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Chapter 276: The Lost upon Return!

Chapter 276: The Lost upon Return!
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Chen Feng coughed and continued, "Don't stand so near me."

"Teehee, are you getting shy?" The young lady had a faint smile, but a crafty expression appeared in her eyes. "On your body is an extremely familiar smell, causing me to be unable to resist getting intimate with you."

"That's my body odor," Chen Feng said earnestly.

Young lady: "…"

Wu Hui: "…"

Where's your face?



The battle in front of the palace was progressing.

Some of their opponents tried to approach them. However, they were directly beaten back by Chen Feng. What joke. Since they refused to acknowledge Chen Feng's identity, he wouldn't be bothered with their identities as members of the Genetic Union.

"You are very strong," the young lady exclaimed in admiration.

If only personal combat power was measured, Chen Feng would be the strongest here, possessing a combat power at peak A class.

Chen Feng merely smiled as a reply. "Hehe."

Another Genetic Union expert approached them. "Come and die for me!"

Chen Feng's eyes gleamed coldly. "Scram!"


Blood splattered around. That genetic warrior was directly killed by Chen Feng.

Instantly, the atmosphere of the area became somewhat stifling.

Those genetic warriors glared at Chen Feng ferociously and finally decided to not charge in his direction. Instead, they focused on the grassland wolf's direction and those gigantic beasts.

The young lady's eyes shone. "Wow!"

So strong!

In her memories, such powerful genetic warriors would normally be those 50- or 60-year-old people old enough to be her grandfather. Even a genius would normally be around 40 years old when they reached this level of strength. As for Chen Feng… he appeared to be only 18 years old! Only around three years older than her!

At that instant, some sort of romance seemed to sprout in the young lady's heart. Which girl wouldn't wish that during their moment of crisis an unrivaled hero would descend like a deity from the heavens to rescue her? This unrivaled hero was currently Chen Feng.

There were countless casualties on the battlefield, yet Chen Feng remained standing in front of her peacefully, none daring to approach them. By his lonesome self, he was equivalent to a whole army!

After a long time, the battle ended. The original plan of the Genetic Union's had been to take this young lady away. Getting involved in a bitter battle had never been part of their plan. However, due to the existence of Chen Feng here, they'd had no choice but to first get rid of those gigantic beasts.

After countless casualties, after suffering a disastrous loss, they'd finally gotten rid of those gigantic beasts. Nevertheless, their remaining combat power was already at their lowest point as well.

The grassland wolf sneered. "Are you planning to continue fighting?"

"So what if we continue fighting?" Suddenly, a person appeared midair. This person was a reinforcement from the Genetic Union. It was only a single person, who appeared to be around 25 or 26 years old. As for his combat power… it was peak A class!

A super expert had appeared!

"Do you think that only your side has reinforcements?" the grassland wolf said in disdain.

Based on its understanding toward the events that had happened during this time period, it was precisely now that…

"Let's battle then!" With a flash of green, another genius that was equally young appeared.

A green speck of light was flickering on his forehead, giving him an extremely imposing appearance as he bathed in green radiance that was akin to some sort of extremely terrifying incorporeal barrier.

He's finally here! The grassland wolf's heart leaped. Senior Lu! Young mistress's future husband!

He descended from the sky and blocked in front of all of them. Quietly, he turned around and looked at the young lady before saying calmly, "With me here, no one can hurt you."

Young lady: "…"


He turned around, and the battle with the genius from the Genetic Union began. Rays of light started swirling around them without stop.

However, the young lady merely stared at him like she was staring at an idiot.

Wait, things seems to be progressing somewhat…

The grassland wolf's expression changed. Based on the timeline's description he had received, this was how the plot should have developed: The young lady met with a crisis and fell into an impasse. Next, Senior Lu appeared and rescued the young lady, capturing the beauty's heart in the process. However, the young lady had also sustained heavy injuries due to the sneak attack on her. Hence, she was subsequently ill for many years, resulting in her power of time slackening before she would ultimately disappear.

The very reason this wolf had appeared here back in time was to prevent the sneak attack from ever happening to the young lady. That was the only reason it was here! Everything else was something it shouldn't get involved in.

Based on its master's command, apart from protecting the young lady, it should not interfere in the timeline. Hence, it had merely summoned the gigantic beasts to resist the Genetic Union instead of affecting any other events in this timeline.

It hadn't even allowed Chen Feng, the one who possessed the special nameplate, to join the battle. The only thing it had had Chen Feng do was protect the young lady, that was all.

However… something had unexpectedly happened! Chen Feng had altered history?

No, no, no. He had not even need to do anything. He had only needed to stand there, and behold, an 18-year-old with peak A-class combat power, a person with a handsome appearance and a carefree personality, and who was also intelligent and quick witted. Wasn't all this sufficient for him to alter this course of history? Compared to him, that Senior Lu at around 25 or 26 years old was simply a non-factor attractiveness-wise.

This did not apply to Senior Lu alone. In fact, both the "exceptional geniuses" that were currently battling it out had been rendered as nonfactors attractiveness-wise due to Chen Feng's appearance here. Moreover, after figuring out Chen Feng's real combat power, as long as Chen Feng remained standing by her side, the young lady would not feel any sense of crisis.

Hence, a scene where a hero appeared and rescued the beauty would most probably not appear anymore.




The battle was still progressing.

Those two "exceptional geniuses" were battling it out on the battlefield, yet the young lady was only staring at Chen Feng with an inquisitive and worshipping gaze. The only thing missing was her asking this young brother here if he wanted to get some from her.

Grassland wolf: "…"

What the f*ck, what should I do about this? The grassland wolf's head ached. "Let me think about it."

Once again, it recalled the overall plan. Mhm, after countless years of bitter cultivation, its master had finally grasped the power of time. After the young mistress disappeared, he'd started putting even more effort into his research, which culminated in their current plan of going back in time. All this was in order to allow the young mistress to once again return to reality.

And now… everything was indeed progressing as planned. However, the person playing the role of the hero who had rescued the beauty had somehow changed.

Oh… this shouldn't have too big an effect on the timeline, right?

The grassland wolf contemplated seriously. Senior Lu was also a top-notch existence back in the future. With his strength and talent, it would be too easy for him to regain the heart of this young lady.

Mhm… that's for sure! The grassland wolf checked the time. Almost there!

Based on their plan, it should now prepare for the return into the future. Thirty seconds, 20 seconds, 10 seconds…

The grassland wolf's heart leaped. "Here it comes!"


Space shattered into pieces as countless experts of the Genetic Union appeared out of the crack in the air. Finally, the main squad of the Genetic Union had arrived.

"Aowuuuu—" the wolf howled. Instantly, countless blue radiances condensed together. In the air, a terrifying beam of light appeared and pierced through heaven and Earth.

"Go!" Senior Lu shouted. "I will stop them here!"

"All right."

Light started swirling around the grassland wolf.


A terrifying blue radiance bloomed.

Time started moving.

"Do you need my help?" Chen Feng asked calmly.

"No." The grassland wolf shook its head. "Since you are from the future, try to avoid doing anything. You only need to focus on protecting the young mistress."

Chen Feng calmly replied, "All right. No harm shall befall her before first getting rid of me."

His thought process was quite simple. Presently, he was only thinking of pretending to be one of them. As such, he only needed to try his best to perfect his cover and avoid being seen through. Unexpectedly, though, after this seemingly casual sentence of his, the eyes of the young lady started twinkling.

Grassland wolf: "…"

Bro, can you not play the part of an idol 1 at times like this? If this continues, Senior Lu will truly be green 2 …

"Xiao Fei! See you in a hundred years!" Senior Lu howled.

Currently, he was blocking the whole Genetic Union all by himself, with a majesty akin to someone who was blocking off an army of 10,000 men by his lonesome. Unfortunately for him, nobody seemed to be appreciating his current splendor.


Light swirled around and the scene around them started changing.

Time was reinstating itself.

Could a life form from a hundred years in the past be truly brought forward to the future? Chen Feng had no idea. He had an indescribable sense of reverence toward the power of time. In fact, this was simply a power mankind had no hope of controlling. That was time itself!

Behind him was the young lady. Her eyes were shut and her tiny hands were grabbing onto the corner of Chen Feng's shirt.



Light swirled around.

Gradually, their surroundings recovered their color.

After a long time, a blue undulation started spreading around them, and everything returned to how it was. The Qinghe Grassland also recovered its green. They had finally returned to the future!

Their emotions surged. "We are back!"

"Wow. This is the future?" The young lady was pleasantly surprised. However, right at this instant, a flicker appeared in the air. A terrifying killing intent instantly enveloped the whole area as a voice resounded, "I have been waiting a long time for you guys."


Instantly, a terrifying power descended.

The whole world was enveloped by darkness as the terrifying power reached them instantly.



The team brought here by the middle-aged man, the group that had been following behind Chen Feng, was instantly killed by the terrifying power that descended.


The middle-aged man started spurting blood as well. Right after he'd returned to the future, before he could even react to anything, his chest was pierced through by a beam of light. A magnificent A-class genetic warrior like him was actually killed instantly.

Chen Feng was deeply alarmed. "How is that possible?"

A class! That was an A class! Even an A class couldn't block this attack?

Currently, that terrifying attack neared Chen Feng.

Chen Feng's heart chilled. "I'm finished."



Chen Feng's chest was pierced through by that terrifying beam of light in a split second. His heart was disintegrated as a stifling feeling emerged within. Chen Feng's sight blurred before he started collapsing.

Raising his head, he could vaguely see a green radiance that was gradually condensing in the air before a silhouette walked out of the green. On that person's forehead was a green gem that was gleaming resplendently.

It's him!

Chen Feng was horrified as he suddenly recalled what Gou Li had told him back then.

"Remember! If you see someone with an odd stone on his forehead, regardless of the time or venue, flee, flee as far as you can!"

Soul… So… he is Soul!!! That youngster from a hundred years ago was also him! Lu Hun? 3

Unfortunately, he'd realized this too late.


Blood splattered out of his chest as his body collapsed loudly on the ground. Dead.