something prepared in advance by those from a hundred years in the future? Such an enemy was truly a danger at the highest level!

The people of the Genetic Union appeared unprecedentedly solemn. "Prepare for battle!"

For the Genetic Union! For the world!


After a roar, all of them from the Genetic Union erupted with their full power.

The grassland wolf leader glanced at Chen Feng. "You guys will be in charge of protecting young mistress here."

Chen Feng nodded slightly. "All right."

A vicious expression appeared on the grassland wolf leader's face. "Then…"


With a loud roar, charge! All the mysterious and powerful gigantic beasts charged forth.

The battle erupted instantly.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, dragged Wu Hui and followed closely beside the young lady. Rather than protecting her, they were being protected instead. However, just as Chen Feng was busy gathering information from his surroundings and thinking of ways to solve his current predicament, a peculiar fragrance assailed his nostrils and a gust of warmth appeared by his ear as an intoxicating voice entered his earlobe.

"This young brother here… who are you exactly?"