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Chapter 277: Golden Silhouette!

Chapter 277: Golden Silhouette!

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At Star City, Hou Liang was playing chess with Old Zhu.

"I heard that kid Chen Feng went over to Genetic Union for some mission again?" Old Zhu curled his lips. "Are you truly not worried?"

"What should I be worried of?" Hou Liang laughed. "As a producer with off-the-charts combat power, our methods are inherently unsuitable for him. Rather, it is my hope that all producers will have such combat power."

"Genetic Union…" Old Zhu shook his head. "The missions there are much harder than our missions."

Hou Liang grudgingly said, "If he was going to die, he would have died a long time ago. If anyone is dying, I will probably die first."



Using a chess piece that looked like a lion, Hou Liang ate Old Zhu's chess piece that looked like a tiger. Just as he was about to start bragging, abruptly, a familiar power could be felt.

That is…

Immediately, he turned around and stared in a certain direction.

Old Zhu was startled as well. "That power…"

At this instant, countless experts in Star City looked in the same direction. Countless consciousnesses started scanning over there. Every producer in Star City was extremely clear on what this power signified.

Something had happened there!

At Qinghe Grassland, when that terrifying green radiance had descended, even the grassland wolf and that young lady were alarmed. None of them had expected they would encounter such a crisis the moment they returned to the future.

"Senior Lu!" Grassland wolf cried out in alarm. "He is from our side!"

"How ridiculous." Lu Hun's forehead gleamed with green, and his eyes were chilly. "A hundred years ago, I was unaware of who he was. But now, how would it be possible for me to not be aware of who he is? Champion of the Gene Rookie Competition, a genius belonging to both the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association. Hehe, with such an identity, he is thinking of lying to me? How ridiculous!"

"I won't allow you to kill him." The young lady clenched her teeth as light started swirling in both her hands. "Time: rewind!"

A faint power of time surged out of her hands. She wanted to rewind time several seconds into the past, believing that Chen Feng would be saved if she did that. However, how would Lu Hun permit that?

"Sigh." With a sigh, a gust of power erased the young lady's power with ease.

"You!" The young lady glared at Lu Hun ferociously.

"I won't blame you, since the current you does not have any memory of that phase of our lives." Lu Hun's gaze landed on the young lady. His gaze was filled with gentleness, but it was quickly replaced with killing intent. "However, anyone who dares to lay their hands on you will die! Especially him!" He pointed at Chen Feng. "You want to rescue him? If so, I will dismember his body into ten thousand pieces and extinguish his soul so that you can totally give up on this thought of yours," Lu Hun said coldly.


Once again, a green radiance shot out of his hand toward Chen Feng.

"You!" The young lady looked toward the grassland wolf. "I command you to stop him!"

"Senior Lu…" The grassland wolf could only step forth with a bitter smile on its face. It had no way of disobeying the young mistress's command!

Lu Hun's eyes gleamed coldly.


The grassland wolf was directly blasted away.

After returning to the future, how would Chen Feng, who only possessed the combat power of a peak B class, be Lu Hun's opponent? Lu Hun was someone who was at the very least at the peak of A class. It was also quite probable that he had even surpassed A class!

The young lady clenched her teeth. "I won't permit you to do that."

She was clear that, if Chen Feng's body was destroyed by the power the time, there would truly no longer be any methods to save him.

Instinctively, she felt the urge to protect Chen Feng.

However, Lu Hun merely uttered a single word: "Lock!"


A terrifying and formidable power appeared and locked down all her power. Her power of time and even her body were locked down on the spot, to the point where she couldn't even budge.

Lu Hun's gaze landed on Chen Feng. "Let's get this over with."

Chen Feng was a variable that had appeared in this plan of his. Despite the appearance of this unexpected variable, however, as long as Chen Feng was eliminated and Xiao Fei recovered her memories, everything would return to how it was.


Light swirled around. The terrifying power gushing out of Lu Hun's hand slashed toward Chen Feng.


A seemingly endless power bloomed.

Damn it!

Wu Hui was biting his lips to the point he'd started bleeding. In his heart, Chen Feng was an existence akin to his master. Chen Feng was the one who had opened up his path, the one who had assisted him in his rise, turning him into a true expert. However… he couldn't help Chen Feng at all! This was also the first time he'd realized how terrifying this guy with a diamond on his forehead was.

The so-called C class, B class, A class, all these were merely some empty words as far as Lu Hun was concerned. He could easily crush all these people. Starting from the squad led by the A-class warrior earlier until Chen Feng, this guy was almost unrivaled when dealing with them.

As for Wu Hui, he could only watch on as Chen Feng died. Earlier, when that power had penetrated Chen Feng, he'd witnessed with his own eyes as Chen Feng's aura diminished, feeling that grief deep in his heart…

And now, this guy was even planning on destroying Chen Feng's corpse? Wu Hui felt an endless sense of humiliation.

He started shouting, "Ah ah ah ah ah!!"


A terrifying power bubbled up around him. He charged forward and blocked in front of Chen Feng's corpse.

Wu Hui's gaze was resolute. "I do not fear you! I am Wu Hui. I possess the power of an A class! I won't be afraid of you!"

"Ah." Lu Hun merely laughed at that.


Light swirled as Wu Hui was instantly blasted away.

"You…" Wu Hui started spurting blood without stop.

Attack? Nope, Lu Hun hadn't even bothered with him. The disparity between their strengths was simply too great, to the point that Wu Hui was simply nonexistent as far as Lu Hun was concerned. As such, Lu Hun did not care about what level of strength Wu Hui possessed.

Earlier, Wu Hui had merely been hit by the energy leaking out of Lu Hun's attack that was heading toward Chen Feng. That was already sufficient to blast him away.

So… I'm still so weak?


That resplendent green radiance reached Chen Feng's corpse, and once again, that terrifying green explosion appeared. Next, dust and smoke covered everything there.

It's over.

Wu Hui shut his eyes with grief. He had failed to even protect Chen Feng's corpse.

The same grief was plastered on the young lady's face. After Chen Feng's corpse was bombarded by the power of time, regardless of how miraculous her power was, she would not be able to save him. This time, Chen Feng was truly dead.

"Then, it's your turn." Just as he stepped forth and was about to kill Wu Hui, suddenly, an astonishing power erupted behind him.


He turned around hastily and stared in the direction that power was coming from. That was where Chen Feng's corpse was!


The green radiance pervading the whole grassland instantly cleared. The smoke and dust covering the air instantly disintegrated, clearing the visibility there. Chen Feng's corpse could be seen hovering in the air.


The air cracked as a golden silhouette descended from the sky and, slowly, it reached Chen Feng and started combining with his body before transforming into a heart.



The golden heart was shining dazzlingly.

Everyone else couldn't resist sheltering their eyes from that dazzling radiance. Vaguely, they could see that the endlessly surging golden radiance was condensing within Chen Feng's body. A trace of warmth started appearing within that seemingly dead body.

Suddenly, that golden heart started burning.


It followed with a resplendent golden explosion.

Abruptly, a pair of energy-formed golden wings spread out behind Chen Feng. The terrifying power accompanying the spread of the wings ripped the space around him apart and blasted Lu Hun and everyone else away.

"How is that possible…" Lu Hun had an inconceivable feeling. What on earth is that?!

He was thoroughly alarmed due to the extremely peculiar power he was sensing currently.

"What…" Lu Hun glared at Chen Feng, "What on earth are you?"

Chen Feng had resurrected.

Without any rewinding of time, without any heaven-defying genetic ability, just like that, he had resurrected. Using such an inconceivable method, he renewed Lu Hun's worldview.

That was especially true for that burning golden heart of his.



With every pulse of the heart, Chen Feng's strength increased greatly.



The golden radiance shone dazzlingly.

The current Chen Feng was bathed in gold with a pair of dazzling golden wings behind him, akin to a deity that had descended upon the earth. As his heart thumped, his consciousness started recovering, and that familiar conversation he'd once had seemed to resurface in his brain.

"It is something only a person who has greatly contributed to the Gene Production Association is entitled to possess."

"It is a power condensed by a super expert. If you were to meet with any danger, the clone of that expert will descend upon you temporarily. It will be equivalent to a second life for you."

"This Absolute Guard… it is capable of dealing with any sort of enemy for you."

"Naturally, if it's possible, I hope that the day where you need to use it never comes."

Ah. So… this is Absolute Guard?


The terrifying golden radiance faded. Chen Feng's consciousness finally recovered completely as his tightly shut pair of eyes reopened.


The golden radiance shone dazzlingly.